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Testing Times
Aahaachennai · 05:40 17 Jun 2018
A survey aroundgives me the heebie jeebies.I am wondering...will I face the same'ripping apart' some day?However, let me assure you,I am not one to step backor cower down in fright butever w… Read More
Inghh · 02:25 17 Jun 2018
It kinda sounds like Russian to me, but I don’t speak Russian so that is not saying much. This is one of the later creative videos that I made with a little beatboxing, my computer and… Read More
Versos Ditos · 14:09 16 Jun 2018
Determinado de tudo o que queriaE todos os passos andadosToda a vida perdidaEle se embalava em lembrançasDe como tudo era perfeito.De todas as tardes de verão sentado na &aacut… Read More
Polish Hill Sandwich Primanti's
Summer Wind · 10:00 15 Jun 2018
Gosh, do I love me some Primanti's sandwiches! If you are a Pittsburgher, I'm sure you feel the same way. Primanti's is a Pittsburgh institution and one of the recommendations I make to anyo… Read More
Voucher Codes - Vouc… · 07:56 15 Jun 2018
For 4 days only get amazing offers on some of the latest Tech at the Source, no code required. The post Tech Event appeared first on Voucher Codes Read More
Love, Simon
Jeremyochsgonzales · 06:59 15 Jun 2018
Way back in mid-March my husband and I went to see “Love, Simon”. I felt that it was important to support a teen romantic comedy with a gay lead on it’s opening weeke… Read More
A Little Bit Of This… · 04:15 15 Jun 2018
virtual house ideasI, in no way wish to infringe upon copyright. If copyrighted material is posted, it is done so by accident. Please contact me via Pinterest or Email if you have a proble… Read More
Beautifully Glossy · 22:00 14 Jun 2018
Hello Friday! We've made it to the end of another week. I hope you've all had a wonderful week. Today I bring you the latest episode of Things That Only Happen When Tiger is Away.So. Last we… Read More
Retired Life · 18:52 14 Jun 2018
Looking and Feeling Younger Recently I made my weekly trip to a local deli. The lady who waited on me smiled and said it was her birthday. Then she frowned and said she hates getting so old… Read More
Shizuka And Family · 16:35 14 Jun 2018
A minha dona finalmente decidiu organizar as fotografias que tem no computador.Não vos sei dizer quantas fotos tem para organizar, mas posso-vos dizer que tem lá fotos desde 20… Read More
Haley Ryan - Let's G… · 19:56 13 Jun 2018
Boho chic is the perfect laid-back look for the summer months since it can be worn effortlessly on the streets, on the beach, at festivals and…well pretty much anywhere that you&rsquo… Read More
Mind Of A Man · 19:36 13 Jun 2018
A couple of weeks ago I was applying last minute for my hunting tags. Applying sprung an idea in my mind, how far I have come as a hunter and that I should write an article about where to st… Read More
Bringing Out Happine… · 16:27 13 Jun 2018
It was a couple of days before my recent Goa visit. A heavenly call of a bird broke my sleep around 5:45 a.m. I was lying in the bed under a cozy quilt but I couldn’t resist myself to… Read More