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Reflections From The… · 20:56 15 Dec 2018
Throughout my cosmic endeavours , i have from time to time visited an area called Paravlu - there is an arena there for holding paravelluns (four now) , a garbage ground that for some reason… Read More
The Hunt For Bigfoot
The Crypto Crew · 15:19 14 Dec 2018
In 2017 I released season one of Almost Live and it did okay. It was never intended to be a Amazon series but at the suggestion of a friend, I put it on Amazon. To my surprise it performed f… Read More
A-HA: Take On Me
Alternative World Hi… · 22:48 13 Dec 2018
So many pictures from the past look partially drawn, like this one:​ Reminds me of Take On Me music video by a-ha. Except it's in reverse.​ The video is about 2-dimensional drawn… Read More
UFO Sighting Occurs In Texas.
Spooky News · 03:54 11 Dec 2018
 By: Alex KackOn November 19th, a UFO was spotted above Keller, TX. Residents described a cigar shaped flying object, hovering motionless in the sky above the small Texas town. These g… Read More
Is This A Dead Bigfoot?
The Crypto Crew · 19:45 07 Dec 2018
Is this a Dead Bigfoot?I know I'm probably showing my ignorance again, but in my defense, I do stay rather busy and have a hard time keeping up with all the Bigfoot stuff. But I ran across t… Read More
Ghosts Vs. Kitty
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 05:00 07 Dec 2018
I say this to my little black kitty, Ichabod, ALL.THE.TIME.  The next time I catch her staring at a corner like this, I'm gonna think twice about asking her if she sees a 'Yuck'---our t… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 20:46 01 Dec 2018
I'm neither inserting my opinions or beliefs - just pictures. All source material taken from these two articles: A summary of the best puzzles in crop circle history: can you solve them? Can… Read More
Is Bigfoot Building A Fence?
The Crypto Crew · 19:52 27 Nov 2018
Is Bigfoot Building A Fence?A Gradual Conclusion About BehaviorBy Dorraine FisherAll bigfoot researchers have seen evidence that they do some seemingly crazy things. And my woods are no exce… Read More