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Field Negro · 00:22 18 Jun 2018
 "And whosoever shall offend one of [these] little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea."  ~ Mar… Read More
A Late Cable Bill · 22:51 17 Jun 2018
If you are a cannabis user and are worried about an upcoming drug test, there are some things that you can do to help you pass the test. One of the most widely known tricks is increasing you… Read More
Adlibris Läsplatta · 21:10 17 Jun 2018
// Detta inlägg är i samarbete med // Jag blir lätt uttråkad vid poolen. Försöker spela spel på mobilen för att ha något att g… Read More
Tilting At Windmills · 19:49 17 Jun 2018
So today, I was waking up from a Father's Day nap, got on FB, and found that a post a friend had made, and I had commented on, had been puked all over by some left wing troll who is all abou… Read More
I Love You.
It's Just Life. – On… · 15:20 17 Jun 2018
I love you. Not a part of you, not the entirety of you.Not despite your flaws or because of them. I just love you. Whatever that means. There are days where I can’t help but wonder if… Read More
Home Grown Sandwiches
A Possible World · 12:05 17 Jun 2018
Yesterday felt like a kind of personal milestone.  I made a meal for the first time using ingredients I had either grown or made myself.As you can see, in a matter of months, I have mas… Read More
Nalot Oszołomów
Julkoautyzm · 08:16 17 Jun 2018
Każda akcja rodzi reakcję. Tak było, jest i będzie. To również problem współczesnej nauki. Są osoby które negują jej odkryc… Read More
Da Goddess · 07:01 17 Jun 2018
My dad was many things to many people — father, husband, friend, the guy who could fix just about anything, the guy who yelled, or just plain old Dick P. He had a crusty, grumpy, gr… Read More
What The Junk?! · 02:26 17 Jun 2018
So, I woke up this morning and I was so tired.  I truly wanted to go back to bed and skip my walk and everything else.  I texted a friend and he mentioned possibly going out of tow… Read More
Michelle Mchatton | … · 02:18 17 Jun 2018
In the wake of SHITHOLE’S recent remarks about Canada, their trade policies and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in general, Canadians have taken to boycotting all things American, from s… Read More
The Kate Escape · 01:14 17 Jun 2018
I will be back with my usual ramblings once I get a new chrome book.  Until then I will post pics and leave short blogs. I've been writing behind the scenes.  Stay tuned. &nbs… Read More
Love, Life And Apba … · 23:36 16 Jun 2018
When I first entered the Arkansas school system I learned how impacting the written word was, and although it involved disciplinary action and the shame of my parents, it was an empowering m… Read More
Freedom Seeker · 22:13 16 Jun 2018
I remember few real details about when my ex left the house, other than his statement, "In three months you will be over this and fine." Maybe that was true, maybe it wasn't, but regardless… Read More
Go Ye · 14:50 16 Jun 2018
Freedom in this nation is necessary for the gospel to be freely preached and shared.  If you are interested in spreading the gospel, then  you must be interested in this topic of f… Read More
Beach Time At Virginia Beach
Goofballs World · 14:05 16 Jun 2018
At our previous American roadtrip last year in Florida, I experienced at Treasure island in Sint Petersburg FL how rewarding it was to spend a few days at the beach. This trip we planne… Read More
Cake & Cows · 13:30 16 Jun 2018
It’s been a while since I’ve done this, sipping my morning chai as I type away. I’m not really sure how to start blogging again after my month’s hiatus. But I know th… Read More
1806.15 LEAVER
To Baldly Go · 12:22 16 Jun 2018
I left school 31 years ago. I remember it well. There was no fanfare, no prom (we didn't have such things back then) no gathering or inspirational speeches - I just finished my last exam and… Read More
Thirty-Three Years Together
Northview Diary · 09:44 16 Jun 2018
Fought like tigers....or like old dairy cows that are buddies most days...but sometimes not so muchBusy as...Crossed manyI remember them well.Along the waywe raised some peepsI have to say… Read More
Mi Boina · 05:00 16 Jun 2018
“Haz el amor no la guerra” Gershon Legman Y frenad los tanques, parad las metralletas dejad las pistolas en el suelo. . Y después, ya sin ninguna prisa, bien despacio, s… Read More
Foreign Prophecies · 01:49 16 Jun 2018
A fast-paced, terrific watch featuring many well-renowned and budding actors alike. While it might not have been the first black superhero film as many had pointed out, "Black Panther" bring… Read More
The Changing Me
Syl's Bucketlist · 01:06 16 Jun 2018
Had a meeting again today.The past week I was asked to accompany a friend of the heart organisation to an event, to man the information stand.I agreed. I like to do it, especially with someo… Read More
I Have Feelings
Confessions Of A Dum… · 23:19 15 Jun 2018
Feeling lots of love seeing two of my favorite people sleeping on the couch.Feeling like Kyle might be playing more tennis in the future. He really liked tennis camp.Feeling like Hayden migh… Read More
The Blue Lady
The Purple Hermit · 22:42 15 Jun 2018
One winter’s night in Ashington, Tim went looking for paradise and found her swinging slowly to and fro in the play park. She was singing an old tune from a Rodgers and Hammerstein mus… Read More
Beer Tragedies
S. Weasel · 19:39 15 Jun 2018
A view looking across Tottenham Court Road towards the Horse Shoe Brewery, premises of Meux’s Brewery Company Limited. 20 Feb 1906. The Horse Shoe Brewery was the source of the 1814 L… Read More
Mirage A Trois
Livinged | All Serio… · 17:32 15 Jun 2018
Honoring my newest decade starting June 15, I wanted to pay homage to my previous two. My wife, with mild trepidation, approved this missive. Mirage A Trois Marinating in the afterglow of my… Read More
Lifebeyondexaggerati… · 15:30 15 Jun 2018
I’m home! After nearly eight months on tour and two weeks in Europe, I’m home. Jumped right back into rehearsal, sleeping in my own bed, and it’s like I never left at all… Read More
Decline Of Apple
Inexpressible · 15:13 15 Jun 2018
And so here I decided to write a thing about what exactly I don’t really want to: a tech giant company. Call this my need to express myself in some slight way, I’m not shy, and I… Read More
2018 Menu #27
Saltshaker · 12:21 15 Jun 2018
June 7-9 – 2018 – 7-9 de Junio It’s artichoke season here, for a short while, and we like to take take advantage of seasonal vegetables. One of our savory cheesecakes, wi… Read More