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2023-05-23 20:52
Researchers examined stable isotopes from bone collagen and dental enamel to reconstruct the diets of ancient Mongolians. Findings challenge the popular notion of a completely nomadic prehis… Read More
2023-05-16 21:44
One drone, four microphones and a loudspeaker: nothing more is needed to determine the position of walls and other flat surfaces within a room. This has been mathematically proved by Prof. G… Read More
2023-05-09 11:43
In a recently released edition of the Journal of Field Archaeology, Brown Assistant Professor of Anthropology Parker VanValkenburgh and several colleagues detailed new research they conducte… Read More
2023-05-02 20:05
In a lab at Columbia University, engineers have developed a strange yet clever way for robots to feel: Let’s call it the finger of light. It’s got a 3D-printed skeleton embedded… Read More
2023-04-28 01:12
Making everyday decisions seems easy enough. But new research from Stevens Institute of Technology suggests that too much knowledge can lead people to make worse decisions, pointing to a cri… Read More
2023-04-21 15:19
Brain activity has an unmistakable signature: the firing of neurons, as brain cells relay information to one another through the triggered release of chemical neurotransmitters, which are re… Read More
2023-04-13 23:44
Most natural and artificial surfaces are rough: metals and even glasses that appear smooth to the naked eye can look like jagged mountain ranges under the microscope. There is currently no u… Read More
2023-04-06 22:48
Facial expressions might not be reliable indicators of emotion, research indicates. In fact, it might be more accurate to say we should never trust a person’s face, new research sugges… Read More
2023-03-31 13:09
What clues does our memory use to connect a current situation to a situation from the past? A study conducted by researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, – worki… Read More
2023-03-26 00:59
The new artificial intelligence system ChatGPT has become a sensation. It can write poetry, it can program whatever you ask it to, it can reply to your answers. In summary, it can do whateve… Read More
2023-03-24 21:25
Academics at UCL have identified 18 reasons why megaprojects such as HS2 and Crossrail often fail, as well as 54 preventative solutions. The study found that no isolated factor could account… Read More
2023-03-17 07:02
The left and right side of the brain are involved in different tasks. This functional lateralization and associated brain asymmetry are well documented in humans, but little is known about b… Read More
2023-03-09 23:12
An algorithm takes decisions about peoples’ live and decides whether and how they will potentially go to jail again. The algorithm is one of many making decisions about people’s… Read More
2023-03-02 22:57
The sound of a vocal tract from a 3,000-year-old mummy has been recreated using CT scans, a 3D-printer, and a voice synthesizer. Details of this achievement—such as it is—were pu… Read More
2023-02-24 21:54
When we predict future climate, it is important to understand the climate of the past. We do. Mostly. Some details are still debatable. An example of that are the periodicities of ice ages … Read More
2023-02-16 17:30
Afraid? Presence of a stranger can have a calming effect. (1) We are never alone. But we are afraid when we believe we are alone. Look around you. Talk to the forest. Shhhhhh… You do… Read More
2023-02-12 17:29
When we cut our skin, groups of cells rush en masse to the site to heal the wound. But the complicated mechanics of this collective cell movement — which are facilitated by rearrangeme… Read More
2023-02-08 21:01
A research indicates that trees might be ‘aware’ of their size: Scientists found out that birch trees adjust their stem thickness to support their weight. (1) We hold our conscio… Read More
2023-02-04 21:01
In a study published in Nature Astronomy, researchers from the United States and Japan unveiled the possible origins of our cosmic neighborhood’s “Great Divide”. A well-kno… Read More
2023-01-30 22:24
Life is built with three major components: RNA and DNA – the genetic code – and proteins, the cells that carry out their instructions. Most likely, the first cells had all three… Read More
2023-01-26 22:24
A team at Facebook AI has created a reinforcement learning algorithm that lets a robot find its way in an unfamiliar environment without using a map. Using just a depth-sensing camera, GPS… Read More
2023-01-23 20:57
Scientists have created the fastest spinning object ever made, taking them a big step closer to being able to measure the mysterious quantum forces at play inside ‘nothingness’… Read More
2023-01-19 20:57
Interoception is the awareness of our physiological states; it’s how animals and humans know they’re hungry or thirsty, and how they know when they’ve had enough to eat or… Read More
2023-01-15 19:43
The sibling relationship is the longest most people will enjoy in their lifetimes and is central to the everyday lives of children. A Tel Aviv University and University of Haifa study found… Read More
2023-01-11 19:43
Antonio De Lorenzi takes a seat onstage in the concert hall of Museo del Violino in Cremona, Italy, and carefully tucks a Stradivarius (a violi crafted in 1727 and called Vesuvio) under his… Read More
2023-01-07 20:41
In classical physics, it is accepted that everything has already been determined since the Big Bang. The evolution of the world is explained by mathematical equations that describe the world… Read More
2023-01-03 20:41
Brain activity synchronizes with sound waves, even without audible sound, through lip-reading, according to new research published in JNeurosci. Bourguignon et al. used magnetoencephalograph… Read More
2022-12-30 14:07
A 2017 report of the discovery of a particular kind of Majorana fermion – the chiral Majorana fermion, referred to as the “angel particle” – is likely a false alarm… Read More
2022-12-26 14:07
What does this mean for the EEG’s ability to reflect consciousness? “The study does support the possibility that certain EEG features might not always accurately capture the leve… Read More
2022-12-22 14:07
Drawing an object and naming it engages the brain in similar ways, according to research recently published in JNeurosci. The finding demonstrates the importance of the visual processing sys… Read More
2022-12-18 14:07
A new optical atomic clock makes ultra-precise time measurements. (1) Measuring time. Even though we are not certain what time is. You see, not knowing something does not hinder you from han… Read More
2022-12-14 11:43
A study published in Science Advances found that certain types of materials have a “memory” of how they were processed, stored, and manipulated. Researchers were then able to use… Read More
2022-12-10 11:43
Understanding how cells move autonomously is a fundamental question for both biologists and physicists. Experiments on cell motility are commonly done by looking at the motion of a cell on a… Read More
2022-12-06 21:46
Mothers’ and babies’ brains can work together as a ‘mega-network’ by synchronising brain waves when they interact. The level of connectivity of the brain waves varies… Read More
2022-12-02 21:46
When flowers reached Australia: University of Melbourne research has established when and where flowering plants first took a foothold. New research has revealed that Australia’s oldes… Read More
2022-11-28 18:15
The secret to a long life? For worms, a cellular recycling protein is key. Scientists at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute have shown that worms live longer lives if they pr… Read More
2022-11-24 18:15
Over the last three decades, meaning in life has emerged as an important question in medical research, especially in the context of an aging population. A recent study by researchers at Univ… Read More
2022-11-20 18:46
Domestic animals’ cuteness and humans’ relatively flat faces may be the work of a gene that controls some important developmental cells, a study of lab-grown human cells suggests… Read More
2022-11-16 18:46
New research reveals how a week in the dark rewires brain cell networks and changes hearing sensitivity in adult mice long after the optimal window for auditory learning has passed. With fur… Read More
2022-11-12 13:24
In temperatures millions of times colder than interstellar space, researchers have performed the coldest reaction in the known universe. But that’s not all. In such intense cold, their… Read More
2022-11-08 13:24
The 17th century playwright Molière is as important to French literature as William Shakespeare is to the English canon. But for the past 100 years, a question has swirled around him:… Read More
2022-11-06 22:57
A child passing next to a shallow pond of water at the edge of the street… “This must be very deep”, it says to its parents as they walk together. “You cannot see th… Read More
2022-11-03 22:17
Researchers have shown how it is possible that objects stand out less when they are surrounded by similar objects. This surroundings-suppressing effect is caused by feedback from higher visu… Read More
2022-10-27 15:51
Sitting for a quick coffee… Random thoughts. (Could anything get closer to the truth?) What is everything? If not something and nothing together? Read More
2022-10-26 23:03
A study found that hiring algorithms are too opaque for us to understand if they are fair or not. (1) In other news, a scientist tried to help humans design algorithms that would never go th… Read More
2022-10-22 23:03
Everything in our Universe is held together or pushed apart by four fundamental forces: gravity, electromagnetism, and two nuclear interactions. Physicists now think they’ve spotted th… Read More
2022-10-19 20:40
Galaxies. Dancing… Galaxies millions of light years away seem to be connected by an unseen network of massive intergalactic structures, which force them to synchronize in ways that ca… Read More
2022-10-15 20:40
Turtle ant soldiers scuttle to and from sporting shiny, adorably oversized heads, which they use to block the entrances of their nests — essentially acting as living doors. Not all hea… Read More
2022-10-11 17:32
To help answer one of the great existential questions — how did life begin? — a study combines biological and cosmological models. Professor Tomonori Totani from the Department o… Read More
2022-10-07 17:32
Researchers are using a new method to determine how resistant rivers are to drought. (1) But why search for that? Aren’t you worried… About how resistant drought is to rivers? A… Read More
2022-09-29 15:38
Brain functions are made possible by circuits of spiking neurons, connected together by microscopic, but highly complex links called synapses. In this new study, published in the scientific… Read More
2022-09-25 16:44
Time, as far as we know, moves only in one direction. But in 2018, researchers found events in some gamma-ray burst pulses that seemed to repeat themselves as though they were going backward… Read More
2022-09-21 16:44
Nearly 200 years after the molecule was discovered by Michael Faraday, researchers have finally revealed the complex electronic structure of benzene. This not only settles a debate that has… Read More
2022-09-17 16:54
White noise is not the same as other noise – and even a quiet environment does not have the same effect as white noise. With a background of continuous white noise, hearing pure sounds… Read More
2022-09-13 16:54
The birds form mobs to drive away predators near their nests, and are initially disordered. A new study, by biologists at the University of Exeter, physicists at Stanford University and comp… Read More
2022-09-09 18:36
The ghost imaging technique forms an image by correlating a beam that interacts with the object and a reference beam that does not. Individually, the beams don’t carry any meaningful i… Read More
2022-09-05 18:36
Ancient Egyptians considered the Nile river to be the source of all life. The steady northward path of the river has nourished the fertile valleys of northeast Africa for millions of years a… Read More
2022-08-28 21:18
Researchers tried to assess the effect of a new road to the local turtle populations. “It turns out that turtles liked to hang out (a lot) in fun places like thick patches of greenbrie… Read More
2022-08-19 23:16
Children may learn new words better when they learn them in the context of other words they are just learning …Continue reading → Read More
2022-08-15 22:41
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have leveraged machine learning to interpret human brain scans, allowing the team to uncover the …Continue reading → Read More
2022-08-15 20:34
Robbie Pinter’s 21-year-old son, Nicholas, is upset again. He yells. He obsesses about something that can’t be changed. Even good …Continue reading → Read More
2022-08-13 18:52
An old playground. Not used anymore. But there was a time… When children played in this ground. These children are …Continue reading → Read More
2022-08-08 14:00
Through the crafty use of magnetic fields, scientists have developed the first electronic sensor that can simultaneously process both touchless …Continue reading → Read More
2022-07-31 21:49
Faster-than-light speeds could be why gamma-ray bursts seem to go backwards in time. (1) Amazing. Isn’t it? But wait a …Continue reading → Read More
2022-07-27 21:49
Our brains have a remarkable ability to pick out one voice from among many. Now, a team of Columbia University …Continue reading → Read More
2022-07-22 23:07
Scientists long assumed that new genes appear when evolution tinkers with old ones. There are studies suggesting that genes do …Continue reading → Read More
2022-07-21 12:22
I sit in the café. Thinking about doing thing. Even when I do nothing. I always think of doing things. …Continue reading → Read More
2022-07-18 23:07
Turning a chair into a table, or vice versa, might sound like somewhat of a magic trick. In this case, …Continue reading → Read More
2022-07-18 17:05
I was swimming the other day. And when I submerged my head under the water… Right below the blistering sun. …Continue reading → Read More
2022-07-11 21:38
Researchers discovers how hunger might make food tastier: Using optogenetic and chemogenetic techniques, researchers have identified brain circuits underlying hunger-induced …Continue… Read More
2022-07-02 23:20
Chemists have created a new material that self-assembles into 2D networks in a predictable and reproducible manner. They have successfully …Continue reading → Read More
2022-06-29 13:46
Scientists have created a nano-electronic circuit which vibrates without any external force. Just as a guitar string vibrates when plucked, …Continue reading → Read More

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