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4 Ingredients Of A New Habit Blog
In order to change habits, we have to practice different behaviors and get out of the “habit of easy”. We have to look at discomfort as a sign that we’re on the right path to that better version of ourselves. Here are the four ingredients of habit change to get started on that journey
2023-09-13 04:02
Discover a world of personal empowerment with host Susie Pettit on the Love Your Life Show. Join us for illuminating insights on embracing diverse viewpoints, navigating complex situations… Read More
2023-08-30 04:02
Hey there, it's Susie, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to this episode – "Do This Before Next Week." Today, we're diving deep into the world of values and how they can shape a life yo… Read More
2023-08-16 04:02
Embrace your journey of self-love and acceptance with inspiring insights. Discover the power of kindness and compassion towards yourself, as we explore practical ways to nurture your well-be… Read More
2023-08-02 04:02
Learn how to be the best advocates for and supporters of the young people in our lives. Whether they're our children, our adult children, or youth we influence. There are certain things I se… Read More
2023-07-26 04:06
Guess what this wellness coach has never done a podcast episode on? Our biggest organ! Today I straighten that out! Master Aesthetician, Natalie Bevans, is on the show to teach us about anti… Read More
2023-07-19 04:02
Are you ready to transform your life and become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself? In this episode, I share secrets on how to do just that. I talk about the importance of thinking… Read More
2023-07-12 04:02
Do you know there are more than 34 symptoms of perimenopause? Join menopause expert and author Amanda Thebe on the show as she shares what she wishes she knew about this passage of our lives… Read More
2023-07-05 04:02
Happy Independence time of year! Do you want to feel more free? More in control of your life and less annoyed when other people in your life do things the "wrong way"? I'm so excited for you… Read More
2023-06-28 04:42
Have you heard of Internal Family Systems or Parts Work? If you haven't, you'll want to tune in. Thinking of my brain in this way has helped me heal some serious trauma. If you have heard of… Read More
2023-06-21 04:04
Listen in to learn how to take the awesome learning from past episodes into your life in the easiest way possible. Yep, you read that correctly! Susie uses her knowledge of habits and the b… Read More
2023-06-14 04:02
This week's lesson in the Love Your Life School is super impactful and one that I can't wait to share with you! I'm teaching how to discern between the inner critic, the inner coach and the… Read More
2023-06-07 04:04
How much time do you spend thinking of a future you want? Listen in to learn how to use the super computer in your head to manifest your future. It's easier than you think. I promise. I shar… Read More
2023-05-30 04:12
What is a life list? Time management expert, best selling author, and busy mom, Kate Christie, is on the show today to help us live lives we love. She teaches how we can get our dreams and l… Read More
2023-05-26 12:24
test again The post test appeared first on Susie Pettit Read More
2023-05-24 04:02
Guess what? Most of us have codependent tendencies. You aren't faulty or broken. But it does lead to feeling exhausted, burnt out and overly responsible for everyone else's happiness. I am s… Read More
2023-05-17 04:12
How many of us say we want to feel happier? And yet, do you know how? If you listen to the media and the devices in our hands, we can think that things can make us happier - maybe a new pair… Read More
2023-05-10 04:02
Yay! I'm trying something a bit different this week. I've been reading a book (ADHD 2.0) that has me thinking in many different ways - about ADHD, brain health, brain fog, even perimenopause… Read More
2023-04-26 04:06
Life can be pretty simple sometimes. Do you want to feel the short term feeling of discomfort or the long term feeling of regret? Listen in to this week's episode as I dive into the importan… Read More
2023-04-19 04:08
Have you ever been in a rut? I have! Listen in as I share how I get out of ruts so you can too. Ruts happen. Burnout happens. Stress happens. I love sharing ways to support you so you can mo… Read More
2023-04-12 04:06
I have great news for you this week! One of the secrets of living a life you love and achieving your goals lies in DROPPING PERFECTION! In fact, study after study after study shows the less… Read More
2023-04-05 04:08
Have you ever felt like a martyr before? Resentful for all that you do? Burnt out from all that you do? Susie Pettit interviews Sue Holt today on the show and things get juicy! Listen in to… Read More
2023-03-22 04:38
So, you know those times when you're right? Like you're so certain you're right you need to make sure the other people stop doing it wrong? Yeah me too. I am often very certain that my way i… Read More
2023-03-08 05:08
Financially Free! Wheeee! How good does that feel? Well listen in because this week, Financial Life Coach Liz Carroll is on the show and she not only gives us tools to help us with our money… Read More
2023-03-01 05:02
Did you take a friendship class when you were younger? Most of us didn't. Which means there are a lot of myths about friendship and making friends that aren't helping us. Listen in to this w… Read More
2023-02-22 05:12
You asked for it, here it is! The first part of a two part series on our friendships as adults. Thank you for requesting this topic as it reminded me of some tools and practices that I can't… Read More
2023-02-08 17:08
This is a QUICKIE warriors! Listen in to learn a how I've been practicing feeling better for those times I want to feel better fast! ⭐️Quickest AND most effective way to feel b… Read More
2023-02-01 05:04
Who likes to feel resentful? Uh, come on? Anyone? It's one of my least favorite feeling states and there's a reason for that. it's a problem solving emotion. It is unhelpful for our relation… Read More
2023-01-25 05:04
When we talk about feelings, who wants to feel resentment? NOT ME! And yet, it's a feeling state that comes up for me in my life and instead of feeling shame that I feel it, I'm talking abou… Read More
2023-01-18 05:02
Our life is a result of the thoughts we're thinking. The thoughts we think cause us to feel certain ways. When we feel certain ways, we do things (actions, inaction, reaction). The actions w… Read More
2023-01-11 05:11
Listen in to learn how to use the power of your brain to make fresh starts and accomplishing your goals easier! ⭐️Show Notes Here: ⭐️A… Read More
2022-12-28 05:04
Ever since I stopped setting resolutions and started choosing a word of the year, my life has felt a sh*t ton better. Coincidence? Nope. I know enough about human behavior, neuroplasticity… Read More
2022-12-21 05:02
What do you really wish you had more of? More sweaters? Knick knacks? More coffee mugs? You know what I could always use more of? Confidence! Listen to today's episode to learn how doing thi… Read More
2022-12-07 05:02
Isn't confidence a great feeling? Here's a workshop where I teach 5 steps for more confidence. Listen in to start practicing today! ⭐️START HOLIDAY SHOPPING: Here are some of m… Read More
2022-11-30 05:02
Want to be less cranky, have less sugar cravings, age better, ache less, and feel less tired? This is the episode for you! Holistic Sleep Coach Morgan Adams joins Susie to help us feel and l… Read More
2022-11-23 05:20
Short and sweet one for you this week! I bring you the ONE THING that, when practiced, will make you FEEL BETTER as a parent, a spouse, a human!!!! Listen in! ⭐️Want a life coa… Read More
2022-11-16 05:08
This is a life changing episode. I know because when I started using these tools, my life changed. Dramatically. For the better. Last week on the show we learned 5 traits of narcissism. This… Read More
2022-11-09 05:04
Have you ever wondered if you're a narcissist? Spoiler alert: If you didn't find this show because your wife/friend/child told you to google therapist but you're here on your own self help j… Read More
2022-11-02 04:12
Grief happens warriors. It happens when people and loved ones die AND it happens when we change aspects of our life: a child going off to school, the end of a relationship, the end of a job… Read More
2022-10-19 04:12
Have you heard of the term mom rage? Well, I've felt it and know that some of my darkest mom guilt moments come after experiencing (and unfortunately acting upon) my mom rage. Listen in to l… Read More
2022-10-12 04:02
In a relationship? Marriage? Are you a parent? Do you have a parent? This episode is for you! Listen in to learn how this simple mindset shift of good inside can change how you feel about yo… Read More
2022-09-28 04:06 you ever feel irritated or annoyed in your relationships? Can I get an AMEN?! I can get annoyed at my kids, my husband, my siblings, my neighbors, heck, I can even get annoyed by… Read More
2022-09-21 04:06
Are you a goal setter? Do you like setting intentions or goals for your day, week or year? If you're a frequent listener of the Love Your Life Show, I'll bet you do. Which is why I'm super e… Read More
2022-09-14 04:12
Today I'm sharing the urge jar! One of my clients most favorite (and successful) tools. For free! No session needed! Learning about and using this tool has helped me and my clients break hab… Read More
2022-09-07 04:02
If you are in a relationship and feeling as if, in order to do be connected to them, you have to lie to yourself or to them, this episode is for you! Wait a minute? You're a people pleaser… Read More
2022-08-31 04:02
How are you feeling warrior? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Hopeless? Listless? You're not alone. In a recent podcast episode, Chalene Johnson cited a study that reported how Americans were the unha… Read More
2022-08-24 04:02
Low libido? Low confidence? Feeling comfortable in your body is important for your confidence, health and wellbeing...guess what, that’s true in terms of sex too! You are not broken (n… Read More
2022-08-17 04:02
Life is full of change and contrast. Yin and Yang. Light and Dark. In this week's episode I dive into five tools that help me when things around me are changing. Whether you're sending your… Read More
2022-08-10 03:23
What is the infradian rhythm and why will learning about it help your metabolism, sleep, stress and how we age! Listen in to this week's episode with Cody Sanders to learn what every woman n… Read More
2022-08-03 03:26
Do you have a child who's growing up? Whether they are two or 22, if you are a parent, you will want to listen in to this episode as I offer true and tested strategies to help you as we supp… Read More
2022-07-27 04:02
Listen in as Lori Massicot and I discuss boundary setting for people pleasers! If you liked this episode, let us know on Instagram!… Read More
2022-07-20 03:10
One of the top ways we amazing women hold ourselves back in this world is in comparison. When we compare our lives with others we enter into a negative energy space that does not promote our… Read More
2022-07-13 03:16
ABSOLUTE TRUTH: Small progress is still progress. Better yet? It's the best way to create lasting behavior change! Small steps taken consistently over time lead to BIG changes in life. Liste… Read More
2022-07-06 04:12
Have you ever experienced a physical symptom and thought "You've got to be kidding me?" Well I have! And it seems to be happening more and more frequently the more birthdays I have! Luckily… Read More
2022-06-29 04:02
How often do you think thoughts that begin with what if? How often do you feel anxious? There's a correlation and the tool I teach today has the potential to change your relationship with an… Read More
2022-06-22 04:02
Anxiety happens. Anxiety happens to kids. Anxiety happens to spouses. Anxiety happens to moms. Anxiety happens to CEOs. Anxiety happens to life coaches  😱 Add to that, Anxiety i… Read More
2022-06-15 04:04
Parenting and supporting others is one of the most challenging jobs here on earth. I know it dear warrior! Not only do I have my own five sons, I interact with plenty of clients and humans t… Read More
2022-06-08 04:12
Double celebration time! It's the 200th episode of the Love Your Life Show and I've put together an awesome compilation celebrating you! Listen in and get all links in the show notes here: h… Read More
2022-06-01 04:04
Listen in as Susie gets raw and personal in a pep talk just for you! She speaks of the lessons she learned over the past 7 years, the completion of a commitment she made to herself, a future… Read More
2022-05-18 04:10
Ever have a hot flash or know someone who has? 🙄 Did you know that "sucking it up to just get through it" is not only emotionally unsupportive but a medically dangerous approach to m… Read More
2022-05-11 04:56
Have you ever started a day thinking: "Today I'm going to _________" only to find yourself getting into bed that night thinking: "DAMMIT! that didn't happen!" and felt disappointed and disco… Read More
2022-05-04 04:16
Wondering how to help your daughter's confidence and self image? Concerned about your child's inner talk? Wondering how to help your child with perfectionism? Or are you focused more globall… Read More
2022-04-27 04:12
LET'S GET HAPPY! Happiness is a wonderful state that I help people be more open to, to feel more of, and this podcast episode will help you with that. This episode for today is all about loo… Read More
2022-04-20 04:46
You don't want to miss this one! Why? Because we talk about something that, once removed, helps us feel closer and more connected to people we're in relationship with. What is it? Toxic Posi… Read More
2022-04-13 04:04
The anxiety sisters are on the show today! Whether you experience anxiety or you know someone who does, this show and conversation will be helpful for you. Maggie Sarachek and Abbe Greenberg… Read More
2022-04-06 04:20
I'll bet you've heard the studies about how having less physical clutter around creates feelings of calm, peace, and focus. Did you know the same can also be said regarding what I call, ment… Read More
2022-03-16 04:02
Overfunctioning leads to burn out, resentment, and stress for the overfunctioner. For the underfunctioner, it leads to anxiety, low confidence and stress. lose lose. How to shift out? Today… Read More
2022-03-09 05:12
Hey there! Yes you! The smart, dedicated woman. The one who knows that over functioning, over parenting, over helping or whatever we want to call it, is unhelpful in our relationships. We a… Read More
2022-02-23 05:14
Codependency is modeled in our movies, taught in our educational systems, and passed down like fine china in family lines. Codependency is harmful, hurtful, and destructive. Children raised… Read More
2022-02-09 05:12
Hot Tips Today! How to not be annoyed by the man you love! TRUTH! These are my favorite relationship tools and they work! Just in time for Valentine's Day! . *All links mentioned Show Notes… Read More
2022-02-02 05:12
[PEP TALK] HOW TO STOP GIVING UP Have you heard Einstein's quote: "We can not solve our problems with the same thinking that created them"? Along the same lines is his definition of insanity… Read More
2022-01-18 05:05
Ever wondered if you were an emotional eater? Or, lol, is there no wondering about're quite sure? Tune in to this week's episode with Tricia Nelson. She is an expert on emotional e… Read More
2022-01-12 05:08
Think back over your life: How much time do you think you've spent thinking about your weight, what you're going to eat, or how you look? Can you imagine what we could've created or accompli… Read More
2022-01-03 05:04
Eek..I'm feeling a bit exposed! This episode is my most real, vulnerable episode yet. Why am I airing it? Because you matter greatly to me. And because, if you somehow think that I'm some sp… Read More
2021-12-29 05:52
What's holding you back from having your best year yet? Often it's our pesky primitive brain. Excuses. Limiting beliefs. Looking to our past to prevent our best future. Luckily Coach Susie b… Read More
2021-12-22 05:57
Ever since I stopped setting resolutions and started choosing a word of the year, my life has felt a sh*t ton better. Coincidence? Nope. I know enough about human behavior, neuroplasticity… Read More
2021-12-08 05:05
Parenting is never easy. In fact, I sometimes refer to it as the biggest self development class on steroids. Right now, it's really not easy. We parents can find a lot to worry about and our… Read More
2021-12-01 05:18
Want to build your CONFIDENCE? Listen in to today's episode as I share a tool that helps me take tactical action to build my confidence (and to make sure I'm not inadvertently depleting my c… Read More
2021-11-24 05:54
Have you heard of the Law of Attraction but are not quite sure how it can help you in your life? Or, maybe you watched the movie the SECRET, tried a couple of things to no avail and have wri… Read More
2021-11-17 05:06
One of the simplest ways to feel less resentment and pissy in relationships is to learn about the love languages. It's also hugely helpful to know as we move into the HOLIDAY SEASON! Listen… Read More
2021-11-10 05:14
Have you heard of drift? Defined as the continuous slow motion from one place to another? Also defines as being carried slowly by current of wind or water? Guess what? When it comes to life… Read More
2021-11-03 04:02
When I feel overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, I just want to feel more in control. Well guess what? These last two years have really been a test as there's been a lot out of our control. Du… Read More
2021-10-20 04:22
You know how, when you buy something new you get a manual? Well guess what? We have manuals for the relationships in our lives too. We think people should do or say certain things because of… Read More

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