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Sunrise, Sunset
Stephanie Stebbins, … · 01:55 19 Dec 2018
Everyone has dreams of what they would like their life to be when they are young. At 5, I was going to be a princess like Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. At 13, I was going to be a ballerina trav… Read More
10 Unique Christmas Date Ideas
Lifestyle · 21:04 18 Dec 2018
Spending time with someone special over the holidays is harder than it might sound. With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, relationships are often left behind. A romantic, snowy date c… Read More
For The Fainthearted · 20:15 18 Dec 2018
Listening to a history lesson on Nazi Germany, there was a moment of surprise for me when one of the students asked if there had been anti-Semitism elsewhere. Didn’t the student realis… Read More
What To Wear For Christmas
Cheryl Shops · 16:00 18 Dec 2018
I live in San Francisco, but I was born and raised in Chicago, and that's where I go every year for Christmas. Chicago is a lovely city, and I'd recommend visiting in the spring or fall; win… Read More
12 Retro Kitchens Of The Future
Trendinista · 15:45 18 Dec 2018
For decades, futurists have been hanging out in America’s kitchens, looking for problems to conquer with their computer solutions. Many have tried, yet none have ever quite delivered t… Read More
Japan Life · 14:20 18 Dec 2018
some customers don't follow notes despite that they read and understand notes. I don't accept their orders.Please  subscribe to a news letter before you make an order! Unscribers can't… Read More
Dave Hates That · 13:23 18 Dec 2018
I have mixed thoughts about Christmas music.  There are countless examples out there of what you might call 'great Christmas songs', but in the end, there is one irrefutable fact about… Read More
Budget Busting Brilliance
Uk Lifestyle Blog · 09:12 18 Dec 2018
Maybe it’s that time of year when your eye wanders around your home and you start making a mental list of jobs you need to do in the New Year. They really do seem to be stacking up, so… Read More
The Wind Laughs!
Aahaachennai · 08:45 18 Dec 2018
The sky decided to don itslong hidden, dark cloak andthe wind woke up, feeling excited.The news going around was's the day,when the jubilant power of the windwould be on display… Read More
Tri- Co-Lor
Service Unavailable · 08:04 18 Dec 2018
Estas últimas semanas tengo la sensación de que este otoño me he comprado pocas cositas y he reciclado un montón de ropa de temporadas anteriores... Normalmente… Read More
Retirement And Good … · 21:28 17 Dec 2018
During the 1970s in my international banking career, my wife and I lived in Southeast Asia for five years—two in Jakarta and three in Singapore. Returning to the States, we found that… Read More
Red Lentil Hummus Recipe
Lebanese Recipes · 18:49 17 Dec 2018
Author: Nada E. - one arab veganRecipe type: Hummus Cuisine: Middle EasternPrep time:  15 mins Cook time:  5 mins Total time:  20 minsServes: Serves 4-6A quick and easy c… Read More
The Three Kings
Katherine Appello-In… · 18:29 17 Dec 2018
A Bright Phenomenon, Three Wise Men, and Gifts, particular ones, one thing I wondered about, have wondered about is that bright phenomenon in the sky.  Couldn’t be a star because… Read More · 08:00 17 Dec 2018
RT @IBlame: If y’all haven’t seen this real good horse thread yet, I am sorry for you. 1/ -> RT @Slate: 20 years apart, two actresses found their caree… Read More · 06:30 17 Dec 2018
It’s beginning to look a lot like…cocktails! Well, cocktails at the most wonderful time of the year which for me, is Christmas! At this time of year, I become even happier (and… Read More
No One Dances To Bullying
Jamericanspice · 02:55 17 Dec 2018
This news is just horrible. I remember when my daughter was 6yrs old and she was being bullied by a fourth grader and her sister on the bus and at school. This girl went so far as to tell m… Read More
An Unexpected Muse |… · 03:23 16 Dec 2018
“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” -Helen Keller   As equal days and nights embrace each… Read More
Finding Hope Ness | … · 00:49 16 Dec 2018
After Sunset, 5:00 pm, in Hope Ness, Canada, December 15, 2018 Sunset comes early in Hope Ness, Canada a week away from the winter solstice. If I don’t feed and walk the dogs before su… Read More
Jack · 17:25 14 Dec 2018
it was a negative differentialbut seemed the logical extensionto my beloved mechanismbut the square root of zero is still zeroand that’s my price todayI thought I saw the prizeit was n… Read More
Novembro, Para Mim ☘️ · 11:38 14 Dec 2018
Agora estamos em Dezembro, uma contagem regressiva para todos nós. Faltando tão pouco para acabar o ano e eu aqui precisando de mais horas no meu dia para conseguir cumprir tud… Read More