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4 Bestfriend
Kindness Poems · 15:03 16 Aug 2018
Cerita ini tentang 4 kawan baik bernama Kei,mix Japan.Ad,Mix France.Lev,mix France juga dan Em,mix German. Nama group sebagai KALE.Mereka sangatlah nakal and gangster.Dan mereka terjumpa de… Read More
What Is Love?
Ann Marie Ruby · 04:10 16 Aug 2018
Eatonville, Washington is my haven on Earth. The mountain breeze in the early mornings and after sunsets is amazing. The hot humid day always ends as the nights cool off and grant us the pea… Read More
At The Master's Call · 15:24 15 Aug 2018
Sometimes, I get to do more than I was to have done then again shooting a race is exciting yet tasking. Well, the Amazing Maasai marathon was amazingly exciting and scenic too (by the way a… Read More
Psychic Bloggers · 09:55 15 Aug 2018
We so often think of the ego as a bad thing. And we spend a lot of time deciding what level of ego is okay. The truth is, it’s all okay. It’s only our sense of self that makes us… Read More
Be Willing - Poem
Searching For More..… · 06:44 15 Aug 2018
Be willing to honourthe circle of our cyclesour naturesour planetour consciousness.Beautiful wild womanof natureUnderstand!The seasonsBirthLifeDeathSee the perfection in all things.Be willin… Read More
Heart Of Darkness
Frostbite · 12:04 13 Aug 2018
            I’m a pretty good guy, at least I tend to think so. I’m smart. I’m funny. I am even sexy if you’re… Read More
The Astro Codex · 19:25 12 Aug 2018
The post Natal Mars in Leo appeared first on The Astro Codex. With your natal Mars in Leo, this summer Fire sign will furthermore empower the red planet, prompting it to shine and excel in w… Read More
Intuitive Healing Ci… · 20:33 10 Aug 2018
Welcome to our self-care formula for emotional healing and stress – It’s time to open a Gateway to Peace. This Mind Exercise was created to help you change your point of vie… Read More
Spirit Facet
Spirituality For Liv… · 18:29 10 Aug 2018
Beyond the dead, and the imprint they leave on collective memory, we have what could be called the spirits. What would later be called the gods. Every trend in human behaviour, every trend i… Read More
The World
Pragya · 21:15 09 Aug 2018
A father was trying to read the newspaper, but his little son kept pestering him.Finally, the father grew tired of this and, tearing a page from the newspaper – one that bore a map of… Read More