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2022-10-04 22:53
Most kids love reading funny books. Add in the graphic novel format, and you get a winning combination of funny graphic novels! The funny graphic novel books listed here share stories that e… Read More
2022-10-03 21:08
Graphic novel fans, check out these new graphic novel choices… 8 New Graphic Novels, October 2022 The Cosmic Adventures of Astrid and Stella by Sabrina Moyle, illustrated by Eunice Mo… Read More
2022-10-03 21:02
Middle grade fantasy books for ages 9 to 12 invite middle grade readers (upper elementary and middle school) into imaginative worlds of magic and fantastical creatures with exciting plots, a… Read More
Top Ten Oliver Jeffers Books
2022-09-26 14:59
written by Meredith Bartolo Pappas Over the summer I was lucky enough to go to the Isabella Stewart Gardener museum in Boston where I saw the amazing Maurice Sendak exhibit and the beautiful… Read More
From Story Idea To Book Agent
2022-09-22 15:11
Last fall, I joined a free memoir class. I didn’t really want to write a memoir, but I did want to meet people. It had been a decade of debilitating mold-related illness for my girls a… Read More
15 New Middle Grade Books, September 2022
2022-09-20 15:49
What an amazing month for middle-grade titles! Here are my favorite books to share with you and the readers in your life. 15 New Middle-Grade Books, September 2022 Always Clementine by Carli… Read More
Order Of The Night Jay Exclusive
2022-09-13 14:29
Order of the Night Jay (Book One): The Forest Beckons, the first book in writer/creator Jonathan Schnapp’s three-part graphic novel series perfect for any young reader that’… Read More
31 New Picture Books, September 2022
2022-09-12 16:22
Well, I tried to keep this list under twenty because my brain gets fried reviewing so many books but I just couldn’t. There were just too many amazing September picture books. Get read… Read More
10 Best Alphabet Books For Word Nerds
2022-08-22 02:18
Written By Josh Funk Hi, again! I’m Josh and I write picture books for kids and the adults that read to them. I visited Imagination Soup once before to share my Seven Secrets to Raisin… Read More
19 New Picture Books, August 2022
2022-08-16 14:52
This August, I’m sharing almost 20 picture books that I know you will LOVE and want to share with the kids in your life. Happy reading! 19 New Picture Books, August 2022 My Pet Feet by… Read More
16 Books To Read Before Kindergarten
2022-08-15 14:20
As a kindergarten teacher, I know there are lots of great books out there that can get kids ready for their first day of school. But they don’t need to only read about school itself to… Read More
Word Guessing: The Enemy Of Good Reading
2022-08-09 17:08
Word Guessing: the Enemy of Good Reading written by Judy Kucera, M.A., M.Ed., A/AOGPE Some people dream of world peace, perhaps an end to hunger or homelessness. As a reading teacher, what i… Read More
Stone Soup Books Plus Activity Ideas
2022-08-08 21:23
by Meredith Bartolo Pappas Stone Soup is a classic story with so many different versions all based on the same idea of sharing food and community with others. It is one of my favorites to te… Read More
Picture Books About Inclusion
2022-07-27 21:28
One of the most important values to teach at the beginning of the school year, and anytime, is to be inclusive. These friendship picture books about inclusion share stories to encourage chil… Read More
Picture Books About Making A New Friend
2022-07-27 21:28
Kids want to make friends — but how? It’s not always easy but there are some specific strategies they can use like being friendly that can help. These picture books about making… Read More
Back To School Books: New 2022 Titles!
2022-07-27 16:34
Back To School Books: New 2022 Titles! by Meredith Bartolo Pappas Fall is around the corner and that means so is school! Parents might be more excited about that than kids are, but either wa… Read More
14 Mentor Texts To Launch Reading Workshop
2022-07-25 18:49
A reader recently wrote and asked if I could recommend mentor texts for the first week of Reading Workshop. So if you’re also a teacher introducing Reading Workshop to your students an… Read More
25 Books About Shy Kids
2022-07-18 17:33
Do you know the difference between kids who are shy and kids who are introverted or both? Let’s discuss and define these terms– and then I’ll share good books that might be… Read More
10 New Picture Books, July 2022
2022-07-18 16:30
In an effort to stay sane and make my reviewing more manageable, I’m only sharing my top 10 picture books (of 60ish) that I read this month. These stories will be welcome additions to… Read More
Good Minecraft Books For Gamer Kids
2022-07-16 08:27
Believe it or not, games like Minecraft motivate kids to read. To learn to play the game, they read Minecraft forums and Minecraft books. And, there are lots of good fiction chapter and midd… Read More
36 Graphic Novels For Beginning Readers
2022-07-12 22:50
If your readers are like mine, they love a good graphic novel. And for anyone looking to motivate a child to read more books more often, graphic novels hit the spot for many kids. So what gr… Read More
Find A Pen Pal & Expand Your World
2022-06-23 14:14
guest post by Alice Blumenthal McGinty, author of My Israel and Me I’ve always enjoyed exploring diverse topics in my writing. That includes anything from the sea to biographies of int… Read More
6 New Middle Grade Books (June 2022)
2022-06-17 16:55
If you’re looking for two thoughtful realistic books, read The Summer of June and Manatee Summer. And if you’re hoping to read exciting adventures with magic, mystery, or science… Read More
20 New Picture Books (June 2022)
2022-06-14 15:46
What an incredible batch of new picture books this month! I can’t wait to tell you about them… New Picture Books (June 2022) Every Dog in the Neighborhood by Philip C. Stead, il… Read More
9 Beginning Chapter Books (June 2022)
2022-06-13 15:53
I’m so happy to share with you new and engaging new beginning chapter books for your growing readers, ages 6 to 9! Expedition Backyard by Rosemary Mosco, illustrated by Binglin Hu NATU… Read More
Books About The Human Body
2022-06-06 21:35
As kids grow, they learn the names of their body parts and what each part does for caregivers and each year, they understand more about the anatomy of the body, learning the five senses in p… Read More
Words Over Easy Game For Families
2022-06-06 19:13
For all of you Wordle fans, train up your kids to make words with random letters– and become better spellers and wordsmiths while having fun with the game Words Over Easy from Winning… Read More
12 Star Wars Books For All Ages
2022-06-06 18:05
Use the force and these fantastic Star Wars books for all ages to help interest your kids in both Star Wars and reading! written by Meredith Bartolo Pappas Even though Star Wars used to be s… Read More
10 Memory Games For Kids
2022-05-31 23:12
Help children develop and improve recall, concentration, memory, and visual/spatial skills by playing fun, interactive memory games! As kids play these matching and memory games, help childr… Read More
Quick Picks For Reluctant Readers
2022-05-31 18:30
If you’re looking for quick picks for reluctant readers, it can be challenging to find books that draw in reluctant readers, especially if they are reluctant because they are strugglin… Read More
Harry Potter Potions Class Experiments
2022-05-24 12:49
Want to make some magical Harry Potter potions? If you have a Harry Potter fan in your house, you’ll want to try this Harry Potter Potions Class and with exciting experiments&ndas&hell…Read More
New Picture Books (May 2022)
2022-05-23 15:01
From starting school to learning to swim and flying on an airplane, here are 20 new picture books about a variety of topics you’ll want to read! But, if you’re looking for summer… Read More
The Best Sandra Boynton Books
2022-05-23 15:00
written by Meredith Bartolo Pappas Reading a Sandra Boynton board book is like getting ready for bed by putting on your comfiest party clothes, cozy and celebratory all at once! It’s a… Read More
7 New Middle Grade Books (May 2022)
2022-05-16 18:37
Need some new reading material for your readers who are ages 9 to 12? Here are 7 new books you might want to consider! Super You! Power of Flight by Hena Khan & Andrea Menotti, art by Ya… Read More
Journaling With Children And Teens
2022-05-16 16:21
Journaling With Children and Teens by Meredith Bartolo Pappas Journaling with children and teens can be rewarding for so many reasons, including building fine motor skills, handwriting, and… Read More
38 Kid-Favorite Graphic Novel Series
2022-05-10 17:12
Get your children hooked on a graphic novel series to get them reading for weeks and months as they move from one book to the next in the series. Graphic novels give readers a variety in for… Read More
Books About Picky Eaters
2022-05-09 21:38
Is anyone else the parent of a picky eater? (Who you don’t want to starve — and who doesn’t like anything?) These books for picky eaters not only will entertain your kids b… Read More
Books For Toddlers (Best For Age 2)
2022-05-07 01:14
Reading good books for toddlers to your two-year-olds benefits their toddler brain, future literacy skills, and social/emotional growth. Not to mention, it’s fun! Find a new favorite b… Read More
2022-05-06 18:08
Not all nonfiction books have text features but for the books that do, understanding them will impact a reader’s comprehension dramatically so it’s important that we teach childr… Read More
Compelling New Graphic Novels (May 2022)
2022-05-03 18:37
DROP EVERYTHING and RUN TO BUY at least one of these new graphic novels. You will love them and so will your kids! Every now and then, I read a book that feels perfect to me — the writ… Read More
13 Potty Training Books For Kids
2022-04-27 21:44
Get your kids ready for potty training with good books. (But my kids also liked a potty doll and potty parties. We did it all including naked time!) Most kids are ready for potty training ar… Read More
Funny Poems Hook Kids On Poetry!
2022-04-22 19:36
written by Meredith Bartolo Pappas Poetry can be serious but these books are seriously silly! Some are laugh-out-loud nonsense while others are filled with clever giggles, but they will all… Read More
9 New Middle Grade Books, April 2022
2022-04-14 15:05
Some months, I can’t wait to share all the new books because there are so many good choices that will appeal to many different kids and interests. This is one of those months. Fair war… Read More
Silly Bedtime Stories
2022-04-12 17:29
by Meredith Bartolo Pappas Sometimes bedtime can be the least fun time of day for everyone, kids and parents included! Why not make it a little sillier with some great books that will get yo… Read More
New Picture Books, April 2022
2022-04-11 14:08
Well, dear readers, this month’s many, many boxes of new picture books almost did me in. I read over 100 but am only sharing 27 — which even still was hours of work! It’s n… Read More
Good Fiction Books For Theater Kids
2022-04-07 18:11
Children who love acting, theater, and musical theater will love these books about acting, theater, and musicals! Get ready for good books for your theater kids! Middle-Grade Books for Kids… Read More
8 Creative Book Storage Ideas For Kids
2022-04-05 16:06
written by Meredith Bartolo Pappas In our house, books are everywhere! For a long time, it felt like so many books, so little storage. But creative book storage can be easy and inexpensive w… Read More
Would You Rather? Game (with Books!)
2022-03-28 16:13
written by Meredith Bartolo Pappas Sometimes my kids and I like to read books and wonder if we would want to be in that story or not. When we read a whole stack, it adds up to a lot of wonde… Read More
10 New Middle Grade Books, March 2022
2022-03-23 00:45
March middle-grade books overloaded my bookshelves but so far, I’ve only found these ten that stood out. HOWEVER, I haven’t read all the books published in March — and have… Read More
The Art Of Storytelling
2022-03-21 02:29
written by J.S. Puller Happy World Storytelling Day, readers! I hope you find the chance to tell a story today! Don’t think you have a story to tell? Believe me when I say that you def… Read More
13 Fascinating Fractured Fairy Tales
2022-03-16 18:50
written by Meredith Bartolo Pappas Fairy tales, so well-known and loved by many. But what if we took all the versions we know and turned them on their heads? Then we’d have Fractured F… Read More
More Picture Books (March 2022)
2022-03-14 20:31
Here are a few more books from March 2022 and a lot of wonderful books from the last year that I missed. Enjoy! Carrimebac: The Town that Walked by David Barclay Moore, illustrated by John H… Read More
10 New Biographies For Kids (March 2022)
2022-03-08 15:21
Before we get into the new book reviews, I’ll admit that the title is a bit misleading. These biographies include books published in 2021 and in 2022 BUT, I’m reviewing this batc… Read More
Water Cycle Books For Kids
2022-03-01 18:07
Do your kids know about the water cycle? If you’re ready to teach or review it, step one is to start with one or more of the books on this list. After you read books and talk about wha… Read More

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