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Healthy Spirituality | Nurturing Hearts Closer To Blog
This Christian blog helps others draw closer to God through spiritual disciplines, resources, discussion and experiencing God in new ways.
The Ebb And Flow Of Life
2022-09-20 14:00
September invites me to pause, savor, and reflect on the ebb and flow of this past season. The joy of family and families gathering for celebrations. The tender moments of reconnecti… Read More
Day Of Encouragement
2022-09-13 14:19
Be encouraged, not discouraged!  We just missed The National Day of Encouragement held yesterday September 12. This day is dedicated to encouraging and having a positive impact… Read More
Trust The Slow Work Of God
2022-09-06 14:00
Trust the Slow Work of God, written by Teilhard de Chardin, is a challenging quote, but one that I repeat often. This year especially its words call to me.  Sometime “borr… Read More
Book Review – Seasons Of The Soul
2022-08-30 14:00
Seasons of the Soul, On Becoming Who You Are is a new book written by one of my favorite authors, Michelle DeRusha. The book takes you through the four seasons of the year with de… Read More
Pondering All
2022-08-23 14:00
All is my word of the year. All walks with me. Shows up unexpectedly in books and conversations. Stops me and says, “Hey, take a moment and listen. I have something to tell you.&r… Read More
Share Four Somethings – August 2022
2022-08-16 14:00
Share Four Somethings is a regular blog post where I feature bits of wisdom in four categories.  I love this practice as it collects moments for reflection and growth. These… Read More
The Spiritual Practice Of Questions
2022-08-09 14:00
Questions! Do you have a curious faith? Some people belong(ed) to church that discourages asking questions. As a spiritual director I have learned the power in the spiritual practice… Read More
Book Lover Day – What Are You Reading?
2022-08-02 14:00
Book Lover Day is coming! August 9. This is a day to relax and enjoy a book – of course I think that could be every and any day. I sure do like reading and often am pouring my… Read More
Prayer Of Abandonment
2022-07-26 14:00
The prayer of abandonment by Charles de Foucauld has haunted me all year. The words keep appearing in readings. Its message scares me yet draws me into contemplation.  This pra… Read More
The Spiritual Practice Of Simplicity
2022-07-19 14:00
Simplicity is a spiritual practice promoted by many.  But I am going to be honest – keeping it simple is hard for me and this is one practice I ignore and neglect. Anyone… Read More
50 Years!
2022-07-12 14:00
50 years ago on July 15th I married my hubby. A partnership with no regrets. Lots of love and challenges. Ups and downs. Joys and unforgettable moments together. I do… Read More
Coddiwompling With The Phrase: After All
2022-06-21 14:16
After all is a phrase that includes my word of the year. All is my word of the year and so when I see, hear, noticed this word I look deeper with eyes of my heart. Is there a lesson… Read More
2022-06-14 13:54
No power. I woke up suddenly knowing something happened while we slept. In my foggy first moments I realized the power was out and pitch blackness saturated the room. I could… Read More
Share Four Somethings – June 2022
2022-06-07 14:00
Share Four Somethings is a regular blog post where I feature bits of wisdom in four categories.  I love this practice as it collects moments for reflection and growth. These &ldq… Read More
Pilgrimage Ponderings
2022-05-31 14:00
Pilgrimage. Journey. Travel. I just returned from a 12-day pilgrimage through Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. I fully believe that travel gifts us in three ways: the jo… Read More
Practicing Self-Compassion
2022-05-03 14:00
Do you practice self-compassion? I value self-care. I am learning soul-care. But I never really considered the importance of self-compassion before. Lately my inner critic has… Read More
Questioning My Optimism
2022-04-26 14:00
Optimism.  I grew up in a serious household, with serious parents, and serious expectations. My parents were not pessimists or realists, but they definitely didn’t practice… Read More
Word Of The Year Reversal
2022-04-19 14:03
“All” is my word of the year. One way I companion my word each year is to find a sign to put near my home altar using the selected word. I found a great sign last yea… Read More
Posture Of Love
2022-04-12 14:00
Stand up straight. Don’t slouch. I heard this a lot growing up and perhaps you did too as our moms encouraged good posture for our physical health. What about our spi… Read More
Share Four Somethings – April 2022
2022-04-05 14:00
Share Four Somethings is a new regular blog post I began this year modeling after several of my blogger friends who publish bits of wisdom in four categories.  I love this p… Read More
Worthy Wisdom Words
2022-03-29 14:01
Read any good wisdom words lately? As mentioned last week I recently attended a silent retreat. I listened deeply to God but also found thoughtful guidance from the written words… Read More
2022-03-15 14:20
I heard the term Lamplighters from wisdom teacher mystic Cynthia Bourgeault who described the spiritual teachers in her life – both ancient and contemporary – as la… Read More
Name Your Season
2022-03-08 15:00
What season are you in right now? Depending on how you define the word “season” will influence your answer.  Is it winter leaning into spring? Is there a chan… Read More
All In
2022-03-01 15:00
“All” is my word of the year, and I am exploring, listening, and watching for its wisdom and lessons. I am still in the get-to-know phase of my new friendship with my wo… Read More
Lent – Threshold Towards Easter
2022-02-22 15:00
Ash Wednesday is in two weeks. Two weeks!! Then the season of Lent shapes us as we walk towards Easter. Easter this year is April 17 – the day we celebrate our Lord’s re… Read More
2022-02-08 15:00
When you hear this word – enough – what comes to mind? Two phrases arising in my heart in response to this word are being enough and doing enough. I know others may p… Read More
Share Four Somethings – January 2022
2022-01-25 15:00
Share Four Somethings is a regular blog post several of my blogger friends publish sharing bits of wisdom in four categories.  Heather’s 2022 categories are Something Lov… Read More
The Spiritual Practice Of Joy
2022-01-18 15:00
Joy doesn’t come easy for me. I tend to be a focused, serious, get it done gal and am envious of others whose smiles light up a room and whose presence brings delight. When… Read More
A Year End Blessing
2022-01-04 15:03
I love the start of a new year. Days stretch before us full of promise, newness and undiscovered goodness. I pray you savor many blessings in 2022. John O’Donohue wrote a w… Read More
Treasure, Toss, And Tweak
2021-12-28 15:00
Treasure, Toss, and Tweak I heard this phrase earlier this month as a guideline for year-end review of our lives. I am carrying this phrase into this week as I review what worked… Read More
What Are Chrismons?
2021-12-14 15:00
What are Chrismons? Chrismons are Christmas decorations styled with Christian symbols. These ornaments remind us of the true meaning of Christmas – the celebration of Jesus… Read More
Christmas To-Do, To-Be List
2021-12-07 15:01
I am a list maker.  And this time of year, my lists multiply like bunnies in springtime. Gift list.Cards to send list.Yummies to bake list.Travel list.Year-end tasks and goa… Read More
The Church Year
2021-11-30 15:00
The new church year has begun. Happy New Year! The church calendar flipped the page onto a new cycle of readings and messages and music beginning last Sunday. I love following th… Read More
2021-11-09 14:34
Advent? Already? Yes, this special time of year is coming soon. Advent begins November 28 and is one of my favorite seasons of the year. The candles, music, words, and themes stir m… Read More
Autumn Reflections
2021-10-26 14:00
Autumn invites us to reflect. We sense the year wrapping up and we wonder where the time has gone. We remember what we wanted to get done and can no longer even find the paper where… Read More
2021-10-20 14:00
Go is my word for the year. No one warned me in January that this tiny word would so powerfully weave its meaning into my world. Go stretched me in new surprising ways. My expect… Read More
Go –  Be Nice
2021-10-05 14:00
Go. Be nice. That simple phrase I heard in my prayers the other day. “But God. I am nice.  Or at least I like to think I try.” My initial response was more of… Read More
Self-Care And Soul-Care
2021-09-28 14:00
Intense. Crazy. Simultaneous life-draining and life-giving work. This is my life right now. God has called me to be a writer. I also know his calling to work as a Deacon and spirit… Read More
Anticipatory Anxiety
2021-09-21 14:00
“Anticipatory anxiety. I think you are drowning in anticipatory anxiety.”  A good friend said this to me several months ago and I can’t seem to get that phrase… Read More
Reading Roundup
2021-09-14 14:00
A reading roundup is a collection of articles and posts one person reads, finds interesting, and then shares with another. On a ranch, they “roundup” or gather scattered anim… Read More
Foundations And Faith –  Rules  For Life
2021-09-07 14:05
I have been catching up on my reading piles these past weeks. Library books. Books sent to me to review. A few sitting so long on my stand their dust covers are actually covered in dust… Read More
Let Go Or Let’s Go
2021-08-31 14:00
“Go” is my word for 2021 and for such a short, simple word I have been amazed how it has weaved its meaning into my life this year.  For some earlier examples, you can r… Read More
11 Tips To Percolate In Prayer
2021-08-17 14:02
Percolate means to spread or pass through. What a lovely way to think of prayer. To percolate our day, our time, our life in prayer. Percolate originates from Latin with “colo&r… Read More
2021-08-03 14:03
Summer sabbath is the slowing down and savoring the beauty, refreshment, and renewal of summertime. For many of us summer means travel, camping, fresh fruit and vegetables, water activit… Read More
Medical Miracle
2021-07-27 14:22
As a nurse I took countless blood pressures, but one man comes to mind whenever I see a cuff and stethoscope. I remember him because he was a medical miracle. I met him when he was in… Read More
The Spiritual Practice Of Gazing
2021-07-20 14:00
Gazing is the act of fixing our eyes in a steady intent look with focused attention. Gazing evokes feelings of curiosity, interest, pleasure, wonder and love. One of my favorite quote… Read More
The Power Of Holding Unanswered Questions
2021-07-06 14:00
Unanswered questions shaped my recent retreat and continue to linger in my journals and contemplative talks with God. I am a fixer and quick decider. I like the comfort of knowing ans… Read More
Spiritual Practices On A Retreat
2021-06-29 14:08
What spiritual practices support a retreat experience? I recently return from an 8-day silent retreat. What is a silent retreat?  Here are some previous blog posts about this int… Read More
Word Of The Year – Retreat Reflections
2021-06-22 11:15
Every year I am amazed how a simple word or phrase that silently creeps into my heart in midwinter and slowly emerges as my Word of the Year weaves itself into my soul. In 2021 the word… Read More
Silent Retreat Expectations
2021-06-08 14:00
At the end of this week,  I attend my annual silent retreat. I’m tired. I’m empty. I’m lost. All ingredients for being ready for a time to be with… Read More
Pentecost Pondering
2021-05-18 14:00
Pentecost is the coming Sunday, May 23 commemorating the arrival of the Holy Spirit and is often called the birthday of the church.  The word Pentecost means “fiftieth da… Read More
Books Ready To Be Read
2021-05-11 14:04
Books!  I love them. I have a constant list ordered to borrow from my library. And of course, I buy too many books. Amazon and I are on a first name basis. I don’t have too ma… Read More
Languishing And Lingering Lessons
2021-04-27 14:09
Lingering and languishing are two words murmuring in my mind and heart lately. I haven’t heard anyone said these two words out loud, but sense many people feel empty, depleted, and… Read More
In Praise Of The Pretzel
2021-04-20 14:00
Pretzels!  Did you know April 26 is National Pretzel Day?  I never heard of this before and what a fun and yummy discovery. The Twisted History Pretzels do belong in a fa… Read More
One Word Journaling
2021-04-13 14:00
Is one word enough for a journal entry? Using a single word as a writing prompt is amazingly simple, yet powerful. I have notice when studying scripture and being with God, often the… Read More
2021-04-06 14:14
Eastertide is living as Easter people every day, not just on Easter Sunday, but as a way of life. In our local church, we start each worship service these next few weeks with this gre… Read More
What Is The Meaning Of Holy Saturday?
2021-03-30 14:00
Holy Saturday waits. During Holy Week, we parade and cheer Jesus onward as he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. We broke bread and drank wine on Maundy Thursday.  We stood at the… Read More
POOF! 50 Years Later
2021-03-23 11:01
50 years ago – March 1971. I bet some of you reading this may have been alive then. Do you remember March 1971? I do.  A significant event happened, but at that moment I… Read More
Four Evening Routine Questions
2021-03-16 11:00
Do you have an evening routine? Routines help us by saving brain power and time in decision making, give our day structure and either starts my day with healthier habits or helps me u… Read More
2021-03-09 12:00
A round up is a collection of interesting reading, resources and links one person gathers, then shares in a podcast or blog post. Rounds ups are like treasure chests – you find… Read More
Half A Million, Oh My!
2021-03-02 12:00
Half a million dead. This is the number fellow Americans who have died in the Covid pandemic.  In one year – 500,000 lives gone. This grim statistic stabbed my heart… Read More
2021-02-23 12:00
Can you imagine walking uphill and into the wind?  Think about the determination, the pain and fatigue, unable to see the final destination. The persistence of plodding one step at… Read More
Ready Or Not: Here Come Ash Wednesday
2021-02-16 12:19
Ready for Ash Wednesday and Lent? Today is Shrove Tuesday which I featured on the blog last year and tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. This solemn service includes confession and reconciliat… Read More
2021-02-09 12:00
Are you a spiritual marathoner? I am a not a runner.  Yes, I do walk for exercise but run?  No way! If I did try running, I am sure I wouldn’t go far before gasping… Read More
What’s On My Reading Stand?
2021-02-02 12:00
What’s on my reading stand?  I don’t know about you but I am one of those types who has multiple books going at once.  I pick one up to read one night, then often a… Read More
2021-01-26 12:00
Who shapes your faith? Deep in your most inward core of your being, the center closest to God, the Creator, who are you?  Who influenced how you live from that tender place? What… Read More
GO – A New Spiritual Practice
2021-01-12 12:00
Go is my word of the year.  I wrote about this practice last week but today want to expand on how this word will guide me in 2021. At first I thought this was too simplistic, but… Read More
2021 Choosing One Word As A LAMP
2021-01-05 12:00
Do you choose one word or short phrase to frame the coming year ahead? I have chosen one word for a number of years.  In fact, last year I shared a decade of this practice. Most… Read More
Keeping Christmas
2020-12-23 12:00
Are you willing…To forget what you have done for other people, and to remember what other people have done for you?To ignore what the world owes you, and to think what you owe the wor… Read More
Advent Adventure
2020-12-01 12:00
Advent is here and I am ready for an adventure. Advent is the four weeks before the celebration of the birth of Jesus. November 29 was the first Sunday in this season this year and on… Read More
2020-11-24 12:00
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love the family getting together. The delicious smells showering my kitchen. The turkey browning in the oven. The laughter and chatter even… Read More
Hello!  November 21 Is World Hello Day!
2020-11-17 12:00
Hello!  A simple delightful greeting we all say.  I didn’t know though until recently that November 21 celebrated this word. November 21 is the 48th annual World Hello… Read More
Ever Hear Of Yahrzeit?
2020-11-10 12:00
My dad died on November 12, 1966.  At the end of October as I flipped the calendar to November, the 12th jumped into my attention, piercing my heart once again. Funny how anniversari… Read More
Linger Longer In Love
2020-10-20 12:38
I wrote this following the funeral of a good friend who died unexpectedly last week. If I had known last Sunday would have been the last time I saw you on this earth, I would have loo… Read More
Discovering Wisdom
2020-09-29 11:00
How are you discovering wisdom? This is a dark time and we need help and guidance daily. Words help me grow – God’s word. Words from others – both written and spoken… Read More
What I Am Reading In September
2020-09-22 11:00
What am I reading right now?  I love peeking onto other people’s bookstands, discovering new books to read.  Reading and lifelong learning are passions of mine and betwee… Read More

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