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हज़रत शाह वजीहुद्दीन ‘अलवी गुजराती-मौलाना सय्यद अबू ज़फ़र नदवी (मुदर्रिसः ’अरबी-ओ-फ़ारसी महाविद्यालय, अहमदाबाद)
2022-06-29 12:46
गुजरात में सैकड़ों उ’लमा और अत्… Read More
क़ुतुबल अक़ताब दीवान मुहम्मद रशीद जौनपूरी उ’स्मानी  अज़  मौलाना हबीबुर्रहमान आ’ज़मी, जौनपुर
2022-02-02 08:18
क़ुदरत का ये अ’जीब निज़ाम है कि ए… Read More
2022-02-01 08:44
शैख़ सा’दी के मुआ’सिर शम्स बिन … Read More
2022-01-22 17:00
जनाब डॉ लतीफ़ हुसैन अदीब बरेलवी … Read More
हज़रत क़ुतुबुद्दीन बख़्तियार-ए-काकी के मजमूआ’-ए-मल्फ़ूज़ात  फ़वाइदुस्सालिकीन का मुताला’ अज़ जनाब मौलाना अख़्लाक़ हुसैन देहलवी साहब
2022-01-21 12:05
फ़वाइदुस्सालिकीन फ़ारसी नुस्ख……Read More
2021-12-22 07:35
‘Blessing is excess, so to speak, an excess of everything. Don’t be content with being a faqih (religious scholar), say I want more – more than being a Sufi (a mystic), mor… Read More
2021-09-16 06:19
है रहमत-ए-ख़ुदा करम-ए-औलिया का नाम… Read More
2021-09-12 09:32
विलादतः- अशरफ़-उल-मिल्लत-वद्दीन……Read More
2021-09-08 06:19
हज़रत मख़दूम अशरफ़ जहाँगीर सिम… Read More
2021-09-02 12:20
In this paper, we take an example of a religious movement from the 12th to 17th century to examine how women wrote bhakti literature to bring out their views and ideas and created a  sp… Read More
2021-08-21 08:39
आपके जद्द-ए-अमजद अशरफ़-ओ-सादात-ए-ब… Read More
2021-07-27 07:45
The share of the Hindus in the expansion of Persian literature is great. It is a subject too vast to be dealt with in a single paper but it is indeed a very interesting subject for study. Ma… Read More
2021-07-25 07:32
हज़रत सुल्तानुल-मशाइख़ महबूब-ए-… Read More
2021-07-17 07:49
I had recovered this note from my hotel drawer in Konya. The cover of the writing pad was beautifully inscribed as ‘Nasredin Hodja’. “It was 2 am in Konya, Turkey… Read More
2021-06-21 07:09
India is a story in synthesis. Different people with different cultures came to India periodically and got absorbed in the mainstream of Indian culture. The Dravidians, the original Homo-Sap… Read More
2021-04-02 11:32
It appears that by the thirteenth century, the concept of India as a distinct geographical entity, came into Indo-Persian literature along with an understanding of a composite culture, and… Read More
2021-03-12 11:36
Professor Syed Hasan Askari was a distinguished historian and eminent scholar of medieval Indian history, active in his field between 1926 to the year of his death in 1990. He gained interna… Read More
2021-03-09 07:30
Rabia, the daughter of Ismail, a woman celebrated for her holy life, and a native of Basra, belonged to the tribe of Adi. Al Qushairi says in his treatise on Sufism, “She used to say w… Read More
2021-03-01 07:00
हिन्दुस्तान की तारीख़ भी कितनी … Read More
2021-02-19 09:06
पहला मक्तूब बिस्मिल्लाहिर्रह… Read More
2021-02-13 16:44
“शाइ’री दिखानी मक़्सूद नहीं है… Read More
2021-02-12 05:45
ये 582 हिज्री की बात है।निशापुर के è&helli…Read More
2020-12-31 07:59
“In tolerance, be like the sea”—a message of wholehearted acceptance that’s very much the need of the hour. Inscribed somewhere in Konya, on a wall. Believed to be a… Read More
2020-12-23 03:21
हज़रत मख़दूम सय्यदना ख़्वाजा अ… Read More
2020-11-25 09:46
‘हाफ़िज़’ का कलाम जिस तरह रिन्द… Read More
हज़रत मख़दूम-ए-कबीर शैख़ साद उद्दीन ख़ैराबादी रहमतुल्लाह अलैह ख़ैराबादी (814 – 922 हि•)
2020-11-01 09:47
हज़रत मख़दूम-ए-कबीर, हज़रत ख़्वा… Read More
2020-10-22 11:32
हज़रत सूफ़ी मनेरी (सन 1253 हिज्री ता……Read More
2020-10-15 05:51
शैख़ुश्शुयूख़ शहाबुद्दीन उ’मर……Read More
2020-10-09 04:48
हज़रत ख़्वाजा गेसू दराज़,सदरुल-… Read More
2020-09-30 04:40
अ’स्र-ए-हाज़िर का एक मशहूर दीदा-व… Read More

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