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Cakes And Ailment
Rashbre Central · 19:21 06 Jul 2022
I guess he has lasted two years longer than I thought. Fair play that his lies exceeded anyone's expectations. The last time I wrote to my Conservative MP about him was back in February… Read More
Moogly · 14:58 06 Jul 2022
The Easy Crochet Mini Wallet is perfect for lanyards and keychains – and a great stash buster, beginner-level crochet project! Make it in your favorite fashion colors, or school colors… Read More
Life In A Break Down… · 05:00 06 Jul 2022
The post Masters of Mystery appeared first on Life in a Break Down. Are you looking for a way to play murder mysteries or escape rooms at home with friends? Then find out more about Masters… Read More
Matar El Gusanillo
Mi Boina · 05:00 06 Jul 2022
Las pandemias, no son algo nuevo en el mundo. Por el siglo XIV, en Europa y Asia, si rebuscamos en la historia encontraremos la peste bubónica, la cual al parecer acabó con… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 04:49 06 Jul 2022
Despite decades of "domestic reforms" and "generous aid and debt relief" (land-grabbing, resource-stealing and thug-grooming, in Standard English) Africa is still not fulfilling its potentia… Read More
What The Junk?! · 02:30 06 Jul 2022
I had two big chores I needed to do today.  They were, Get Goontz inspected and get my sticker Get groceries. I was able to accomplish both with no trouble. YAY I did run Goontz through… Read More
Krazicat's Blog · 13:18 05 Jul 2022
My bro told me (who I think is a hidden genius), said that the humans are more like emotional springs, the more you press the more the speed with which it springs back. He also explained how… Read More
Walk, Anyone?
Reluctant Memsahib |… · 11:36 05 Jul 2022
Come. Come for a walk. We’ll go across the vlei and up to the reservoir and down the hill where they’re harvesting avocado so that Jip can pinch one for a snack. Jip be… Read More
Antarctica Starts He… · 07:00 05 Jul 2022
Yesterday M.Belanger mentioned over on birbsite putting together a 2022 GenX rage mixtape, which got me thinking along the same lines. Even though due to a number of factors, to be perfectl… Read More
Para Efraín Huerta
Un Alma Navegante · 22:11 04 Jul 2022
Para Efraín Huerta. . . Quisiera escribir cosas divertidas para ti. De catástrofes y pequeñas tristezas estamos hasta el cuello. Nada de imágenes, tal vez labios… Read More
Oltre Il Cancello · 21:33 04 Jul 2022
Però è bello, dopo una giornata di caldo sfibrante, aprire la finestra e affacciarsi su questo groviglio scuro di alberi fitti. E sentire il vento, l’aria della notte, il… Read More
Independence Day 2022
Da Goddess · 20:32 04 Jul 2022
We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.~ William Faulkner May your 4th of July be safe and happy! And may you recall what this day is truly about. Freedom… Read More
Love, Life And Apba … · 18:03 04 Jul 2022
Going into the last three days of the 1965 baseball season I am replaying with APBA, there was a chance for a four-way tie for first place in the National League.  Cincinnati led with a… Read More
Hold The Fireworks.
Field Negro · 23:08 03 Jul 2022
I regret to announce that the 4th of July will be canceled this year as the American experiment has been hijacked by Christofascist forces. Maybe next year Read More
Inexpressible · 16:27 03 Jul 2022
To all the legit 🇺🇸 not the anti-American/woke libtard cult. To which I say have a nice glass of We The People wine. I heard it tastes especially terrible like y'alls Read More
The Purple Hermit · 15:34 03 Jul 2022
Together with art, poetry and ceramics one of my great passions is textiles. I just love, love, love fabric and my idea of heaven would be the haberdashery department of John Lewis. All thos… Read More
Saltshaker · 14:58 03 Jul 2022
Let us start, this time, with the taco. Well, not the taco, because, well, we didn’t eat tacos. We were, however, at Mole Tacos, Av. Federico Lacroze 2801, Colegiales, with plans to e… Read More
Little Road Trip!
The Breadbin · 02:16 03 Jul 2022
We had the opportunity to get out and about today, and took full advantage.First up, an attraction that's less than a six minute drive from my home, but which I didn't even know existed unti… Read More
A Little Princess
The Flower Duet · 17:25 01 Jul 2022
Earlier this week was my daughter's recognition day.Fourth grade, best in English and high honors! Love my princess!Lilt kids floral dressGibi kids shoes💗💗💗 Read More
Tour De France - Bicycle Race
Info Barn · 01:30 01 Jul 2022
 The Tour de France is an annual multi-stage bicycle race for men that takes place largely in France, but also occasionally travels through neighbouring nations. It has 21 stages, each… Read More
Confessions Of A Dum… · 16:33 30 Jun 2022
I'm so confused. And that statement shouldn't surprise you if you have been visiting this blog for awhile.I got some medicine and the warning label got cut off. It says "May cause… Read More
The Real Pursuit Of … · 13:14 30 Jun 2022
People dislike me. I know they do. I completely get it. Trust me. My mother told me that my mere presence is a stimuli to chaos, wherever I go, whatever the circumstance is, whichever charac… Read More
Girando A Mi Alreded… · 11:18 30 Jun 2022
     Una y otra vez levitan mis sentidos, danzando en callejones solitarios donde la gravedad consigue hacerme de nuevo caer.        Oscuros secretos y cl… Read More
Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Tin
Dada's Blog · 06:21 30 Jun 2022
Dairy Queen Ice Cream Mango Cheesecake To-Go (P449.00) via Grab Food.This is their small 6" tin, filled with vanilla soft serve "blizzard" and toppings (mango slices, cheesecake bits, and wh… Read More