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Alternative World Hi… · 07:48 18 Oct 2018
Title: WarcraftTagline: Two worlds. One home.Genre: Action, Adventure, FantasyDirector: Duncan JonesCast: Paula Patton, Travis Fimmel, Ben Foster, Robert Kazinsky, Dominic Coo… Read More
Spooky Tunes
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 09:41 15 Oct 2018
The tri-state area of West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio is absolutely full of ghost stories and other legends that have found firm roots in our local culture.  Often, these iconic tales… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 23:54 14 Oct 2018
Title: The LeftoversGenre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, DramaCreator: Damon Lindelof, Tom PerrottaCast: Justin Theroux, Carrie Coon, Christopher Eccleston, Margaret Qualley, Chris Zy… Read More
Shadows Of Ghent
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 04:00 14 Oct 2018
West Virginians are no strangers to tragedy.  As a state, we were born out of the chaos of the Civil War, and throughout our 150+ years of statehood, have seen numerous mine accidents… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 22:47 13 Oct 2018
Site was down for a few hours for an unknown reason. Hosting customer service had no clear understanding of what was happening. Then, suddenly, everything started working again. Essentially… Read More
Was Bigfoot Filmed In Russia?
The Crypto Crew · 16:11 13 Oct 2018
As most of you know Bigfoot is not exclusive to the United States but is also found in many parts of the world. I ran across the following possible Bigfoot report and it comes from Severodvi… Read More
I Used To Be Somebody
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 04:00 12 Oct 2018
Today's Friday Funny is another cute, silly cartoon that we can all enjoy...but there is a deeper meaning that can be read into it. I think we, as members of the paranormal community, someti… Read More
Castle Of The Dead
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 04:00 10 Oct 2018
I LOVE sharing artwork with a supernatural/paranormal theme to it here on Theresa's Haunted History.  Therefore, when I stumbled across this image, I knew it needed to find a home here… Read More
Big Pharma Drug Hoax
Alternative World Hi… · 06:28 09 Oct 2018
Why can't MD,s cure any Diseases? Because theye are trained in chemical treatments and purposely kept away from Nutritional facts and infoDoctor lack of Nutrition Education - YouTube A Timel… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 21:24 08 Oct 2018
The so called AIDS virus was never Isolated. No paper was ever written to describe the isolation process. NOBEL prize winner Microbiologist Kerry Mullis describes the problem with the Aids d… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 20:32 07 Oct 2018
I was inspired by the recent Lincoln posts to look for presidential crests. Turns out the Lincoln family doesn't have one... which is odd because even my family has one. But that's hardly th… Read More
Alternative World Hi… · 01:16 03 Oct 2018
Yes, everyone is skeptical of Tesla, but that is not what this post is about. This is about a bladeless pump - which clearly works. I'll link to the best explanations of the working principl… Read More
Paranormal Etcetera … · 12:01 02 Oct 2018
That time of year when you hear the crunch of dead leaves under the feet coming up behind you, the black cats staring at you from across the way and the witch’s cackles from in the woo… Read More
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 04:00 02 Oct 2018
Ghost lore is full of tales about people being buried alive.  In a time before modern medical technology and widespread embalming, many unfortunate souls were believed to have been buri… Read More
5th Annual Harlan Haunt Fest!
The Crypto Crew · 19:31 01 Oct 2018
Its that time of year again, its time for the 5th annual Harlan Haunt Fest!What is Haunt Fest you ask? Well, here is a little run down.Harlan Haunt Fest is a popular culture and horror fest… Read More
Welcome, October!
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 04:00 01 Oct 2018
BOO!  Welcome to October at Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State!  October is my favorite month, but its also my busiest month in real life AND here on the blog.  I'm ex… Read More