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Schumann ~ 10/16/17
Love In Action · 19:21 16 Oct 2017
Share List My mate and I both felt this spike in the middle of the night.  Woke up shaking all over ~ both of us.  Removing what is no longer necessa… Read More
Jnaana Vijnana · 13:30 16 Oct 2017
In this post iam sharing a powerful mantra chanting one can remove fear and timidity in them.This mantra is of vajreshwari which is said to be one of the forms of jagadamba parvati devi.Thos… Read More
Vegheaţi! · 13:20 16 Oct 2017
Istoria Israelului pe scurt   Pentru a citi articolul click: categoria:Pro Israel Tagged: Israel… Read More
What’s Your Point?
Frostbite · 11:12 16 Oct 2017
            I just assume that most people would prefer to know the events that are about to happen in their lives. We want to be forew… Read More
Psychic Bloggers · 09:55 16 Oct 2017
What is spiritual serenity, and how does one get to such an enlightened place? I’ve put forth this question many times throughout my life, and I’ve also had it asked of me. Peopl… Read More
Solar Wind · 09:38 16 Oct 2017
“When man lives normally, after the law of Love, his pulse is normal. If he breaks that law, his pulse changes. All negative states through which man passes – doubt, suspicion, d… Read More
Natal Moon In Aquarius
The Astro Codex · 19:58 15 Oct 2017
The post Natal Moon in Aquarius appeared first on The Astro Codex. When a person has his natal Moon in Aquarius, the sign will grant a big part of its attributes to everything that the Moon… Read More
Life After Death
For The Love Of Peac… · 22:57 14 Oct 2017
There are three main events surrounding Jesus life; his birth, death and resurrection.His birth, although heralded as a great event, is not what I am concerned with at this stage. It is his… Read More
Jesus, Our Living Ho… · 19:03 14 Oct 2017
Praise the Lord for Divine mercy. Divine mercy that makes us free. Savior, your mercy expresses your love. In mercy, you send blessings from above. Jesus, mercy of those in dark despair. So… Read More
Rise About Guilt
Spiritual Spew · 16:00 14 Oct 2017
I have a lot of people who reach out, overwhelmed with feelings of guilt. Today’s article is specifically about the guilt trips that others try and push on us.Below is an excerpt from… Read More
At The Master's Call · 09:43 11 Oct 2017
“Pray I wouldn’t indulge this weekend, I don’t know how to describe it. I feel alone, a distant from God. I don’t know why for looking around I have no reason to comp… Read More