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Coisas Judaicas · 12:36 20 Apr 2018
As fronteiras de Israel e os países limítrofes sempre foram complicadas. Desde 1948 tivemos que nos defender de vários países que não aceitaram a delibera… Read More
Dailyps · 12:30 20 Apr 2018
I know I know. Technically, we’re all in recovery over something. However, in this article, I’m wanting to write for those of us in recovery who are professional alcoholics and a… Read More
JESUS – Um Nome
Escrevinhando · 12:09 20 Apr 2018
Já tive a oportunidade de comentar em outras ocasiões que para o mundo antigo oriental o nome era muito mais que uma referência e distinção pessoal. O nome… Read More
As It Is · 12:00 20 Apr 2018
Some friends of mine are putting together a video series of what it means to be a disciple. Here's my contribution:This was originally posted at Subscribe to my weekly… Read More
Black Magic Speciali… · 11:50 20 Apr 2018
Kamdev Mantra for Sex Kamdev is the Lord of Sex & Pleasure, who is worshiped for sexual strength and attraction. “Kamdev & Rati” both are the symbol of happy sexual life… Read More
Gurbani Quotes – Avar Updeshe
Dhansikhi · 06:39 20 Apr 2018
Gurbani Quotes – Avar Updeshe It all about Gurbani. Gurbani Quotes is only a way to see Gurbani Arth of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. In this Image, As you can see, the meaning of Gurbani… Read More
Neopluck · 03:44 20 Apr 2018
RIKAZ DAN BARANG TAMBANGRikaz diambil dari lafazh (rakaza - yarkuzu), yang maknanya adalah tersembunyi. Hal ini semakna dengan firman Allah Swt.: “Atau kamu dengar suara mereka yang sa… Read More
Prophet666 · 03:14 20 Apr 2018
In this post, I have described a specific Paap Nashak Mantra or Paap Mochan Mantra to purge all sins, using a very popular and effective ancient Vedic Mantra and a special kind of Rudraksha… Read More
Baptized Disciples
The Crazy Catholic · 20:19 19 Apr 2018
When you go to be baptized, do you understand the duty you are committing to? So many people bring their children for baptism thinking they understand the commitment they are bringing their… Read More
Stand Therefore · 15:56 19 Apr 2018
Down through the ages, skilled artists have attempted to capture the face of Jesus either on canvass or in sculpture. Some have depicted Him in great agony; others with great compassion. Lat… Read More
Mystical Paths · 03:58 19 Apr 2018
   by Reb Gutman Locks         Dance        It is said that dance is the highest form… Read More
George's Journal | O… · 01:43 19 Apr 2018
Australia has a housing crisis. Tonight, on average, 44, 000 homeless young people will sleep rough. Meanwhile Anglicare Sydney reports, “almost 1 in 10 people aged 55 years and over s… Read More
Fight Evil Not People
Done With Religion… · 22:07 18 Apr 2018
Growing up in church we have always been told that God was a god of love. In fact, it is stated in the bible that God IS love. Yet so often we have seen more of a judgmental and condemning G… Read More
The Absence Of Truth
Shirat Devorah · 20:38 18 Apr 2018
I would like to direct you all to a new post at Emunaroma which exposes the fake video confession of Rav Berland.  Please click here to read. Rabbi Kessin, in his latest shiur, told… Read More
Paganesimo · 20:32 17 Apr 2018
GLI ANIMALI NEL MONDO ANTICO Li Causi, Pietro Il Mulino, 2018 Nell’antico mondo greco-romano, i rapporti fra uomo e animali erano strettissimi: essi popolavano le campagne ai margini d… Read More
Hiatus And Judging
The Endless Further · 18:49 17 Apr 2018
It’s been a while.  Since I began this blog in 2010 this is the longest I’ve gone without posting.  I’m on hiatus, and I plan to stay that way. No particular reas… Read More
The Pen Of The Wayfa… · 17:16 17 Apr 2018
Did you know that it's easy to hear God? I'll bet that surprised you since you might not think so. I've encouraged my home group to write down a few things they have been seeking God about b… Read More
Você É Tocável Pelo … · 14:37 16 Apr 2018
As vezes olho no espelho e tudo que eu consigo ver é uma pessoa bonita, é isso mesmo que você leu eu me acho bonito kkkk , e ai pego meu celular e tiro uma foto tentando… Read More