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Help Me Sort Out St … · 23:12 23 Nov 2017
Happy Thanksgiving! Which, as I've learnt from Robyn, is a very big deal indeed.I had a tough, tough day. I got up at 0500 am, mainly due to pain but also to get washed and ready. I got… Read More
The Endless River
Il Blog Di Andrea Sa… · 18:03 23 Nov 2017
Ho messo un po' di tempo fa The endless river nel mio smartphone. Lo ascolto spesso quando vado a passeggiare sulle colline dietro casa mia, il pomeriggio dopo il lavoro. È l'ult… Read More
Happy Thanksgiving.
The Critical Mind — … · 17:36 23 Nov 2017
(This post was first published in 2011) Today is Thanksgiving, and there are many things that I am thankful for and other things that I am not. I am thankful for all the dedicated doctors, n… Read More
Capeia Arraiana · 17:26 23 Nov 2017
O sucesso de qualquer televisão parece ser o futebol. São estes os programas que maiores audiências trazem a cada canal. A RTP 1 está nos 10 ou 12 por cento. Mas o… Read More
The Secret Handshake
Politics And Its Dis… · 14:50 23 Nov 2017
In her column in today's Star (which does not yet appear to be available online), Linda McQuaig points out the remarkable similarities between the government of Justin Trudeau and that of St… Read More
Ek Judge Ki Maut!
The Other Side · 08:08 23 Nov 2017
Ek Judge Ki Maut!If this news can’t raise your eyebrows and instill fear in you nothing can. If a judge constitutionally responsible for giving justice and who has and the people aroun… Read More
Recliner Commentarie… · 20:03 22 Nov 2017
In Luke 10:25-28 a Jewish legal authority asks Jesus how to inherit eternal life. Jesus asks him what the Law (of Moses) says and the man responds saying that people must Love God with all t… Read More
Convergenza Socialis… · 18:44 21 Nov 2017
di Renato Gatti Sto leggendo (rectius studiando) il libro, il cui titolo ho messo in testata, di quello che avrebbe potuto essere uno dei migliori assessori al bilancio del Comune di Roma, o… Read More