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Something Under The … · 13:42 22 Feb 2018
So I tried to do squats this morning. Because of a disease I have*, my body grows bone-like things on the muscle of my left thigh, which makes it easier and easier, and mostly unnecessary, t… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 12:50 22 Feb 2018
It isn't often that archaeological science gives comfort to the pushers of patriotism; but even as the Farage Falange reels from the news that the first Britons were dark-skinned immigrants… Read More
Just Thinking
The 7Msn Ranch · 11:00 22 Feb 2018
I'm not sure what George and Alan think about when they're in sweet repose –probably something having to do with hay. Oh, to be a burro...with no access to the news Read More
Estado De...
Pasa El Mocho · 10:58 22 Feb 2018
Se pide la retirada de un libro.Se juzgan como terroristas a tuiteros.Se condena por blasfemia. Se pide la retirada del diccionario de expresiones sexistas. ¡Del diccionario!Se pide la… Read More
Daldan Dala - 16
Gunler Gecerkern · 08:23 22 Feb 2018
Uzun zamandır çocukların taciz ve tecavüz haberlerini öğreniyoruz. Tarikat yurtlarında, derneklerin kaçak evlerinde... "Böyle bir olayın… Read More
Get Tattooed At #SAITC2018
Dirty Pink City · 08:07 22 Feb 2018
South African International Tattoo Convention 2018 Are you ready to get tattooed at #SAITC2018 ? After the success of the 2017 show, the second annual South African International Tattoo Con… Read More
Home Beautification
Pulchritude · 06:10 22 Feb 2018
There's an old English proverb that says if you want to be happy for a year plant a garden (and, it goes on, if you want to be happy for life, plant a tree). Gardening is more than just a ho… Read More
Hay Que Llevar Sombrero
Un Alma Navegante · 05:59 22 Feb 2018
No busqué en la orilla de mi sernadaes decir nada que pudiera salvar,y escaparme de la luzporque inquietaporque ilumina el camino oscurodonde hemos ido a bebery donde vinimos vac&iacu… Read More
What The Junk?! · 04:00 22 Feb 2018
Too tired and sore to post a real post today. Two walks again. My shoes came but I haven't worn them yet. I'll update tomorrow! Read More
Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone
The Breadbin · 00:15 22 Feb 2018
So I did this:Not without help, I hasten to add. Eva helped me. I did all the painting myself save for a bit of touch-up...but the only reason that kitty-cat face came out looking at all rec… Read More
El Cuarto Intento · 23:56 21 Feb 2018
De repente quise romper un vasoo mi alma, en mil pedazosquise la violencia de la descargaestallar toda mi furia en una acciónde repente, eso me haria sentir vivoo tan solo sentir algo… Read More
The Purple Hermit · 23:47 21 Feb 2018
“Why do you want to shut out of your life any uneasiness, any misery, any depression, since after all you don’t know what work these conditions are doing inside you? Why do you w… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 22:58 21 Feb 2018
Raising my Consciousness one Word at a Time Giants- an imaginary or mythical being of human form but superhuman size. What if we were all giants? Opportunities exist every day to accomp… Read More
Weasel’s Bug Farm
S. Weasel · 22:14 21 Feb 2018
I’ve since made a second batch of yogurt using a tablespoon of the first. After the cooling off, I decanted it into a Pyrex measuring cup and used the slow cooker for the long-term he… Read More
Terra Cotta Is Terrific
[ Unsung ] · 18:54 21 Feb 2018
Tanga waiting to climb another hillWe got out for a nice hike in Terra Cotta conservation area last weekend. It was icy but the crapons, once again, saved the day. We did about 10k steps in… Read More
Leo Horoscope Feb 22nd 2018
Daily Horoscope · 17:30 21 Feb 2018
Leo horoscope summary Feb 22nd 2018 A break from monotony, this is what Thursday Feb 22nd 2018 is likely to produce, but your attitude has to change accordingly for it to have a full impact… Read More
Inexpressible · 17:19 21 Feb 2018
dear future self, I know I know, I haven’t been updating as I should and not for lack of desire, either. I just don’t have a lull in the chaos math of my own existence. When you… Read More
Simple Ways To Ease Stress
Dear Crissy · 15:52 21 Feb 2018
I’d like to thank Traditional Medicinals for sponsoring this post. Opinions are my own. When I think about stress, I picture a dense, clinging fog. My busy-life as a wife, mother, and… Read More
Ravenous (1999)
Websnacker - Automat… · 14:57 21 Feb 2018
You are what you eat! Revisiting the underrated cannibal cult classicPlagued by controversy during the production with original Macedonian art house director Milcho Manchevski (Bef… Read More
Lulling Us
Northview Diary · 13:02 21 Feb 2018
Into a false sense of spring....The sun tracks the tiniest of fractions higher in the sky each day. Although it’s still low enough at daybreak and in evening that there is nearly equal… Read More
Andy Writes Poems | … · 12:30 21 Feb 2018
I want the whole world to be happy, but I left myself out of that group I pick myself up just to knock myself down and I’m endlessly stuck in a loop With no detours to force me to exit… Read More
GOD Will Make A Way
Mye Everyday Life · 11:05 21 Feb 2018
I cried because I feel helpless that time.  All the things that I kept deep inside suddenly came up and I poured my heart out to someone that I know in the end will either seal the fina… Read More
Kusnetsky Most And All That
Rashbre Central · 11:02 21 Feb 2018
That Mueller indictment about the Russian influence on the U.S. Presidential election campaign makes interesting reading. The full thing is 37 pages in a legalese format, but there are some… Read More
Cloha · 10:56 21 Feb 2018
Odgovor na pitanje iz naslova možemo pronaći u knjizi Geometrija božanske iskre. O čemu govori ova knjiga? O energiji, o Post Što nam crpi životnu energiju? j… Read More
Maria Das Palavras · 10:49 21 Feb 2018
Foi no dia 16 que a minha vida se mudou para norte. Este blog ressentiu-se, parte da família e dos amigos ressentiram-se, nós ressentimo-nos. O tempo que já era curto af… Read More
Carpet Of Weeds
A Possible World · 10:00 21 Feb 2018
Just on the other side of my allotment fence there's a patch of nothing in particular.  As with most nothings, they're only really nothings from a distance: closer inspection always re… Read More
3 Crazy Dogs · 09:56 21 Feb 2018
After more than 27 years of continued international trade growth you can collapse the next 2009 according to Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank on Saturday the G-20 must assume the… Read More
Thirteen Years...
0Ddness Bl0G · 09:42 21 Feb 2018
At 12:21pm today, my precious Bethy will have been gone from me for thirteen years. On one hand, that feels like a lifetime ago, but on the other, it feels like it has only just happened. T… Read More
Yukari's Corner · 06:23 21 Feb 2018
Hello, it’s been a while. I’ve been away from my blog for a long time. If we’re going to be completely honest, life got really busy and every idea I got felt insignificant… Read More
Vivoforte · 05:08 21 Feb 2018
Mi alzo una mattina, esco di casa, c'è una buca nel marciapiede, non la vedo, ci casco dentro.Giorno dopo, esco di casa, mi dimentico che c'è una buca nel marciapiede, e c… Read More
Vietcetera Cafe – K… · 02:00 21 Feb 2018
This is an article long time in the making. I have spent over a year watching Tam, a friend and fellow University of Washington grad, plan and set up Vietcetera as both a coffee shop and Air… Read More
Go Ye · 01:29 21 Feb 2018
It is important for Christians to vote and to qualify those they vote for with the greatest Christian / conservative values. Pro-life is a keynote topic.  If a person gets it right on p… Read More