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Back To Bigfooting!
The Crypto Crew · 14:42 29 May 2020
Back to Bigfooting!I finally got a chance to get back out in the mountains. Going to the mountains is very relaxing to me, it helps keep me centered. I head out to one of my bigfoot areas an… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 04:10 29 May 2020
Hi all, I am a lurker here and I love reading other peoples materials and research on different things so eventually I thought I would post my own. There is a scientist by the name of John S… Read More
1959 Skyscraper
Alternative World Hi… · 20:48 27 May 2020
A short salutary 1959 video of the building of 666 5th Avenue (now owned by Trump's son in law Kushner) showing the utter obverseness in mindset and technology between its ultra-comprehensib… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 17:05 23 May 2020
Following is an article I found a couple of years ago. I haven’t researched any of the facts stated, but all of it was new to me So I thought others may not be familiar with its histor… Read More
Orville Nigths
Men In Black · 23:24 22 May 2020
  EX-MEN IN BLACK .- En esos días que tratas de ver que se puede disfrutar en FOX , encontramos una serie de Sci Fy muy interesante -que a decir verdad-, hab&iacut… Read More
Il Sito Del Mistero · 07:00 20 May 2020
in collaborazione con l'autore Michele Leone: sui Misteri di EleusiAl principiare dell’autunno nel mese di Boedromione, in Atti… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 20:47 18 May 2020
Hello, I decided to post this thread to have a discussion on this thing called "kirlian photography" which very controversial. Initially I was very skeptical about it, but I had 2 photos of… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 14:21 18 May 2020
After looking at a number of city grids throughout the world, I think an investigation is in order. Some of these grids are quite strange and deserve some detailed explanations. Mystery Gr… Read More
UFOs Filmed In Utah
The Crypto Crew · 13:29 16 May 2020
UFOs Filmed in UtahHere is a fresh UFO report from St. George, Utah. This footage was reportedly filmed on 5/12/20. We can see two or maybe three or more objects moving in the sky. At some p… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 02:37 15 May 2020
The Mud Flood channel on youtube, now unfortunately deleted, had a program entitled "South Bronx - when did people live here?" claiming that no one knows who built the dilapidated S.Bronx o… Read More
UFO Report From Florida
The Crypto Crew · 21:15 13 May 2020
I got the following UFO report submitted a few days ago. I have messaged back and forth with one of the witnesses and obtained additional information.The sighting took place in Clay county F… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 13:00 13 May 2020
Monterey is a small town in Tennessee ... the oldest building there is the Imperial Hotel built in 1909 ... there was another building which belonged to a bank but it is now replaced by an o… Read More
Reflections From The… · 06:18 12 May 2020
I gave up watching tv for 3 months between December and late March and i when i turned it on again it was like WTF ? i had no idea that the world had been in lockdown. Co-incidentally , Brit… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 12:24 11 May 2020
I came across this earlier today - it’s truly puzzling. The Erdstall tunnels are found all over Germany, particularly in Bavaria. They are narrow in construction, only one way in and o… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 07:58 11 May 2020
Title: The Right StuffGenre: DramaCast: Rachel Burttram, Sacha Slobodyanik, Avery Burns, Lucy Capri, Christopher Cassarino, Laura Ault, Chandler HeadFirst aired: 2020-12-31Ov… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 23:36 10 May 2020
Title: PrometheusTagline: The Search for Our Beginning Could Lead to Our End.Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, MysteryDirector: Ridley ScottCast: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassb… Read More
The Crypto Crew · 13:35 10 May 2020
UFO Filmed in AustriaThis was was filmed in Austria by Ismet Maksuti on 5/2/20. We see this small light moving across the sky and then it does some strange maneuvers. Even some skeptic are t… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 22:48 09 May 2020
It's bothered me for a while that we never seemed to hear about supermoons and then suddenly they seem to be constantly in the news. David icke has a saying I like - when something comes out… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 11:44 09 May 2020
Title: Transit 17Tagline: Fighting To Save The Only CureGenre: ActionDirector: Guy BleyaertCast: Guy Bleyaert, Zara Phythian, Lee Charles, Silvio Simac, Kimberly Stahl, Stefa… Read More
Ufo Gli Archivi Inediti
Il Sito Del Mistero · 07:00 09 May 2020
Il prossimo 20 giugno uscirà in libreria il libro "Ufo gli arcihivi inediti", (Luxco Editions) di Francesca Bittarello, nota ufologa, ideatrice ed organizzatrice del Convegno di… Read More