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Blood Red Seas
2023-03-27 20:28
 So said the Lord, "With this you will know that I am the Lord." Behold, I will smite with the staff that is in my hand upon the water that is in the Nile, and it will turn to blood An… Read More
Wonders In The Heavens #5
2023-03-23 22:52
These photos were taken yesterday by a storm-watcher, it is not a bunch of clouds, it is the base cloud of a planet which probably caused the blocking out of the sun [see blog post immediate… Read More
Today's Sun Block
2023-03-23 03:07
 This is Melbourne, Australia this morning, as the clouds blocked the sun and a huge storm hit.  Doesn't take too much imagination to understand how the Nibiru system can block the… Read More
The Man Who Discovered Nibiru
2023-03-22 21:20
This is the final interview of Professor Carlos Munoz Ferrada, the man who discovered the planet known as Nibiru.  Absolutely fascinating..... how Hashem has created this monster planet… Read More
Nibiru [Kochav Yaakov]
2023-03-22 06:40
 Text copied from a reliable source, and to be honest it is making much more sense than anything else I have read to date.In the 1950s don Carlos Muñoz Ferrada was already speaki… Read More
Feminism And The Curses Of Eve
2023-03-19 22:04
 Rabbi Efraim Palvanov What were the 39 curses decreed upon Adam, Eve, and the Serpent following the Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden? What do the “curses of Eve”… Read More
Wonders In The Heavens #3 - Purple Skies
2023-03-19 05:48
 As the Nibiru system passes by earth, the planets in the system push themselves away from the earth electro-magnetically, resulting in powerful lightning storms, more powerful than any… Read More
2023-03-15 00:53
These are not Wonders, these are man-made lines in the sky.This is just a selection of clips from various places, including several from Israel, showing the ridiculous amount of chemtrails i… Read More
2023-03-13 20:04
"Today, in our bitter exile, there are people who receive ruach hakodesh more easily than in the time of the prophets." [Noam Elimelech] Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk [known as "The Rebbe o… Read More
Wonders In The Heavens
2023-03-12 05:38
"And I will show wonders in the Heavens and on the earth" [Yoel 3:3]Here are some 30second videos [click full screen for best viewing] and some photos of weather events, as well as weird hal… Read More
Rabbi Yuval Ovadia On
2023-03-09 21:00
This is a re-posting from 2018.  Thank you Sherry for bringing it to my attention.  I think it is very relevant right now.  There's a lot more to come on this topic but for no… Read More
2023-03-08 01:29
"He forgives sins.... " [Ki Tisa 34:7] The word for "forgive" here literally means "carry" or "lift". Based on this, the Baal Shem Tov taught that G-d elevates the sparks of holiness in th… Read More
Purim 5783
2023-03-06 21:48
Chag sameach everyone.  Sorry for the lack of posts, I haven't been feeling great lately, I think it is part of the suffering we all have to go through.If you can't do much for Purim, a… Read More
2023-02-20 00:41
As we approach Adar, we also approach a ramping up from Russia, with it's nuclear forces doing "massive exercise" - on the eve of Biden's visit to Europe. We know Adar is the month of m… Read More
Derailments And Toxic Rivers
2023-02-14 21:30
There were at least four train derailments in America yesterday.  The first one in East Palestine Ohio has contaminated the Ohio River, one of the longest rivers in America.  I hav… Read More
Making Your Own Messiah [and UFOs]
2023-02-12 23:52
There are so many things going on at the moment, and it's not so easy to know which ones are real and which aren't.  The real events are also being manipulated, and it's only through To… Read More
2023-02-12 20:17
Text by Rabbi David Chananya PintoIn our Parashah [Mishpatim], the Torah warns us against the prohibition of falsehood, as it is stated, “Distance yourself from a false matter.”… Read More
A Direct Hit
2023-02-12 00:32
Parshat Yitro: 20:1-4  6th Aliyah, corresponding to the sixth day of the week: Friday 10 February"I am the Lord, your God, Who took you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bon… Read More
A Chassidic Perspective On Being Offended
2023-02-08 22:50
 Rabbi Shmuel Weinberg of Slonim was born in 5610 (1850) to his father, Rabbi Yechiel Michel Aharon, the son of Rabbi Avraham, the founder of the chassidic sect of Slonim. Rabbi Shmuel… Read More
Red Moon Nights
2023-02-08 00:21
Last night's moon near Sydney .... see the red aura around it..... that is no doubt from Nibiru which is behind our Sun.  Photo taken by JB Read More
What In The World.....
2023-02-06 22:35
A couple of big events occurred yesterday on Tu b'Shvat.  First, the huge earthquakes in Turkey, and secondly the demonic satanic Grammy Awards where the audience was treated to a show… Read More
Secrets Of Tu B
2023-02-05 03:24
 Rabbi Efraim Palvanov How did Tu b’Shevat go from a footnote on the Jewish calendar to an important mystical holiday? What are the true origins of the Tu b’Shevat sede… Read More
Nibiru / Kochav Yaakov
2023-01-24 22:56
This is a photo I managed to grab from a video on Tik Tok.  It was a live video, no photoshop, no sun dogs [camera reflection]. There are a lot more videos out now, people are seeing it… Read More
2023-01-17 07:25
Text by R' Dan StochelThe Eban Ezra writes the following about the coming Final Wars.Daniel 12:1 "This time of trouble will cover the entire world." Other similar sources are: Midrash T… Read More
Cosmic Shemittot
2023-01-13 05:26
Rabbi Efraim Palvanov Were there civilizations before ours? How can we explain archaeological evidence that dates as far back as 12,000 years? Explore the ancient Kabbalistic notion of… Read More
The Name Of God
2023-01-11 04:00
                                                      … Read More
2023-01-03 03:06
'Zevulun will live by the sea coast....'' [Vayechi 49:13] Zevulun would engage in business and provide food for the tribe of Yissachar, who would engage in Torah study. [Rashi to v. 13] Un… Read More
Ani Yosef
2022-12-30 22:43
"I am Yosef!" [Vayigash 45:3] The Chofetz Chaim offered the following explanation of this verse:  When the brothers had initially arrived in Egypt, they were treated harshly by Yosef, w… Read More
Who Is Mashiach?
2022-12-10 10:05
[published motzei Shabbat]Rabbi Efraim Palvanov What is the true role of the Messiah, and how can we properly identify this person? What are the 5 key qualities that Mashiach must posse… Read More
Receiving Prophecy In A Dream
2022-11-27 21:24
 by Rabbi David Hanania Pinto"He encountered the place and spent the night there because the sun had sent" [Vayeitze 28:11]The Midrash says that the words "because the sun had set", tea… Read More
Blessings You Don't Say But Really Should!
2022-11-21 03:47
Rabbi Efraim Palvanov What is the blessing on an elephant? How about an albino? Find out in this class where we explore the power and meaning of the ancient berachot instituted by our Sages… Read More
Impossible Things
2022-11-09 21:41
Somewhere it says that before Moshiach comes "everything will be known".   I learnt that somewhere, can't remember when or where.  Just lately scammers have hacked into a majo… Read More
The Descent Of A Lofty Soul: Moshiach
2022-11-06 20:38
Art by Andreas And they gave their father wine to drink on that night, and the elder came and lay with her father, and he did not know of her lying down or of her rising up -  ו… Read More
11 Cheshvan: Yarzheit Rochel Imeinu
2022-11-03 20:40
Friday night/Shabbat will be 11 Cheshvan Jewish Mother's Day The 11th of Cheshvan  by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh One of the most important days in the month of Cheshvan is the 11th… Read More
Are We Witnessing The Prophecy?
2022-11-02 22:33
Current News The United States is concerned about threats from Iran against Saudi Arabia and will not hesitate to respond if necessary, a White House spokesperson said on Tuesday."We ar… Read More
2022-10-30 21:53
Source: Chanan Morrison from the writings of Rav Kook Notarikon in the Torah    -      [Notarikon is a method of deriving a word, by using each of its initial (… Read More
Hakhel Year: 8 Things To Ponder
2022-10-27 00:23
 Rabbi Aaron L Raskin  [28 min video]After being isolated for two years from the pandemic, COVID-19, the year of Hakhel is like a breath of fresh air. Hakhel is the perfect Mitzvah… Read More
The Yanuka
2022-10-23 20:08
HT: AG"A soul like his does not descend in every generation, it descends once in many generations" Rav Shlomo Yehudah Be'eri, known as "The Yanuka", born in 1988 - knows the entire Tora… Read More
2022-10-18 20:45
Image: Dusteramaranth Every aspect of creation is governed by an angel. Even trees and plants (especially those with healing properties) have angels supervising their growth. As the Sages… Read More
2022-10-12 22:02
Rebbe Nachman of Breslov's histalkus [ascent from the body] took place in Uman, a Ukrainian town in Kiev oblast, on the 18th of Tishrei, which is the second day of Chol HaMo'ed Succos, 5571… Read More
2022-10-06 22:17
Art: Gustave Caillebotte ''But Yeshurun grew fat and kicked'' [Ha'azinu 32:15] The maggid R' Yechiel Michel of Zlochev had a chassid who at one time was very poor.  But then he tried h… Read More
The Kabbalah Of Yom Kippur
2022-10-03 20:13
 Efraim Palvanov What is the deeper meaning behind the five afflictions of Yom Kippur? How do they serve to purify the five aspects of the soul? Also discussed is whether the… Read More
Complete Teshuva
2022-10-03 01:58
Art: Maurycy Gottllieb The focus of the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is teshuvah - return or repentance. We recite the Avinu Malkeinu prayer during this period, requesting… Read More
Filling The Waters
2022-09-29 00:56
We've all heard about the Nordstream pipeline sabotage - if you don't know what I'm talking about click here. I don't want to talk about who is responsible, but I do want to mention tha… Read More
24 Elul Yarzheit Chofetz Chaim
2022-09-19 08:30
  1838-1933 [5598-5693] Rabbi Israel Meir HaCohen Kagan is commonly known as the "Chafetz Chaim," the name of his famous work on guarding one's tongue. Born in Zhetel, Poland… Read More
2022-09-17 19:39
Rather, [this] thing is very close to you; it is in your mouth and in your heart, so that you can fulfill it.''  [Nitzavim 30:14] At first glance, the statement that ''this thing is v… Read More
2022-09-14 23:55
I have had a version of this blog post sitting in my drafts for over 10 years.  In 5772 [secular  year 2012] we all expected Moshiach. Even the Mayan Calendar ended in December 201… Read More
Signs? Coincidences?
2022-09-14 03:07
All of this is speculation. This photo was taken over Wembley in London and people think it shows the Queen riding on her horse .... or maybe it's showing a man riding a donkey... The p… Read More
The Debt Jubilee
2022-09-12 21:55
Thank you to EnricoAriel for sending this to me - What The Bible Says About 50 Years of Fiat Money, Debt Jubilee Read More
A Blessing In Reverse
2022-09-11 23:01
Art: Debi Payne by Rabbi David Pinto Shlita It is written, “Your ox will be slaughtered before your eyes, but you will not eat from it. Your donkey will be robbed from before yo… Read More
2022-09-11 05:59
from the writings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov A person who wants to attach to Hashem, so that his thoughts travel from one chamber to the next, seeing these chambers with his mind's eye - sh… Read More
13 Elul - Yarzheit Ben Ish Chai
2022-09-08 08:17
The Ben Ish Chai Chacham Yosef Chaim of Baghdad To read some of his teachings and connect with his soul on his yarzheit, click on the BEN ISH CHAI label below this post. by Chana… Read More
Praying For Rain
2022-09-04 09:27
Many countries worldwide are suffering from a severe lack of rain.  That is definitely not the case in Australia where for once we have it in abundance, and Pakistan is drowning in it… Read More
2022-08-24 01:24
Text by Rabbi Berach SteinfeldThe Torah in Devarim 13:17 tells us that in the event there is a whole city that serves avoda zora [idol worship], all its belongings will be gathered in the mi… Read More
Who Controls The Rain ?
2022-08-18 03:22
 China is so desperate for rain, they are firing cloud-seeding rockets into the sky. "Engrave on it with signet-ring [type] engraving: "Holy to Hashem"   פִ’……Read More

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