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Bigfoot Track Found And Cast
The Crypto Crew · 15:11 20 Aug 2018
On July the 18th I was out filming for season 2 of  my video series, Almost Live. While I don't want to give too much of it away I can share with you the fact that I found a very nice j… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 21:56 18 Aug 2018
This post will be updated as time goes. These are not rules, but just a wishful thinking of mine. The guidelines are meant to improve reading experience. I'm fixing some appearance things in… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 23:43 17 Aug 2018
In electronics, porcelain (and ceramic derivatives) is widely used for insulating material due to its excellent non-conductivity. Is this where the word china comes from as an alternative to… Read More
1924 Soldier Field
Alternative World Hi… · 08:37 17 Aug 2018
So I have found a quote by CyborgAlien mentioning Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. So I decided to look it up on it's "opening inception", in 1924 and I found two amazing postcard photos… Read More
Old Fashioned Fun
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 04:00 17 Aug 2018
Remember that blog post where I shared how I tried to summon Satan as a small child?  This kinda reminded me of that!  I'm sure in some cult-like religion, children gathering to pl… Read More
The Dreamer
The Crypto Crew · 15:27 16 Aug 2018
The DreamerbyLisa PetersI have always been a dreamer, whether I was sleeping or awake. When I was little, my dreams were not always your typical little girl dreams. Instead, of kittens and r… Read More
Amarre De Amor Con Fuego
Amarres De Amor · 04:54 15 Aug 2018
Este es un Efectivo Amarre de Amor Casero Con fuego, uno de las fuertes.La luz del fuego atrae todos los poderes del mas allá, ayudando así a todo el que lo necesite, para real… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 04:33 15 Aug 2018
Most are understandably to stunned by the anomalous accumulation of soil and the buried first floors to recognize that something else is strange about these buildings. Especially in light of… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 06:47 14 Aug 2018
We might have come here for the same goal to find our true history, but each of us have a different worldview pertaining to the threads posted here. I would love to hear what each of you thi… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 13:20 11 Aug 2018
Throughout the 19th century, thousands of artifacts covered in hieroglyphics were dug up in Michigan by farmers and such. In the 1890s, a guy named Scotford made a specialty out of finding t… Read More