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The Journey – We Are… · 16:36 20 Aug 2018
Jehoiachin was eight years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem three months and ten days.  2 Chronicles 36:9 James Baker’s influence in Washington was legendary… Read More
Sítio Das Ideias · 12:44 20 Aug 2018
A Cruz pesa e liberta!! The Cross weights and deliver!! #cross #cruz #altar #igreja #capela #canarias #tenerife #imagem #escultura #sculptureUma publicação partilhada por L… Read More
Mulch Burrito
Walden Effect: Homes… · 10:00 20 Aug 2018
A drier climate combined with newly kill-mulched aisles means my buckwheat harvesting methodology needed a little tweak. First, I rolled back the cardboard and wood chips that had run a f… Read More
Storytelleren Sporen… · 06:41 20 Aug 2018
Søndagsudflugten gik til Mariager. Et sted som vi holder meget af at komme. En lille idyllisk tidslomme, hvor man nu og da, omgivet af bindingsværk, mellem de små skæ… Read More
No Place To Go
On (Or Close To) Sch… · 04:01 20 Aug 2018
Loss and threat of loss ABFF: I read about the breakup and your insomnia, are you ok?Me: Strictly, speaking, I haven’t been ok since November 8, 2015. But I’ll survive. After al… Read More
Musings From The Den… · 02:54 20 Aug 2018
If you’re fortunate enough (and smart enough) to be multi-lingual, you know how useful it is to be able to understand and even converse with people who don’t speak your native to… Read More
Mother Nature's Work
Life 101 · 00:07 20 Aug 2018
There's a solar light that hasn't shined in a few years. It's almost hidden under the Jasmine vine by the front arbor. The Jasmine was a tiny vine when I first staked the solar light by… Read More
Trip To Nellore
Nagaraj - Own Place … · 16:35 19 Aug 2018
On July 8, 2018 visited Nellore, One of my friends  had asked me to visit Nellore, one or other made the visit postponed, finally on 8-07-2018 morning 6 am left from home for Nellore, h… Read More
;das Denke Ich ... E… · 16:24 19 Aug 2018
Alles hat eine Ende nur die Wurst hat zwei. Oh jetzt habe ich es vorweggenommen wie der Brecht. Wie ging es mit Monsieur aus Gambia weiter? In der Türkei schon mal nicht. Schade. Dabei… Read More
Sticker Shock
Memories Matter · 11:10 19 Aug 2018
I can sometimes be my own worst enemy. We were in the studio on Saturday. It was an active day with customers streaming in throughout the morning and afternoon. We had a Brazilian couple st… Read More
Weight Of A Word
Selling As For Sale … · 06:22 19 Aug 2018
Your thoughts, your feelings,The emotions you’re perceiving-What are they, if not fragments of beauty?Epitome of beauty be that mind of yours,That heart that loves simplicity,The beaut… Read More
How To Overcome Bordeom
Daily Refreshing · 06:09 19 Aug 2018
Idleness or boredom is the devil's workshop. When you are not down physically but still unhappy, there are things you can do to take charge of your life. The following are just a sampler:1… Read More
The Professor And Nimrod
The Blog · 22:54 18 Aug 2018
What Are We To Make Of The Case Of Scholar Avital Ronell? The same exact thing we should make out of the case of any professor who abuses a graduate student. Being a scholarly "queer" femi… Read More
Porte | I M… · 15:00 18 Aug 2018
The initial meeting had gone well. True, it had been set up by their families, two of the most noble houses of their country, but despite that, they found, she and he, that they genuinely li… Read More
Sunny Spells And Sca… · 08:25 18 Aug 2018
I have hazy memories of the Pope’s visit to Ireland in 1979. The early morning start, the huge lines of traffic on the road to Dublin, the long walk to Chapelizod, the corrals, the Pa… Read More
El Grootslang, La Gran Serpiente
El Aprendiz · 16:51 17 Aug 2018
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); El grootslang, o "gran serpiente", es un monstruo legendario que se dice habita en las cuevas de Richtersveld, una región monta&nti… Read More
Loose Feathers #659
A Dc Birding Blog · 14:00 17 Aug 2018
Rufous Hummingbird / Photo by Tom Koerner/USFWSBirds and birding newsA Great Black Hawk that recently turned up in Maine seems to be the same individual seen in Texas earlier this year. … Read More
The Magic Blanket Tr… · 11:30 17 Aug 2018
My dad visits once or twice a month.  He can’t talk about business or sports with a toddler, so he and Kubla don’t have much to talk about.  Kubla cries when my dad tri… Read More
Do The Kind Thing: Review
The Masculine Epic · 00:16 17 Aug 2018
When studying successful businesses and entrepreneurs, it behooves the student to look at every sector. The food, beverage, health, and wellness space is hyper-competitive, and successful en… Read More
Tom Rizzo · 09:30 16 Aug 2018
— OUTLAWS VANISH —  Engineer Colonel Bill Harper squinted into the darkness when the Southern Pacific westbound Sunset Express emerged from a long, narrow railroad cut. In t… Read More
Vegan Daemon · 07:00 16 Aug 2018
One more person was just killed in #Florida. #POTUS, it’s your job to take action. #BackfireTrump -> RT @PoliteMelanie: I actually have two questions about S… Read More
Moink · 22:19 15 Aug 2018
My daughter passed away in November from leukemia. I’m grieving hard. I don’t know what to do or what to think or how to act or what to say. We spent 5 months in and out of the h… Read More
Nome Das Palavras · 16:48 15 Aug 2018
Devemos ser cristalinos no que fazemos e no que queremos ou não queremos. Actualmente falamos muito de transparência, que é algo que nunca somos, nem nunca seremos. A tra… Read More
Impresión · 19:54 14 Aug 2018
QUIEN BIEN LOS CONOCE: guerrilleroJoaquín Villalobos fue guerrillero salvadoreño y hoy es consultor para la resolución de conflictos internacionales. De su art&iacu… Read More
Binary Blindness
Perspectives & P… · 14:43 14 Aug 2018
“Obviously, there is no such thing as race, and in many ways, sex is a continuum, not a binary. So it doesn’t make sense to label people in that way.” —Gloria Steine… Read More