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2023-09-25 15:44
In case you missed it, starting today the government is again offering free COVID-19 tests (four per household). Worth having on hand as the season ramps up. Read More
2023-09-23 15:49
Hi. In the last few days, several readers have left, or tried to leave, some friendly comments that did not get posted. I apologize for that, but please let me … Continue reading If y… Read More
2023-09-23 11:00
This year, up in Boulder at the University of Colorado, there’s a new head coach. “Coach Prime.” Ugh, gag. It’s “Neon” Deion “Primetime” Sande… Read More
2023-09-22 22:46
Today is the last day of summer. Tomorrow is the first day of fall. Normally I’d be celebrating because fall has always been my favorite season. Fall has always brought … Contin… Read More
2023-09-18 20:45
Lost: One US Marine F-35B Lightning II fighter jet. Last seen wandering on autopilot near Charleston, South Carolina. Steel gray in color. Loves high altitude but will approach runways and … Read More
2023-09-13 00:37
Unprecedented flooding along Colorado’s Front Range Thu, Sep 12, 2013 Flooding in Colorado. I don’t know how detailed the national news has been because I’ve been watching… Read More
2023-09-10 19:03
Every once in a while Estes Park photographer Erik Stensland presents a new photo to which my reaction is “Wow!” An image that grabs me, that stands out notably from … Con… Read More
2023-09-08 14:26
This post was originally published Thu, Sep 11, 2008, under a different title. Broken links have been fixed and missing images replaced. It has been expanded slightly for this reprint. &hell&hell…Read More
2023-09-06 16:52
Former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was sentenced yesterday to 22 years in prison for seditious conspiracy. Even though he wasn’t present at the US Capitol on January 6, he &hellip&hell…Read More
2023-09-04 20:24
I’ve mentioned it before: the increasing and distressing misuse of the word verse when the word should be versus. Versus is often abbreviated vs. or v. and is used when … Contin… Read More
2023-09-03 03:44
I grabbed this screenshot tonight from the Indian Peaks webcam in Nederland. It looked familiar, and sure enough, back before I lost track of the camera, I posted a different … Contin… Read More
2023-08-31 22:21
Monday there was a shooting on the University of North Carolina campus. Associate professor Zijie Yan was killed. The shooter, a graduate student at UNC, was arrested and charged with f… Read More
2023-08-31 06:29
Currently making the rounds in media and political circles, discussions about Donald Trump the disqualification clause of the US Constitution: Fourteenth Amendment, Section 3:​ “… Read More
2023-08-29 00:58
Several years ago I lost track of what may be my all-time favorite webcam for long scenic views. I don’t know if the owner changed URLs or what, but I … Continue reading The bes… Read More
2023-08-28 18:32
I’ve not written anything about the Republican debate last week because I managed to miss the live telecast and almost fell asleep watching the video the next day. A few … Conti… Read More
2023-08-26 16:48
Sure, it appears Russian revolt leader Yevgeny Prigozhin’s plane was brought down by an internal explosion. And we all laugh at Putin’s expression of concern and sympathy about P… Read More
2023-08-15 18:53
Almost everyone has heard of the 2021 Marshall Fire that burned in Boulder County, Colorado. It killed two people, destroyed 1,084 homes and 7 businesses, and covered 6,026 acres. Originally… Read More
2023-08-14 20:15
Not everyone is delighted with the attractions we Coloradans cherish. (Twenty years after moving here, I’m still excited to call myself a Coloradan.) For example, here are a few widely… Read More
2023-08-12 17:50
Wednesday somebody in Florida won the powerball jackpot worth — what was it? — $1.5 billion? I stopped counting at a billion. But this morning I was meandering through this &hell&hell…Read More
2023-07-16 21:03
On this day 78 years ago — July 16, 1945 — the first atomic bomb was tested. It was the world’s first nuclear explosion, and a few weeks later the … Continue reading… Read More
2023-06-22 00:14
Today, on the floor of the US House of Representatives, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) called Lauren Boebert (R-CO) a “little bitch” to her face. Something about competing resolut… Read More
2023-05-30 06:21
From the first time I saw this commercial, I’ve thought this woman’s dress is the ugliest I’ve ever seen. Sure, there may be uglier dresses out there, but this one …… Read More
2023-05-20 23:11
The next time you hear someone mention El Niño or La Niña and you’re left trying to remember exactly what it means, you can check this diagram from the National …… Read More
2023-05-14 18:12
Today the Associated Press (AP) has a disturbing story about the danger artificial intelligence (AI) poses for our next national election. Concerned voters need to read it and be aware &hell&hell…Read More
2023-05-14 15:41
A note about the email notifications you receive when I post something: Near the bottom of those notifications is an option to “Change your email settings at manage subscriptions… Read More
2023-05-03 23:02
Artificial intelligence. AI. It’s a gigantic topic, rapidly growing and advancing faster than most of us can comprehend. ChatGPT, ChatGPT-4, Microsoft Bing, and Google Bard are just th… Read More
2023-05-02 06:52
This is a repost from March 3, 2017. I came across it late last night and once again, for a few minutes, I reveled in the joy within. There is … Continue reading Bet you can’t h… Read More
2023-05-01 22:26
There are, I’ve discovered, a number of YouTube channels that produce videos for dogs and cats to watch. And yes, some of them do watch. This channel just happened to … Continue… Read More
2023-04-30 03:12
Concerned that my pup Charlie might be gaining a bit too much weight (Labs are notorious for that), I decided to check the calorie count on peanut butter, his favorite … Continue read… Read More
2023-04-25 20:24
Webcams can certainly be informative. About an hour ago the live-streaming TundraCam, perched at 11,600 ft., caught these storm clouds building along the Continental Divide 17 miles west of… Read More
2023-04-22 06:10
"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." —Robert Swan Read More
2023-04-19 18:10
It’s certainly been a week of thought-provoking, gut-twisting, all-around bad news. And it’s only Wednesday. But these days that could describe most weeks. Of course, we can blam… Read More
2023-04-17 16:00
It’s all here, all in one picture: the great American West. From rolling prairie and bison herds, to modern cities springing up almost overnight, to the Rocky Mountains and the &hellip&hell…Read More
2023-04-16 18:06
The MAGA people couldn’t resist. (Do they ever?) They released this ad this week after the Daily Beast reported Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was once seen eating chocolate pudding wit… Read More
2023-04-14 18:32
Yep, “snain.” I just read that word for the first time. It’s a mixture of snow and rain occuring at temperatures just above freezing. It’s 36°F here at the moment… Read More
2023-04-12 17:18
“There are some places so beautiful they can make a grown man break down and weep.” –Edward Abbey The photograph, used with permission, is “Moonlit Simplicity -V… Read More
2023-04-10 18:48
I can’t help noticing today that the dropdown list of trending Pied Type posts includes “Expert finds Chinese records showing gymnast is underage” with an obviously broken… Read More
2023-04-06 19:03
No doubt it’s a big deal for a lot of people — the naming of four astronauts who will fly around the moon and back. And I congratulate the individuals … Continue reading B… Read More
2023-04-04 17:00
The issue of safety and guns in schools continues to keep Denver in turmoil. Various administrators vs. students vs. teachers vs. city officials vs. law enforcement. What should be done? &he&hell…Read More
2023-03-29 03:05
I finally got a video doorbell installed a couple of months ago. Just trying to keep up with the Joneses. To date I’ve seen neighbors walking by, a stray kitty, … Continue readi… Read More
2023-03-24 04:38
In May 2020, George Floyd, a Black man, was murdered by four white police officers in Minneapolis, MN. The ensuing weeks were filled with demonstrations and protests across the nation. &hell&hell…Read More
2023-03-21 18:16
New York City has prepared for possible demonstrations and protests if the immediate past president of the United States is arrested today. Personally, I’d love to see it. It’s l… Read More
2023-03-15 04:16
These days MacGyver lives near Eugene, OR, in the guise of a stranded motorist. On March 5 the motorist wandered onto an unplowed road in Willamette National Forest, Oregon, and … Con… Read More
2023-03-13 18:24
Well, here we are, our first Monday after resetting all our clocks for Daylight Saving Time. How’d you do? Kids off to school on time? Get to the office on … Continue reading So… Read More
2023-03-10 20:09
Last year in Colorado, Gov. Polis signed into law a bill that would put the state on permanent Daylight Saving Time. Hurray! But there’s a hitch (isn’t there always?). Federal &h&hell…Read More
2023-03-06 20:18
This video aired on our local news today and I found it very unnerving. Not because it’s the second Ohio derailment in the last month — although it convinces me … Continue… Read More
2023-03-05 19:49
Both images are from the Kawuneeche Valley webcam on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park. Screenshots grabbed on March 5, 2023, just two hours apart Read More
2023-02-28 23:01
A few weeks ago I posted my views on a particular video that had streamed on Disney+. Shortly thereafter both I and one of my readers were effectively attacked for … Continue reading… Read More
2023-02-24 17:49
One year ago today, Russia invaded Ukraine. Reblogged from “I didn’t have my glasses on. … “ “I live in Ukraine with my family. I love my country, family, frie… Read More
2023-02-15 23:41
Yep, happiness truly is a warm puppy … or in my case, a three-year-old (vet’s guess) rescue pup. Y’all remember Charlie, don’t you? The Yellow Lab mix I adopted almo… Read More
2023-02-12 21:15
Several balloons and one earthquake ago, President Joe Biden delivered his 2023 State of the Union address. It was televised by every network. And I didn’t watch. I usually do …… Read More
2023-02-07 19:50
My son just gave me a heads up on this video, and I’m hot! No surprise. Anger begets anger, and this video makes me angry. Even worse, it’s from Disney. … Continue reading… Read More

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