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It's the last HURRAH. 60 year old - DIY'ers - We make mistakes, take short cuts, and we are slow - We are determined to get this house done - or we will die trying.
Ran Into A Neighbor Today
2023-02-02 22:05
At the corner where I walk are several goats. They recognize me and call out to me. Yesterday I was on a roll, and kept going and later on, it bothered me that I didn't stop and make the tim… Read More
Living On The Outskirts
2023-02-01 23:10
 What a beautiful day this first of February is. It's been cold - we're only getting up to maybe 56 during the day but it's been sunny and no wind. It is cold in the shade so I stay in… Read More
My Morning Walk
2023-01-31 19:25
Woke up to a cold but sunny day and NO WIND! Decided I would take my morning walk...I walked over across the main street to this pond area, booming with all types of fowl. I came across… Read More
Windy Weather
2023-01-30 21:24
 For the last couple of days and especially yesterday and last night, we have had some major wind and gusts. Over 100 mph on Mt Shasta and some clocked the winds around here at close to… Read More
Good News, Dry Cleaning And Photo Discs
2023-01-27 01:06
 Source: Mike KruegerThis is what a Sierra snowpack of over 200% of the average for this time of year looks like from the sky.Today, Good News from the State Water Resources: “We… Read More
Less Is MORE.
2023-01-25 19:47
I have started placing the few Valentine's stuff I have. I thought I had more.The little pink doily my Mom made for my bedroom, to place my lamp on when I was a child. This one is the only o… Read More
Tuesday Doings
2023-01-25 00:30
Isn't this cute? I picked this up today at the 99-cent store. Yesterday I started taking down most of my "winter" decor - and will start slowly trickling in Valentine's Day knick-knacks… Read More
Gung Hay Fat Choy
2023-01-23 00:34
 Chinese New Year 2023 is a Year of the Rabbit, more specifically, Water Rabbit, starting from January 22nd, 2023, and lasting until February 9th, 2024. The rabbit is the symbol of long… Read More
Snow And The Drive Home
2023-01-22 00:40
This morning, we took Laydee up to the snow. As soon as she starts seeing the white stuff while we're driving, she gets all excited. She loves to dig in the snow.She had a bla… Read More
Sunshine, Daffodils, Cedars, And The Dam
2023-01-21 03:18
Another beautiful sunny and clear day. A tad warmer. The wind is still brisk and cold, probably coming off the snow on the mountains. My drooping Daffodil. These have been planted… Read More
A Quiet Day
2023-01-20 00:44
Oh, what a beautiful day - COLD but clear and sunny. A stiff frigid wind blows over the mountains into the valley.  Brrrr. A good day for cookies. The house was nice and… Read More
A Lost Dog And $10.28 For Eggs!
2023-01-18 00:15
This is a pit/mix that was roaming unleashed in our neighborhood. It's been such a beautiful day and he just wanted to take a walk, I guess. So we made friends with him and brought him… Read More
Early Signs Of Spring
2023-01-16 22:48
Today is cloudy but no rain and it looks like significant storms are not in the forecast (at least for my area) for a week or more. It shows a small percentage of rain on Wednesday and after… Read More
Laying Around
2023-01-13 01:47
We're not used to this weather - it's been a long time since we have had a normal/healthy rainy season. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my dad was a contractor  - when he was… Read More
Craving Chinese Food
2023-01-11 23:36
Susie walks on the high ledge that separates our living room and kitchen. Then she stares at us - ...and stares.  She did that for about 5 minutes -Silly cat.source: Asia… Read More
Wet And Cloudy - No Complaints
2023-01-08 23:06
We're a bit waterlogged but that's okay. Last night we had some good-sized winds - we had to run out and take down bird feeders and wind chimes, the flag, and decorative pieces on the p… Read More
Free Chair, WordPress And RSS Feeds
2023-01-06 21:10
 Free is good! A gentleman in my husband's bible study is redecorating his home and offered this chair, free of charge and he even threw in free delivery! We'll take it! … Read More
Bomb Cyclone
2023-01-05 19:10
 Although it sounds very intimidating it's not the end of the world. It is an actual term in Meteorology defined as an intense midlatitude storm that has low pressure at its center and… Read More
Embracing Winter
2023-01-04 21:27
Like it or not,  God gives us winter. I enjoy winter for the most part. Since we rarely get snow, I like to pretend. I don't live in Alaska - but I still like to pre… Read More
Lets Get Pumped Up For The New Year!
2023-01-03 19:00
 "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.&rdqu&hell…Read More
New Years Eve 2022 -
2023-01-03 18:17
Navy texted me a cute photo of Harry. Not much going on around here - I decided I wanted to change around my kitchen cupboards - and the appliances on the countertop. I told my husband… Read More
Rain And Back Fences
2022-12-30 00:46
The rain has begun once again. This area in our yard will be getting paved over sometime in the spring. No matter how much grass is planted there, it always floods and turns into a mud bowl… Read More
Still In Holiday Mode
2022-12-27 23:03
Susie and Laydee's Christmas gifts. Laydee actually unwraps her own gift as we root her on. Apparently, it rained hard last night while I slept with heavy winds. I slept through it… Read More
The Day After Christmas
2022-12-26 22:43
We had a beautiful mild Christmas Day. We celebrate on Christmas Eve - always have - always will. This tradition comes from my dad - who also celebrated Christmas Eve in Eastern Tenness… Read More
Let Heaven And Nature SING!
2022-12-25 23:22
Joy to the world, the Lord is come!Let earth receive her King;Let every heart prepare Him room,And heaven and nature sing,And heaven and nature sing,And heaven, and heaven, and nat… Read More
Christmas Eve 2022
2022-12-24 23:02
This photo was taken looking out my window back in 2013. I remember opening up my curtains and seeing this scene - a logging truck parked to the side. It's one of my all-time favorite photos… Read More
Silly Dog And $75 Later...
2022-12-20 23:41
Laydee"Did I do that?"My black lab, Laydee has been on a diet and has done very well. She is off all her meds, for the back/hip inflammation - just by losing a few pounds. Makes a difference… Read More
One Week
2022-12-19 00:22
My husband took this incense cedar in our yard and made a log to place in my son's fireplace. (when they are not using it) The tree had been planted by my dad and we used every piece we coul… Read More
Lights In The Neighborhoods
2022-12-17 16:06
Walking through the neighborhood last night -Many streets are completely lit up - with every single home! The children were selling hot chocolate and cider Even the Salvation Army… Read More
Date Night - Garden Of Lights
2022-12-15 21:25
After dinner, we walked to the Garden of Lights -  at Turtle Bay Exploration Park.  We crossed the Sundial Bridge to the other side of the Sacramento River. It was c… Read More
Welcome To Kitty's Dollhouse
2022-12-14 19:04
I'm done with the dresser drawer dollhouse for Lexi. I was having a hard time, stopping. I kept wanting to do more - I had to remind myself this was for a young 3-year-old. I… Read More
The Sunny/Shady Side Of The Yard
2022-12-12 23:19
Staring at me through my living room window, were these mini roses. They seem to bloom year-round, and they are their prettiest, during the winter. A little bud looking forward to… Read More
Christmas Lights
2022-12-10 23:26
 We might have accidentally thrown our Christmas wreath in the donation box last year because I can't find it this year. I couldn't have a naked front door! So I found a dolla… Read More
An Evening Post
2022-12-08 04:51
Spooky sky - a storm is moving in for the next few days - I'm looking forward to it. And that will mean rain in the valley and snow in the mountains. The Mt Shasta Ski resort is op… Read More
2022-12-06 23:16
 Lest I be thought of as a heathen  (smile) I thought I should show some of my many nativities. Totally acknowledging that Jesus is the reason for the season!The three-dimensional… Read More
The Paper Mache Santa Boots
2022-12-05 23:07
 When 5-year-old Foodie was in kindergarten - he brought home this big paper mache Santa Boot. I instantly loved it. I asked the teacher how she made it, and she used 2 brown paper shop… Read More
Rain, Leaves, Covid And Flu
2022-12-03 23:29
Autumn is still king, in my yards. Leaves are everywhere - and it's been raining today. The pomegranate tree sure puts on a Fall show - and the fallen leaves prove it.  I… Read More
Christmas Keepsakes
2022-12-03 05:20
Brrrrr, baby, it's cold outside. (for here) It is currently 48 and sunny. It drops down to 31 for a low. This morning we had crunchy grass (green weeds) and my poor, California poppies were… Read More
The All Day Errand
2022-11-30 00:47
Yesterday, we had to go down to Beale AFB so I could renew my military-dependent ID card. It was an all-day trip.About Beale AFBThe host unit at Beale is the 9th Reconnaissance Wing (9… Read More
This And That On The Day After
2022-11-26 00:48
My son texted me this photo when on a hike. It probably happened in the '80s. It ran over a cliff - and this is where it landed. So, how's everyone this day after Thanksgiving? I am tha… Read More
Happy Thanksgiving
2022-11-24 21:02
I was sitting outside and enjoying this beautiful day. So grateful and THANKFUL I am not the one cooking today. I do have to make a big batch of mashed potatoes. Our dinner won't s… Read More
We Were Skimmed -
2022-11-23 23:42
 My former "nanny" boss and her husband came for a visit on Saturday - It was good to see them again. I thought it had been 10 years but they said more like 15. Time sure flies by fast… Read More
A Wordy Wednesday
2022-11-16 19:49
This morning, I sanded a wooden step stool - in the backyard so I thought I would walk around and glory at all the signs of Fall in my yard - with some summer sprinkles here and there...I lo… Read More
Roses And Leaves
2022-11-15 19:19
  We got to take home the dozen roses that adorned our military table Sunday.   On my morning walk around the neighborhood. LISTEN  -Perfect morning for a… Read More
Operation Shoebox
2022-11-13 16:13
   Time to pack up my shoebox I picked up from my church -   No candy - some shoes, socks, new toothbrushes, hairbrush, pencils, sharpener, crayons, a hair bow… Read More
Snow And A Snowy Waterfall
2022-11-13 00:36
Here's a satellite view of California and all the snow.  I'm at the top of the central valley closest to the east side (foothills)  Navy sent me his video of a waterfall at Wh… Read More
Veterans Day 2022
2022-11-12 01:07
Today was for the Veterans but we all gathered at the Northern California Cemetery. Both my parents are there, and my FIL (Pops) a few friends and it is where I will be laid to rest one day… Read More
Snow On The Mountains
2022-11-11 02:47
A few years ago, it snowed in December. This is our main drag - isn't it pretty? We did get a nice dusting of snow on Shasta Bally.   Shasta Bally is a mountain in the Whiskey… Read More
A Chatty Wednesday
2022-11-09 18:51
    Good Morning and Happy Day! After a cozy day at home, I feel rejuvenated.    We had some wind - Seems a bit warmer today. and the long r… Read More
Cold Rain And Snow
2022-11-09 01:43
Mount Shasta Ski Resort  I love it except that I am freezing cold. I've not felt it this cold in November. 45 degrees as a high today. Brrrrr. It's quite the "happen… Read More
All It Took Was A Cold Snap
2022-11-06 23:18
It's starting to look a lot like Fall now. This tree is the first one in my yard to show off... Watch out for the deer!    Today is a cold and blustery type of day… Read More
It’s A California Thing
2022-11-02 16:46
 I did not know until Ginny commented she had never heard of the "old school" candy I posted about yesterday. So I looked it up. ABBA-ZABA, BIG HUNK, and LOOK are candy bars b… Read More
Happy November 1st Day -
2022-11-01 23:37
BRING ITI woke up to rain - It’s the first honest cold front and storm we've had this year. We’re surrounded. We don't have that far to go, to visit the snow.&nbsp&hell…Read More
Lets Drive Through Yosemite
2022-10-31 23:41
Oh, how I love Yosemite. I missed my Fall visit to Yosemite this year. (actually, it's been at least 3 years) I like going this time of the year because there are not a lot of peop… Read More
2022-10-31 00:15
You see it? See? See? I see a color change just starting...This one tree in my neighbor's yard - is starting to put on a show...I've noticed the leaf changes around the neighborhood. It… Read More
Not Yet
2022-10-25 21:53
I've noticed some trees in the neighborhood have just started to turn - not mine. Same sweetgum trees - of course, the redwoods and incense cedars won't turn. I put out these scarecrows… Read More
To And From
2022-10-24 16:51
On the country road to the Hat Creek Observatory, I came across this barn - who doesn't love old barns? Old Barns always catch my eye in photos and in real life. Why are barns trad… Read More
Dollhouse Is Coming Along…
2022-10-22 00:30
I worked all day on this yesterday - * I made the bed and the headboard.* I wallpapered the walls and ceiling with the beadboard wallpaper I already had. * The cloth features are f… Read More
2022-10-18 23:23
 Liberty & Guardian are back safe & sound from their summer migration! It is absolutely miraculous that this magnificent 24-year-old eagle has been raising her family in the mid… Read More
Let The Projects Begin -
2022-10-14 23:57
Pinterest When I saw this, I knew exactly what I would do -Make a dollhouse for Sara's three-year-old niece. This drawer has a curved top just like the one on Pinterest! The s… Read More
Pumpkin Time!
2022-10-06 22:39
 This morning I got out my outside pumpkins - Before I set them out, I spray-painted the back of them, because they show through the picket fence. I'm a bit OCD, that way.They… Read More
Busy Weekend, And Fish Attack
2022-10-05 00:53
Pretty flowers at the park Busy weekend and I am still pooped! Pow Wow on Friday night.taken last year - Main drag in Weaverville. Saturday we drove over to Weaverville for an… Read More
Pow Wow WOW! (VIDEO)
2022-10-03 17:31
Friday evening we attended the local Pow Pow. For years I wanted to attend Stanford University's annual Pow Wow, which has been going on for 50 years. No one wanted to go with me. Now?… Read More
Morning Walk
2022-09-30 18:04
Left my house to take a morning walk - with temps in the morning around 70, it is pleasant. Up and out to the road - Some neighbors go all out for Halloween.They turned their front… Read More
The Finished Product - The Lamps
2022-09-27 21:45
Fall is starting, even though the last few days have been sunny and 97. AS PROMISED - The lampI wish I could say I am in love with it - I guess it's okay for now. I think it looks… Read More
Waterfront Homes
2022-09-24 17:59
Yesterday afternoon, we took Laydee to the Sacramento river to swim. The day before, at her weight check-in, we learned she had lost 6 lbs in 2 months! She went from 71 pounds to a svel… Read More
First Day Of Autumn And A Snow Morning
2022-09-22 22:12
I wanted to get up to the mountain to see the snow - on this first day of Autumn. Bunny Flat - 6970 ft elevation The last time I was up here a few months ago it was covered in snow… Read More
Signs Of Fall
2022-09-21 18:12
Source: FacebookThis was Downtown. Poor baby!  The bear was more afraid of the humans. All you do is phone it in and they come out to safely and humanely capture it and relocate hi… Read More
0.67 Inch Of Rain. We'll Take It.
2022-09-19 23:38
The husband brought me back some chocolate raisins which are to die for. I eat a few each day - as a treat. It lightly rained on and off all day yesterday. Nothing really to write… Read More
Nur Pon  - A Saturday Morning Walk
2022-09-17 23:26
Nur Pon means "Salmon Run" in the Winnemem Wintu language. This phoenix with rusted metal was recovered in 2015 believed to be from an old bridge that used to be here. This open sp… Read More
Cooler Temperatures Are Most Welcome
2022-09-15 18:19
Foodie and I decided to just go out to eat - I just didn't want to cook or mess up my kitchen. We had a wonderful dinner at a local brewery that has the best hamburgers in town. Th… Read More
He Made It To The TOP
2022-09-12 22:34
Source: SFGATEMount Lassen Eruption - May 22, 191510,500 Feet Not bad for an old man They watched the sunset - and then had to wait for a little before the moon rose above the… Read More
The Last Of The Sunflowers
2022-09-08 22:13
Another HOT day here in the Golden State.  A bit cooler at 108 but will be 111 by the heat of the day which is around 4-5 pm. If these sunflowers could talk - I plan to tear a… Read More
Bugs And Heat
2022-09-07 18:21
Last summer If it wasn't bug infestations, it was the heat. The special sunflowers I ordered did not grow. Our almond tree never produced almonds due to a warm sunny winter and then we… Read More
Clouds, Clouds And More Clouds
2022-09-06 22:33
We have clouds today - we don't get many clouds like this. So pretty. I bet you didn't know but my town is the 2nd sunniest city in the US behind Yuma Arizona. Which totally shocked me becau… Read More
One Thing Or Another
2022-09-05 22:27
Sunrise on my earlier than normal morning walk Today doesn't even feel like a "holiday" which suits me fine. Both sons and my daughter-in-law who is a nurse, still have to "labor" … Read More
A Bit On The HOT Side
2022-09-05 00:37
We'll see - 50% of the time they are wrong - The Mill fire is at 4266 acres last I checked. 25% contained. The Mountain fire is 8460 acres 10% contained. PRAY THAT THE UPCOMIN… Read More
A Fire In Weed, Ca
2022-09-04 00:53
69 miles away - or an hour's drive north. Around 1pm yesterday there was an explosion at the lumber mill in the small town of Weed, north of us. Another fire popped up as well - Th… Read More
Friday Already?
2022-09-02 21:19
Not Yet It's not that hot - it just gets to the point, where you finally get sick of it. That is where I am at. I don't enjoy it. May, June, July, and August - are fine. By Septemb… Read More
Happy September
2022-09-01 20:52
This morning SEPTEMBER DAYSby Helen L SmithO month of fairer, rarer daysThan Summer's best have been;When skies at noon are burnished blue,And winds at evening keen;When tangled, tardy… Read More
2022-08-30 18:17
For the last week, I have been conversing with my Federal Credit Union in regards to my California State refund that they did not credit. The California Franchise Tax Board says they electro… Read More
The Last Monday Of August
2022-08-29 22:06
I can hardly believe it is August 29 - The husband and Laydee are at the lake - I wish they would go in the morning when it is cooler. I have no interest in sitting in the full sun, dur… Read More
The Neighbors In The Neighborhood
2022-08-28 22:45
 I'm sure you can all guess that I am pretty fed up with the hot weather by now. "They," said it was supposed to cool down and then I look and they've instead said we're still going to… Read More
The Pets Via  The Watercolor App.
2022-08-26 00:06
This is Susie - my cat. I love cats but this one is very special to me and she knows it. Here's the dog - Laydee. What a lover!She does like to act tough - especially when peo… Read More
A New Toy
2022-08-22 21:53
This is from a new app I found, called Waterlogue. Watercolors have always been a favorite of mine.I took this one this morning on my walk - a tree down the street from me - … Read More
Nothing Really Changes Much
2022-08-19 21:05
The week goes by so fast, that it almost confuses me. I keep thinking it's Thursday...The Kennedy Fire we had yesterday is contained - to 35 acres. It was a  fright because of what… Read More

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