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Expresspoint · 03:38 25 Sep 2017
JITENDRA PANDEY A viewer asked the finance minister to keep his point on Bullet Train in a function what is The post THE FINANCE MINISTER GOT ANGRY appeared first on EXPRESS POINT - Your Pla… Read More
Imperfect Women · 02:32 25 Sep 2017
Prize: 1 winner will receive a pair of Lugz King XL shoes, winner picks size and color. $65 Value The post Lugz KING XL Giveaway appeared first on Imperfect Women Read More
East Asia Forum · 02:00 25 Sep 2017
Author: Editorial Board, East Asia Forum With the China border dispute resolved, Shinzo Abe’s trip to Delhi successful and the Trump administration looking for a win with India, after… Read More
Help Me Sort Out St … · 22:09 24 Sep 2017
It's been a strange week - quite painful and tough although I did get some things done.I'm stuck getting two lots of an hour and a half's sleep a night which is tough. Unfortunately the coup… Read More
Dogwalk Musings · 18:12 24 Sep 2017
Man, I am so sick and tired of professional athletes who make more in a year than we will in our lifetime dissing our flag, our country and by default all who defend it, in so called protest… Read More
Il Blog Di Andrea Sa… · 12:40 24 Sep 2017
Vediamo di ricapitolare un attimo. Aventi diritto: 140000; votanti: 37000; voti per Di Maio: 30936, poco più degli abitanti di Santarcangelo e molti meno di quelli che ieri sera erano… Read More
Just Out · 08:39 24 Sep 2017
Q: What's worse than a male chauvinistic pig? A: A women who won't do what she's told.Q. Why do women have breasts?A. So men will talk to them.Q: Who are women compared to hurricane?A: Becau… Read More
Capeia Arraiana · 00:55 24 Sep 2017
George Gershwin (1898 -1937), foi um compositor americano filho de pais russos (por este motivo o seu nome de batismo era Jacob Gershowitz, mas, para uma mais fácil integraç&at… Read More
Lgstarr · 19:49 23 Sep 2017
On Monday (9/18), CNN dropped the bombshell that Trump was right all along that Obama had him wiretapped.  Headlines followed:The Hill: Looks Like Obama Did Spy on T… Read More
Socraticgadfly · 19:05 23 Sep 2017
Woj just called it, so it must be official.Thunder get Carmelo Anthony and send the Knicks Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott and their second-round draft pick. (Actually, that's a second-rounder t… Read More
Argivai Online · 12:09 23 Sep 2017
Portugal é uma pequena economia aberta. Quando os nossos mercados crescem nos crescemos, quando não, acontece o contrario.A Europa está a crescer, o que "pucha" pelas no… Read More
The Other Side · 09:20 23 Sep 2017
The Masked LifeI met with an accident few years back (precisely 10 years ago). It was dangerous and I came out of hospital in about ten days. Except a foot injury which needed dressing every… Read More
Iran News Blog · 20:08 22 Sep 2017
It is frightening to think of such a question, but is Iran going to be a Venezuela or North Korea or a Zimbabwe?Up until now with the Democrats, Iran managed to get a little bit of freedom… Read More