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1Daworld · 21:26 19 Feb 2018
Nothing Lost Life is unpredictable and no one knows his timeline. I might live the next decades or, only the next few days, hours, minutes or even seconds. Hence the need to share this impor… Read More
Pleasantly Poetic · 22:10 17 Feb 2018
If we had the chance, we would all change our choices,wouldn't we?we would've changed that day.It would be so much better eh,No more bad choices, No more catastrophes,no more broken voi… Read More
1Daworld · 19:30 15 Feb 2018
Meeting the 10 years old great grandfathers. Hilarious right? Of course not. It’s the truth. The surprising part of this is that we know some of these people, but just did not realize… Read More
Masacre In Parkland
Hq Publications | Ha… · 13:59 15 Feb 2018
Masacre in Parkland More will die. You know that. We don’t know who or when, but if we always do what we always did, more will die. You know they will. Many things contribute and will… Read More
Mass Murder
Hq Publications | Ha… · 11:48 15 Feb 2018
Mass Murder 17 dead. 18th school shooting this year! How many more will we tolerate? Are these sad horrific acts inevitable? Do you believe that they must continue, that if we honestly tried… Read More
1Daworld · 19:58 12 Feb 2018
Is the pulpit for prosperity? What is the primary purpose of the pulpit? What are the benefits of the pulpit? What led to the existence of the pulpit? These questions need to be answered, an… Read More
1Daworld · 23:12 08 Feb 2018
Look around, and see the number of millionaires and billionaires being made on a daily basis. They get to these positions through diverse means, ranging from legal to illegal means. There is… Read More
1Daworld · 11:18 07 Feb 2018
We are in a relationship with God; in all things He is our refuge; and events do not disturb Him. He knows everything; He knows it beforehand. Events shake  neither His throne nor His h… Read More
1Daworld · 11:12 07 Feb 2018
THE DISAPPOINTMENTS OF LIFE “This thing is from me” (1 Kings 12:24). The disappointments of life are in reality only the loving decrees of our God and Father: I have a message fo… Read More