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My blog is intended to be a place where I explain the background of my writing projects!
2023-11-24 19:59
Wow, it's difficult to be chill when reading about my blog statistics!  It's been a long time since I looked into the readership of my blogs, and I had forgotten about all the twists an… Read More
2023-11-22 16:11
As I see it, being an artist has two parts: Finding a subject, and creating it.  Artists always have ideas for an image; only some of them can restrain themselves from creating self- in… Read More
2023-11-21 19:11
I'm exhausted.  For several reasons, but I usually explore the site DA, when I'm done with one thing, or when I've given up on something else I was trying to do.I had been looking throu… Read More
2023-11-20 19:36
I have to deal with adulting in two ways: writing about adulting, (and that should really be the second way) and adulting by myself. Obviously, I'm never going to say, in a book, OK, th… Read More
2023-11-16 13:21
I'm reading a story—I'm still not decided whether I want to reveal the author's name right now—which, I don't mind saying, is interesting.  It's got me hooked, and, I guess… Read More
2023-11-10 01:02
One peculiarity of mine is that, though I consider both elves and fairies fantastic creatures, I think of elves as if they could be real, whereas I think of fairies as completely imaginary!… Read More
2023-11-04 14:00
I'm a little startled by how many really good actresses—women in demand for their serious acting skills—are willing to have magazines put up sexual images of them.  I guess… Read More
2023-11-01 15:01
I had forgotten about Halloween!  (No wonder, since the stores put out their candy so early.)  When I told this to my friend, they decided to come over, decorate my porch, and put… Read More
2023-10-31 18:36
I'm sure all my readers—in the Temperate Zone—have some opinion about the changing of the clock time twice a year: setting the clocks from 1:00 AM back to 2:00 AM (or something l… Read More
2023-10-27 15:57
My mother passed away the year before last.  She was a wonderful woman, taking into account the moral environment she was in.  She often led singing in church retreats and stuff, a… Read More
2023-10-10 18:41
I just re-read Nancy Springer's story featuring Enola Holmes, the fictional, much younger, sister of (the also fictional) English, private detective, Sherlock Holmes.Sherlock Homes was the c… Read More
2023-10-06 23:33
Somewhere in the 18th Century--when people began to write about new literature that was emerging--some scholar conjectured that every author had one big book inside them.  Not only… Read More
2023-10-05 03:05
I was just reading a book that I had started, and then set aside for some reason.   I often do this, because when I take up the book again, I'd have forgotten what caused me to giv… Read More
2023-10-02 14:26
I have to recognize that I'm totally out of touch with popular culture 😞.One good thing is that pop culture is spreading out, and there are fragments of older pop culture built in, a… Read More
2023-09-20 14:38
In my opinion, a lot of usages are just that: my opinion.  I do think that some others are more than just my opinion; one usage would flow smoothly, while another would be so jarring th… Read More
2023-09-14 18:54
When I was growing up, we often visited an uncle, who was a great admirer of the African-American singer Marian Anderson. He would sit me down, and make me listen to recordings of this woman… Read More
2023-09-14 15:54
This was an unexpected discovery.   I stared at this passage I was reading, and it looked just a shade away from making sense.  It took a while for me to realize that it was t… Read More
2023-09-09 14:14
Well, I changed all the prices.  Not all; the free ones are still free, the rest are mostly at 99c.Have fun!Kay Ashley Mary-Kate Hemlock Brown Read More
2023-09-06 15:43
Nancy Wilson is a guitarist.   See her play on the video of Dreamboat Annie on YouTube.Ann Wilson is an amazing singer; I really admire her performances at Lincoln Center, esp… Read More
2023-09-02 18:29
On the Deviant Art website, artists are allowed to tag some of their submissions as Mature Content, which means that those artworks (or photographs or whatever) are not displayed, unless who… Read More
2023-08-29 12:30
Ha.For all my life, I hated Economics with a passion!  The economists had rules of thumb, like "If you raise interest rates, people will not be buying much, so ... (prices will go down?… Read More
2023-08-26 21:16
There was a very brief episode (in the long Helen story) that takes place in the summer, after the filming of Merit.  I hadn't really planned on including it in the sequence; it doesn't… Read More
2023-08-25 20:17
I was visiting my friend, who has a cat.  I was minding my own business, sitting in a corner, when this cat hops up on me, stretches out on me, and starts to purr!So I google: "Why does… Read More
2023-08-24 21:01
In the recent past I've been highly critical of how DA art has morphed in various ridiculous directions.  But certain strange features are really interesting. Firstly, there is an… Read More
2023-08-16 16:06
Greetings to you, on this 16th day of August.  We just this morning watched England chomp down on Australia in the Women's FIFA game, played somewhere in Australia or New Zealand. … Read More
2023-08-12 19:41
I'm reading a piece of lesfic, and as usual, it about a girl who goes to a bar, hoping to hook up with a date.  It's well written, in its own way, but there were a few unexpected mistak… Read More
2023-07-30 15:20
I was recently reading a book by Bruce Cameron, called A Dog's Way Home.  It was written in the first person; a dog is narrating the story, from his fugitive puppyhood, through a p… Read More
2023-07-28 13:24
When I first started writing, I was crazy about classical music.  I had been crazy about piano music, but now I was getting interested in choral music, and chamber music---trios, string… Read More
2023-07-16 16:34
If the title didn't make this clear, this is a story by Gwendolyn Blackthorne, about vampires.  Normally I stay as far as possible from vampires; both vampires, and the the authors that… Read More
Maria Sharapova
2023-07-15 15:03
Maria SharapovaAt one time I thought I was in love with this woman!  I still think she's beautiful, and I like her sense of humor, but I'm not as infatuated as I used to be.  Read More
2023-07-06 15:39
I usually expect that there'll be new people buying my books when they're offered for free, but this time there is only a sales bump of about 5 books!  I'm not severely disappointed (th… Read More
2023-07-02 12:33
I'm noticing that in some images, girls are made up as if they had been beaten up, or 'roughed up,' as the saying goes.  Looking closely, though, the additions to conventional makeup ar… Read More
2023-07-01 20:09
I'm not a professional computer scientist, but I've taken a number of courses on computer science, and I can, as they say, read between the lines.Most computers today have the basic capabili… Read More
2023-06-29 18:51
This is just one more complaint in my never- ending series of complaints about popular graphic art as exemplified in uploads to Deviant Art (DA).  The DA site has hundreds of members … Read More
2023-06-27 20:31
Writing (fiction) about fantastic creatures is not ready, if you want to be consistent.  I guess some authors just write any old how, without a care.  But this leads to contradicti… Read More
2023-06-23 22:17
We don't know how this pattern of alien princesses being dressed in very skimpy clothing came about, but an early example of an author---who may have invested in "nubile" princesses as an ea… Read More
2023-06-19 14:22
I joined DeviantArt long ago; initially I just wanted to find an artist who could deliver cover art for my ebooks, and meanwhile I would just enjoy the pictures.Easier said than done. … Read More
2023-06-16 18:36
The title of this post sounds as though Tanya Huff belongs in a cage, but nothing's further from the truth; she's a perfectly respectable author from Eastern Canada, who has written a score… Read More
2023-06-16 14:41
I had always been taught that the vertical parts of a door frame---the thing you lean on, casually---is the door jamb.  And when I first learned the word it was from a book, so I assume… Read More
2023-06-15 22:40
Well, as many of you know, my stories on Smashwords are essentially free, except for a couple of them.  Well, they're having a sale, so the whole lot are free now.  With great forb… Read More
2023-06-13 20:18
This is a subject I haven't talked about very much: what do I feel about these stories I have written; these characters I have invented?For the longest time, I felt a little embarrassed abou… Read More
2023-06-10 16:48
Some friends and I watched the new Avatar sequel last weekend.  I realized how confusing it would be for someone faced with a large crowd of protagonists all at once (which I inflict o… Read More
2023-06-01 20:12
I have always been uncomfortable about the T in LGBTQ+; I keep thinking it isn't time to slide them in with the remaining Queer folks, and their rights and privileges.  (J.K. Rowling's… Read More
2023-05-31 17:59
I have now read two stories---possibly by the same author---that are driven by time travel.  The time travel is a crucial feature in the stories, but they also contain lots of---wh… Read More
2023-05-24 13:28
At least on DA, the site for amateur artists to post their work, women and girls seem to be wearing more skimpy clothes.  Even depictions of well known fictional characters---Cinderella… Read More
2023-05-21 13:27
I've been regarding you with complaints about the site DA (DeviantArt), or rather the artists who are members of the site.When an artist uploads an piece, he/she is allowed to fill in a text… Read More
2023-05-20 20:51
When watching a movie, have you ever got the feeling that the director (or producer, or screenwriter) is getting a cheap reaction from the movie audience with a scene, or a plot twist that i… Read More
2023-04-08 16:58
What's the difference (between school and college)?Not a lot, it seems to me.  To most kids, school is something your parents  have wanted you to get through.  (Some of these… Read More
2023-04-04 13:52
I've just heard of this: AI Cosplay.  I can't even guess what is intended; does some cosplayer get into costume, and then modify the image with AI, or is this some robotic person doing… Read More
2023-03-17 15:03
This is both really cute, and very satisfying: a day after I made all my e-books free, the downloading records showed that one copy of every one of my books had been downloaded!  Of cou… Read More
2023-03-07 18:30
Just learned about this thing, and enrolled all my books ago.  Get over to Smashwords and get all the books for free right now; we can talk later.This is a silly event; I just can't tak… Read More
2023-03-04 17:45
I recently wrote about a story in which the legend of Robin Hood had been presented as if Robin was a woman.  The story is an interesting one, even in the original version.  The au… Read More
2023-03-01 14:16
Yes; I've decided that it's time I declared that I'm officially an old person.  Why?  Because I find myself annoyed every time I see the word 'hot' when applied to a woman.  T… Read More
2023-02-28 19:20
I want to write a story about a girl named Robert.  I just saw an ad about a story featuring two girls called Bryce and Cameron, so why the heck not?  How about female twins called… Read More
2023-02-21 23:24
OK, tell me this: why are all the women wearing swimsuits (or something like one) on DeviantArt?Answer: most members are guys.  Well, that's just my suspicion, but it is a strong one.&n&hell…Read More
2023-02-17 16:51
I have been a teacher.  A lot of what educationists want from those who prepare students for their classes (in the previous year, for instance), is to be able to efficiently perform mec… Read More
2023-02-15 17:31
No; EW is not suffering, that I know of, anyway.  It's just that I do admire her, and I think she contributed immensely to the success of the Harry Potter stories, in particular as they… Read More
2023-02-08 00:45
These are observations based on what I see on Devious Art, Facebook, The New York Times, Amazon, and the local news.  Being completely idle is not easy, becaus I get bored, and then I'm… Read More
2023-01-30 03:32
Because I don't play videogames, and don't read manga, I think belonging to Deviant Art is my only insight into youth culture.  And what I'm seeing is: fussy, elaborate hairdos for girl… Read More
2023-01-22 17:50
People (I mean friends and family) often ask me about attitudes of the people I meet and talk to, and I answer as well às I can.  But increasingly I find that there is often an a… Read More
2023-01-19 23:12
At one time, I wrote a lot of porn text, just for my own satisfaction.  It was a little different from the erotic text community found in fiction these days: detailed accounts of sex an… Read More
2022-12-24 00:03
Dear friends,I suddenly realized that, of any of you were to visit the blog-site during the week, there would be nothing for you to see!I'm still one of those pesky agnostics / atheists, and… Read More
2022-12-20 04:31
One of my earliest stories was Prisoner!, partly inspired by a story by G. A. Henry, a successful author of the last century.  My story was set in the Bronze Age of an alternate earth… Read More
2022-12-08 17:34
I'm not the most consistent person I know, not by a long shot.  But I'm noticing that thing people today---people younger than me, anyway---take being inconsistent to alarming new lengt… Read More
2022-11-29 23:19
Today I saw--after a long time--a word that is often misspelled, and by implication, mispronounced.  Why?  Because people (or is it mainly women?  Haha; don't hate me unless y… Read More
2022-11-24 19:43
The fault is not in our stars, but in Amazon.  The time has finally come, for me to abandon (literally walk away, which I guess from the musical term andante, which means at a walk… Read More
2022-11-23 15:36
I'm finally talking about something that's been around for a year or two, namely art using Artificial Intelligence.  The basic principle--as far as I can understand it--is to give a pro… Read More
2022-11-03 01:52
 I have been reading an (incidentally, very interesting) lesbian retelling of the Robin Hood story, called Heart of Sherwood.  It isn't easy to get enough of the idiom right, to co… Read More
2022-10-27 16:43
Why are young people of a certain age fascinated with vampires?What is it about vampires that captures people's imagination?  Is it because they drink blood?  Is it because they li… Read More
2022-10-16 19:24
I have been reading a whole lot of romances on Kindle, re-reading a few I had whizzed through before, and I'm noticing:their covers aren't very satisfying.  In fact, my own covers, by a… Read More
2022-10-13 16:50
Well, maybe I'm showing my age.  But this has bothered me for years and years."I couldn't care less." Writers today, old and young, misquote this saying as "I could care less!". The obv… Read More
2022-10-02 18:47
Erick Schubach (?) has written a fantasy trilogy about Elves living in New York--and all over the world--and I just finished the first book in the trilogy, and I'm halfway through the second… Read More
2022-09-27 14:44
I'm not out, dear friends.  I write as though I'm fearless, and don't give a damn.  But that's because I write under a pen-name; people who actually know me only know me as a weird… Read More
2022-09-13 17:04
I must first apologize for any other kings and queens who may have died without my taking note.  I was born in the British Commonwealth, and Elizabeth was part of the background of my l… Read More
2022-09-06 23:43
Hi, readers!(Edited to insert 'so'.)So I've often discussed some of the true novels within my opus, but this is from a slightly different point of view.To explain it, I have to start by sayi… Read More
2022-08-29 21:43
I was just getting used to cosplay.  Cosplay isn't just dressing up; it isn't just putting on makeup, and trying to look like a favourite character from a book, a game, a movie, or a co… Read More
2022-08-24 17:37
I'm just reading a story with a weird characteristic: every paragraph is centered!What kind of weirdo would do that?  I suppose I should not impute peculiar motives to new authors, but… Read More
2022-08-13 19:09
I'm babysitting the pets of a friend.  When I was growing up, we had a dog, and a cat, too.  But I never was really close with them.  But I find my friend's pets utterly fasci… Read More
2022-08-11 21:28
A couple of days ago, I was reading a story about a clueless grad student, who is set up with a beautiful highschool teacher.  Most of the reviews on Amazon were negative; I believe mos… Read More
Stories With Fighting
2022-08-03 18:18
In my distant youth, I attended a class in self-defence for a few months.  It might be said that fighting is like riding a bicycle, but I can't remember a thing from that class!  B… Read More
2022-08-01 23:19
Here's another rant.I've been reading so many instances where, when an author describes a girl getting ready for an occasion, or arriving for a date, or whatever, they make a point… Read More
2022-07-29 20:21
Oh my FREAKING GOD!!!Why am I screaming, after so many years of talking calmly and grammatically?  Because I'm going out of my mind, reading some of the formulaic crap that I get from K… Read More
2022-07-26 16:57
     You won't believe the trouble I had, typing in that title; each time I tried to type in 'Dating Sarah Cooper,' I ended up typing Dating Siera Maley instead! Simple mistak… Read More
2022-07-24 16:56
I think I'm--at least mentally--a little too old for the japanimation-centered culture of MMORPG, and all related media.  I stumbled on this thought as I was going through the daily inp… Read More
2022-06-27 20:18
Have you ever heard this phrase?  What does it mean?I thought I had some insight into the phenomenon crudely alluded to with this phrase, but maybe I should think some more.Because of t… Read More
2022-06-20 21:10
I was given Little Men by Louisa Alcott when I was about 13, and somehow it was the perfect book to get me started on reading.  Of course, thirteen is a little late for learning to… Read More
2022-06-02 18:18
I just checked my "sales" for the last 360 days, and all my stories have sold well.   (Which means people have been downloading them enthusiastically, cost being essentially no hin… Read More
2022-05-25 17:21
Yes, totally!  I love to wear skirts, I love to wear sandals, but I hate to fool with my hair, I hate to do makeup, I hate to have my photo taken.But all the stories I've been reading h… Read More
2022-05-23 12:05
For several years, I did not have a decent TV set, or service, so I was unfamiliar with Kate mcKinnon.  And then, someone took me to Ghostbusters 3, or whichever one she was in, and I s… Read More
2022-05-17 12:00
As many of you know, I have joined the DeviantArt site basically to buy cover art for my Smashwords books.  But this is a good website to view new art, though the quality is not uniform… Read More
2022-04-09 02:01
Deviant Art is my only window into this popular form of self-expression.  Normally, we don't examine the reasons as why an author gets started writing fictions, let's say, until and unl… Read More
2022-03-29 19:25
Jane was one of my earliest stories.  At that time, I had hardly any idea about how to set up a story to make it easier on a reader.  (I still don't, ha ha.)The original manus… Read More
2022-03-22 16:20
Hey, I'm back, to continue with one of my rants that leads nowhere.  Well, usually nowhere, but hopefully somewhere, this time.Have you heard me carrying on about how, in most lesfic (O… Read More

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