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Swami Rama Tirtha Quotes
Hindu Blog · 21:35 15 Oct 2018
If you live in unison with your true Atman or Spirit, if you always keep yourself in... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.] Read More
Animals Taught Me Th… · 19:46 15 Oct 2018
I haven’t shared one of our gorgeous sunrises in a while so here a set from October 2 and October 13. These sunrises wowed me in the real! ☀️☀️☀… Read More
The Crazy Catholic · 18:45 15 Oct 2018
How do you praise? For some it is worship music, with a small gathering of people or even an entire church congregation. For others, it's quiet and intimate prayer. Maybe you do both. I've… Read More
Touring Jericho (this Week)
Mystical Paths · 18:24 15 Oct 2018
by Fayga, tours of holy, biblical and archeological sites in the holy landAt the entrance to Jericho, the red sign warns you may likely be killed if you are not Arab.  The Israeli army… Read More
Live With Flair · 16:36 15 Oct 2018
Today I remember that God invites us to persevere–to stay under the weight of difficult things–by providing His Holy Spirit as our strength. If we’re in a season of perseve… Read More
The Theology Of G C … · 15:42 15 Oct 2018
The first three verses of Psalm 18 set the tone: Worship. What a great start to this Psalm. Our attention is directed away from ourselves to the Lord: ‘my rock, my for… Read More
Priscilla Shirer Conference
Heart Choices · 10:58 15 Oct 2018
 Priscilla Shirer is a Christian speaker, author, and actress. About one year ago, my friend Shelia asked if I wanted to volunteer as a prayer encourager for the event. I didn't hesitat… Read More
Getting Started | Ex… · 00:47 15 Oct 2018
[Scripture readings for the day are at the end of the post] A number of years ago I was over in England and had a few hours with nothing to do, so I turned on the TV and came across a show c… Read More
God Is Love
Gomakedisciples · 21:03 14 Oct 2018
Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.(1 John 4:8 and 4:16b)Apostles John and Peter race to the tomb… Read More
The World Is My Cloi… · 18:30 14 Oct 2018
I didn't see the seasons,I missed the glistening, powder puff snowthat lay on the groundonly fading away at Easter.Crashing thunder and a delugepassed me by completely, new green leaves unfu… Read More
Healer Of Souls
New Creation Product… · 14:18 14 Oct 2018
This week the relic of the Incorrupt heart of St (Padre) Pio was at Manila Cathedral on its way around the country.  Crowds, too numerous to count braved the weather in long queues to v… Read More
Discover Why I Left The Church
Just A Word · 04:20 14 Oct 2018
Why I Left the Church Over the past couple of months, I have been teaching about the false church system. This culminated in an article entitled Why the Institutional Church is not bib… Read More
[email protected] · 13:00 13 Oct 2018
Santeria is a religion that was created in the Caribbean and is a syncretism of traditional African tribal beliefs, from the Yoruba tribe, and the Roman Catholic beliefs of the European prop… Read More
Muhammadi Site · 10:11 12 Oct 2018
Recite Durood-e-Radawiyya 100 times after every Salaah if possible. Especially after Jummah Salaah, the men should stand together facing Medina Shareef and recite this Durood Shareef with ab… Read More
Srimad Bhagavad-Gita… · 01:20 12 Oct 2018
To know who is God is very simple. God is a person with the most beautiful spiritual form: 01. He does not have a beard, because His body does not age and beard is a symptom of aging.02. He… Read More
Happy Woman Day
Amulet, Charm, Magic… · 01:12 12 Oct 2018
A Sad woman buyer approach me. She say she wanted to go holiday badly with her lover. But worry Her husband will find her.And her lover is very angry, quarrel with her, threaten not to go th… Read More
Show Me Your Library
Pilgrim Scribblings · 18:22 11 Oct 2018
By Their Books You Will Know Them...This is a re-issue of something I posted on Pilgrim Scribblings several years ago.  By the way...I LOVE BOOKS!The pilgrim scribbler...DavidThe follow… Read More
Cristal Perfeito | S… · 17:48 11 Oct 2018
A Escadaria 22/07/2018 Bom dia! Já na noite de ontem, encontrei Dôra bem melhor, bem disposta e sem a adrenalina desde a manhã, disse ela. Pressão ótima e j… Read More