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Psychic Bloggers · 10:55 11 Dec 2017
Are psychic gifts passed on in certain families? In my family it would certainly appear so. My maternal grandmother was married at the tender age of 14, had her first child at the age o… Read More
Conjuros De Amor
Tarot Paloma: Lectur… · 23:42 10 Dec 2017
Conjuros de amor Cómo hacer conjuros de amor Poca gente conoce la diferencia entre rituales, hechizos o conjuros de amor. La mayoría de la gente se refiere a ellos indiferentem… Read More
Spiritual Prozac · 11:56 10 Dec 2017
Bestir that which is within and make room for the spirit to grow. Remember that however hard, however steep the path may seem, it is simply in imagination only; built up by the phy… Read More
A New Discovery : Th… · 04:16 10 Dec 2017
You follow people from the past, powerful people famous people. They knew the way didn’t they? They must of, they were successful here, had everything. But who was their master, what d… Read More
Natal Mercury In Virgo
The Astro Codex · 21:06 09 Dec 2017
The post Natal Mercury in Virgo appeared first on The Astro Codex. When a person has his natal Mercury in Virgo, it is considered in domicile and thus in its highest potency. In addition, in… Read More
ES Lo Que ES
Jugando A Vivir Una … · 20:57 09 Dec 2017
-¿Saben lo que es la “yeta”?--Soy yo. En persona. Yo.-Todo empezó allí, en el vientre de mi mamá, cuando hizo todo lo posible por abortarme y nac&iacu… Read More
Silence - Blog Post
Searching For More..… · 17:28 09 Dec 2017
There was a boy who once taught me to be silent. No mater how much I would try and make him talk he would just smile and hold me. I would put my head on his shoulders and sometimes we would… Read More
La Calavera Podcast · 16:53 09 Dec 2017
PELÍCULA DE TERROR HECHA CON EL JUEGO THE MOVIESVISUALIZAREscuchanos en Siguenos en Facebook Chatea con nosotros http:… Read More
NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE · 16:08 09 Dec 2017
I came across this article in the Daily Mail. As a medium my job is to give survival experience i.e. evidence of survival of life after death. I usually do this with linking with spirit, gen… Read More
Salvation . . .
J. Walters Press · 13:13 09 Dec 2017
You: What does it mean to be saved? Me: That depends upon your religious affiliation, but as a rule the Christian church teaches that Jesus Christ willingly gave up his life as a sacrifice f… Read More
Grounding Into Grati… · 11:08 09 Dec 2017
Our stars don’t align They collide Burning both of us down to ashes But when they meet, oh when they meet, Just for a flicker, for a moment Constellations sway to the rhythm of our bu… Read More
Un Día, Una Reflexió… · 08:21 07 Dec 2017
Un hombre sin remordimientos es un hombre muerto en vida. (Anónimo)Se dice que el remordimiento nace de la conciencia que tenemos de haber actuado mal y es verdad pero también… Read More
Best Ever Lord Krishna Images
God Photos · 16:32 06 Dec 2017
Salutations to Lord Krishna, the Supreme Lord, who is the Indweller of our hearts, who is Existence Absolute, Knowledge Absolute, Bliss Absolute, who is the Soul of this universe, who besto… Read More
Mientras Llegamos · 21:10 05 Dec 2017
Hola Espíritu ¿qué tal estas?¡Viviendo tan cerca y no nos vemos!Tan amigos como siemprePero desconectados, distantes.Perdóname pues no ha sido mi intenci&oa… Read More
Cara Bersaing
Kepribadian · 13:10 05 Dec 2017
kenapa perlu bersaing, mungkin di awal tulisan saya di atas sudah di jelaskan manusia itu memang sudah di takdirkan untuk bersaing dalam memenuhi kebutuhan hidupnya tidak ada manusia di atas… Read More