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For The Fainthearted · 21:05 17 Feb 2018
The duo sang a medley of 1970s pop songs. Unmistakable from its opening notes onward was Boney M’s “By the rivers of Babylon”, the song of the exiles who feel they cannot s… Read More
Formenseyesonly · 15:56 17 Feb 2018
Life in the jungles of Africa is hard. It is a constant struggle for man and beast to find food and drink every day, and things like comfort and dignity are luxuries. Man considers he is at… Read More
Scary Website | Scar… · 15:50 17 Feb 2018
Look at Me is a scary true story about a teenage boy who has a creepy encounter one stormy night when his parents go out and leave him home alone. It is a real experience from a user named… Read More
World Cat Day
Transcendentphoto · 15:00 17 Feb 2018
Today is World Cat Day which is celebrated in much of Europe. February 17th 2017 “Kazik i Kwartet Proforma” they performed in Chicago, the photo comes from this concert. Był… Read More
The Heavy Eyes
Doce Maldade Feminin… · 13:51 17 Feb 2018
A playlist de hoje traz uma banda de blues pesado e stonner rock pra você colocar o som pra rolar no último volume mesmo: The Heavy Eyes!Imagem site oficial The Heavy EyesSobre… Read More
Linkillo (Cosas Mías… · 12:30 17 Feb 2018
por Daniel Link para PerfilCada vez que hace falta, la patria encuentra un símbolo nuevo que la represente. Es un signo, apenas, pero que tiene la capacidad de arrastrar otros signos… Read More
The Boy Who Wept
Jack · 11:22 17 Feb 2018
His name was Calum Fraser and he was seventeen, though none of us knew this at the time. The folk on the ward just referred to him as the boy who cries. Calum cried a lot – no, Calum w… Read More
The Silent Friends
Those Not Complicate… · 06:00 17 Feb 2018
BOOMBOOM - Toer from studio toer on Vimeo.Via: Hiking Artist  The Silent Friends from Kauri Multimedia on Vimeo.The Silent Friends is a film about trees. And how they possess the virt… Read More
An Unexpected Muse |… · 05:38 17 Feb 2018
There are moments in time when we try to reassemble life’s rich pageant; assigning the pieces as neatly and securely as we can into a box of our own subjective thinking; a box that has… Read More
Fsm Media · 02:18 17 Feb 2018
A legion of “Descendants” fans received confirmation of the long-awaited news of a “Descendants 3” movie tonight, via an interstitial that aired during a programming… Read More · 08:00 16 Feb 2018
RT @AriBerman: 33,000 gun deaths a year: let's make it easier to buy guns! 31 cases of voter impersonation since 2000… -> RT @summerbrennan: just so we're clear, a MAGA hat is the… Read More
Service Unavailable · 07:22 16 Feb 2018
El street style manda, eso lo sabemos todas.... Pero cuando una tendencia se extiende como la pólvora en la calle, en revistas, blogs, desfiles y en cada rincón, se puede decir… Read More
That Is Life
Izzy On The Eye · 04:31 16 Feb 2018
I was woken up by a nightmare. And woken up to the stillness of the night. To oppressive silence.   No one to speak to. No one to cry to.   All I had, soon as I look… Read More
Beautifully Glossy · 22:00 15 Feb 2018
My regular readers will know about my germ phobia. Specifically my bum germ phobia. Last week I was doing my make-up whilst Chai was doing a poo. I usually stay out of the bathroom when… Read More
Jws Rant · 19:03 15 Feb 2018
I realize I have posted a lot about negativity and positivity lately. But it is because as I am growing older, I am learning just how much of an impact both have on our lives. I am not a pro… Read More
My Perfect Valentine - 4Ms
Jamericanspice · 05:03 15 Feb 2018
I'm not so passionate about Valentines Day and sappy love songs, but I do love music. I have to say, if a couple doesn't have a good and healthy relationship, a man or woman should not opt… Read More
Shaun Quade
What I Did / What I … · 21:55 14 Feb 2018
     SHAUN QUADE “You ask yourself what sort of restaurant do you want? What kind of food will we do? Who will be our customers?” I am a chef-owner of Lûm&ea… Read More
New Website
Flowerpot Days · 18:37 14 Feb 2018
This was taken last week, doing a walk for the new book - this was round the Great Flat Lode, in the heart of the mining area around Camborne/Redruth. This was Wheal Grenville, the Fortescue… Read More
# Indian Spring ... ;)
Rajee Sood · 14:22 14 Feb 2018
 It is always nagging me ... the thought as to why I have given up blogging. Time and again I do come back to try the same hand at it ... but something feels amiss. Well ! I get a lot o… Read More
78 Inspiring Love Quotes
The Positivity Blog · 13:15 14 Feb 2018
Today is Valentine’s Day. So I would like to share thoughts about love from the people who have walked this earth before us (and from a few who are still here). Timeless thoughts writ… Read More