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Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup
Framed Cooks · 14:00 21 Sep 2017
---- If this post is not displaying properly, view it in your browser here: Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup --- We are heading into fall, the season of pumpkins, sweaters, and (in my house) w… Read More
Cozy Home Office In The Bedroom
My Paradissi · 12:37 21 Sep 2017
Oh, such a pretty little office corner in this bedroom in the house of interior designer and blogger Pella Hedeby! I am considering moving my home office in our bedroom after we take th… Read More
In His Own Image
Nordic Design Blog · 06:18 21 Sep 2017
19AD4 has added a photo to the pool: Rising from nowhere and yet built from the ground up. A wonder of mass ingenuity, designed to pay homage to their maker. An architectural paradox. Fre… Read More
Sodetel Flies High In A New Ad
Tarek Chemaly · 04:03 21 Sep 2017
Sodetel has a really nice ad going - in Arabic when you wish to indicate speed normally you say "I am flying to you" which Sodetel - an internet provider - used as "flying internet" (actuall… Read More
Nikon D850 Review
Photography Life · 16:28 20 Sep 2017
Perhaps one of the most anticipated camera releases of 2017 has been the D810 successor, the Nikon D850. Nikon’s high resolution camera body shook up the industry once again, this time… Read More
Ruffled Feathers
Nordic Design Blog · 06:44 20 Sep 2017
19AD4 has added a photo to the pool: Cold feet alongside ruffled feathers. Erratic movements designed to remain warm. Startled by the bang. Blinded by the flash. Just so you can say&helli… Read More
Sconces 4 Life
Home Page - Scout St… · 01:14 20 Sep 2017
I’ve been working on a bathroom remodel recently, and have been on the hunt for some fab. bathroom sconces. Aren’t these fun? 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 The post Sco… Read More
“Being Kind”
Designldg By Laurent… · 12:00 19 Sep 2017
“Be kind to all creatures; this is the true religion.” (Siddhārtha Gautama, known as the Buddha – c. 563 BCE/480 BCE – c. 483 BCE/400 BCE) This is a close-up of… Read More