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My Life-story In Watches...
Go 11 · 12:31 08 Jul 2020
As a young man, I attended a technical school that originally was a watchmaking institution.When I went there, in the early 60s, watchmaking was only one area of expertise that school prepar… Read More
Cuba;un'isola Nel So… · 10:38 08 Jul 2020
Vista l'attuale contingenza economica e sanitaria che il mondo sta attraversando viene quasi naturale, sopratutto se si parla di alcuni paesi ed alcuni personaggi, che ci siano vaste fasce d… Read More
R World · 05:42 07 Jul 2020
Occasionally I forget that we've living through a pandemic and find myself suddenly questioning the poor life choices I must have made to be living as a shut-in decades ahead of schedule Read More
Masonic Secrets
"apathy Kills!" Divi… · 11:31 06 Jul 2020
Freemasons and their apologists often deny that they are Satanists and attribute such accusations as conspiracy theory. Incidentally, the term "conspiracy theory" originated in Freemasonry… Read More
About · 04:47 05 Jul 2020
Specially written by 王现河Ong Hian HoeA Documentary – Wangkang noun – a film or television or radio programme that provides a factual report on a particular su… Read More
Bolivariano Style
Killroy Square Garde… · 10:39 02 Jul 2020
Ayer estaba haciendo zapping y se me dio por ver Telesur ... para los que tienen Telecable en Asturias es una canal que hace que Pravda parezca de derecha o RT sea socia de la CNN. Es una… Read More