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Plugados Com Deus! · 14:34 25 May 2020
Introdução: Este talvez seja um dos capítulos mais importantes que estudaremos. Tentaremos responder perguntas como: Em que consiste a imagem de Deus no homem? Que… Read More
Heartcrossings · 12:08 25 May 2020
There are many ways to feel about this news about someone flushing the toilet in the Supreme Court in the middle or oral arguments. If you are feeling charitable, you may choose not to make… Read More
Pre Censura?
Desde Aquí -> Valenc… · 11:50 25 May 2020
Mucho tiempo sin escribir en las redes, es mas, ni se por donde hacerlo. No son mi fuerte. Sin embargo, hay algo que decir. Todo viene de aquí: Mis reflexiones comienzan porque es… Read More
Memories Matter · 11:37 25 May 2020
In observance of Memorial Day, we’re taking a few days off to reflect upon those who served and those we’ve lost.  We’ll be back in the studio on Tuesday. Until then… Read More
Rethinking Titanic
Confessions Of A Lau… · 07:34 25 May 2020
[I first wrote this in... hmm, maybe 2002? earlier? I dunno. It's been sitting in limbo on my computer for some time, but I've decided to give it a place to live on the blog. Because reasons… Read More
Killer Gov
The Blog · 06:29 25 May 2020
Where Is Cuomo’s Apology For Killing 10,000 People? No problem getting away with crime if you're a democrat Read More
Day 3804
Some Assembly Requir… · 02:30 25 May 2020
We went out for breakfast this morning at a little neighborhood restaurant that had recently reopened. We should have taken Dawn with us, since the place had a nice dog friendly outdoor seat… Read More
Gardens And Stuff
Life 101 · 02:07 25 May 2020
Our garden is doing great. The last few nights, it has rained. When I went outside early this morning, you could almost hear stuff growing.This evening, Jilda and I walked over to her brothe… Read More
El Pensieve De Dinor… · 23:49 24 May 2020
Ya tocaba estar en el otro lado, la galaxia está en guerra y hay mucho por hacer. Como primera impresión no me ha cuadrado ver, sin embargo, que por este lado hay tanto caos. Q… Read More
Blog · 17:29 24 May 2020
The Universal Laws of Reality list compiled by Lynne Forrest The Law of Cause and Effect: There is no coincidence, no mistake. Everything that happens has a cause and a set of consequences … Read More
Do You Remember?
The Journey – We Are… · 16:17 24 May 2020
A man recently went to live in a nursing home and discovered a lady whose company he enjoyed very much. They started having dinner together and attending activities that the home hosted. One… Read More
The Mirror: Shelf-righteousness
.square Pegs · 08:55 24 May 2020
I imagine it came with a book which was gifted to me; most likely from my mum. She often buys interesting books for me and they occasionally come with a bookmark from the store where th… Read More
Hipster Swaziland?
Who Ever Heard Of A … · 05:14 24 May 2020
did swaziland change its name be modern and hi tech sounding?did such an enormous undertaking take place to keep up ezines, email and the ejoneses?did traditional attire change from colourfu… Read More
Perspectives & P… · 16:30 22 May 2020
“Values are our anchors for decision-making and our beacons for behavior.” I once bought a Ford Pinto because it got better mileage than the Pontiac Bonneville convertible I was… Read More
Intj · 16:15 22 May 2020
The inferior function is often regarded as the gateway to the shadow and a bridge to the unconscious. According to Jung, the inferior function is where much of the unwanted, negative and sup… Read More
Loose Feathers #750
A Dc Birding Blog · 14:00 22 May 2020
Gray Catbird / my photoBirds and birding newsThe COVID-19 pandemic has inspired many people to start birdwatching. The link includes tips for backyard birding.The Delaware Bay has a shortage… Read More
The Sporcle Blog · 14:00 22 May 2020
Stump! Trivia has been New England’s favorite trivia game for 20 years. This format has multiple rounds of four wagered trivia questions, picture rounds, bonus questions, and two menta… Read More
Online Ocracy Out Of Order...
Owsblog... · 16:27 20 May 2020
Very interesting: the image below shows that not much changes, very similar to the Brexit votes: almost entirley along political party lines. Division 47, Business of the House today. At lea… Read More
Finishing Joy
Joystory · 06:29 20 May 2020
Crochet Bag for Travel BlanketEarlier this month my sister asked me if I had any pink yarn or thread in my stash. Well, duh, yeah. With several individuals on my potential giftee l… Read More
Paul Luvera Journal · 19:32 19 May 2020
Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post wrote a column “Don’t ever be the first to stop applauding.” It dealt with the standing ovations for Joseph Stalin out of fear of s… Read More