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Reflections From The… · 21:27 18 Aug 2017
As Aristrojun is to the Astral ClockSo perifethruar is to the tic tac topIn evrivenescence and sharden kropsAnd in gerstualajenal abritrational flaupsPersonifcation of Gorgons became mestriv… Read More
Psychic Bloggers · 09:55 18 Aug 2017
The reason you are able to create a less chaotic reality for yourself than possibly your neighbor is experiencing, is because when you are tuned in to all of the resources that are always av… Read More
Solar Wind · 09:35 18 Aug 2017
“The passions of the soul which adhere to the imaginations many, if they are sufficiently strong, not only produce changes in the organism to which they belong, but also be transferred… Read More
Real Living Life
Spirituality For Liv… · 20:10 17 Aug 2017
So how are we to understand things? Can we comprehend anything by being taught to comprehend? Can you understand something in the way I understand it? Can you … can you trip like… Read More
Different Types Of Thoughts
Omshanti · 14:20 15 Aug 2017
Different Types of Thoughts What is a Thought?The action or process of thinking is know as a Thought.Many make the mistake to think that the Mind is thought. No, it isn't. What we call… Read More
Expanding - Blog Post
Searching For More..… · 06:26 15 Aug 2017
It's been so long since I have written a post physically, yet, in my head I had written plenty.Experiences and visions had continued to visit me but somehow there had been no space to sit an… Read More
An Inside Job
Frostbite · 11:10 14 Aug 2017
            I stood beside her out of necessity, not want. The sanctuary was overflowing with believers. Each one stood chanting ‘Amen’ after &lsquo… Read More
A Dog Story
Dream On . . . – Yo… · 19:24 13 Aug 2017
Everybody loves a dog story . . . right? Well here’s my latest one that happened yesterday. I arose from my reading and looked out the front window. The sun was beginning to brighten t… Read More