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Luisa writes in spiritual growth topics to move you forward toward achieving greater spiritual freedom. Her blog – Spiritual Prozac – also features online spiritual books dedicated to anyone following a spiritual path and offers the spiritual seeker insights for finding and living life in inner peace.
We Live Forever Through What We Give.
2022-09-24 15:02
We exist temporarily through what we take, but we live forever through what we give. —Vernon Howard Synevyr National Nature Park, Strymba Mountain, in winter, Carpathians, Ukraine | Ry… Read More
Vernon Howard Quotes
2022-09-24 14:48
You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need. —Vernon HowardSpherical panoramic of Türlersee in the morning | Daniel Kraft | CC BY-SA… Read More
Try To Realise This Now.
2022-09-09 14:48
You always are, and you always will be.Try to realise this now.Jerusalem, Dominus flevit, view to the Mount Moriah | Berthold Werner Read More
How May All Enter Into Unity?
2022-09-06 14:08
Loving God and loving man, all may enter into unity.Lateral view of the Lamplugh Glacier, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, United States | Diego Delso | CC BY-SA 4.0 Read More
What Holds You Above The Sense Plane?
2022-09-06 14:03
Hold a positive attitude in all that you undertake for spiritual development, knowing that God never fails.This holds you above the sense plane, and you immediately function from the spiritu… Read More
How Do You Make The Future?
2022-09-06 13:49
You make the future by the thoughts and acts of the present.Veritas RS at the Nürburgring (exit Brünnchen) during the 2007 Old-timer Festival of the DAMC 05 | Lothar Spurzem C… Read More
How Do Spirits Indicate Future Trends?
2022-09-06 13:26
Spirits are not able to tell you about future events, but they can indicate their trend, for each individual makes the future by the thoughts and acts of the present.You make the future by t… Read More
What Happens As You Quietly Wait Upon God?
2022-09-06 13:16
The creative energy is constant activity within. All outside energy is waste and hindrance.As you quietly wait upon God, the breath of life renews each particle of the body by its silent, or… Read More
When Do Crooked Things Become Straight?
2022-09-06 12:48
Hold in your heart, the true place of understanding, a stillness which is alive, like the heart of the rose. The God powers within you would assert themselves; crooked things would become st… Read More
You Must Have Quiet.
2022-09-06 12:23
You must have times of quiet; come out from the business of life for a part of each day.Sunrise on the Sea of Japan. The two islands visible from distance are Sibiryakov Island (right) and A… Read More
What Lifts The Race Nearer The Godhead?
2022-09-06 10:14
Every true unselfish life lifts the race nearer the Godhead.This image is created from eight images shot in two sequences as a tornado formed north of Minneola, Kansas on 24 May 2016. This p… Read More
You Are Not An Atom.
2022-09-06 09:48
Learn to become unsealed. You are not an atom, you are the whole. Every true unselfish life lifts the race nearer the Godhead.Orcinus orca (Linnaeus, 1758), Killer whale; Loro Parque, Teneri… Read More
Learn To Become Unselfed.
2022-09-06 09:39
Learn to become unselfed. You are not an atom, you are the whole. Every true unselfish life lifts the race nearer the Godhead.An old man carrying a yoke in the countryside of Jaflong, Sylhet… Read More
What Does It Mean To Become Unselfed?
2022-09-06 09:33
SECOND LESSON FREEDOM BY UNDERSTANDING It is wonderful to realise that we are one great and unlimited whole. I could not understand this once. Your Scriptures tell you th… Read More
How Do You Live Your Real Life?
2022-09-06 09:16
Begin by obedience to the dictates of the spirit within yourself; it will lead you into truth.Abyssinian black-and-white colobus (Colobus guereza guereza), Amora Gedel Park, Awassa, Ethiopia… Read More
Do Away With Your Limitations.
2022-09-06 08:53
Do away with your limitations. Stand out free in the strong life of God.Camel caravan from the salt works, salt desert at Lake Karum, Afar Region, Ethiopia | Alexander Savin | FAL Read More
Thank God For NOW.
2022-09-05 15:28
Unto you, O men, I call; and my voice is to the sons of men.—PROV. viii. 4PART ICHRIST IN YOUFIRST LESSONA VOICE FROM THE HEIGHTSI am obliged to use your words and modes of expression… Read More
Who Is Your Elder Brother And Friend?
2022-09-05 14:20
Consider the beautiful spirituality with which he entered the future life; and then, if imagination does not fail you, conceive of a progress of nineteen centuries from that starting point!… Read More
Be Ye Perfect.
2022-09-05 11:19
Remember; be ye perfect.Man orchid flower, Ussassai, Sardinia, Italy | © Hans Hillewaert | CC BY-SA 4.0 Read More
How Did Jesus Sum Up The Higher Life?
2022-09-05 11:00
All that we may know of that higher life is summed up in the teaching of Jesus—probably all that we can understand of it; certainly, all that we need to know. First, Be ye perfect, and… Read More
What Are The Spirit's Tools?
2022-09-05 10:59
Words, symbols and music are the spirit's tools—essential and useful only as they serve to build the soul more stately mansions.Oxeye daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare Filigran), Chanticleer… Read More
Except Ye Become As Little Children.
2022-09-05 10:45
Remember; except ye become as little children ye shall in no wise enter therein.Sea otter (Enhydra lutris) preening itself in Morro Bay | Michael L. Baird | CC BY 2.0 Read More
Realise The Perfect Order Of The Universe.
2022-09-05 10:09
The more you realise the perfect order and beneficent purpose of the universe, the more solemn becomes your sense of responsibility.Panorama of the mountains along the Ulvikfjord, a side arm… Read More
What Have I Found The Most Impressive Fact?
2022-09-04 13:28
What have I found the most impressive fact, aside from the essential spirituality of that life [in the world of spirits]?It were difficult to select.Perhaps that perfect order of the univers… Read More
Never Rest With Less.
2022-09-04 11:59
Never allow yourself to rest with less than your best effort.Palestinian women grinding coffee (1905) | Library of Congress' Prints and Photographs division Read More
Which Shall Be Your Chosen Guests?
2022-09-04 11:41
Presences, good and evil, are ever watching near you; it is for you to determine which shall be the chosen guests of your inner sanctuary.The nest and chicks of an Australian Pipit Anthus au… Read More
Let Those Good Angels Come.
2022-09-04 11:33
Keep your mind clear and your heart pure, so those good angels may come in and help you to battle out every struggle for right.Honghe Hani rice terraces in Yunnan Province, China | Jialiang… Read More
Abba Father!
2022-09-04 11:03
Remember; it is only with the soul's cry of Abba, Father! that growth begins.Lily flower (Lilium Citronella), Chanticleer Garden | (c) 2007 Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man/Wikimedia Commons) | CC BY-S… Read More
Return To A Life Of Faith.
2022-09-03 06:32
Return to a life of faith; rest in the conscious nearness and friendship of the Infinite Spirit, knowing that God is not afar off, but nearer than the closest friend, and that nothing is so… Read More
Light Is Given You.
2022-09-03 06:27
Light is given you, but you cling to darkness. When you feel yourself wavering, pray at once with your whole soul for strength, and you will not ask in vain for the grace that renews and inv… Read More
Have You Closed The Windows Of Your Soul?
2022-09-03 06:20
You close the windows of your soul when you stifle your spirit with doubt. Remember that.Eruption of Stromboli (Isole Eolie/Italia) | Wolfgang Beyer (Wolfgangbeyer/Wikimedia Commons) | Creat… Read More
What Does Not Alter Spiritual Purgation?
2022-09-03 06:12
Each soul has the punishment which is best adapted to exert a deterring influence and effect over it in its next life.Belief or disbelief in a future state does not alter the cosmic law of c… Read More
What Causes The Soul To Accept Its Fate?
2022-09-02 14:54
In the world of spirits, all self-deception and hypocrisy are stripped aside and the conscience causes the soul to stand forth naked and bare to its own spiritual gaze.And the soul, speaking… Read More
What Is The Heaven And Hell Of Each Soul?
2022-09-02 13:59
Each soul creates its own heaven and hell, for neither have any objective existence. The heaven and hell of each soul is the result of its Karma and is purely a mental creation of its own be… Read More
How Are You Judged?
2022-09-02 13:37
You are judged according to the highest standards of your own soul, which represents the standards of your time and environment.The best in yourself—the highest of which you are capabl… Read More
What Is The Judgment Seat Of Conscience?
2022-09-02 13:27
You can fly from the judgment of others, but you can never escape from your own conscience in the world of spirits. You find yourself unable to escape from the judgment seat of conscience, a… Read More
What Is The Severest Judge That Exists?
2022-09-02 10:45
In the world of spirits, the conscience of the soul asserts itself very forcibly, and the still, quiet voice that was perhaps smothered during earth life, now speaks in trumpet-like tones, a… Read More
You Are Your Own Absolute Law-giver.
2022-09-02 10:13
You are your own absolute law-giver, the dispenser of glory or gloom to yourself, the decreer of your life, your reward, your punishment.And this is true not only in earth life but also doub… Read More
2022-09-02 10:02
You are your own absolute law-giver, the dispenser of glory or gloom to yourself, the decreer of your life, your reward, your punishment. And this is true not only in ear… Read More
You Have Jesus For Your Ideal.
2022-09-01 13:52
You have Jesus for your Ideal. Remember that.Valley of the Ten Peaks and Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada | Gorgo/Wikimedia Commons Read More
Still The Same Questioning?
2022-09-01 13:40
Still the same questioning? You cannot run away from yourself. Remember that.Moon over San Diego | Ted (Rufus) Ross | CC BY-SA 3.0 Read More
Are You Still In The Fog?
2022-09-01 13:21
Are you still in the fog? As you develop your spiritual nature and come up into this high school, you will find it gradually unfolding to your understanding. Saturn eclipsing the sun, s… Read More
Has Your Soul Been Bound To A Treadmill?
2022-09-01 13:15
Has your soul been bound to a treadmill? Be patient and industrious, learn thoroughly each day's lessons, be pure, unselfish, and good, and when your mind has grown to it, you will understan… Read More
What Is The Law Of Growth?
2022-09-01 13:00
As your intellect matures and broadens with culture and experience, so will your spiritual faculties expand to greater possibilities of knowledge and usefulness; for all your powers are subj… Read More
This Is Judgement.
2022-08-31 14:48
Do you realise what failure means here—remorse, regret and sorrow for lost opportunities; words and acts your agony cannot recall; neglect too late to repair? So subtle is the far-reac… Read More
What Makes Or Mars Your Future Life?
2022-08-30 07:54
It is the little words you speak, the little thought you think, the little thing you do or leave undone, the little moments you waste or use wisely, the little temptations which you yield to… Read More
How May You Attain The Higher Life?
2022-08-30 07:16
Life is not meant to be a path of ease, but steep and rugged, and it is only through self-denial, discouragement, discipline and trial that you may attain the higher life.—Katherine B… Read More
What Is Your Life Work?
2022-08-29 12:05
Your life does depend on it; your whole future life depends on just that—whether or not you slay the dragon self. It will be a long struggle, but you can and must do it, or else fail u… Read More
Shall I Find You Conquered Or Conqueror?
2022-08-29 11:51
Should tomorrow be a day of trial, shall I find you at evening conquered or conqueror? Will you have listened to harshness and injustice in silence and without anger, returning a kind answer… Read More
Have I Told You Of The White Light?
2022-08-29 10:48
Have I told you of the white light, so wonderful in its intensity? Occasionally, it fills the church, but more frequently descends upon individuals. Indeed, the seeking, prayerful soul is re… Read More
What Are Two Ways Of Using Willpower?
2022-08-28 08:30
There are two ways of using willpower in your everyday problems.You may concentrate upon a definite plan and bring it into effect, or not, according to the amount of force at your disposal… Read More
The Father Works On The Big Plan.
2022-08-27 14:53
You cannot think of God without thinking of work in an unlimited sense, for while your little efforts go on, the Father works on the big plan—works and works and works.Sunrise landscap… Read More
Spiritual Laws Govern Your Life.
2022-08-27 14:46
Spiritual laws, intangible and indescribable, govern your life. God instituted these laws for your benefit.There are many such illustrations of spiritual laws—of that multitude of spir… Read More
You Never Give In!
2022-08-27 14:36
You never give in!The spirit within, determined and valiant, says—I will!Namaqua chameleon near Swakopmund, Namibia | Yathin S Krishnappa | CC BY-SA 3.0 Read More
You Are Bound By Finite Thinking.
2022-08-27 14:22
You are bound by finite thinking; you are bound by that indication of time. Consider, among other things, the body with which you have equipped yourself. The power of the limbs, the wonderfu… Read More
Consider This.
2022-08-27 14:16
Consider this—if you send a thought to another—whether they be on this side, or whether they have laid the physical covering aside—that thought, unimpeded, reaches their sp… Read More
What Is The Mark Of Spiritual Progress?
2022-08-27 13:47
Try and look at the hardship in your life and in the lives of others solely as a mark of spiritual progress—of the ambition and the determination of that which is Divine within.The sec… Read More
What Is A Manifestation Of Healing Power?
2022-08-27 13:29
By simple thinking, simple living, and keeping as close as possible to the injunction of Love to God, and man, you can—even as Christ said to follow Him, not only through the dark vall… Read More

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