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Luisa writes in spiritual growth topics to move you forward toward achieving greater spiritual freedom. Her blog – Spiritual Prozac – also features online spiritual books dedicated to anyone following a spiritual path and offers the spiritual seeker insights for finding and living life in inner peace.
What Are The Spirit-methods Of Building?
2023-11-30 14:29
Spirit Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson discusses building methods in the spirit world―Not the least important, among the many ‘physical’ features of the realm in which I live… Read More
Who Will Care For That Soul?
2023-11-30 12:42
As the earth world progresses in civilization, in its own estimation, the means and methods of waging war become more devastating and wholesale. In place of hundreds killed in battles i… Read More
You Are Seen As You Are In Hell.
2023-11-30 06:56
On the outskirts of the town, Spirit Franchezzo comes to a magnificent palace, strangely familiar and yet unfamiliar to his eyes.  In wandering through this city, he is so reminde… Read More
Death Is Simply A Shifting Of The Scenes.
2023-11-30 06:36
It is time that men cease to think of death in such a gloomy mood. In fact, there is no death at all. There is simply a shifting of the scenes―An awakening in a new world.―Julian… Read More
What Will Ever Persist?
2023-11-29 11:27
To the world of sense, certain things and conditions are visible and provable, but to the infinite world of spirit, of which the material world is but one form of manife… Read More
How Do You Become A God?
2023-11-29 11:06
How do you become a god?How does a god become a man? Have you ever wondered?You become a god by developing god-consciousness, which is not the same as developing you own thought about G… Read More
You Are Your Consciousness.
2023-11-29 11:02
I remembered that I was not in my body, that I was my consciousness, and, as long as that was intact, I was intact. So I went right on enjoying the attainment.―The Judge [Letters from… Read More
What Is An Exultant Consciousness?
2023-11-29 10:58
I have spoken before of immortality; it was always a favourite theme of mine, but since my association with the Beautiful Being, it has become for me an exultant consciousness.―The Jud… Read More
How Do You Let In More Light?
2023-11-29 10:55
Light!How much I am learning of the meaning of that word here!How deeply I am beginning to realise the depth of those words ‘Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world… Read More
Let Light Descend On Earth
2023-11-29 10:43
As your consciousness expands, you let in more Light, so now I can really say, with deeper understanding―Let Light descend on Earth!―Spirit Sister Frances Banks Read More
Puisse La Paix Régner Dans Le Monde
2023-11-29 10:40
In Neale Donald Walsh's The New Revelations―A Conversation with God, God says―Yet now you can take the Five Steps to Peace and raise your consciousness, moving from concept to pr… Read More
Get Into Balance With Other Individuals.
2023-11-29 10:23
I look down and see you, as a great being, and I prescribe for you, as a being, a race unity, not as a few individuals here and there. The cells in the body of the race-being must all b… Read More
You Are A State Of Consciousness.
2023-11-29 10:15
You are not of flesh and blood and bone and sinew, but you are a state of consciousness. It is because you recognise your state of consciousness as being yourself, that men and women re… Read More
The Sum Of Karma Self-made Fate
2023-11-27 14:42
Upward—Through all the ages—Never any descent, man pursues still the glorious march, which shall eventuate in making him one with the Father—Mo… Read More
What Is God's Great Ordinance?
2023-11-27 14:12
Death is as natural as birth.Death is simply one beneficent stage of nature―A beneficent measure controlled by Divine Providence―God’s great ordinance―Universal and i… Read More
What Is Always Blessed By God?
2023-11-27 13:51
A kindly deed is always blessed by God. Grains of pure thought intermingle forever in Eternity, gathering splendour to give glory greater than mortal eye has seen. Here are the Te… Read More
The House Not Made With Hands.
2023-11-27 13:43
Building a house in the city of the angels is an elegant and beautiful affair.Now we four constructed this stone within our minds and this is the way in which we did it. We first decided whe… Read More
The Temple Of Wisdom
2023-11-27 13:36
In the Temple of Wisdom, truths are taught expressly for those that have just entered angelhood (new-made angels)―Those that do not―as yet―know how to work or what to do a… Read More
How Is Your Mind Impressed?
2023-11-27 13:20
The Only.How beautiful is the idea contained in this―God is the only! Each and all is a part of the Omnipotent. God is the Only―The All―I am. He sp… Read More
God Is The Only!
2023-11-27 13:15
The Only.How beautiful is the idea contained in this―God is the Only! Each and all is a part of the Omnipotent. God is the Only―The All―I am. He sp… Read More
The ALLAH Of The Mohammedan
2023-11-27 13:13
The Only.How beautiful is the idea contained in this―God is the only! Each and all is a part of the Omnipotent. God is the Only―The All―I am. He sp… Read More
What Is The Fullness Of Christ?
2023-11-27 13:03
God made you in His Image―To be His temple―To become His companion―An instrument through which He could manifest Himself to you―Until you come to the measure of the s… Read More
Almighty Wisdom
2023-11-27 12:55
Almighty Wisdom, We submit to the divine outpourings of Thy Pure Spirit. We are the children of Thy hand, O Lord, Fashioned by Thy Wisdom, And may we ever move in the right way… Read More
What Is The First Step To Progress?
2023-11-27 12:49
Recognise your own ignorance. This is the first step to progress. You are only now standing in the outmost court, far away from the temple of truth. You must walk round and… Read More
What Emanates From Deity?
2023-11-27 12:43
The outcome of the revelation of Christ will yet reveal a reasonable religion and divine faith―Richer views of God―Truer notions of your duty and destiny and the demonstration… Read More
Is There A Devil?
2023-11-27 12:38
There is no devil, nor prince of evil, such as theology has feigned for the honest, pure and truthful soul Read More
Be Still And Know That God Is God.
2023-11-27 12:18
Give testimony of the truth that is in you but do not attempt to muzzle the hounds that bay the summons to the Witches' Sabbath.Enter the Holy Temple and shut the door―Invoke the angel… Read More
What Is Ever Crying For Deliverance?
2023-11-27 11:59
Many define conscience, as the capacity to determine between right and wrong. This is, to some extent, a true definition, but you must remember that that capacity is so overclouded&nbsp&hell…Read More
What Is The Voice Of Conscience?
2023-11-27 11:52
Many define conscience, as the capacity to determine between right and wrong. This is, to some extent, a true definition, but you must remember that that capacity is so overclouded&nbs&helli…Read More
Who Touched Me?
2023-11-26 15:27
What did Jesus mean by saying, when his garment was touched by the diseased female in a crowd—Who touched me? for he perceived that virtue had gone out of him? If you wer… Read More
Are You In The Condition To Perceive Him?
2023-11-26 15:12
Is it not strange that there should be so much unbelief in regard to spirit communion? The world would not believe a greater than mortal, and how can you expect them to believe you?… Read More
Is There Madness In The Spirit-world Too?
2023-11-26 15:02
Yes; there is madness in the spirit world, too. The scenes that follow the death of a bad man are more easily imagined than described—Those whom he has injured take pleasure if t… Read More
Alone With All The Shadows Of The Past.
2023-11-26 14:26
Alone with all the shadows of the past. I saw my earthly life glide past in vision.  Scene after scene, forgotten long ago. How blind—insanely blind, had I not been! The sigh… Read More
Sin Punishes Itself.
2023-11-26 14:24
God claims no penalty.Sin punishes itself.Each evil seed allowed to grow in wanton liberty must bear its bitter crop of pain and woe Read More
Punish Me, Oh Lord!
2023-11-26 14:21
God claims no penalty. Sin punishes itself. Each evil seed allowed to grow in wanton liberty must bear its bitter crop of pain and woe Read More
But I Would Not!
2023-11-26 13:42
I know it now—I know it—Who shall free me from even such guilt? Do you see that tree? Often and often I sink down beneath it with groans of regret, for on its branches a… Read More
Cast Aside Such Sad Unhappy Fears.
2023-11-26 13:26
The weary wanderer who reaps a harvest of repentant tears Should cast aside such sad unhappy fears; They cannot help, nor lead him on As loving God has ever done; They cannot make him s… Read More
Eternal Life Is The Gift To All.
2023-11-26 13:22
I SLEEP not, dear mother, where daisies bloom, And wild birds warble their hymns of praise; Where the stars look down through the silent gloom, And the cypress nods to the passing breeze.No… Read More
What Is Marked On Every Flower?
2023-11-26 13:09
Learn from every babbling brook―The majestic river, rolling its tranquil waters to the ocean in its sublimity―Learn from every mound, towering mountain, tumbling waterfall and fr… Read More
2023-11-26 12:50
So little did his ethereal body blind the sense of spirit that He could converse with the angels, as one of their own order, who was cognisant of their life and remembered his own part in i… Read More
Glory To The Advantages Of Spirit-life!
2023-11-26 12:03
Glory to the advantages of spirit-life!  Friendship, love and truth characterise spirits of a progressive order. Spirit associations are rendered agreeable from the fact th… Read More
Poor Adam And Eve
2023-11-26 06:01
Poor Adam and Eve, in breaking the laws of the Great Omus, were severely chastened according to Moses. It was a strange thing, too, that they should be driven away by two hea… Read More
What Is The Archway Of Heaven?
2023-11-25 16:17
The archway of heaven, as it is called, is the home of the angels, where they congregate in intercourse with each other in joyous festivities of pleasure and instruction Read More
Weber's Invitation To His Dearest Work.
2023-11-25 16:11
Children of the immortal, music is the handmaid of poetry, for one is colour in prose, the other is colour in aural prose. Music is the inspiration of deeds. It is universal in its… Read More
There Is Really No Death.
2023-11-25 15:57
You come and go at will. You have no fatigue—No haste, experience no delays. You have nothing to dread—Nothing to fear.No fear or harm or danger—No dread of ill or anxiety… Read More
Death Only Shifts The Fulcrum.
2023-11-25 09:00
Death only shifts the fulcrum.Your soul continues to grow after death and unfold throughout all eternity.Your soul is progressive and holds its individuality throughout all time—You we… Read More
Christ Is Your Anchor.
2023-11-22 17:43
Conserve your forces—Seek to get the upper hand of your physical mind—Try and govern your thoughts—Do not allow them to master you—Show that because you are linked t… Read More
Realise The Responsibility Of Life
2023-11-22 16:17
Realise the responsibility of life— The first thrill of life [spirit-life] may be a terrible agony of remorse—The painful bursting of the hull.Then, for the fi… Read More

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