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Al-Quran Mobile App
Dua Android App · 01:18 20 Jun 2018
Al-Quran Android App has been designed and developed by Hajveri Apps. This App have following amazing Features:• Beautiful recitation of Holy Quran in the voices of four… Read More
Live With Flair · 22:51 19 Jun 2018
When my girls were little, we loved summer afternoon manicures and pedicures. I’d soak their tiny feet in warm, bubbly water, and I’d pretend we were all at a salon as I chose th… Read More
Who's The Villain?
The Crazy Catholic · 20:42 19 Jun 2018
Have you ever read a really good book, and the one character that keeps you on edge is the villain? I know for myself, I'm always rooting for the bad guy, the one that you know is going to… Read More
The 13th Gate
Shirat Devorah · 20:36 19 Jun 2018
Reb Chaim Vital says in the name of the Arizal that there are twelve gates in the Heavens corresponding to the twelve tribes and each tribe has a designated entrance for their prayers. Each… Read More
Living In The Word · 19:24 19 Jun 2018
Now, in Hebrews 11 we begin to see the foundation for moving forward:  Faith.  Unlike the previous chapters that discussed all that Jesus is and why He is the last High Priest and… Read More
Hindu Blog · 18:40 19 Jun 2018
Tithi in Hindu Calendar on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 – Shukla Paksha Saptami Tithi or the... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles… Read More
Merebaknya Fitnah
Islam Syariah Info · 17:58 19 Jun 2018
Didalam akhir zaman ini,hari demi hari fitnah semakin mudah tersebar.Dengan kepesatan dunia pada hari ini,masyarakat sudah mulai terdedah kepada fitnah bahkan cukup mudah memasuki rumah-ruma… Read More
Happy Soul
Pilgrim Scribblings · 15:48 19 Jun 2018
Over the years I've been blessed and encouraged by the hymns written by Fanny Crosby, the blind poet and composer.This poem (in the graphic), penned by her early in her life, has always… Read More
Dailyps · 12:30 19 Jun 2018
Growing up, I have always tried to be this perfect embodiment of what I believed a good, morally upstanding person should be. Unfortunately, this was the start of placing heavy burdens on my… Read More
Ep. 21 Luke Edwards
As It Is · 12:18 19 Jun 2018
Luke Edwards is the founding pastor of King Street Church in Boone, North Carolina. You can find King Street Church on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.During our conversation, Luke used the… Read More
Escrevinhando · 11:50 19 Jun 2018
Encontrei recentemente do uma postagem intitulada: “7 teorias da conspiração malucas envolvendo a Bíblia”. Realmente s&ati… Read More
Contentment Acres · 04:00 19 Jun 2018
Today is my mother in law's birthday. She ran away with Jesus in 2007. I am very grateful to her for raising such a fine man as Clint. Clint leads our whole family in giving the Lord th… Read More
Words That Inspire · 22:13 18 Jun 2018
We cite this verse of the scripture when we refer to testimony and testifying of the goodness of God. The word testimony means “open verbal acknowledgment”. When it comes to what… Read More
View From The Ambo · 14:26 18 Jun 2018
Dear Parishioners,Happy Father's day to all Fathers and fatherly men. May the Lord bless you with grace and strength this day!On another type of father: These last weeks, many dioceses welco… Read More
Sampling The Abyss
George's Journal | O… · 00:13 18 Jun 2018
The abyss is the largest and deepest habitat on the planet, covering half the world’s oceans, but it remains the most unexplored environment on earth. During the “Sampling the ab… Read More
What Is True Prayer
Best Life Quotes, Po… · 23:58 17 Jun 2018
Prayer is the inner bath of love into which the soul plunges itself. -St. Jean Marie Baptiste Vianney Pray without ceasing. – 1 Thessalonians 5, WEBBE Prayer is not just asking God fo… Read More
Triple Nickel...5:55
Mystery Of Truth And… · 12:16 17 Jun 2018
J.M.J. + O.B.T. + M.G.R.*There's something to it.The memory of morning formation timewhile serving in the US Army.We called it TRIPLE NICKELPsalm 55 (Douay-Rheims 1899)1 Unto the end, for a… Read More
Spiritual Seed · 15:50 16 Jun 2018
Can an evil demon deceive everything including my own existence? The very fact that I am aware of my own doubting or thinking proves that I cannot deny my existence as long as I am aware tha… Read More
Confronting Normal
Christian Revival, K… · 00:23 16 Jun 2018
“You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit… fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in My Name.” (Jn. 15:1… Read More