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Power-packed Tissue Paper
Daily Refreshing · 03:46 24 Jun 2018
This morning I found this discarded tissue pack on the grass turf beside a walkway. The wordings piqued me and made me pick up this piece of 'litter'.Click here for more on Cotton On Foundat… Read More
The Commentator · 03:12 24 Jun 2018
I keep getting notices from both on blog and don't understand a single thing they're saying; including the recent compliance rules with the pain in the asses who run the totalitarian Europea… Read More
Day 3103
Some Assembly Requir… · 03:03 24 Jun 2018
When I took Dash outside to pee last night, the yard was uncharacteristically dark. The security light had gone out again. Jeez. I just had the electrician fix this thing less than a month a… Read More
How Our Morning Went
Life 101 · 01:23 24 Jun 2018
When I opened my eyes this morning, I didn't follow my routine. Typically, when I awake, I get up and shuffle to the kitchen to punch the brew button on the coffeemaker. But this mornin… Read More
Local Cooks Only
Murmurs From The Hea… · 01:14 24 Jun 2018
The Human Resource Minister is in hot soup over his local cooks only proposal. While the intention is good as it is always good to see more Malaysian cooks/chefs, it is seems a bandaid… Read More
Big Brother, Season 20
I Am Cam Jr! · 21:18 23 Jun 2018
It's officially SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So, that means BIG BROTHER is back!!! BIG BROTHER 20 to be precise!That's right, CBS's summer smash, Big Brother, is back for its 20th season… Read More
Bir Deli Mavi · 16:50 23 Jun 2018
Hava temiz,Hava aydınlık,Hava oldukça sıcak.Senin adın var adımın yanında.Hiç olmadığımız kadar dağınık,Bi… Read More
The Writing Life · 15:02 23 Jun 2018
I had a dream last night that I volunteered my car and my services to transport kids who'd been separated from their parents back to reunite with them. I have a car that seats seven and I wa… Read More
Obrogation Opportunities...
Owsblog... · 00:57 23 Jun 2018
Happy UK Independence Day! 23rd June 2016 was the day - to great shock from everyone - we voted Brexit. Two years on we are still wrangling about various details but the date is set. Worth a… Read More
Ravensong Poetry And… · 23:29 22 Jun 2018
By Donovan BaldwinHide me in your heart, dear,From those two cruel, and, Endlessly encroaching beasts,The brothers, age and time.Protect me in your warm arms,Hold me tightly to your breast,S… Read More
A New Site For Ringtails
Nature Blog · 22:40 22 Jun 2018
Some years ago my friend John S. was telling me about a backpacking trip he had made into the Beaver Creek State Wildlife Area in northeastern Fremont County in southern Colorado.During the… Read More
The Blog · 19:04 22 Jun 2018
Do Not Look Away - Hollywood "Celebrities", Deviants, And Predators, Continue Showcasing Democrat Ideology... Has been actor, Peter Fonda's comments are much more offensive than Rosanne'… Read More
Are You A Webtrovert?
A Clothes Horse · 15:00 22 Jun 2018
The lovely Sara from Me and Orla wrote a post about being a "webtrovert" over a year ago--sidenote: look how long it takes me to absorb things on occasion. I'm sure most of you are fami… Read More
Loose Feathers #652
A Dc Birding Blog · 14:00 22 Jun 2018
Red-headed Woodpecker / Photo by Jim Hudgins/USFWSBirds and birding newsA study using recordings of 615 Swamp Sparrows found that the species must have been singing the same song with little… Read More
The Magic Blanket Tr… · 10:28 22 Jun 2018
I’m always happy to talk things out.  We encourage Kubla to negotiate boundaries.  But whining—we do everything we can to stamp it out.  Including playing with him… Read More
Random Thoughts · 09:51 22 Jun 2018
After months of planning, our trip to the Maritime Provinces and Quebec begins this morning. A year ago yesterday, I headed out for the 2017 IBR, and today we begin this summer's big adventu… Read More
'38 Rue Utopia ~ Ep.12
The Far Queue · 07:15 22 Jun 2018
Our mutilation is to gain from the system~ Jeff Buckley ‘The Sky is a Landfill’ 1996Flower of Soul ~ Chie YoshiiHistoric concepts of fame and stardom fall firmly outside of Peye… Read More
Vegan Daemon · 07:00 22 Jun 2018
Another life was just lost in #NorthCarolina. #POTUS, it's time to do something. #BackfireTrump -> RT @TopherSpiro: BREAKING: The House GOP just voted a budget bil… Read More
Keep On Moving · 15:13 21 Jun 2018
    The nature of our thoughts determines the quality of our life whether it is sad, happy and contented. Happy, optimistic, positive thoughts, emotions, and feelings generate a zi… Read More
Knickers In A Twist
Expat Mum · 08:36 21 Jun 2018
It's stories like this that I really missed when not living in the UK. Did you hear about the knicker revolt a few weeks ago in Colyton, Devon? No. Pop over to my column at Anglotopia a… Read More
On (Or Close To) Sch… · 04:14 21 Jun 2018
Enriching our lives Bought a new car seat for the boy earlier today. I remember how excited Alison was when the infant car seat arrived. My random screaming out of obscenities continues una… Read More
Serene Musings · 19:01 20 Jun 2018
I think Roseanne Barr is legitimately mentally disturbed. I don't know if she could actually be diagnosed with something from the DSM-5 or whatever, but there is something definitely not rig… Read More
Caminhos Desbotados
Indelével · 18:47 20 Jun 2018
Já faz um tempo que tenho buscado razões profundas e caminhos certos. Mas, na verdade, apenas cacei desculpas esfarrapadas e rodei em círculos todo este tempo. As raz&ot… Read More
Beware Of Brokers!
Venugopal Bandlamudi · 15:54 20 Jun 2018
Buying a land or house is not an easy task. That's why there is a proverbial saying in Telugu " Illu katti choodu, pelli chesi choodu" ( Building a house is as difficult as arranging a marri… Read More
Tom Rizzo · 10:40 20 Jun 2018
— FEARLESS BUT FOOLISH — Outlaw Dick Fellows stood in the shadows across the street from the Wells Fargo office in Caliente, California. When agents placed three strongboxes aboa… Read More
Sítio Das Ideias · 09:56 20 Jun 2018
Uma cultura, todos o sabemos, é feita pelas suas cidades. Derek Walcott #cidades #feira #festa #pretoebranco #chaves #pessoas #gente #gentesUma publicação partilhada… Read More
83 Unsung Heroes · 21:36 19 Jun 2018
Last week, the artist Banksy told a story on Instagram about a piece of artwork that he submitted Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. The work was called Vote for Love and was inspired by a Vot… Read More
Tree Trunk Love On Hilly Fields
Transpontine · 07:10 19 Jun 2018
'I pray you mar no more trees by writing love-songs on their barks'(Shakespeare, As You Like It)I would agree with the Bard as far as living trees are concerned, but you can't really object… Read More
Lingghezhi.blogspot · 06:20 19 Jun 2018
It's amazing that Blogger is still around, much to the relief of nostalgic yet relatively passive bloggers like myself, who yearn for the days before the media blasphemies of pewdiepie and g… Read More
Begracefuu · 02:09 19 Jun 2018
Who doesn't love adventures ? The thrill and excitement of the unknown, no matter what you do, whether you decide to visit the ancient city in Greece or explore ominous and strangely-looking… Read More
Alto Valle Night · 01:25 19 Jun 2018
EL LORO SIGUE CONTANDO6 DE JULIOCASINO MAGIC NEUQUÉNENTRADAS EN el casino, viaticket y saturno hogarPRECIO: 450 y 500 pesosA 40 años de la creación de “El loro cal… Read More
Of Human Cruelty
I, Ciceronianus; Cau… · 18:07 18 Jun 2018
"What a piece of work is man" says Shakespeare's Hamlet, in an extended fit of irony.  One can't help but agree...with the irony. The image above is, of course, taken from The Twilight… Read More
Perempuan Banget! | … · 08:53 18 Jun 2018
Kadang-kadang memulai sesuatu itu sangat mudah. Kadang – kadang sesuatu itu mulai membosankan Kadang – kadang rasa bosan itu membuat jadi ingin meninggalkan semuanya Kadang &ndas… Read More
Region 19 Boe Gazett… · 18:44 17 Jun 2018
This should be of interest to everyone: Read More