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By Giving
Orlando Espinosa | K… · 05:00 24 Jun 2018
You receive what you are willing to give! You want respect? Give respect. You want honesty? Give honesty. You want love? Give love. You want more? Give more Read More
FYF By Barefoot Company
Men's Axis · 04:13 24 Jun 2018
15 Times stronger than steel!!!Designed to protect your feet during any sport you do or could do barefoot...Regain a natural barefoot feeling within your favourite sport.Increase your perfor… Read More
Nu-mi Pasă!
Calin Onaca · 03:03 24 Jun 2018
Nu-mi pasă. Chiar nu-mi pasă. Nu-mi pasă de tine, nu-mi pasă de mine, nu-mi pasă de voi, nu-mi.pasă de noi, nu-mi pasă de ei. Nu-mi pasă c-am fost, nu… Read More
Periwinkle Starr · 02:48 24 Jun 2018
Aloha y’all!! The world cup is officially here and its been fun catching up on the games. So far, the 2018 games have been exceptional; it seems like I’ve seen almost everything… Read More
Home - The Next Rex · 20:27 23 Jun 2018
It took Xiaomi nearly two years to finally release the third generation of the iconic Xiaomi Mi Band. The previous generations have Mi Band have proven to be successful. Xiaomi has proven th… Read More
Artofa · 16:00 23 Jun 2018
Comparing Stop comparing your dreams with others, your goals to others goals, your relationships to others, and comparing your image with others. The comparison is the thief of all joy. It w… Read More