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A Lifestyle Of Peace Blog
A blog on a Biblical lifestyle of peace. God centered growth. Apologetics, sermons, theological studies, and Jesus Christ.
King David's Last Words
2023-10-23 02:27
There was a young man named David who cared for a few sheep of his father. He was the youngest of all his brothers. When the whole family was called for an important meeting with a religious… Read More
What Is The Most Important Command Of God?
2023-10-09 23:22
"A lighthouse along a bleak coast was tended by a keeper who was given enough oil for one month and told to keep the light burning every night. One day a woman asked for oil so that her chil… Read More
Sheba's Rebellion Against King David
2023-10-03 17:54
At the end of 2nd Samuel chapter 19 we see Mephibosheth rejoining King David after he had fled Jerusalem. We also see Barzillai, a rich guy who was supporting David in Mahanaim, come to Davi… Read More
King David Shows Grace To His Enemies
2023-09-25 18:18
Mourning and celebrating, have you ever felt happy, but sad at the same time? Has a moment of excitement or joy suddenly become sad for you? Or perhaps a moment of sorrow turned into a momen… Read More
Jesus Questioned About Paying Taxes
2023-09-25 02:09
In the year 2022, according to the CBO, the United States government raised 4.9 trillion dollars in tax income. About half came from individual income taxes. It’s a massive amount of m… Read More
Absalom's Rebellion Against King David
2023-08-28 17:14
Right now in this season of growing politics, we see various candidates political office beginning again to vie for the affections of the people. They make promises, they give their pol… Read More
Nathan Confronts David, David Repents
2023-08-04 04:20
Have you ever made a huge mistake? A mistake that really bit hard?  And you fought with yourself about it, trying to justify what you did? But in the end you realize, I messed up really… Read More
I Believe Lord; Help My Unbelief!
2023-08-02 02:38
“In college I was asked to prepare a lesson to teach my speech class. We were to be graded on our creativity and ability to drive home a point in a memorable way. The title of my talk… Read More
Jesus Walks On The Lake
2023-06-18 20:44
Growing up in Wisconsin we would go “up north” twice a year at least, to a town called Minocqua. And we would spend hours boating, we would travel something they called up there… Read More
David Made King Of The Entire Nation
2023-06-05 02:49
Israel is in a vicious civil conflict, between Judah in the south, and the rest of Israel in the north. David commands from the city of Hebron in the south, and Ish-Bosheth is in charge of t… Read More
David Is Named King Of Judah In Hebron
2023-05-22 21:31
David trusted God for years and years. He trusted God as his enemies closed in around him. He trusted God as he lived in caves. He trusted God even when he was alone and on the run. He trust… Read More
Dream Of The Underground Water Tunnels
2023-05-03 03:40
Mysterious tunnels through the dark depths. Endless tunnels, waterworks tunnels, bright, yet dark. Filled with water. Like the tunnels underneath a city. I was watching as hundreds and thous… Read More
King Saul Consults With A Medium At Endor
2023-04-17 02:36
In first Samuel 28 we see that David and his 600 men are hiding out in the land of the Philistines. King Saul has stopped looking for David, because he’s left the country, but now, thi… Read More
David Lives Among The Philistines
2023-04-03 00:55
David and his 600 men having been running here and there, constantly pursued by King Saul and the troops of Israel. He’s managed to evade Saul for a long time now, because God is with… Read More
David Spares Saul's Life A Second Time
2023-03-27 00:23
Do you ever feel in your life like you’ve been tested in this area already? I know I’ve felt that way. Lord I went through this test already. I’ve given you my problems. I… Read More
King Jesus Christ The Lord Of The Sabbath
2023-03-26 20:26
My girlfriend and I went to the dog groomer yesterday, we took her dog Sammi in and he was not at all happy when he realized where we were taking him. Sam does not like the groomer, because… Read More
Abigail Calms The Wrath Of David
2023-03-20 18:50
In chapter 25 of 1st Samuel we see several turning points in the life of David. Many years ago David had been a young shepherd boy when he met a prophet of Israel named Samuel. But the story… Read More
Nursing Home Devotional
2023-03-19 02:33
I’d like to share with you today a parable that Jesus taught during his ministry, called the parable of the talents. From Matthew chapter 25, verses 14-30. The scripture says this: &ld&hell…Read More
David Promoted To Leadership In Saul's Army
2023-01-30 03:35
David is coming off the greatest moment of his life, his victory over Goliath. He could easily be tempted to become arrogant or proud. But that is not what happens next. We saw at the end of… Read More
The Spiritual Journey Of Aaron Rodgers
2023-01-28 19:35
Two thousand nine, week eight, Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings, and there was a fire burning in the hearts of millions of Packer fans as Brett Favre, girded in purple and white… Read More

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