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Life and Business Resources for Rebels and Creatives who are ready to go after their dreams and focus on their goals.
2022-08-05 11:56
Welcome to the July 2022 Life + Biz Review! It’s time for a monthly update! I’ve been holding steady on the daily accountability posts in the Den Community to share what I do eve… Read More
How To Protect Your Child’s Health
2022-08-05 09:51
It should never surprise you that children’s health is more friable and feeble than adult health. Children are smaller, weaker, and difficult to protect, and it’s important that… Read More
Entrepreneur Tool Kit
2022-08-03 11:42
The Entrepreneur Tool Kit helps get clear on the business you want to start and start mapping out your content to tell people about it! One of the biggest challenges people have is knowing w… Read More
Daily Money Making Activities
2022-08-01 11:11
Instead of focusing on daily money-making activities, you need to be joining the newest social media network, and do the latest marketing trend. Nope. That is incorrect! The thing about soci… Read More
2022-07-29 12:05
Every month I share with you what you find inside Life Tips to Go. It’s a low-cost membership with tidbits to help you navigate this life through a weekly podcast, daily inspirational… Read More
2022-07-27 12:53
When it comes to visibility and marketing, I love podcasting the most! Here’s a recap of July’s podcast episodes – click on the title to go to the post with the full transc… Read More
Grow Your Email List Through Collaboration
2022-07-25 13:36
Grow your email ist through collaboration will help you add new contacts to your list with ease! During the last 3 years, I have joined and hosted list-building activities with other busines… Read More
4 Lifestyle Changes To Look At Now
2022-07-22 12:34
We are all aware that stress and worry can have a negative impact on our productivity and daily life. They might make it difficult to concentrate on anything other than the negative ideas ra… Read More
5 Smart Ways To Stretch Your Money
2022-07-09 16:36
Stretch your money in a world that has experienced raging price increases in everyday items and essential commodities in the past two years. Due to inflation, many people have witnessed thei… Read More
June 2022 Life + Biz Review
2022-07-04 13:36
Welcome to the June 2022 Life + Biz Review! It’s time for a monthly update! I’ve been holding steady on the daily accountability posts in the Den Community to share what I do eve… Read More
2022-07-04 12:50
The “Life Tips to go” mission is to reveal the truth under all of the layers of lies we… Read More
2022-07-01 12:45
Stream of Consciousness Journaling is a wonderful way to tap into your deep thoughts and feelings, find triggers, and get more clarity. There are different methods of journaling, but one tha… Read More
3 Careers That Creatives Would Thrive In
2022-07-01 11:11
Creatives often have difficulty finding a career that is the right fit for them. They may feel like their talents are under-utilized in their current job, or they may be unsure of what caree… Read More
2022-06-29 13:33
After you have created some new habits, remember that you want to keep track of your progress. This might seem silly if you are doing something like waking up a little earlier, but tracking… Read More
2022-06-27 13:36
If you have been struggling with the feeling like your life is stuck in a boring routine, or you can’t really find your happiness, a great way to feel relieved of this is to find more… Read More
2022-06-24 13:29
One of the best pieces of advice you will receive about forming new habits is that you should only form one at a time. When you attempt to change too much at once, it almost always leads to… Read More
2022-06-13 13:20
You can do so much with the right plan for you! There are 24 hours in a day and so much can be done during that time, all you need to do is make it a priority and set time aside to focus and… Read More
Rebel Shine Summit Speaker Schedule
2022-06-08 13:05
Here’s the Rebel Shine Summit Speaker Schedule I’ve been sharing with you this past week! We are kicking it off on June 13th bright and early! All of the conversations will be av… Read More
Are You Stuck In Life And Business?
2022-06-06 12:54
Are you stuck in life and business? The last couple of years may have been the most challenging we faced as a collective in this world. Some have soared in navigating this life and finding t… Read More
2022-06-04 12:27
Welcome to the May 2022 Life + Biz Review! Because I do the quarterly review and reflect on the goals I set, having a monthly update just makes sense!  I also do daily ac… Read More
Rebel Shine Summit For 2022 Is Here!
2022-06-03 13:38
The other day, I let you know about the Rebel Shine Summit for 2022, which kicks off on June 13th and goes until June 24th, 2022. As more details come out, this event just keeps getting bett… Read More
Get Unstuck In Life And Business
2022-06-01 13:30
Something I’ve become more and more passionate about over the last two years is helping people get unstuck in life and business. It can be so challenging to know life can be different… Read More
2022-05-30 13:39
When you validate something, you simply acknowledge its existence. It doesn’t mean that you agree with the person or even that you support them in their feelings. It only means that yo… Read More
2022-05-28 12:30
Coaching Around the Campfire Retreat is a weekend getaway from Friday through Sunday – where we’ll be exploring and connecting with our inner selves through conversation and 1:1… Read More
2022-05-27 13:28
Learning the importance of forgiveness matters so much when you are on a journey to get out of a creative slump or to get unstuck in your life. You might first need to figure out why you got… Read More
2022-05-25 13:24
Kowing, why you need to create new habits, can often be more important than goals! Why? Because it is hard to complete tasks required to achieve a goal if you have not formed a good habit fi… Read More
2022-05-23 13:34
The general theory of the law of attraction (LOA) is that you can project into the universe all your desires, and with the right mindset and actions, you’ll achieve your goals. Manifes… Read More
2022-05-21 14:47
Rebel Incubator Questions Answered! I’ll answer what it is, how much it is, and who it is for! Let’s dive in! What is the Rebel Incubator? This is my 3-months goal-setting, goal… Read More
2022-05-20 13:25
Far too many people underestimate how important it is to declutter your home and workspace on a regular basis. This is not just about being clean and neat, but what it does to your motivatio… Read More
2022-05-18 13:16
As you begin creating a new habit so that you can live your best life, you might wonder exactly what habits work best, and whether or not the ones you have formed are really going to benefit… Read More
2022-05-16 13:31
Values in life are the ideals that will guide your decisions, behavior, and actions. When you take the time to identify your own values in life, you’ll end up living a much happier lif… Read More
2022-05-15 12:39
It’s time to get it done strategically! In my last post, I shared about what the Productivity Accelerator is inside the Rebel Incubator and you may be concerned about making it work fo… Read More
2022-05-14 12:23
What is a productivity accelerator? We will have a specific amount of time, usually, about 90 minutes, where you show up, declare what you are working on, and then work on it – quietly… Read More
2022-05-13 13:20
Reinventing yourself is not about becoming a completely different person and letting go of who you have been all these years, but making positive changes in your life to be the best version… Read More
2022-05-11 13:09
Are you ready to create new habits and have the best life ever? That is amazing news! Now what you need to do is choose what types of habits will benefit you the most. These aren’t goi… Read More
2022-05-09 13:23
As you work toward becoming more self-aware, understanding the four types of awareness can help you become more mindful and even intuitive. In turn, this knowledge will help you make better… Read More
2022-05-08 15:14
Ready to ride the wave? That wave that carries your idea all the way through to the end? Are you ready to get some things done, work on your goals and challenge yourself to make some progre… Read More
2022-05-08 00:58
In the last 20 years, I created a lot of things! Ideas come to me and when they excite me enough I Ride the Wave of Inspiration! 5 books – one of them I had the idea and it was publish… Read More
2022-05-06 13:16
Finding inspiration when you have been feeling a little stuck? Do you feel like you are in a creative slump lately? If so, what you may be missing is the right type of inspiration. It is eas… Read More
4 Productive Ways To Channel Your Energy
2022-05-05 11:01
You may be someone who’s currently feeling inspired and motivated but is unsure of how to use your energy in a positive manner. The good news is that there are many productive ways to… Read More
2022-05-04 13:05
Once you have selected your new healthy or lifestyle habits, it is time to do them and keep doing them. Starting with new habits is the easiest part. It is sticking to them, day after day th… Read More
2022-05-02 13:16
Goal setting to take action is important in your life if you ever want to achieve the things you set out to do. You can tell yourself (and others) all day long that you want to make seven fi… Read More
April 2022 Life + Biz Review
2022-04-30 12:00
Welcome to the April 2022 Life + Biz Review! Since doing the quarterly review and reflecting on the goals I set at the beginning of the year I’ve been thinking that doing a monthly up… Read More
2022-04-29 13:14
There will never come a time in your life when you are done learning new things. If you have been feeling a little stuck or like you just don’t find joy in things anymore, then it is t… Read More
How To Keep Visitors On Your Website
2022-04-28 11:17
Photo by Your website drives traffic to your business and gets you leads, conversions and sales. For you to do all these things, it needs to make an impression on the visitor.&n&hell…Read More
2022-04-27 12:57
Forming new habits is a wonderful way to improve your life, reach your goals, and have the motivation and momentum to accomplish anything you want. Tracking is a bit part of habits, as well… Read More
2022-04-25 13:13
If you are trying to become a leader in your field, it will help you to understand how leaders think and act. There are things that effective leaders have in common that they do well. Leader… Read More
2022-04-22 13:10
One of the worst things you can do when trying to figure out how to get unstuck in your life is to not stop pushing so hard. When you keep pushing and forcing things to happen, you are often… Read More
2022-04-20 12:47
Do you feel like your physical or emotional health is falling behind these days? Have you created some big health-related goals you are having trouble reaching? If so, it is time to form som… Read More
2022-04-18 13:08
The biggest secret to finding balance in life is to accept that balance doesn’t always mean things are equal day in and day out. It really means that you can, most of the time, achieve… Read More
2022-04-15 13:08
A creative rut is when you feel a lack of inspiration for being creative. This can be any type of creativity, from art and writing to using your imagination and thinking outside the box at w… Read More
3 Myths About Working From Home
2022-04-12 11:47
There’s no denying the reality that working from home is becoming more and more commonplace, whether you’re an employer, an employee, or you operate your own company. It used to… Read More
2022-04-08 12:47
Before you get on your journey to getting unstuck and figuring out who you are and what to do next, you need to find out WHY you are stuck. There are many reasons people feel stuck in their… Read More
2022-04-01 12:14
Now that the first three months are behind us, it’s time for a quarterly review and reflect on the goals I set at the beginning of the year! There have been some shifts and changes and… Read More
2022-03-31 12:41
I am going to compare quick posts vs epic posts because they are on opposite ends of the content sphere, but still important. Blog posts come in all shapes and sizes and range widely in both… Read More
2022 Women Rocking The WEB Award Honorees
2022-03-30 13:30
Fort Lauderdale, FL (Monday, March 28, 2022). WE Magazine for Women and Women in Ecommerce are excited to announce the list of Who’s Who Women Rocking the WEB for 2022. These accom… Read More
2022-03-28 12:46
Your life is a do-it-yourself project because the responsibility of working hard, planning, and living a successful and fulfilled life falls largely on you. This simply means that from this… Read More
2022-03-25 13:20
Once upon a time, I said I had no choice. I had no choice but the direction available which was to be on the path of emotional turmoil, chaos, and misery.  I refused to take the blame f… Read More
2022-03-21 11:33
You know, there are two good things in life, freedom of thought and freedom of action. – W. Somerset Maugham. You are indeed free to think whatever you want and take whatever action in… Read More
2022-03-15 14:05
Cleaning your home is not a task that many people enjoy. While the whole aspect of cleaning is far from fun, at the end of the day, you’re going to feel so proud and accomplished for d… Read More
2022-03-07 12:54
How many times have you moved home? If it’s one or more times, then you know how stressful the process can be. Many people think that they have to put up with this stress; it’… Read More
Do You Have A Business Framework?
2022-03-02 13:46
Having a business framework can help you stay on course when it comes to creating the life you want and have a solid path for your dreams to become reality! I know many of you are still wait… Read More
2022-03-01 18:43
Self-care strategies aren’t exclusive to any particular time of year; however, there are some seasons that are better than others. For instance, the summer is an excellent time to re-e… Read More
2022-02-28 12:49
When we’re young, getting people to like us is surprisingly easy. We’re thrown into school and college situations where making friends and building relationships is easy. … Read More
2022-02-21 13:04
The moment you experience frustration and discontentment you are called to reinvent yourself. Quite similar to the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Every time the Phoenix becomes brighter or d… Read More
2022-02-19 13:03
Did you know that confidence is your secret weapon to building the life of your dreams? I want to share some tips and advice that hopefully help you get there. The key to success in any… Read More
2022-02-17 01:46
Creating art is a form of self-care and I believe that self-care is vital just like brushing your teeth. If you don’t brush your teeth every day, you get cavities and will have to go t… Read More
2022-02-14 13:42
Are you building your email list and making offers with your email messages? When you have a lead magnet that is exciting for your potential client and solves one of their problems, dependin… Read More
2022-02-11 14:07
I want to talk about the life-changing magic of taking action. Wishing, hoping, and dreaming isn’t going to bring your dreams into reality. About 9 years ago I started to play with… Read More
2022-02-09 13:18
Managing your mental state is ongoing and perhaps now more than ever we feel the effect of all the things that can affect us in a negative way. Whether we are dealing with small inconvenienc… Read More

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