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Microfiction And Mor… · 22:50 16 Oct 2017
They sat and waited their breath visible in the cool of the October dawn. They had listened to the distant train whistle for months from the tiny room in the apartment he rented that third y… Read More
Michael Christopher … · 20:12 16 Oct 2017
I have had a few times in my life had discussions about rape and its prevalence in the world.  One of the things that I always used to say was “I know like 4 people that I know we… Read More
Pumpkin Everything
A Clothes Horse · 15:00 16 Oct 2017
I've been looking forward to all my favorite autumn activities--picking pumpkins, making soup, leaf peeping, and conker playing--but I've also been burning the candle at both ends as the say… Read More
Dating Doesn’t Work
Roosh V · 14:00 16 Oct 2017
After absorbing the experiences of hundreds of men (and women), it has become clear to me that dating simply doesn’t work for finding a life partner. No other tactic has a greater fail… Read More
Random Thoughts · 13:26 16 Oct 2017
I have mixed feelings about getting a new motorcycle. The 2010 R1200RT has gotten me to some amazing places over the ~7.5 years I've had it. It's out of the extended warranty period, though… Read More
Sítio Das Ideias · 13:15 16 Oct 2017
LUZ SOBRE O ROSÁRIO!!! LIGHT OVER ROSARY!! Every day I'm trying to be more humble and how do you do that? I guess, every day, we have mass. Every day, I pray the rosary. That's wha… Read More
Costume Jewelry · 12:02 16 Oct 2017
Just got back from a two week trip to Canada, where I had some business. The business was concluded to my satisfaction, but it was a devastatingly sad trip, having a front-row seat to one of… Read More
Walden Effect: Homes… · 11:00 16 Oct 2017
Keeping up with the basics --- food, water, a spot to use the bathroom, and staying up to date on our computer work --- engrossed us for most of the first week. But the ground had been so… Read More
Beth And Lee's Blog … · 02:21 16 Oct 2017
Many times when we are going through a challenge, we feel like we are not going to get what we envisioned life to be.  It seems as if we have veered off the right track and life is taki… Read More
Some Assembly Requir… · 01:49 16 Oct 2017
It was one of those 20,000 step days. My mind doesn't get a lot of activity on Sunday, but my body certainly does. After breakfast this morning, I moved the big pile of wood in the alley out… Read More
Avoiding Fake News
Tracking Truth · 16:35 15 Oct 2017
For many months, a regular feature of American news has been accusations of ‘fake news’ directed at mainstream media organizations. For numerous people, including me, this has be… Read More
Babilonia – Appunti … · 15:13 15 Oct 2017
Faccio una domanda: abbandoneresti tuo figlio alla sorte imbarcandolo da solo, in mezzo a tanti sconosciuti per fargli attraversare un mare spesso assassino? Non la faccio tanto a te amico… Read More
Tom Rizzo · 12:00 15 Oct 2017
— TO LIVE AND DIE BY THE GUN — Two men eyed each other with respectful caution, staging a sort of methodical gunman’s dance, circling the town square, waiting for the perfe… Read More
Más De Lo Mismo
Antonio F. Marín · 06:33 15 Oct 2017
Creo que Puigdemont ha declarado la independencia catalana como una bravuconada de chuloputas, aunque da igual lo que pregone pues a uno le preocupa más el parón en las negoc… Read More
Ingat Tak Ingat
Klcitizen · 02:18 15 Oct 2017
Rasanya tadi sudah dihafal nama ustaz itu. Saya sebut berkali-kali dalam hati. Dan berkali juga pesan pada diri sendiri supaya jangan terlupa. Oh....Rasanya Ustaz Hambali. Betulke? Wall… Read More
Mutant Cat · 17:07 14 Oct 2017
but nothing to say. I sometimes have problems writing anything here. It shouldn't be a problem, as there is not obligation for me to ever write anything at all, not officially, but I want t… Read More
Retro-Awesomeness (A… · 13:57 14 Oct 2017
On the very cusp on the '80s, the seminal new wave band Devo released this groundbreaking and zany song and video. This was prelude of much more colorful '80s culture to come, and a sign tha… Read More
Wolf In The Fold
The Blog · 12:39 14 Oct 2017
By Jove, I think this explains how we got our first dog... Wolf Wanders Into This Town… What Happens To Him Truly Captures The Heart Hmmm, these bipedal hominids have warm fire and t… Read More
Rhymeclub - An Irish… · 12:18 14 Oct 2017
Divil a bit wrong with the gingers Nare a bit. Nothing at all All’a yiz all are just jealous Jealous and petty and small When you laugh up your sleeve in delusion Well it’s just… Read More
Confessions Of A Lau… · 07:03 14 Oct 2017
The Bible records that the ancient Israelites would sometimes turn away from their God and engage in various forms of idolatry. One particular foreign deity which held a special fascination… Read More
Talking About The Base
Dreamingofsquirrels · 01:38 14 Oct 2017
Did you ever think you’d hear so much about the base? Cambridge Oxford says the base is “the bottom part of an object, on which it rests, or the lowest part of something”… Read More
I Vote For McIntire!
A Few Paragraphs · 20:58 13 Oct 2017
Voting Booth Public domain image What if they gave an election and nobody came? That's what happened in McIntire, Iowa the other day (well, really back in august but "the other day soun… Read More
Living Through The S… · 19:31 13 Oct 2017
Amazon  net-a-porter Boohoo Missguided, Pretty Little Thing Glamorous Monki COS ASOS Marketplace Vestiaire Collective Not Just a Label Wolf… Read More · 19:14 13 Oct 2017
My value system strongly prefers a lack of suffering. To that end, I try to practice nonviolence. But it wasn't always this way. Here are a few examples from when I was a child:When I was yo… Read More
Loose Feathers #616
A Dc Birding Blog · 14:00 13 Oct 2017
American Kestrel / Photo by Tom Koerner/USFWSBirds and birding newsGiven that Red Crossbills are likely to wander in northern areas this winter, eBird revised and reposted its guide to ident… Read More
Chromium Skye
The Far Queue · 07:15 13 Oct 2017
With faces back-lit by atom-glow and thumbprint access to a smart world future, we ride the light-speed wave of progress ever-forward toward the waiting utopia.And we smile unsurprised by th… Read More
Vegan Daemon · 07:00 13 Oct 2017
RT @OriginalFunko: RT & follow @OriginalFunko for your chance to WIN a #Thorsday Prize Pack!#Thor #ThorRagnarok -> RT @ShaunKing: WATCH. In 38 seconds Steve Pr… Read More
Orange Juice For The… · 04:29 13 Oct 2017
One day (a couple of years ago), I realised I'd forgotten Daddy's voice. Yes, it had been (at that time) almost 20 years since I last heard him and I was 14 at that time - but how could I fo… Read More
Counseling Kevin · 16:43 12 Oct 2017
Lying in a hospital bed for four days, while doctors filled me full of increasingly powerful antibiotics in a race to find one that would kill the drug-resistant bacteria that was racing thr… Read More
© · 15:21 12 Oct 2017
google geeft 378.000 resultaten in 0,66 seconden.  Vooral over de huismus.  Dat ze in moeilijkheden verkeert. Dat het aantal kolonies achteruitgaat en het aantal mussen per kolonie… Read More
Magic Geek · 19:28 11 Oct 2017
Merhabalar, ben bir erkeğin özel hayatı içerisinde olursam o kişinin gerçekten de mutlu birlikteliği ve ilişkisinin olmasını sağlar… Read More