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A skeptical left-liberal's blogging on Texas and national politics, environmentalism, journalism, church-state issues, atheism, more
2024-05-18 18:56
I was going to post this to my original piece about the presidential debate annoucement, since I didn't see it until 12 hours after that posted, but then thought it would be burying the lede… Read More
2024-05-13 14:00
A month ago, I offered my critical thoughts ("critical" in the more technical, more than psychological) on Mondoweiss claiming that President Biden's knee-jerk support of Bibi Netanyahu and… Read More
RFK Jr.'s Brainworm And The Wrath Of Khan
2024-05-11 15:00
I'd heard plenty about this nuttery when it first broke, per the New York Times story.Via Orac, I'd heard about Stephen Colbert's jokes.And, yes, via Orac (setting aside his deep-fried #Blue… Read More
Presidential Roundup, May 10
2024-05-10 18:32
Apparently, though I didn't see anything at Independent Political Report, Libertarian National Committee head Angela McArdle invited her Luciferian master, RFK Jr., as well as Donald Duck Tr… Read More
RFK Jr: Apparent Gaslighter On Abortion
2024-05-10 13:18
I had blogged last fall about Kennedy visiting Auntie Angie's House, an abortion alternatives site for Black women that apparently believes the "abortion is Black genocide" BS.So, imagine my… Read More
2024-05-09 14:00
Capital and Main talks about Schuyler Wight leaving his West Texas home once a month, every month, to try to get the Railroad Commission to do something — ANYTHING — about orphan… Read More
Counterpunch Engaging In
2024-05-06 14:00
I'm not a duopoly voter, of course.BUT?As I say in my header here, and on my Twitter profile, I am a SKEPTICAL leftist. And I mean that in both the modern "show me your work" so-called "scie… Read More
2024-05-01 17:22
I see what I did there with that headline.I've long, on this forum, called out the US and other NATO countries for pushing a proxy war in Ukraine. I've fought back against the Uki-tankies of… Read More
2024-04-30 17:26
Please make it stop, at least while all the old mindsets are in place.The Chronic plays up Amtrak's looking at Texas high-speed rail. As long as Amtrak keeps itself wedded to the Texas Cen… Read More
2024-04-26 13:30
Disgusted by Counterpunch running actual antisemitism, not anti-Zionism.David Yearsley, who is a regular contributor at Counterpunch, as in for more than 15 years, ran a piece about the inte… Read More
2024-04-25 15:09
First, per the TXGP report on presidential voting, it's sad that there is no Travis precinct nor a Dallas one. See below for more.Second, gag me with a fucking spoon. Hunter Crow is official… Read More
2024-04-24 17:23
The Texas Progressives hope that you're a real environmentalist with belated Earth Day thoughts while saying good-bye to the good, the bad and the ugly of the late Daniel Dennett.Bibi and hi… Read More
New Thoughts On Chaco Canyon
2024-04-24 14:21
 This piece in an anthropology journal, though focused on agriculture at Pueblo Alto, is very interesting in other ways.The biggie? I'd long ago read Steve Lekson's "The Chaco Meridian… Read More
RIP Joe Tillotson
2024-04-23 18:02
No, nobody famous, and not a takedown obit.Joe wasn't perfect, but when I was at the Today Newspapers group years and years ago, I considered the then mayor of Lancaster a personal friend. H… Read More
2024-04-17 17:23
Harris County Attorney Christian Menafee is ready to take on Kenny Boy Paxton in a legal battle over the county's guaranteed income. (Kenny Boy should just leave well enough alone; if Harr… Read More
2024-04-15 18:40
I'm not sure that the NAIA's ban on post-hormone supplementation transsexual (transgender?) athletes is totally wrong, to put it mildly. I am sure that sex and gender aren't the same thin… Read More
2024-04-13 15:59
Contra Robert Paxton, who Corey Robin says wrote "the book" on fascism, I reject the idea, espoused by Paxton three years ago, that Jan. 6, 2021 made Trump a fascist.It's not whether the Cap… Read More
2024-04-09 18:09
At a minimum, per this LA Times piece, Shohei Ohtani looks like a naive sucker for his blind trust in body man/Man Friday/interpreter Ippei Mizuhara.At a maximum, per this story linked withi… Read More
2024-04-03 17:56
Smithsonian Magazine asks a good, and partially rhetorical, question, that is, why isn't dental care considered primary health care?First, as it discusses around the edges, and as I know in… Read More
2024-03-30 15:22
Yes, Julian Assange was granted the right to appeal his extradition to the US, which the British court said could still eventually happen if the US offered sufficient guarantees of potential… Read More
2024-03-29 14:00
Adjusting emissions to vehicle size is part of how Dear Leader's EPA killed its own Corporate Average Fuel Economy, or CAFE, standards. The piece notes that EPA is now, more than a decade… Read More
2024-03-28 14:54
I have written briefly about Flickr photographer Randy Langstraat before, mainly on Twitter. I have noted his claims to have "captured" sunbursts, which he frames to shoot at the edge o… Read More
2024-03-27 14:05
Reddit may just be the front page of the internet in one way. Its algorithm for what subs it shows me is at least as stupid as Twitter and Fuckbook showing me what accounts I "should" follow… Read More
2024-03-23 16:17
Along with Eric Lipton he is a pseudoscientist on GMOs. (This is not to endorse them, but it's to oppose pseudoscience.)If not an outright antivaxxer, at least a fellow traveler. More here… Read More
2024-03-22 14:19
Instead of boasting about winning the Pennsylvania Green Party primary, shouldn't Jill Stein rather be concerned that she left 25 percent of the vote, and 20 percent of the delegates, on the… Read More
2024-03-21 14:00
Let's lead with that. The Monthly has a story about how a LOT of bands are ditching South by Southwest this year. Why? The U.S. Army being a sponsor and other issues related to the genocide… Read More
2024-03-20 14:00
If Andrew Cockburn is going to do a thin update of his Harper’s piece from a year ago that I refuted at that time, then I shall do the same, as we await the likely inevitable result of… Read More
2024-03-18 15:12
From Off the Kuff, Kuffner in his weekend link dumps posts stuff without comment, and I'm taking silence as assent.The weirdest of a couple of weeks ago? He's got a piece from some sort of "… Read More
Texas Progressives Offer Primary Wrap, More
2024-03-14 14:42
We'll start this with a primary wrap. The vouchers wingnuts affected SBOE races as well as Texas House races. That's even when Strangeabbott endorsed incumbents. That said, per links on a Ku… Read More
2024-03-12 14:09
File this under "cluelessness from the field":If you’ve got duopoly primaries like we do here in WA, this is a good way to fill them out— Jason Call … Read More
2024-03-08 15:00
I was blocked by Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat two weeks ago. I discovered that when Jeet Heer was quote tweeting over just how bad of hasbara he was spouting:I remember when the hasbara was b… Read More
2024-03-06 15:00
Unless noted otherwise, all posts are from February.No. 10? A Texas Progressives roundup that began with Christofascist Tim Dunn.No. 9? I didn't start this until March 5 and a post from yest… Read More
2024-03-05 15:00
Six anti-voucher Texas House Republicans have somehow escaped Gov. Greg Abbott endorsing their opponents. No word from Strangeabbott on why. The Trib adds that Abbott's endorsement carries m… Read More
2024-03-04 15:00
All links are to the Texas Tribune.First, climate change is real, it's getting worse, and it's exacerbating an already extant winter wildfire season in West Texas. That said, to expand on th… Read More
2024-03-03 00:18
I'm talking regional, above county level, Rethuglicans, and Democraps where available.I think David Spiller holds on to HD-68. Kerri Kingsberry may win local Cooke County, but not the whole… Read More
2024-03-01 15:31
David Rieff, the sole child of Susan Sontag, is definitely the type of person I'd call a public intellectual.I became Twitter friends with him on a previous account, the one that Elmo's Jack… Read More

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