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Pop Culture, POPaganda, and media critique from the world over and Lebanon specifically.
2023-06-08 05:06
OK here's a brief recap: The Dollar for import (one of many many different Dollar parities in Lebanon) went from 1500 to 15000 Liras at the end of 2022, then went up to 45,000 Liras in Febru… Read More
A New Link For My Books
2023-06-06 11:02
In 2003, in Saudi Arabia out of all places, I self-published a poetry anthology by the name of "The Wit and Wisdom of Arty Stotle".... Then in 2009 came the first tome of Archewallogy which… Read More
Car Ads - Remember Those?
2023-05-29 07:09
And then there was none! Remember when car ads used to be so rampant? All you needed was a bank willing to believe you were making 3 times your actual salary to give you a loan, a car (exclu… Read More
2023-05-28 05:36
I already told you I moved to solar panels - which could have been my smartest decision in the last 4 years (here). The other day some "driveway philosophers" (as called by the wonderful Gar… Read More
Lagoon - What Real Do We Speak Of?
2023-05-26 05:22
Lagoon.... A new brand of hair and body care products. Lagoon seems to suddenly be everywhere on the billboards with their ads - specifically their roll on deodorants. Well, I truly and… Read More
2023-05-25 04:59
So Beirut is Capital of Arab Media 2023. Ok, let me go back to what Minister Ziad Makary said in a communique (he is the caretaker minister of Information in the current government), Apparen… Read More
Zeit Boulos - Now Online
2023-05-18 07:29
Zeit Boulos can now be ordered online. The interesting part? They managed to do a pitch perfect continuation of their - eternally running campaign. By eternally running I mean - and whereas… Read More
Lux - Copywriting At Its Finest (via Pimo)
2023-05-13 10:34
So let me toot my horn - I told you so. Here. So here are my words "Lux hits the mark here and major props to the copy which suavely integrates "tamiyiz" (differentiation/discrimination) wit… Read More
Khoury Home Goes Feather Light
2023-05-13 06:42
Khoury Home. Yes, been a while indeed. But Khoury Home is advertising its sale."Our prices are light as a feather" - the headline is kind of cute... But of course, it had to be reemphasized… Read More
2023-04-20 06:03
I spoke about Najjar Raqwa long ago (here), and well, whereas the ad here is a bit old (because the ad on that OOH gets changes very very infrequently), it is still interesting that Raqwa we… Read More
Are Electric Cars Starting Off In Lebanon
2023-04-14 09:24
Well, this is the country that gets about 1 hour of state electricity a day, where many households rely on the communal generators people are part of, where an increasing number of household… Read More
2023-04-12 06:21
Taj is establishing itself as the kitchen brand if you are to believe their triple onslaught of outdoor blitz. OK, first the soup which is supposed to be be "atyab soup bi souk" (soup and so… Read More
Purpl - #ExpectTheExpected
2023-04-11 06:07
First, please check their website here. So with Lebanon becoming a cash economy, with people have little to no faith in banks at this point and those who already have accounts have sought wa… Read More
2023-04-06 04:58
Lurpak, one of the most famous butter brands in Lebanon, has gone Easter.Why? Because of Maamoul of course.In case you don't know Maamoul, it is the traditional Easter cookie in Lebanon.(see… Read More
2023-04-03 08:18
Bill Bernbach told potential client (an Chivas Regal owner) Sam Bronfman: “I think I ought to tell you that I’ll never know as much about your business as you do. How can I? You… Read More
2023-04-02 10:55
Remember when Donald Trump revealed that the slogan for his (current) campaign would be "make American great again, again" and got lambasted over the internet (here). Well, do you also remem… Read More
Kit Kat - Have An Iftar, Have A Break.
2023-03-29 05:36
All right, marketing never takes a break. Not even Kit Kat chocolate marketing.So here's the idea, the chocolate just launched a 30 bar item for each day of the Ramadan month calling it ifta… Read More
So, About The Heinz X Absolut Pasta Sauce
2023-03-25 07:45
So there is it, everybody is doing it, so why can't I?Everyone is - and rightly so - speaking about the Heinz x Absolut vodka pasta sauce. In case you can log to this link here, you'll get a… Read More
Spinneys Remembers Ramadan
2023-03-21 08:13
So the month of Ramadan is upon us (starting March 23rd apparently). Spinneys supermarket, remembered the occasion - remember, a supermarket like Spinneys should be making a killing during s… Read More
Cola-Cola Goes For A Day At The Museum
2023-03-15 07:17
Remember Ben Stiller's "night at the museum"? Well, make it "day at the museum" for Coca-Cola.Here. It animates works of art - anyone from Warhol (who included the bottle in his iconic serie… Read More
2023-03-05 10:49
With regards to those empty billboards. Whereas it is January that is considered the dead month in advertising, considering companies spent their marketing budgets on Christmas and New Year'… Read More
DGCS - The Other New Campaign
2023-03-04 07:45
As I said, there were so few new campaigns hitting the streets last February, that anything actually stood out.... In this case, meet the DGCS campaign to name adjustments in case one wished… Read More
Uterine Cancer Awareness Campaign
2023-03-03 08:15
Now this is a new one. Not breast cancer (which takes away all the spotlight, and here I remember the remarkable "I wish I had breast cancer" campaign - here) but rather uterine campaign. Th… Read More
Murr Tower Ad Dating Back To 1975
2023-02-28 17:01
Ad cleaned and rearranged by Tarek ChemalyAnd how about this time capsule of an ad.The Murr Tower, which still stands empty and incomplete after all this time, was supposed to be - as per it… Read More
Blanchor Discovers The Many Facets Of Love
2023-02-14 17:23
You might remember Blanchor from before (here). And so here they are again, smashing Valentine's Day for their clients. Here's the interesting part - there's even more from where this came f… Read More
Chateau Ksara Goes Valentine's Day!
2023-02-14 06:24
Ah yes, what's with everything happening in Lebanon Valentine's Day is really not on the foreground. Still, here we are, the day that everyone used to throw their two cents in as advertisers… Read More
Super Bowl LVII Ads - Just Insert Celebrity
2023-02-08 14:08
Try these for size: Nick Jonas for Dexcom, Sting/Billy Idol/Ozzy Ozborne/Joan Jett/Paul Stanley/Gary Clark Jr for Workday, Kevin Heart for Draftking, Sean "Diddy" Combs for Uber One, Will Fe… Read More
And Yet, It Is Sunday
2023-02-05 10:59
February 5h, artwork by Tarek ChemalyAnd it is Sunday.Today I don't feel like writing about advertising - most of it bad or silly or superfluous anyhow.I don't feel like writing about Lebano… Read More
Aïla Chocolate - A New Kid In Town
2023-02-04 10:11
So there's a new chocolate in town! Aïla - yes with a ï rather than an i.The campaign on OOH is humongous and covers almost all the coast. Which is interesting because it mean… Read More
Beirut Beer Finally A Grown-up Positioning
2023-01-27 06:59
Way back in 2017 I wished Beirut Beer would... just grow out of the shadow of Almaza (here). In 2022 it almost did (here). Could 2023 bring us the shift the Beirut Beer actually deserves? Ap… Read More
Almaza Goes Fairouz For Winter.
2023-01-26 06:17
Almaza goes Fairouz.Well, after celebrating summer in all possible ways, Almaza is now going winter time where beer drinking is much less ubiquitous. Interestingly, I'd love to see exactly h… Read More
Kylie Jenner, Her Son, And Branding
2023-01-23 06:58
Aire Scott - Artwork by Tarek Chemaly"Nike" -well, when the brand really started getting momentum in the market in Lebanon in the 80s people would always eyeroll. In case you don't know it… Read More
Bacardi 1995, Looks Like Rain....
2023-01-13 07:00
Ah another flashback.Not sure why. But this is the kind of ad that got stuck in my mind even if I am not your Bacardi drinker.Apparently this is a "stereogram" (this means "a diagram or comp… Read More
2023-01-02 06:25
 Balkis... A national brand of juice has always relied on word play. Pity I do not have their first ad - which is not present in my archive - which simply said "3a fekra" which translat… Read More
McDonald's Lebanon Brings On 2023
2023-01-01 06:49
So here we are, no rest for the just. Or no rest for the blogger who posts about ads. Right bang in the middle of the night, McDonald's perfectly integrates its logo in its 2023 wishes. And… Read More
2022-12-31 08:30
Wow!!! 2019, 2020, 2021... Barely any whisper at all... New Year came and went and with just the smallest traces. Sure, there were a few parties here and there. And no, it was not just the p… Read More

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