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Something Here
Stephanie Stebbins, … · 03:49 18 Oct 2018
There is somethinghereIt whisps out fromtherebetween the lips ofsinThere is somethinghereA quiet, sterilepainted gray brick in the way butit weighs less than paperThere is something&nbs… Read More
For The Fainthearted · 18:39 17 Oct 2018
Bunches of flowers lie against the wall on the railway bridge at Worle. Perhaps they are from family members, perhaps from passers-by, perhaps from people who were there last Friday afternoo… Read More
Back To The Roots !
Service Unavailable · 18:21 17 Oct 2018
Aunque en moda vivamos un auténtico "back to the roots" y la logomanía esté totalmente out desde hace temporadas, siempre hay piezas de las colecciones -normalmente bols… Read More
The Dr. A Blog · 15:09 17 Oct 2018
Technology has helped our society in a number of different ways. We now drive more economical cars, have more economical house windows, and we can now speak across borders with our relatives… Read More
Simply Stacie - Fami… · 13:00 17 Oct 2018
They say the holidays are never a good time to start a new diet. There is just too much food around and I know that I cannot resist. That’s what New Year’s is for! Christmas Sala… Read More
Wish List
Summer Wind · 10:00 17 Oct 2018
lists are one of my favorite types of posts. I only ever create them when I find many things that I am absolutely loving so they are rare. Today I'm sharing so many good things that I… Read More
Your Own Green Doll
Aahaachennai · 07:50 17 Oct 2018
Celebrating agreen Navrathri...dolls to admire.Nature helped,by way of supplying resource materials,for the creation of this one.The one below,...wholly made by Nature Read More
Kuching Indie Films
Ntgravity Zone · 07:05 17 Oct 2018
May Peace Be Upon You,Last Saturday [13 October 2018] NTGravity Zone was at The Garden, Old Court House, Kuching to show our support to our very own Kuching independant filmmakers showcasing… Read More
Change Your State At Will
Direct Dynamics · 19:02 16 Oct 2018
These words refer to the black-headed gull, Kehaar, from Watership Down. If you don’t know the story, which you should, it’s wonderful, the bird is trying to help some rabbits… Read More
Carmina Burana
Transcendentphoto · 12:00 16 Oct 2018
Wcześniej lub później przyjdzie tu zima. W kulturalny wtorek polecam ciepłą lekturę o muzyce w której będzie historia Polaka i Niemca. The post Ca… Read More
Turning 25
Charlotte & Cate · 10:00 16 Oct 2018
Just a fair warning this is a little…shall we say bleak? No, Jaded… well not exactly but let’s just say it’s not exactly brimming with positive energy…read a… Read More
A Tarot Initiation
Daily Astrology Arch… · 15:42 15 Oct 2018
In spring 2018, I taught a course on deep understanding and self-awareness through the Tarot. I will teach it again but I needed to put some space in between the work — here is why. In… Read More
Desafios Diversos
Vida Nada Perene · 11:57 15 Oct 2018
14/31 - spider web#hollyweenDay 14/31 - Black cat#handletteredandloved Alphabet #abcs_alphabet11-15/31 - the snuggle is real. #sweaterweatherletters Day 13/31 - #let… Read More
Why I Absolutely Love Les Amis
Chubby Hubby · 11:00 15 Oct 2018
I grew up in Manhattan in the 1970s and early 1980s (the second half of that decade was sadly spent in Washington DC). Back then, for my family and for many our our peers, the ultimate up-m… Read More