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2022-08-06 02:30
Nestled in the thriving industrial town of Mohali, Punjab, Studio Ardete endeavours to bring art and poetry together, by literally piecing this façade ‘brick-by-brick’. An… Read More
2022-08-05 02:30
Team Sordo Madaleno Architecture ingeniously crafts an ambience reminiscent of grand courtyards and terraces characteristic of Mexican architecture on the 56th floor of one of Mexico’s… Read More
2022-08-02 03:27
The CinemaX D2 is an ultra-short throw projector that can project a 100-inch screen and project a maximum of 120 inches by just 25cm away from the wall. Equipped with a wide-angle lens that… Read More
2022-08-01 02:30
Studio Planet Design and Associates chisels an 8400-square-feet palatial home inspired by larger-than-lives luxurious living, but with a minimalist touch! Belying its dense residential surro… Read More
2022-07-30 02:41
HENN’s ambitious proposal for Westlake University solidifies China’s position as a global leader in scientific and technological research... The world-class research institution… Read More
2022-07-27 03:16
Mahapragya Architects craft this expansive home in Solapur, Maharashtra, redefining care, and luxury… Spread across a staggering 17,000-square-feet, the huge nine-bedroom home starts… Read More
2022-07-26 08:13
AUTOCRYPT announces Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 1.6 certification for its smart-billing EV charger "Q Charger"  At a charging speed of 3.3 kW, automotive cybersecurity and mobilit… Read More
2022-07-25 02:54
Exuding natural purity with a contemporary twist, Cun Design crafts this experiential tea store to be a potpourri of oriental flair, forest echoes and a perfect translation of brand ethos. T… Read More
2022-07-23 02:41
De'Caves by Chitte Architects rise to the challenge of designing a modern-day home with nuances of the Haveli style of architecture, carefully marrying them with present-day lifestyle sensib… Read More
2022-07-18 13:05
Emanating from the world of art, The Gardens is the new hand-crafted wallpaper from Cole and Son… Each print tells the enduring story of nature’s panoramas rendered through the… Read More
A Luxury Home In Shades Of Grey!
2022-05-05 03:48
Breaking away from vibrant hues, Studio AMPM Designs crafts epic glamour by appointing this Pune home with shades of grey… Dark grey bordering on black is a striking hue to play with… Read More
Naturalism At Its Best!
2022-03-25 13:51
Studio Formideas Interiors crafts a naturalistic, chic home in Vapi capitalising on a vibe that is fresh and understated… Inspired by the concept of the Heliconia flower, and reinterp… Read More
2022-03-24 12:59
Studio VMPDE crafts the IBOBI Super School kindergarten on the terrace of a two-storey mall in Shenzhen, integrating accessibility and functionality with forward-thinking principles…T… Read More
A Study In Luxurious Neutrals!
2022-03-23 05:22
Siddharth Chavda of the eponymous Siddharth Chavda Design Studio (SCDS) envisions this residence in suburban Mumbai to be a mélange of materials whilst maintaining a charming monotony… Read More
Simplicity Rules!
2022-03-18 03:30
Shalk Design Studio infuses fun along with a sophisticated neutral palette rooting for a modern outlook to create this bespoke home in Surat… This modish upscale three-bedroom apartme… Read More
Experience-oriented Design!
2022-03-17 03:30
Ippolito Fleitz Group once again chisels the interiors and the identity for the Yango Sales Centre – a cutting-edge medical technology innovation centre… Nestled in an undulatin… Read More
Flippable Mattress
2022-03-09 05:25
SweetNight, a global brand for innovative sleep technology, announces the launch of Dreamy S1, a new kind of memory foam mattress that can be flipped depending on the type of support a user… Read More
2022-03-08 13:00
Sanjay Newaskar Designs crafts a nature-infused interior as the perfect adjunct to its verdant surroundings… Located in the south-western periphery of Pune, this apartment is surround… Read More
Glass Panes And An Arresting Panorama!
2022-03-07 18:18
Staggering volumes, sleek planes, and stark geometry define the strikingly contemporary form of this residence by Kendle Design Collaborative… In Arizona, the villa stands juxtaposed… Read More
Traditional And Timeless
2022-02-26 07:55
Studio Squelette Design recreates the charm of the traditional Pol houses of Ahmedabad in a conscious attempt to implement the back-to-nature ideology… Sustaining key virtues of Ahmed… Read More
Defining Fine Lines Of Classic Fusion!
2022-02-02 07:00
Architect Parag Singal crafts a palatial villa in Delhi, anointing the public spaces with an aura of bespoke elegance… Modern design elements meet neoclassical overtures creating a cl… Read More
Piera House: A Picture Of Permeability!
2022-01-31 10:36
Mesmerising as always, the Fran Silvestre-designed Piera House in Burriana, Spain, stuns with its nuanced approach to visual porosity and pristine white beauty. Centred on setting limits whi… Read More
This Apartment Flaunts A Sense Of Serenity
2022-01-28 10:47
Priyanka Desai of Pridesigns employs a subtle use of soothing materials and shades, infusing this sophisticated apartment with effortless tranquillity. Clean aesthetics and simple silhouette… Read More
Renovation Of A 19th-century Townhouse!
2022-01-27 11:35
Studio Imagine renovates a 19th-century townhouse in Montreal with a new layout and a modern and elegant design signature – to accommodate both, living and working spaces. Beginning wi… Read More
A Melody In Concrete!
2022-01-25 13:59
This row of six seemingly identical houses by Dipen Gada and Associates highlights earthy materials, passive design strategies, and a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. Six nucl… Read More
2022-01-24 13:06
Studio Architects + Co orchestrates a highly interactive house in Camacari, Brazil, with the volumes of spaces taking on the onus of the design… In the Interlagos region, in Cama&cced&hell…Read More
2022-01-21 12:38
Studio Minus Workshop uses principles of biophilia to simulate a garden dining experience in a small restaurant, turning it into a much-sought-after destination in Hong Kong… Christen… Read More
Digital Access Control For Large Buildings
2022-01-19 09:24
Defigo offers digital access control as a service for multifamily, commercial, and student housing properties and aims to save considerably on co2 emissions per building... Its solution incl… Read More
2022-01-13 12:39
Chevallier Architectes build a characterful Raccard*, celebrating the differentiating warmth of wood in their characteristic design style… Christened Caraccard, the home is first and… Read More
The Sublime Tranquillity Of Hidden Lights!
2022-01-07 13:44
Drawing from its ancient Chinese roots to emphasise local architectural charm, Ahn Luh Guantang Resorts and Residence by PROL is a one-of-its-kind luxury hotel in Chengdu, Sichuan. “Wh… Read More
2021-12-22 02:29
Are there any new architectural space prototypes that can be discussed? This is the starting point of this experimental project by LIN Architects… This space experiment is located nea… Read More
Balancing Luxury With Wellness!
2021-12-17 13:17
This charming apartment by Ar. Amit Khandelwal of Arch Point Consultants Pvt. Ltd. finds inspiration in the homeowner’s personality to convey a beautiful balance of peace and growth. T… Read More
Artistic Sink
2021-12-15 04:00
American artist Daniel Arsham designs a limited edition 3-D printed china basin with solid brass accents…  The first of its kind, this unconventional vessel sink reinterprets sta… Read More
The Yellow Stone House
2021-12-10 03:30
Span Architects craft a home with an interesting identity of yellow stone cladding along most of the façade, giving it its moniker – The Yellow Stone House! Standing amidst the… Read More
The Digital Sports GlassFloor
2021-12-08 08:36
The digital sports floor from ASB GlassFloor proposes to change the face of sports… Imagine being able to trace the trajectory of the ball or have the statistical data of the game dis… Read More
Romancing The Courtyard
2021-12-08 04:55
Deearth Architects balance traditional tenets of residential design with progressive sensibilities of a modern lifestyle to curate earthy luxury in the heart of Chennai… Located in a… Read More
Your Personal Plant Care Assistant!
2021-11-30 06:37
Imagine your plants expressing their needs to you - I’m thirsty; I need some sunlight; I need fresh soil… Ivy is a Smart Planter with over 70 rich expressions, 7 smart sensors… Read More
Free-flowing Spaces And Uber-luxe Appeal!
2021-11-22 08:49
Ajay Arya of A Square Designs crafts a palatial home in Kolkata characterised by free-flowing spaces and uber-luxe appeal…The 8000-square-feet apartment in a newly developing zone for… Read More
Floating Connection
2021-11-20 11:46
A private gym for the homeowners, a guesthouse for their visitors. A unique architecture, perfectly tailored to the family’s needs: a garden pavilion that floats above the lawn. Interi… Read More
A World Of Whites By The Ocean!
2021-11-19 03:48
Dhruva Samal of the eponymous Dhruva Samal & Associates transforms this compact residence in South Mumbai into a breezy seaside home bathed in whites. Located on the first floor, the RCC… Read More
Sculpture, Origami And Architecture!
2021-11-16 10:15
Architect Fran Silvestre folds arresting architectural planes akin to a continuous strip of paper in this sleek hillside Ibiza abode, where one seamless design element births walls, ceilings… Read More
Aromatherapy Massage Cabin
2021-11-16 07:54
The Valina Premium Whirlpool massage steam cabin helps you arrive at the perfect balance of body and steam temperature. With a computerised control panel, steam bath time and temperature adj… Read More
Minimalism At Play!
2021-11-15 10:14
Devika and Raj Khosla of The Works Interior conceive this tranquil space in New Delhi that embodies the essence of its name – Sattva House - to perfection. Sattva is Sanskrit for the n… Read More
Where Subtlety And Flamboyance Coexist!
2021-11-11 10:27
Hardesh and Monica Chawla of Essentia Environments couple the studied art of accessorising with the understated allure of minimalism in this glamorous residence. This Gurugram house champion… Read More
2021-11-03 09:13
In a scenario that is burgeoning with choices, Balbir Singh is the go-to specialist for the wardrobe that best suits your lifestyle… An evangelical entrepreneur with 18+ years in the… Read More
This Home Responds To The Idea Of Biophilia
2021-10-30 10:10
Blurring boundaries between natural and artificial, Carlo Ratti Associati, in collaboration with Italo Rota, unveils a residence that revolves around a ten-metre-tall tree at the centre of t… Read More
2021-10-29 06:26
Sandarbh Design Studio’s nurtured-in-nature home-cum-office is a seat of calm and inspiration… Horamavu is a locality in Bengaluru that was once a Mango orchard. Nestled under t… Read More
2021-10-26 14:12
Aesthetically pleasing and functional, Rodenca’s translucent facades and roofs help colour buildings effortlessly... Made of polycarbonate that is a crystal clear, high impact thermopl… Read More
2021-10-26 12:33
Designer Meenu Agarwal refurbishes a four-bedroom home into a stunning urban-luxe residence in Gurugram. A seamless mélange of modern luxury and timeless traditional charm, this luxur… Read More
An Austere Artist’s Abode In Madrid!
2021-10-22 04:30
In the quaint neighbourhood of San Isidro in Carabanchel, Madrid, Zooco Estudio meticulously orchestrates an intimate multidisciplinary workshop space that is every artist’s dream. Wit… Read More
Charismatic Statement Furniture
2021-10-20 13:26
Le Berre Vevaud is a duet of friends, interior designers, driven by detail. Their coffee table Giulia is a charismatic statement piece! Using curved lines and an interplay between texture an… Read More
The Royal Opera House – A Cultural Icon!
2021-10-14 09:30
The Royal Opera House, Mumbai, India commemorates 110-years of existence. Team IAnD revisits its spectacular restoration and conservation by Architect Abha Narain Lambah... The exalted theat… Read More
2021-10-13 06:45
Harmonious with the landscape while suffused with Mediterranean charm, Aparna Kaushik of the eponymous Aparna Kaushik Design Group dreams up this gorgeous villa in New Delhi. “Nestled… Read More
2021-10-12 08:26
Balbir Singh is a master at detailing the kitchen of your choice... Detailing kitchens for Indian households for 18+ years, Balbir Singh is an evangelical entrepreneur, passionate about stud… Read More

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