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You Read It Here Fir… · 22:33 24 Sep 2017
Where does the time go? It’s easy for our fast-paced lives to become so overstuffed with items on our To Do list that we sometimes lose sight of making the well-being of our own heart… Read More
All Booked Up · 20:16 24 Sep 2017
Arrow's FlightMercedes LackeyDAW BooksCopyright: 1987978-0886773779The product description:Follows the adventures of Talia as she travels the land as a Herald of Valdemar in the… Read More
Majalah Puisi Online… · 19:38 24 Sep 2017
Mereka tidak pernah tahu luka di dalamnya,Saya selalu berusaha tersenyum dengan bangga, Mereka tidak tahu bagaimana perasaanku, Saya tidak pernah mencoba untuk berbicara dan menyembuhkan, Sa… Read More
Southern Author · 19:22 24 Sep 2017
 I used to think my family was crazy when I was younger.  I didn't realize the wisdom they had about pretty much everything.  When we are young, we think we know everything… Read More
Iannozzi Giuseppe – … · 17:15 24 Sep 2017
ANTOLOGIA VOL. 3 Iannozzi Giuseppe PIANGO L’AMORE IN VANO Piango, adesso piango Tengo la forfora e nemmeno una donna Tengo una pistola e nemmeno un proiettile Ho in mano tutto il supe… Read More
La Karcoma-Relatos · 17:11 24 Sep 2017
Vicenç del Hoyo (Foto:  Hi vaig anar amb poques expectatives, o això era el que pensava. Perquè quan vaig veure que la persiana del local estava abaixada vaig tenir… Read More
Joan Reeves · 17:09 24 Sep 2017
I like Sunday. It's a day to calm the mind and refresh the spirit. Church service always does that for me.If you're not a church goer, you need to work a little harder to achieve the calming… Read More
Clásicos Para Aprend… · 11:01 24 Sep 2017
Douglas Adams (1952 – 2001) fue un autor y ensayista ingles. Adamses más conocido como el autor de The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. En este video Adams conversa con Rirchar… Read More
Karavansara | East O… · 10:07 24 Sep 2017
A big drawback of writing lots of different stuff on a very tight schedule is, sometimes your subconscious (or whatever it is) gives you a field day. Or night. This is the reason why, last n… Read More
Emerald Book Reviews · 21:20 23 Sep 2017
BOOK DESCRIPTION Garrett tried to hide that he was gay—only his best friends knew—but when his secret comes out, so do his biggest fears and threats. Coming out has made Garrett… Read More
Pen And Paper · 14:12 23 Sep 2017
THE NAUGHTIEST GIRL ... AGAIN by Enid Blyton.BACK COVER BLURB: The naughtiest girl in the school is back! And this term she's trying to be good.But someone wants to spoil things for her. And… Read More
Edebiyat · 11:45 23 Sep 2017
Destan, milletlerin geçmişinde başlarından geçen önemli olaylar ve bu olaylarla ilgili kahramanların gerçek veya hayali hayatları etraf… Read More
Mesa Para Uno · 09:27 23 Sep 2017
 Últimos ensayos de TEATRO EN LA GUERRA de Miguel Hernández.Jueves 28 de septiembre (20 horas)Aula de Cultura de AlicanteAv. Doctor Gadea, 3 AlicanteENTRADA LIBRE Read More
Blooming Fiction · 06:30 23 Sep 2017
After writing about the fab Champneys range from Boots, I thought it only right to show my favourites from the equivalent Sanctuary Spa range.I met this range a few years back when I despera… Read More
Develop Create · 22:00 22 Sep 2017
The womb is beginning of life. And the beginning of life is a volcano bursting from within. All the energy spiraling inside thrusting into life to the point of overflowing out. If there are… Read More
Provo City Library S… · 18:22 22 Sep 2017
Lucky in LoveBy Kasie WestPoint, 2017. Young Adult, 342 pagesMaddie has been worrying about her future. Her parent’s financial struggles have put a lot of stress on the family, and she… Read More
The Diary Review · 15:20 22 Sep 2017
‘We had news this morning of another successful atomic bomb being dropped on Nagasaki. These two heavy blows have fallen in quick succession upon the Japanese and there will be quite a… Read More
Alexandra Peel · 12:32 22 Sep 2017
Writing Prompts It’s a list day! Some people write for pleasure, some people write to inform, some write for money, others for therapy. Whatever your reason, sometimes you might find y… Read More
Tres Cavalls - Erri De Luca
Lleixes · 16:53 21 Sep 2017
"Sense haver rigut abans, els petons no tenen gust de res." De Luca, Erri. Tres cavalls. Barcelona: Empúries, 2001.Tre cavalli, traducció de Pau Vidal.Col.lecció N… Read More
Orna Ross Blog · 06:00 21 Sep 2017
This is Part Eleven in the series. Read Part Ten here.  As well as ignorance of the process, one of the main reasons we see our projects flounder, is that we are not trained in h… Read More
The Writer In Me · 00:16 21 Sep 2017
Two StrangersTwo Sentence StoryThe earthquake brought them together, she had saved him from rubble. Riya had lost everyone close to her, but found someone close in a stranger, Prashanth Read More
Poem: Word Whisperers
Literary Yard · 15:35 20 Sep 2017
By: Mary Bone Word Whisperers throughout the day Shout words also at night Over intercoms and loud speakers. Voices come at me From many directions. Ventriloquists are on street corners… Read More
Baldock Bard | Verse… · 06:37 20 Sep 2017
According to media reports, a low-cost airline has had to cancel flights because of a possible shortage of pilots. Some reports have suggested that staff have got behind with their holiday e… Read More