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4 Ingredients Of A New Habit Blog
In order to change habits, we have to practice different behaviors and get out of the “habit of easy”. We have to look at discomfort as a sign that we’re on the right path to that better version of ourselves. Here are the four ingredients of habit change to get started on that journey
2022-08-10 03:23
What is the infradian rhythm and why will learning about it help your metabolism, sleep, stress and how we age! Listen in to this week's episode with Cody Sanders to learn what every woman n… Read More
2022-08-03 03:26
Do you have a child who's growing up? Whether they are two or 22, if you are a parent, you will want to listen in to this episode as I offer true and tested strategies to help you as we supp… Read More
2022-07-27 04:02
Listen in as Lori Massicot and I discuss boundary setting for people pleasers! If you liked this episode, let us know on Instagram!… Read More
2022-07-20 03:10
One of the top ways we amazing women hold ourselves back in this world is in comparison. When we compare our lives with others we enter into a negative energy space that does not promote our… Read More
2022-07-13 03:16
ABSOLUTE TRUTH: Small progress is still progress. Better yet? It's the best way to create lasting behavior change! Small steps taken consistently over time lead to BIG changes in life. Liste… Read More
2022-07-06 04:12
Have you ever experienced a physical symptom and thought "You've got to be kidding me?" Well I have! And it seems to be happening more and more frequently the more birthdays I have! Luckily… Read More
2022-06-29 04:02
How often do you think thoughts that begin with what if? How often do you feel anxious? There's a correlation and the tool I teach today has the potential to change your relationship with an… Read More
2022-06-22 04:02
Anxiety happens. Anxiety happens to kids. Anxiety happens to spouses. Anxiety happens to moms. Anxiety happens to CEOs. Anxiety happens to life coaches  😱 Add to that, Anxiety i… Read More
2022-06-15 04:04
Parenting and supporting others is one of the most challenging jobs here on earth. I know it dear warrior! Not only do I have my own five sons, I interact with plenty of clients and humans t… Read More
2022-06-08 04:12
Double celebration time! It's the 200th episode of the Love Your Life Show and I've put together an awesome compilation celebrating you! Listen in and get all links in the show notes here: h… Read More
2022-06-01 04:04
Listen in as Susie gets raw and personal in a pep talk just for you! She speaks of the lessons she learned over the past 7 years, the completion of a commitment she made to herself, a future… Read More
2022-05-18 04:10
Ever have a hot flash or know someone who has? 🙄 Did you know that "sucking it up to just get through it" is not only emotionally unsupportive but a medically dangerous approach to m… Read More
2022-05-11 04:56
Have you ever started a day thinking: "Today I'm going to _________" only to find yourself getting into bed that night thinking: "DAMMIT! that didn't happen!" and felt disappointed and disco… Read More
2022-05-04 04:16
Wondering how to help your daughter's confidence and self image? Concerned about your child's inner talk? Wondering how to help your child with perfectionism? Or are you focused more globall… Read More
2022-04-27 04:12
LET'S GET HAPPY! Happiness is a wonderful state that I help people be more open to, to feel more of, and this podcast episode will help you with that. This episode for today is all about loo… Read More
2022-04-20 04:46
You don't want to miss this one! Why? Because we talk about something that, once removed, helps us feel closer and more connected to people we're in relationship with. What is it? Toxic Posi… Read More
2022-04-13 04:04
The anxiety sisters are on the show today! Whether you experience anxiety or you know someone who does, this show and conversation will be helpful for you. Maggie Sarachek and Abbe Greenberg… Read More
2022-04-06 04:20
I'll bet you've heard the studies about how having less physical clutter around creates feelings of calm, peace, and focus. Did you know the same can also be said regarding what I call, ment… Read More
2022-03-16 04:02
Overfunctioning leads to burn out, resentment, and stress for the overfunctioner. For the underfunctioner, it leads to anxiety, low confidence and stress. lose lose. How to shift out? Today… Read More
2022-03-09 05:12
Hey there! Yes you! The smart, dedicated woman. The one who knows that over functioning, over parenting, over helping or whatever we want to call it, is unhelpful in our relationships. We a… Read More
2022-02-23 05:14
Codependency is modeled in our movies, taught in our educational systems, and passed down like fine china in family lines. Codependency is harmful, hurtful, and destructive. Children raised… Read More
2022-02-09 05:12
Hot Tips Today! How to not be annoyed by the man you love! TRUTH! These are my favorite relationship tools and they work! Just in time for Valentine's Day! . *All links mentioned Show Notes… Read More
2022-02-02 05:12
[PEP TALK] HOW TO STOP GIVING UP Have you heard Einstein's quote: "We can not solve our problems with the same thinking that created them"? Along the same lines is his definition of insanity… Read More
2022-01-18 05:05
Ever wondered if you were an emotional eater? Or, lol, is there no wondering about're quite sure? Tune in to this week's episode with Tricia Nelson. She is an expert on emotional e… Read More
2022-01-12 05:08
Think back over your life: How much time do you think you've spent thinking about your weight, what you're going to eat, or how you look? Can you imagine what we could've created or accompli… Read More
2021-12-29 05:52
What's holding you back from having your best year yet? Often it's our pesky primitive brain. Excuses. Limiting beliefs. Looking to our past to prevent our best future. Luckily Coach Susie b… Read More
2021-12-22 05:57
Ever since I stopped setting resolutions and started choosing a word of the year, my life has felt a sh*t ton better. Coincidence? Nope. I know enough about human behavior, neuroplasticity… Read More
2021-12-08 05:05
Parenting is never easy. In fact, I sometimes refer to it as the biggest self development class on steroids. Right now, it's really not easy. We parents can find a lot to worry about and our… Read More
2021-12-01 05:18
Want to build your CONFIDENCE? Listen in to today's episode as I share a tool that helps me take tactical action to build my confidence (and to make sure I'm not inadvertently depleting my c… Read More
2021-11-24 05:54
Have you heard of the Law of Attraction but are not quite sure how it can help you in your life? Or, maybe you watched the movie the SECRET, tried a couple of things to no avail and have wri… Read More
2021-11-17 05:06
One of the simplest ways to feel less resentment and pissy in relationships is to learn about the love languages. It's also hugely helpful to know as we move into the HOLIDAY SEASON! Listen… Read More
2021-11-10 05:14
Have you heard of drift? Defined as the continuous slow motion from one place to another? Also defines as being carried slowly by current of wind or water? Guess what? When it comes to life… Read More
2021-11-03 04:02
When I feel overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, I just want to feel more in control. Well guess what? These last two years have really been a test as there's been a lot out of our control. Du… Read More
2021-10-20 04:22
You know how, when you buy something new you get a manual? Well guess what? We have manuals for the relationships in our lives too. We think people should do or say certain things because of… Read More
2021-10-06 04:26
Have you ever had that experience where your body does one thing before your brain catches up? This happened to me at the hairdresser last week and it inspired me to record this podcast. The… Read More
2021-09-29 04:04
Do you text your grown ass husband a reminder that it's his mom's birthday? or that he has a dentist appointment? And then wonder why you feel so tired (and pissy?) Listen in because I expla… Read More
2021-09-22 04:38
This is my magical skill. Helping women determine how to feel better and then to help them take the small daily steps to feel better. Now. Today. Part of this involves neuroplasticity and pa… Read More
2021-09-15 04:41
Do you ever stop to wonder if life has to be this hard? How we are making our lives harder? If things need to be this difficult? Heavy? Dramatic? As a behavioral coach, I am constantly study… Read More
2021-09-08 04:18
What is your best life? How can you live your best life? Listen in to learn how Glennon Doyle's real life story impacted me to make this podcast and to change how I'm showing up for my sons… Read More
2021-09-01 04:55
Calling all of my women warriors. It is time. Time to stop this judgement of women. Time to stop judging our female neighbors, friends, family members, or coworkers. Better yet, I give you t… Read More
2021-08-25 04:19
An instruction article on how to have fun in midlife? Yep! We high achiever, go get em' ladies need it. As recent podcasts by Glennon Doyle and Martha Beck have pointed out, we women are pre… Read More
2021-08-11 04:57
Listen in to learn how I learned that the trick to life is not to do more or move faster. Join me on this episode to learn how two massive life lessons of cancer and losing $480,000 dollars… Read More
2021-07-28 04:17
When was the last time you let yourself be bored? When was the last time you let yourself experience boredom? If you're anything like me and other humans, you go out of your way to not feel… Read More
2021-07-21 04:22
Hey dear warriors, I have a super simple message for you this week. I have taken my studies, work, and research of over 2 decades and more than 150 podcast episodes to distill it all into on… Read More
2021-07-14 04:42
I have wanted to have this star on the show for years, more than a decade to be honest! She was instrumental in helping me establish boundaries in my relationships, with my biological famil… Read More
2021-07-07 04:04
Overthinking paralyzes us, creates anxiety, and lets our child reactive brain run the show.  This week gift yourself FREEDOM from overthinking. Susie used to be the best overthinke… Read More
2021-06-23 04:09
I'm often asked how I have so much energy. Listen in because I tell all today. I give my top energy hacks and then one super bonus tip just for you. Please do me a favor and share this with… Read More
2021-06-16 04:25
People pleasing isn't nice. It isn't nice to you and it's not nice to the other person. We are lying to ourselves,. saying yes when we mean no and we are setting our relationships up for dis… Read More
2021-06-09 04:05
What comes up for you when you hear the word boundary? For some, it's a B word....b*tch. You think you are a b*tch if you set a boundary or if you set one you're being b*tchy. The reality is… Read More
2021-05-26 04:48
If you're anything like most right now, then you're feeling burnout big time right now. And you want to beat burnout now. I get it. And I want you to beat it too! The world needs you! I made… Read More
2021-05-19 04:30
You feeling it? Excited to be getting back into it and exhausted about getting back into it? Energized to see people and do things again and overwhelmed about seeing people and doing things… Read More
2021-05-12 04:50
2020 has us feeling like we've been hit by a truck. Here are my 3 quickest (and most effective!) mindfulness tools to learn how to feel better. Resources mentioned in this episode can be fou… Read More
2021-05-05 04:51
How often do you feel angry? Resentful? Listen in because this podcast on forgiveness is for you (it's not what you think!) The post Forgiveness appeared first on Susie Pettit Read More
2021-04-28 04:54
What do do when you feel angry? What can you do when you feel anger? How often do you feel anger about things that happened in your past? How much resentment do you hold towards other people… Read More
2021-04-21 04:44
There is a lot of heaviness out there. We are tired of “this”. We’re worn out. We're fed up. We feel tired, sluggish, and heavy. We are tolerating a lot in our lives and th… Read More
2021-04-14 04:32
When I meet with parents, I hear two reasons as to why they can't parent as effectively as they want. It's often how stressed they are or how anxious they are. Well lucky us! Listen in as I… Read More
2021-04-07 04:25
Fed up? Burnt out? Feel like if you don't ask, it will never get done? Sick of doing it all? Oh my warriors, have you ever heard of emotional labor? Listen in to this week's episode as I get… Read More
2021-03-17 04:56
Do you spend more time believing in future you want or finding excuses for why it's not possible? If you're like most of us, you spend time imagining your worst life rather than your best li… Read More
2021-03-10 05:25
When people ask you about your past, what story do you tell? This is important because as humans, we are unreliable narrators. We think we are telling an accurate version of our life story b… Read More
2021-03-03 05:17
Have you been told you're too much? You laugh too loud? Talk too much? Are too direct? Or is it just me? Lol because I know it's not. From very young ages, women are taught to play small, to… Read More
2021-02-24 05:12
Oh warriors, this is a great episode! Today I am diving into an ancient personality typing system called the enneagram. I discovered it last year and learning about it has helped me deepen m… Read More
2021-02-16 05:32
Here you go: The top ways to ruin your romantic relationship. Frankly, these ways can be applied to most any relationship. The irony is, we tend to be better behaved in our other relatksohip… Read More
2021-02-10 05:28
You're not broken Did you need to hear that?  Listen in to this week's episode as this is the sex-ed we never received. The sex education, that because I didn't get it, I went through t… Read More
2021-01-27 05:02
When we say yes to something new, we are saying no to something else. If you’re a woman growing up in the society, that probably means you’ve been saying no to you. The choices y… Read More
2021-01-20 05:09
Have you ever asked yourself the question: Is this all there is? This episode is for you. I've asked that question and I now know why. I call this your soul ache. That inner knowing that you… Read More
2021-01-13 05:18
We waste a lot of time getting distracted from our best lived life. Thinking we need to do what others want us to do or focusing too much on our weaknesses instead of strengthening our stren… Read More
2021-01-06 05:43
We humans often define ourselves based on what we have or haven't done in the past. That leads to futures that look very similar to our past. In fact, our futures looks very similar to what… Read More
2020-12-23 05:06
How you think of yourself, how you treat yourself, how you value yourself, how you speak of yourself has more of an impact on your wellness and health than any other relationship. How much a… Read More
2020-12-09 05:35
Have you gone to a book club or event with the intention to not drink and had alcohol pushed on you? When you say: "I'm not drinking tonight" people look at you like you must be ill or pregn… Read More
2020-12-02 05:32
Hey dear warriors, lean in close. I have a big secret for you today. A big aha that will impact your overall happiness and the health of all of your relationships…. It’s not abo… Read More
2020-11-25 05:39
How you feeling dear warrior? How do you WANT to be feeling? While we don't have control over a lot of what's happening in our lives, we do have control over our reaction and thoughts about… Read More
2020-10-28 04:06
The majority of my work and my podcasts address the internal clutter and crap that we add to our lives. The cognitive distortions, the limiting beliefs, the inner critic, the stuff happening… Read More
2020-10-21 04:14
Fun conversation on the show today with weight loss and life coach Tanja Shaw! Join us as we talk about: -how we add drama to our life through our language -the importance of being kind and… Read More
2020-10-14 04:46
We ask ourselves questions all day every day. Listen in to see why it's important to pay attention to the questions we are asking of ourselves, how our brain reacts to questions we ask, and… Read More
2020-10-07 04:42
Funks happen. Here are my top 10 ways to get out of a funk, and aside from the first one, they’re in no particular order. Do what works. Just do something. You matter to me. Show notes… Read More
2020-09-23 04:22
This week I bring you one the world’s top female speakers. Georgia Woodbine! She has helped to motivate and inspire an entire generation of women and men and I wanted to have her on th… Read More
2020-09-09 04:03
Have you ever been told to "Be Happy" or to "Think Happy Thoughts"? How about telling you things you could be doing to be happier? I don't know about you but for me, I have enough things on… Read More
2020-09-02 04:14
REALITY CHECK: Things weren’t working before COVID Life was just so busy that we didn’t have to pay attention to it. Now life has slowed down and we have the time to pay attentio… Read More
2020-08-26 04:22
2020. Anyone else tired? Over this? I am hearing from a lot of you that you’re tired of “this”. You're saying you’re worn out. You feel tired, sluggish, and heav… Read More

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