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My task is to tell you how the world around you can change. To give an opportunity to feel harmony and joy through the embodiment of design. There are thousands of aspects. There are doors, windows, furniture, paintings, posters, photo albums, souvenirs, the garden, the environment and much more - all dear to the heart. Plunge into the world of your desires and aspirations. I can help visualise and individualise your dreams.Welcome!
2024-04-22 03:22
Sometimes, the room may be very limited, and in order to achieve a satisfactory final result, you need to use your imagination. Bulky furniture is not suitable for small and narrow spaces. I… Read More
2024-04-21 13:21
Carving is one of the oldest types of decorative art that came to us from antiquity. Carvings can be used in the interior to add sophistication, elegance and individuality to the room. The t… Read More
2024-04-21 11:23
Storage systems in the kitchen are not only a way to organize space and make it more functional, but also an opportunity to give the interior comfort and order. Modern storage systems offer… Read More
2024-04-21 08:23
Plastic panels in the interior are a practical and versatile solution for wall and ceiling decoration. They offer ample opportunities to create an original design and appearance of the room… Read More
2024-04-21 07:11
Inlay in the interior is a technique for decorating surfaces with various materials such as metal, glass, precious stones, wood and others. This technique creates unique and luxurious design… Read More
2024-04-20 19:23
Color is one of the most important elements of interior design, which is able to influence the perception and mood of people in the room. The color palette can create different emotions and… Read More
2024-04-20 15:16
Chests in the interior: a stylish accent and a functional solution.Chests are not only an ancient historical element, but also a universal decorative and functional solution for a modern int… Read More
2024-04-20 12:20
Laminate is one of the most popular and in–demand floor coverings, which is characterized by strength, durability and a variety of designs. Laminate flooring can be an ideal solution f… Read More
2024-04-20 07:25
Sometimes there is no need to resort to complex solutions. Some places really need simple and concise approaches. So, in the design of small pizzerias, such principles are often used –… Read More
2024-04-20 05:37
Hyperborea is a mysterious and mysterious country, about which it is difficult to say anything definite. The only thing that can be said for sure is that the interior of the Hyperborean hous… Read More
2024-04-19 21:55
When designing small restaurants, attention to detail is crucial in creating a welcoming and enjoyable dining experience for customers. The choice of colors and lighting plays a key role in… Read More
2024-04-19 20:43
The panel is a unique decorative element that can become a bright accent in the interior of any room. The use of panels in interior design makes it possible to create a cozy and stylish atmo… Read More
2024-04-18 21:04
Photographs play a special role in interior design, they can become a key element that gives a room personality and character. The use of photographs in the interior allows you to create a c… Read More
2024-04-17 22:21
Glass blocks are an amazing material that can be used to create an original and stylish interior. They are glass blocks of various shapes and sizes that combine functionality, durability and… Read More
2024-04-17 20:10
Electric fireplaces are a modern and convenient solution for space heating, which is becoming increasingly popular among apartment and house owners. These devices, which use electric element… Read More
2024-04-16 22:42
Sometimes you want to create a design that will remind you of pleasant events. How can I keep a vacation at sea in my memory and interior? Let’s analyze the main points.The color palet… Read More
2024-04-16 20:10
Making high-quality repairs indoors with savings can be a challenge, but it is possible if you approach the choice of materials correctly, control the budget and apply some tricks. However… Read More
2024-04-15 21:26
Broken glass can be a successful and unusual material for use in the interior, giving the room an original and stylish look. Here are some ways to use broken glass in the interior: Using bro… Read More
2024-04-15 20:02
Niches in rooms can be a wonderful addition to the interior, but sometimes they can be used more skillfully to enhance the feeling of space. In this article, we will look at several ways to… Read More
2024-04-14 18:11
Sometimes non-trivial designs arise. For example, what the interiors of vanished civilizations might look like. This work is similar to the work of archaeologists. According to partially pre… Read More
2024-04-14 16:41
Setting up a workshop is a key step towards creating the perfect place for needlework, crafts and hobbies. It is important to properly allocate space, provide comfort and convenience for wor… Read More
2024-04-14 12:12
Secret rooms are becoming increasingly popular among those who want to create a cozy and secluded place to relax and work. The arrangement of such a room can be both a creative process and a… Read More
2024-04-14 10:22
Curtains and blinds are not only functional elements of the interior, but also important details that can significantly affect the overall style of the room. Choosing the right type of curta… Read More
2024-04-14 08:47
Barbecue area and outdoor ovens: create the perfect place for grilling and cooking outdoors. Cooking is the perfect time to spend time outdoors, including cooking on the grill or in an outdo… Read More
2024-04-13 21:20
Creating a living garden figure is a great way to give your garden an interesting and original look. Living figures can have a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from hedges and topiaries to… Read More
2024-04-13 08:30
A hedge is an excellent solution for those who want to create a private and cozy atmosphere on their site. Shrubs play an important role in the formation of hedges, providing not only a beau… Read More
2024-04-13 06:45
Decorating a garden with garden figures is one of the most popular ways to add uniqueness and individuality to your suburban area. Garden figures can be very diverse: from funny gnomes and a… Read More
2024-04-12 21:14
Retro style is one of the most popular trends in interior design and fashion. It is inspired by the epochs of the past, has a unique atmosphere and nostalgic notes. This style is distinguish… Read More
2024-04-11 20:33
The global furniture market is constantly developing, and in order to surprise with creativity, sometimes non-trivial approaches in design are needed. One of the most unusual trends of recen… Read More
2024-04-11 18:09
Garden lighting plays an important role in creating an atmosphere and coziness on your site, especially in the evening. It helps to emphasize the beauty of plants, decorative elements and ar… Read More
2024-04-10 21:56
Gazebos and pergolas are a great way to add coziness and comfort to your yard or garden. They not only give the space a stylish look, but also provide shelter from the sun, rain and wind. Th… Read More
2024-04-10 18:30
The Dutch interior is an example of restrained and stylish design, which is often associated with minimalism, functionality and comfort. This style is characterized by light and neutral colo… Read More
2024-04-08 21:10
Bonsai is an ancient Japanese art form that involves growing trees and shrubs in miniature pots. The goal is to create miniature versions of full-sized trees, but on a much smaller scale. Bo… Read More
2024-04-07 20:04
Bookcases are not only a functional element of the interior, but they can also be a great way to organize and display your book collection. They can become an integral part of your home libr… Read More
2024-04-07 14:53
Sometimes, we want to create a sanctuary for our souls, a place to escape from the chaos of the world without overwhelming our personal space with unnecessary items. In today’s age, wh… Read More
2024-04-07 13:09
A china cabinet is not just a functional element, it’s also a stylish addition that can enhance the overall look of the space. The design of the cabinet should be tailored to the chose… Read More
2024-04-06 21:11
Mosaic is an ancient form of art that is still widely used in interior design today. Mosaic tiles and patterns are used to decorate walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture, adding a special c… Read More
2024-04-06 19:46
Hanging gardens are a wonderful way to bring a touch of greenery indoors or on an outdoor patio. These vertical gardens not only add beauty to the space, but they also improve air quality an… Read More
2024-04-04 21:22
A seasonal garden with constant flowering is the dream of many gardeners who would like to see beautiful flowers in their garden all year round. In this article, we will look at the principl… Read More
2024-04-03 20:40
National ornaments in the interior are a great way to give a room a special atmosphere and a unique style. The variety of cultures and arts of different peoples of the world offers a rich se… Read More
2024-04-03 00:07
While working on the concept of each house, I try to feel the desires of my clients. I often assemble a solid interior from colorful images and desires as a large-scale puzzle. In this case… Read More
2024-04-01 20:52
When there is a shortage of space in the garden or on the plot, the question often arises how to organize a flower garden so as to accommodate as many plants as possible without overloading… Read More
2024-03-30 21:42
Planters and pots are great ways to display flowers and create a cosy interior, even if you do not have the chance to plant them directly in the ground. Many plants can flourish in pots and… Read More
2024-03-30 17:09
Art Deco is a style in interior design that became popular in Western culture in the 1920s and 1930s. It is distinguished by originality and sophistication, combining elements of various sty… Read More
2024-03-27 19:07
Alpine Slide: Creating a Beautiful Accent in the Garden The Alpine Slide is a unique landscape design element that allows you to incorporate a small section of rocky hill into your garden&rs&hell…Read More
2024-03-25 19:10
Tiered beds are an amazingly convenient and effective way to organise a space for growing vegetables. Such a system allows you to save space, provide plants with the necessary amount of ligh… Read More
2024-03-24 19:22
The garden is a wonderful place to enjoy nature, relax, and engage in exciting plant care activities. To create a beautiful and cozy garden, it’s important to have a good understanding… Read More
2024-03-24 18:29
Large-format tiles are a popular and fashionable material for interior decoration. They allow you to create stylish and modern designs, give a room a sense of spaciousness, and emphasize the… Read More
2024-03-22 21:35
The attic can be a unique and cozy space in the home that can be transformed into a functional and comfortable room. This article will provide some practical tips for equipping your attic to… Read More
2024-03-21 21:25
The penthouse is a luxurious and cozy space that can be decorated to suit your tastes. In this article, we’ll explore the features of penthouse decor and provide some examples of how t… Read More
2024-03-17 12:32
A living space of 8 square meters might seem small, but with proper organization and design, it can be a cozy and functional home. In this article, we’ll discuss some practical tips fo… Read More
2024-03-16 20:37
Interior Design in Narrow Spaces: Narrow spaces, such as hallways, corridors and small rooms, can be challenging when it comes to interior design. However, with careful planning and some cre… Read More
2024-03-14 19:41
Today, country-style is a popular choice among many fans of cosy and soulful interiors. This style stands out for its simplicity, naturalness, and cosiness, making it an ideal choice for cre… Read More
2024-03-12 20:48
The Italian style of interior design is one of the most elegant and luxurious. It combines elements of elegance with sophistication, and tradition, making it a popular choice among lovers of… Read More
2024-03-10 17:54
With the arrival of spring, many of us experience a desire to refresh our homes and give them a more uplifting and vibrant look. The springtime interior is not just about beautiful flowers a… Read More
2024-03-08 23:32
Recently, energy efficiency has become one of the most significant issues. It is essential to apply these techniques both in the building and remodelling of a house. The issue of a smart, du… Read More
2024-03-06 20:20
The renovation of a home in order to make it more environmentally friendly is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners seeking to reduce their negative impact on the environment and cr… Read More
2024-03-05 19:52
The Spanish style is characterised by brightness, warmth and authentic flavour, which emphasises the aesthetics and traditions of Spanish culture. This style combines elements of Mediterrane… Read More
2024-03-04 20:41
The basic principles of foundations for a private house There are several basic types of foundations that can be used in construction. The post Types of foundations appeared first on Wings O… Read More
2024-03-03 19:31
In recent years, the trend of aging has become increasingly popular in the world of interior design. This is a technique that allows you to give objects and surfaces an artificial patina of… Read More
2024-03-03 19:31
In recent years, the trend of aging has become increasingly popular in the world of interior design. This is a technique that allows you to give objects and surfaces an artificial patina of… Read More
2024-02-29 19:19
Eclecticism in the interior: a chance to combine different things into a single whole Eclecticism in the interior is a style that allows you to combine different elements from different eras… Read More
2024-02-26 20:46
Many of us have probably dreamed of living in a fairy-tale elven castle at least once. This is a place where the walls are decorated with bizarre patterns, the furniture resembles wooden pro… Read More
2024-02-24 22:33
Billiard room equipment is an important step in creating a cozy and functional space for playing billiards. In this article, we will look at the basic elements necessary for the arrangement… Read More
2024-02-24 08:51
Gothic style is known for its dramatic and ornate design elements, creating an atmosphere of mystery and grandeur. If you are looking to bring a touch of Gothic glamour into your interior de… Read More
2024-02-21 19:51
Window decoration is one of the important steps in the interior design of a room. Both the appearance of the room and the comfort level of its inhabitants depend on the choice of the design… Read More
2024-02-20 21:38
The Moroccan style in the interior is a bright and unique trend that will certainly attract attention and create an atmosphere of oriental magic in your home. This style is characterized by… Read More
2024-02-19 19:59
The Japanese-style interior is one of the most popular and sought-after trends in modern design. The Japanese style of the interior attracts with its simplicity, functionality and comfort. I… Read More
2024-02-18 18:20
Eco-friendly design: Ideas and tips for your home space! Today I would like to share with you some interesting ideas on how to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable home space… Read More
2024-02-17 22:06
✨ Secrets of lighting: Tips on how to properly organize lighting in different areas of the house ✨ Lighting plays an important role in creating the atmosphere and functionality… Read More
2024-02-15 21:20
Russian style is natural beauty and warmth of the soul. Russia has a rich historical heritage, which is reflected in various aspects of culture, including interior design. The Russian style… Read More
2024-02-14 21:20
Elegance and Tradition The English style attracts many people with its sophistication and tradition. This is one of the most popular and recognisable styles, which puts the greatness and ele… Read More
2024-02-13 20:06
The Italian style is a mixture of elegance, luxury and tradition. It combines classic elements with modern details, creating the unique Italian atmosphere. In this article, we will look at t… Read More
2024-02-12 17:58
Scandinavian style in the interior is a modern trend that is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Simplicity, functionality and comfort are the main principles that designers foll… Read More
2024-02-11 18:13
Each of us strives to create a comfortable environment in our home or apartment where we can relax and unwind. One of the important aspects of comfort is sound absorption, which helps to avo… Read More
2024-02-07 17:54
Each of us strives to create a comfortable environment in our home or apartment where we can relax and unwind. One of the important aspects of comfort is sound absorption, which helps to avo… Read More
2024-02-05 22:12
Organizing space in a studio apartment can be a difficult task, especially if you have a child. But with the right approach and some good ideas, you can create a cozy and functional place fo… Read More
2024-02-04 10:24
Creating a cozy and functional gym in an apartment or house can be a great idea for physical activity and maintaining fitness in the comfort of your own home. Below are some recommendations… Read More
2024-02-03 18:56
Video surveillance for apartments and houses is a modern security system that allows you to monitor and record video from a room or territory. In this article, we will look at what advantage… Read More
2024-02-02 22:15
The arrangement of ponds and pools on the site is an excellent solution for those who like to be in nature, relax and relax in the water. In this article, we will look at the main stages of… Read More
2024-02-01 09:14
Landscaping a house or apartment with plants is not only fashionable and stylish, but also provides many advantages. Plants improve air quality, create an atmosphere of relaxation and good m… Read More
2024-01-31 22:14
A fireplace is not only a source of heat, but also an elegant and functional element of the interior. It creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the house, adding charm and charm to any… Read More
2024-01-30 22:18
The use of stucco and decorative elements in the interior of an apartment or house is a great way to add elegance, individuality and luxury to a space. Stucco is a classic decorative element… Read More
2024-01-27 19:38
If you play sports or lead an active lifestyle, you should organize the space in your apartment or house in such a way as to facilitate storage and access to sports items. Here are some reco… Read More
2024-01-26 10:31
The condition of the back and lumbar region is often the cause of pain and discomfort in many people. Back pain can be caused by a variety of causes, including poor posture, improper back su… Read More
2024-01-19 22:35
When choosing a floor covering for your home, it is important to take into account not only its practical functionality, but also its visual impact on the interior. Designers and architects… Read More

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