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Get Rich With Albert… · 06:56 20 Jul 2019
Bestselling authors Furuholmen and Cramer help stressed-out employees phones ringing, colleagues bombard with questions, annoy customers, the files on the desktop are growing everyday madnes… Read More
They Persisted
Slantblog · 23:34 19 Jul 2019
First elected to the House of Representatives out of San Francisco in 1987, Nancy Pelosi (1940-) served as Speaker of the House from 2007 to 2011. Her fingerprints are all over some importan… Read More
Ganada Por El Miedo,
César Vásquez Perú: … · 20:41 19 Jul 2019 Diario El MercurioMapa del departamento de ArequipaMariano Felipe Paz SoldánHaga clic sobre la imagen para ampliarla en una nueva ventanaMollebaya recib… Read More
Rubber Hose · 15:14 19 Jul 2019
I would be surprised if the staffers of all the bottom-tier candidates aren't at least mumbling about this.Running for President sucks. I don't understand at all why someone would do it when… Read More
Freedom Eden · 09:00 19 Jul 2019
In California, "manholes" are now called "maintenance holes." They are insane. California should be tackling the problems of homelessness, poverty, and drugs, not wasting time on something… Read More
Dirkzijn · 18:15 18 Jul 2019
De eerste keer dat ik Watskeburt?! op de radio hoorde sloeg de bliksem in. Ik had al wel een zwak voor Nederlandstalige rap, maar dít leek nergens op. Het was dansbaar, in tegenstelli… Read More
El Sinsentido Común
Cuba-Isla · 14:56 18 Jul 2019
Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez.─ Todo aquel sedimento semántico, que se expande en una comunidad, debe ser analizado tanto por sus efectos como por sus orígenes. Nin… Read More
The Poll Bludger · 20:21 16 Jul 2019
Ahead of Newspoll's apparently looming return, the first in a series that probes deep into the entrails of the May 19 election result. The post Call of the board: Sydney appeared first on Th… Read More
Our Revolution Conti… · 10:00 16 Jul 2019
"Nice People"by Redd PhlaggIn a country run by a small circle of pedophilic billionaires, there is literally not a single moral justification for notengaging in class war. -- Quinn Albright… Read More
The Ten-Percent Solution
Hammer Of The Blogs · 06:47 15 Jul 2019
Like many Americans, I suffer from the chronic problem of too much abundance -- that is, I could stand to lose a few pounds (not to mention some clutter). From what I see of people my own ag… Read More