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Leer X Leer · 22:21 24 Jun 2017
Adolescentes y adultos. Autor: Mia CoutoEditorial: Cántaro, Puerto de PalosAño: 2017ISBN: 978-950-753-459-1Cant. de páginas: 80 La lluvia no se decide a caer. Queda all… Read More
Rough & Cheap
Karavansara | East O… · 20:44 24 Jun 2017
I’ve just left a conversation in which the works of Robert E. Howard, and his Conan stories in particular were described as rough and cheap. Now, I beg to differ. Granted, at his worst… Read More
Chez Lo · 20:12 24 Jun 2017
de Michel HouellebecqRecueil de poèmes - 110 pagesEditions Flammarion - août 1999Michel Houellebecq écrit quelques vers, délicieusement déprimant, dangereus… Read More
Jorgealiagacacho.blo… · 19:33 24 Jun 2017
Norka Bríos y Jorge Aliaga en San Miguel, Lima. Agradecemos a la distinguida educadora y poeta Norka Bríos por compartir este poema que fuera recitado recientemente en el C… Read More
Aramus Perterberator
Zombie Logic From Th… · 18:50 24 Jun 2017
I have been invited to join a Dungeons and Dragons campaign starting this Tuesday. The only rub: they're playing 5th Edition, and the last time I played we were playing first edition. So, I… Read More
Booktica · 16:20 24 Jun 2017
Just Another Fan by Jayeeta Ganguly is all about life-size thoughts irrespective of the precincts and eventual chase. The book is recounted with extreme elegance and a passage chock-a-block… Read More
Clásicos Para Aprend… · 11:45 24 Jun 2017
Poema de Rudyard Kipling"If—" es un poema del laureado novelista británico Rudyard Kipling, escrito en 1895, como tributo a Leander Starr Jameson, líder de la expedici&oa… Read More
Blogbookblog · 11:41 24 Jun 2017
Camino Island: A Novel John Grisham (Author) (512)Buy new: $28.95 $17.35 108 used & new from $11.78(Visit the Best Sellers in Books list for authoritative information on this product's… Read More
Brindis (MG)
La Karcoma-Relatos · 11:23 24 Jun 2017
Maria Guilera Cada quince de agosto, cuando la abuela levantaba su copa de champán rebajado con agua de vichy, nos amenazaba con la profecía que por el momento no había… Read More
Cindys Love Of Books · 10:48 24 Jun 2017
Since starting my blog back in August of 2008 I always try to share what books I get with you so that you can see what I will be reading and I am always looking for a place to link them so t… Read More
[email protected] Vid… · 07:45 24 Jun 2017
First:Gauri Manoj, VIII C Second: Nikita Nair S., VII D Third: Ayen Hashmi, VIII AFiled under: Winners of library competitions Read More
Lucky Chip!
Baldock Bard | Verse… · 03:58 24 Jun 2017
Chip ‘resting his eyes’ by the Aga! In early December 2002 we had a dog run over on the main road. Our other dog was bereft and unconsolable. So we went to a rescue centre to loo… Read More
Saturday Snapshot- 24/06/2017
Poems And Poets · 01:30 24 Jun 2017
Hey guys! I've got some more pictures of my trip to the UK (2009) to share with you today! I apologize in advance for the late sign-up and replies to comments, as I'm travelling this weekend… Read More
The Frugal Chari… · 00:01 24 Jun 2017
The Green Road  by Anne Enright “Far below were the limestone flats they called the Flaggy Shore; grey rocks under a grey sky, and there were days when the sea was a glitte… Read More
The Masked City
Provo City Library S… · 21:35 23 Jun 2017
The Masked CityBy Genevieve CogmanROC, 2016. 372 pages. FantasyIn the second installment of the Invisible Library series, Irene must travel deep into a chaos infested world run by the Fae af… Read More
Expansive Hearts And Skies
Develop Create · 20:06 23 Jun 2017
Creativity beckons us to answer the call of our soul. There is a heart on a door and and door in the sky. We have to open the door to affection and enlightenment. And when you open to the d… Read More
Mutiara Pulsa · 18:12 23 Jun 2017
Daftar Harga Pulsa  Di Bawah ini Selalu Update (update Otomatis) Karena Terhubung Dengan Database Server Secara LangsungKETERANGAN :Anda bisa CEK HARGA dan Cek format-format transaksi s… Read More
Violet Inkwoods · 17:04 23 Jun 2017
I have known not a word which is said more than it is unsaid. What made me say this, remains unsaid too. Introduce yourself to some of the words I say in a next few lines and think of a plac… Read More
Library Mistress · 08:17 23 Jun 2017
Betrinken sich zwei Romanisten. Sagt der eine: "Das Fass saufen wir bis zum Baudelaire." Sagt der andere: "Na dann - Proust!" #frechgrins— Simon Zurück Woller (@dickebuerste53) Se… Read More
Morgans Book Blog · 22:56 22 Jun 2017
I discovered Kathy Reichs, to be totally honest, by pure accident. I stumbled upon her when I came across her show, Bones. Let me just say despite having yet to read her Temperance Brennan b… Read More
(Casi) Literal | Cul… · 14:00 22 Jun 2017
Mañana 23 de junio es el día del padre en Nicaragua (aquí en Guatemala fue el 17). Como es costumbre cada año —e indistintamente el 17 o el 23, dependiendo… Read More
Alien Romances · 12:00 22 Jun 2017
When a book published years or decades ago and set in the "present" gets reprinted in a new edition, should the technology and cultural references in the text be updated so that the story wi… Read More
Racconti Dal Passato · 06:33 22 Jun 2017
Buongiorno a tutti! È decisamente tanto che non ci si sente, il tempo è tiranno e io ne ho sempre meno. Voi direte che, forse, aver fatto uscire il romance vittoriano a met&agr… Read More