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Another Staycation Week
Bruce's Journal · 12:11 23 May 2017
It's that time of the year when I take a week off from work and stay home and relax.  The last few months were very difficult with train delays so I need to get away from New Jersey Tra… Read More
I Have Recommended The Karri App To My Child's School!
[email protected] · 10:58 23 May 2017
karri Little Miss is always in search of cash for something at school. And then our purses are empty. We did not draw money after she has raided our purses the previous day... The struggle… Read More
2G Network Closure
Gps Tracking Austral… · 07:59 23 May 2017
Telstra Phones/Trackers and Personal Safety Devices Rendered Useless! There is movement in the Telecommunication sector that will have the potential to render your mobile phone, Vehicle Tra… Read More
Miscelaneas · 14:08 21 May 2017
Un fin de semana cualquiera en la gran ciudad, tomados de la mano recorremos los paseos cercanos. El frenesí semanal se aplaca y la ciudad bosteza en una ambiente de calma como prepar… Read More
Pasándola En Holanda · 13:40 20 May 2017
Aun tengo mucho que construir, pero ya abrí mi otro mundo. Los invito a seguirme en, Mis peroles Espero les guste, saludos Read More
Coffee With Mi - Mi,… · 06:58 19 May 2017
How odd that when we know we should cut down on something, we hold on just a little harder to it, refusing to let go. If it is food, why does it suddenly taste much better?  If it is pe… Read More
Today Is A Gift
Never A Dull Moment · 13:00 18 May 2017
I hope that in reading the title of this post you don't skip over it.  I've found out that sometimes the title draws people in and if it seems boring people don't click.  If the ti… Read More
Eni-Itan's Family Bl… · 09:46 18 May 2017
Tonight I remember as I walk through the fields of thoughtful thinking When I was younger and used to fly on the wings of colorful imaginations In the sky of future dreams and visions I wand… Read More
English Baby Boys Na… · 21:05 17 May 2017
Meaning and Origin of the Boy’s Name King “King” is a great and original first name for a baby boy. In fact, one of the things that makes it so unique is the fact that it i… Read More
Round House Kickin’
Cuzisaidso Weblog | … · 03:56 17 May 2017
Believe it or not, I am a purple belt in martial arts. I know it is hard to believe that I actually do anything physical, besides stand on my feet and lift white board markers all day, but… Read More