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Yantra Prayog For Money Gains
Prophet666 · 14:28 27 May 2020
A very strong and effective Numerical Yantra Experiment for a gain of money and wealth has been described in this post. As per a reliable Tantric Text, if the practitioner succeeds in t… Read More
As It Is · 13:50 27 May 2020
George Floyd ... Ahmaud Arbery ... When will we learn? When will it stop?My heart is heavy and so I will share with you something I wrote in 2014. How sad that it remains applicable to the t… Read More
Seedlings On Rockwool
Contentment Acres · 13:11 27 May 2020
These lettuce seedling germinated faster for me than they have in a peat pellet. This picture was taken four days after planting. These are dicot (aka dicotyledon) seedlings. Monocot would b… Read More
Live With Flair · 13:09 27 May 2020
I read in Matthew 6:8 about praying simply. But what strikes me afresh are Jesus’s words that “your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” I think about how God kn… Read More
The Simple Pastor | … · 10:05 27 May 2020
No, not coronavirus. The plague of locusts. I wrote about this 11th March (referenced a story from January), 28th March and 11th April and here we are at the end of May and the situation con… Read More
Blog De Poder · 07:23 27 May 2020
Lectura: Salmos 32:1-11Para el sabio rey Salomón fue el deseo exagerado por las mujeres; para Moisés la ira; para Pedro su falta de dominio. Todos tenemos al menos uno, as&iacu… Read More
Out Here Hope Remain… · 22:55 26 May 2020
This is going to be a little late for some of you, but for many ministers, there is a First Sunday coming. We’ve been …what…. Isolated? Quarantined? Locked Down? Or just… Read More
Wheelie Catholic · 13:42 26 May 2020
Kids Together, Inc. is a  grassroots volunteer-run nonprofit promoting inclusion of children and adults with disabilities.   Their mission of promoting inclusive communities has be… Read More
No Mask No Service
Courageous Christian… · 01:37 26 May 2020
You are seeing this because this is coming from a feed. It is best if you read the article in full. Thanks Courageous Christian Father | No Mask No Service. No Shoes, No Shirt and No Mas… Read More
Honor Among Thieves · 01:06 26 May 2020
  Leon had carefully prepared for his day. He had several stops planned on his route and wanted to be sure he had the proper look. He chose his new Wrangler jeans, his favorite Carhartt… Read More
Am I Enough?
Life Of Hope · 23:32 25 May 2020
Who am I...!am I enough?Well there are two ways we can look at this. On one hand, in our own strength we just can't make the cut in accomplishing the impossible. The bible says without God n… Read More
You Are An Example
Dear Worshiper · 14:11 25 May 2020
So God can point to us in all future ages as examples of the incredible wealth of his grace and kindness toward us, as shown in all he has done for us who are united with Christ Jesus. God s… Read More
Mine Canaries
080808 On,now,to The… · 12:07 25 May 2020
Ive said for many years on my blog thethirdleveldotinfo (my Facebook post from 25.05.2020)there are two sorts of canaries on the planetJewsCreativesCanaries were used in mines because they w… Read More
Srimad Bhagavad-Gita… · 01:35 25 May 2020
In the Bhagavad-Gita, Lord Krishna teaches equality and justice towards all living beings. truly wise person sees all living beings with equal vision. “The humble sages, by virtue of… Read More
Grow In Virtue · 17:01 24 May 2020
More Faith & Simplicity. Less Complexity. When you think about children — you get an idea of how resilient they are. Children just roll with the punches. It’s true. Think bac… Read More
Getting Started | Ex… · 13:15 24 May 2020
In the first book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus did and taught from the beginning until the day when he was taken up to heaven, after giving instructions through the Holy Spirit… Read More
Wake Up And Live · 03:24 23 May 2020
I have already written on the issue of opening the church prematurely during a pandemic. But today the president decided to announce that churches and other faith spaces are "essential servi… Read More
Reverend Stephanie's… · 22:18 22 May 2020
We didn’t know it was going to happen—at least not this fast. But, of course, the timing was perfect. Now, if you know my husband and me you know that, although we absolutely lov… Read More
God's Plan For Politics
Nunblog · 14:10 22 May 2020
All this fussing about masks and rights and policies and the jabs of politicians on either side trying to score points with their most radical believers. It makes me want to self-isolate.A f… Read More
Coming Full Circle
Living Light | Stirr… · 21:31 21 May 2020
We come back to the beginning as our journey through time brings us full circle. This time loop within an instant of eternity served to mature our self-awareness regarding the truth that we… Read More