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A parenting and lifestyle blog with a dash of geek.
My Days Of Mosh Pits And Crowd Surfing
2022-08-07 13:56
My first time in the pit was in 1992, when I went to see House of Pain and Cypress Hill at The Ritz in Ybor City. This band I’d never heard of called Rage Against the Machine was the o… Read More
How Do You Get Over Being Annoyed?
2022-08-03 14:48
I’m currently annoyed about being annoyed. I want so badly just to not be annoyed by everything. I’m wondering how do I get past it? I do I get over being annoyed? I hate the way… Read More
Your Future Starts Now
2022-08-02 16:04
If there’s one thing that the whole pandemic experienced really impressed on me, it’s that you need to live for NOW. You need to be who you want to be NOW. We grew up in a world… Read More
2022-07-18 18:51
I’ve been blogging for a long time and often help out other blogging friends. Lately I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing some sort of coaching or blogging course but k… Read More
Geek Of The Week: Cosplay Counselor Irene
2022-07-01 12:12
Our Geek of the Week this week is Cosplay Counselor Irene. When she’s not dressing up as her favorite characters, she’s counseling high school kids and also sharing her adventure… Read More
How Does Your Nightwear Affect Your Sleep?
2022-06-29 18:23
Our quality of sleep has a huge impact on our overall health. With one of the top blog posts on Geek Mamas being about a cure for insomnia, it’s obvious a lot of people are having trou… Read More
How To Repair A Tear In A Stuffed Animal
2022-06-11 20:47
A couple years ago I made a YouTube video about how to sew up a hole in a stuffed animal. I had no idea it was going to be the most popular video on my channel! I recently did a follow up th… Read More
I Finally Caught Covid, And It Sucked
2022-06-03 12:50
The first Covid symptom I noticed was a little tickle in my throat. Like a feather making me want to cough. My husband had come down with Covid about five days earlier, followed by my son, a… Read More
How To Put On A Lace Front Wig
2022-05-21 12:28
Curious about trying a lace front wig? Whether it’s for cosplay or regular wear, choosing a lace front wig will give you the most realistic looking hair with a natural hairline. In thi… Read More
What Summer Camps Are You Doing?
2022-05-17 16:51
This is the big question from all the moms this time of year. Every time I talk to someone, they ask, “What summer camps are you doing this year?” That’s camps, as in plura… Read More
The Fearless Lizard Hunters
2022-05-11 15:56
I grew up in Florida, where lizards are just a part of everyday life. They are literally everywhere outside and often make their way inside as well. I spent a lot of my time catching lizards… Read More
Trying To Find The Time For Everything
2022-05-01 10:58
It’s 5AM, it’s dark, everyone in the house is asleep. But not me. I’m here typing away because it’s probably the only quiet moment I’ll get today. Why? Because… Read More
Geek Of The Week: Erica Of Red-E Cosplay
2022-04-29 13:32
Please welcome Geek of the Week Erica, also known as Red-E Cosplay. This geek mama and mental health advocate embraced her geekiness later in life and now enjoys finding any excuse to dress… Read More
The Spring Blog Update
2022-04-23 23:44
It’s been a quiet week on the blog, as I’ve been focusing a bit more on life offline. It’s spring so I’ve been enjoying working on the yard and planting new things. I… Read More
Game Review: Rainbow Six Extraction
2022-04-19 17:22
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction was released on all platforms worldwide January 20, 2022, and I’ve been waiting since then for my husband to complete his review. I thought it… Read More
Geek Of The Week: Cosplayer Meg Long
2022-04-14 11:45
This week our Geek of the Week is Meg Long, also known as @mobilegemcosplay on Instagram. She’s a mom and mental health counselor by day, and costumed superhero by night (and weekends!… Read More
Make Iron Intake Easy With Lucky Iron Fish
2022-04-13 14:04
Lucky Iron Fish makes improving iron intake as easy as boiling a pot of water. Iron deficiency affects over 2 billion people worldwide and Lucky Iron Fish was designed as a simple solution t… Read More
5 Tips For Selling More On Poshmark
2022-04-12 13:38
If you’re looking to sell more on Poshmark, there are a few things you can do that will help your items be found easier and sell faster. I’ve been selling on Poshmark for a few y… Read More
2022-04-11 12:03
If you are looking to put together a Harley Quinn cosplay costume with the gold overalls from Birds of Prey, look no further! I’ve got all the details from the costume, to hair, to mak… Read More
Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist
2022-04-08 09:25
Spring is here! And with it comes spring cleaning, so today’s Guest Geek post covers 11 things you can add to your spring property maintenance checklist to get you through to the next… Read More
How To Get More Use Out Of Your Tablet
2022-04-06 11:59
The top uses for tablets are reading, watching videos and playing games, but this little device can do so much more! Our Guest Geek post this week breaks down four more uses for your tablet… Read More
6 Reasons Why Mommy Bloggers Stop Blogging
2022-04-05 12:11
Sometimes I go back through old comments and check out what those bloggers are up to, and often I find the blog has been abandoned. You might wonder, if blogging is so great, why do so many… Read More
The First Lost Tooth
2022-03-23 15:13
My 6-year-old son finally lost his first tooth a few days ago, and that was also my first night playing Tooth Fairy! His bottom front tooth had been wiggly for a while and he was very ready… Read More
Helpful Hints For Geeky Gift Giving
2022-02-23 00:24
We’re a fan of the Geeky Gift Guides here on Geek Mamas, so today’s Guest Geek has a few suggestions on where to start your search for the perfect gift for the geek in your life… Read More
Movie Review: The King’s Man
2022-02-22 10:49
The King’s Man, an action-packed prequel to the Kingsman film series starring Ralph Fiennes, is now available on Digital, Blu-Ray and DVD. Fans of the Kingsman films will enjoy the ori… Read More
The 355 Movie Review And Giveaway
2022-02-19 20:19
The 355 is a new action-charged spy thriller featuring global espionage, powerful female spies and a mission to save the world from a lethal top-secret weapon that’s fallen into the wr… Read More
Skincare Routine For Busy Moms
2022-02-15 14:43
Everybody hears the term “self-care” thrown around a lot these days, but it’s not always easy to actually fit it into a busy schedule. Things like serums and scrubs may sou… Read More
Happy Valentine’s Day 2022
2022-02-14 13:19
Another Valentine’s Day is here, and for the second year in a row I made cute little custom valentine cards for my son’s class and failed to get the tutorial up before the big da… Read More
Tigger Looses Balls, Gets A Donut
2022-02-06 15:30
The talk of the house lately has been our dog Tigger, specifically his testicles and what happened to them. He got neutered last week, and our 6-year-old son has a lot of questions. The ques… Read More
Classic Princess Leia Hair Buns And Makeup
2022-01-31 15:48
Get ready with me as I transform into the into the classic Princess Leia look from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. I start with the makeup and then do the Leia hair buns around the one min… Read More
Geeky Valentine Gift Guide 2022
2022-01-24 12:29
It’s Valentine season, and if you have a geeky partner that means you need to find something tailored to their favorite fandom to really wow them this Valentine’s Day! Read on fo… Read More
I Went To The Doctor, Like A Grown Up
2022-01-21 13:41
I’m one of those people who usually won’t go see a doctor unless I think I’m dying. Even then, I’m usually like, let’s wait and see. And the last time I mustere… Read More
How To Update Your Look For Winter
2022-01-18 18:50
It’s getting cold outside here in Florida, and that means it’s time to dig that winter wardrobe out of the back of the closet. With the change of season and change of wardrobe, m… Read More
Game Review: Just Dance 2022
2022-01-11 13:50
I was a fan of Ubisoft’s Just Dance back when it came out on the Wii years ago, and recently I got to get my groove on again with Just Dance 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. Just Dance is… Read More
What I Learned From Swedish Death Cleaning
2022-01-03 16:40
It may sound like a strange ritual for cleansing the dead, but the term Swedish Death Cleaning actually refers to the process of de-cluttering and purging your belongings so your loved ones… Read More
Cruella Makeup Tutorial On YouTube
2022-01-02 00:05
I just added the full 2021 Cruella makeup tutorial on the SewGeekMama YouTube channel! This one is a full walk-through of the entire process of putting on the eye-makeup, contouring and the… Read More
A Year Of Creativity And Cosplay
2021-12-31 00:43
This year I threw myself back into the world of cosplay, but was determined to keep it fun and not slide back into commission work. I knew if I did that, I’d just be back to spending a… Read More
Earn Money While Shopping With Rakuten
2021-12-13 17:46
If you aren’t using Rakuten while online shopping this holiday, you are missing out! I’ve been using it for years, back when it was called eBates, and have gotten over $1500 back… Read More
Yes, I Know You Unfollowed Me
2021-12-10 00:40
I use an app on Instagram to keep track of who has followed and unfollowed me on my @SewGeekMama Instagram account. Why? Because that’s the account I do the most sponsored posting on… Read More
7 Quick Remedies For Puffy Eyes
2021-12-08 13:14
Every mom has experienced sleepless nights and the puffy eyes that follow. Or maybe a big cry or an extra evening cocktail and then poof! You end up looking a little rough the next morning… Read More
Let Them Believe In Santa Clause
2021-12-05 14:28
My 6-year-old son excitedly told his friend our elf had arrived, only for his friend reply that the elf wasn’t real. And then he decided to follow that up with, “Santa isn’… Read More
9 Pro Tips To Restore Damaged Hair To Life
2021-12-03 13:47
The summer can be hard on your hair. Sun, salt and chlorine can all take a toll and hair health and by winter you may find yourself with damaged tresses. Our Guest Geek post this week is ful… Read More
2021-11-23 16:53
I bet a lot of parents have kids asking for games and gaming systems this Christmas! My son is WAY into Minecraft right now, but he plays it on the Nintendo Switch. He’s been asking ab… Read More

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