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Bdb · 19:39 20 May 2018
Os motivos citados no vídeo abaixo são um resumo perfeito do porque Lula está preso e a máfia jurídica-midiática farão de tudo para impedir q… Read More
Booman Tribune ~ A P… · 18:55 20 May 2018
Our president is mad. I’m not mad, you’re mad. — Jamison Foser (@jamisonfoser) May 20, 2018 Let us hope that his replacement is not… Read More
Get Rich With Albert… · 15:18 20 May 2018
"We have no one kills in the early morning and at dinner. Hurrah! "(A. Others including Marc Bistricer, offer their opinions as well. Kochergin). So why not use that time for what would imp… Read More
¿Coches Voladores?
El Rincón De L… · 13:54 20 May 2018
Suena a ciencia-ficción, ¿verdad? Pero no lo es. Y es que en Miami ya están preparando el primer aparcamiento (en una azotea, claro está) para estos vehiculos (un… Read More
Northern Reflections · 13:17 20 May 2018
It's time to implement Guaranteed Basic Income Programs. However, Gwynne Dyer writes, there  is surprising resistance to the idea. Conservatives argue that giving people free money is f… Read More
Freedom Eden · 09:00 20 May 2018
Two down, one to go!!!👑👑 Justify wins the Preakness Stakes!— Kentucky Derby (@KentuckyDerby) May 19, 2018 Triple Crown? Read More
Bigrunner · 08:32 20 May 2018
Bill JohnsonThe royal wedding made a change today from all the politics of the day, not necessary viewing for me but what I did see was excellent and nice to see people enjoying themselves i… Read More
Swerve Left · 06:41 20 May 2018
An AR-15 or a modified version of one was used to commit the attacks in Aurora, Colorado (June 2012); Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut (December 2012); San Bernardino, Ca… Read More
The Santa Fe Shooter
Sovereignty First · 00:19 20 May 2018
Before our brains get corrupted by the corporate media on the events surrounding the Santa Fe shooting, I thought I'd highlight some facts that the MSM may or may not bring to light.Despite… Read More
Royal Flush
Hammer Of The Blogs · 18:23 19 May 2018
I guess 'murkins need some sort of break from the constant barrage of shit that Captian Combover launches our way on an hourly basis, but e-fucking-nough of the wedding coverage already. I h… Read More
Wake Up America · 22:08 18 May 2018
  Some if you probably I realized I had  not been on the internet lately. It was do a sudden health issue in my part which led me to the Emergency Room on Wednesday evening wi… Read More
Shills Protecting Thrills
Slantblog · 15:14 18 May 2018
 Don't tell me most of America’s mass-murdering shooters would simply have switched over to bombs, or poison, if they couldn't have gotten a hold of their favorite tools. Those… Read More