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Old Order Amish
Appalachian History · 05:00 21 Nov 2017
When you’re in Oakland or Grantsville, MD, you’re in Old Order Amish territory. If you’re not Amish yourself, you may be wondering just how that group got its name. You&rsq… Read More
1Daworld · 02:57 18 Nov 2017
Prophecy is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but some people have it more than others, and hereby getting their names: Prophets. It can be confusing to know how to treat a prophet, espec… Read More
1Daworld · 02:53 18 Nov 2017
We are not speaking about the door we all know, even they look alike. We are speaking of the spiritual one. There are different types of doors, with different approaches and for different pu… Read More
1Daworld · 02:49 18 Nov 2017
In our previous post, we discussed how to identify doors. But here, we will be discussing how three ways to recognize a door. 1. The first way to recognize a door is to recognize an opportun… Read More
1Daworld · 02:41 18 Nov 2017
"Confession" is a very popular word in Christianity. However, there are different contexts to the use of this word. A sinner confesses his sin, a witch confesses her activities, a Christian… Read More
1Daworld · 02:38 18 Nov 2017
Spectacular guidance comes in diverse ways. It can be in form of dreams, visions, revelations, trances, prophecies, etc. You don't get spectacular guidance every time. There are certain reas… Read More
1Daworld · 02:32 18 Nov 2017
There are different types of dreams. The source will determine its importance. Dreams have different forms, and they hold different purposes and they also carry different information. The ty… Read More
Cold Winter Shadow
Appalachian History · 05:00 17 Nov 2017
When a cold winter shadow I cast on the ground And frost from the foothills is creeping all around I now and then glance down the road towards the town In a kind of a hope you’ll be… Read More
Babbling Books · 13:42 16 Nov 2017
The Power by Naomi Alderman was first published in the United States this year and The United Kingdom last year. The book is getting a lot of buzz and it is generating a lot of online discus… Read More