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Nube De Recuerdos
Mi Boina · 05:00 22 Sep 2023
Nube que al llegar me traeslos recuerdos del ayerdel rincón de alma al llover,más ante mí te reúnespido, esta noche me acunes. Antes pase el horizontea… Read More
¡¡¡no Lo Se!!!...¿o … · 20:23 21 Sep 2023
La borraja es una planta rica en mucílago, contiene sales minerales, sobre todo potasio, taninos, materias resinosas y ácido salicílico. Se trata de una planta anual, de… Read More
¡ Feliz Primavera !
Un Alma Navegante · 19:37 21 Sep 2023
 ¡ Feliz Primavera ! Happy Ostara !El retorno de la Primavera siempre es bienvenida ojo que me hice amiga del invierno este año a full. He descubierto que se duerme mejor m… Read More
The Flower Of Kent
S. Weasel · 18:51 21 Sep 2023
This “distinctly ugly” cooking apple is known as the Flower of Kent. Its parent tree lives at Woolsthorpe Manor in Lincolnshire. You know that about apples, do you? Apples are g… Read More
Hidemi Woods | Singe… · 18:39 21 Sep 2023
About ten months ago, a middle-aged woman complained to me about my slippers at the communal spa of my apartment building. She wanted me to take them off and stay barefoot in the locker room… Read More
Moogly · 13:30 21 Sep 2023
The Plush Pumpkin Basket is a fun and seasonal lidded crochet container, and a free crochet pattern on Moogly! Featuring Bernat Plush Big and Bernat Plush, you can craft this festive pattern… Read More
Dravens Tales From T… · 07:06 21 Sep 2023
Das Wahrheitssystem hypermoralischer Narrative kapselt sich nicht nur von der Empirie ab, sondern begibt sich auf eine Ebene, in der haltungsästhetische Maßstäbe gelten. Es i… Read More
The Breadbin · 23:42 19 Sep 2023
Every once in a while, when I'm straight and flying right, people say things to me that I struggle to credit. They talk about a divine love and a sense of power they feel from and in me, and… Read More
2023 Fall Guide
Stephs Cheers And Je… · 17:36 19 Sep 2023
Welcome to our 2023 Fall Guide! Fall is my favorite season and it is quickly approaching! Fall has always brought me a sense of peace and serenity. It’s also BEAUTIFUL here in N… Read More
Saltshaker · 12:12 19 Sep 2023
Welcome back to Lima! I haven’t been here since mid-2019, pre-pandemic. This is a somewhat spur-of-the-moment visit (I knew I’d come some time between now and early November, as… Read More
Falklands Islands
Cybercaptain · 10:40 19 Sep 2023
Never having visited Falklands before it was an exciting prospect having only wondered about it as a kid watching the World chart on top of my bed that was gifted by my uncle. It used to be… Read More
Angela - Mother, Wif… · 11:18 18 Sep 2023
We all have fears. Heights, spiders, snakes and creepy crawlies. Some people have a fear of flying. For some people, like me, they have a fear of going outside. Agoraphobia is something… Read More
Benway Net · 20:06 16 Sep 2023
I found a new christian artist on spotify I really enjoy. His style reminds me of Everlast from house of pain but christian. Check out one of his songs below Source Read More
Wisconsin Mommy · 19:43 15 Sep 2023
Are you looking for a movie to take the family to this weekend? Maybe something that doesn’t make you cringe when you watch it while sitting next to your kids? Camp Hideout opens in th… Read More
Caramcduna · 17:48 15 Sep 2023
During our recent trip to Ireland, there was one afternoon-into-evening in the town of Dingle that stood out to me because it was such a great example of a sort of everyday kismet that marke… Read More