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America’s True Religion
Go 11 · 12:48 20 Jul 2019
From “In God We Trust” as it is appears on our currency to what Marx once said was “the Opium of the People” there’s also a new addictive drug that links everyt… Read More
The Face Of Hunger · 12:06 20 Jul 2019
When the United States House of Representatives passed the resolution to condemn our lying pig of a president’s racist statements only four Republicans refused to support Trump’… Read More
Cable Protector For Your Smartphones
Tekkaus · 16:30 19 Jul 2019
You were about to charge your smartphone and you realize that it is not charging! When you check your horror your charging cable is broken...AGAIN! Time and again money has been… Read More
A Day With The People In Jasin
About · 13:00 19 Jul 2019
The roundabout that connects three roads is still symbolic to one who drive through it today because one knows he has arrived in Jasin.The divergent to the right if you are driving to the ro… Read More
Haifa Diary · 10:14 19 Jul 2019
The following article refers to the attempts by J Street to distort the realities of life in Israelby ABE GREENWALD, COMMENTARYA host of progressive organizations use their Jewishness a… Read More
Bank Runs
Economics Help Blog … · 09:22 15 Jul 2019
Bank run definition A bank run occurs when there is a sudden demand to withdraw money from a bank, that the commercial bank struggles to meet. The first signs of ‘bank panic’ wil… Read More
Why Trump Will Lose In 2020
R World · 16:48 14 Jul 2019
Trump lost the popular vote in 2016. Less talked about is how narrow was his electoral college victory. To put that in perspective, he's the 45th president and 45 presidential elections were… Read More
An American Hebrew · 23:37 13 Jul 2019
The Russian intelligence services attacked America at the direction of Vladimir Putin by hacking into the computers of our political parties and by spreading lies on the internet directed at… Read More