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Ohio's Ghostly Grub
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 13:46 16 Oct 2017
Ohio has a TON of haunted restaurants! Below I've curated a short list of spooky places to eat throughout the Buckeye State. Any of these would be a great place to have a nice Halloween-seas… Read More
TNT Area Graves
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 15:17 14 Oct 2017
If you're familiar with the Mothman legend of Point Pleasant, WV, then chances are you at least have some knowledge of his connection to the area commonly referred to as the TNT area. The TN… Read More
P.S. (Comunicado)
Mortalha · 17:26 13 Oct 2017
Criar um blog é algo simples que qualquer um com conhecimentos gerais de informática pode fazer, porém o complicado é manter esse mesmo blog constantemente atuali… Read More
Fairview Grade School
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 12:44 12 Oct 2017
Tomorrow (October 13th, 2017) is a rather special day for Halloween enthusiasts! Not only is it Friday the 13th...but it is also National Haunted House Day! National Haunted House Day falls… Read More
Haunt Fest Highlights
The Crypto Crew · 14:48 09 Oct 2017
I just thought I would do a little post covering what an amazing event I was at this past Saturday. I was a vendor and I guess a minor celebrity, at this years Harlan Haunt Fest. I had a gre… Read More
Mothman Festival 2017
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 07:54 05 Oct 2017
The third weekend in September is always my favorite time of the year! Not only do we celebrate my son's birthday...but that's the weekend of the annual Mothman Festival in downtown Point Pl… Read More
Why Would You Want T… · 20:57 04 Oct 2017
If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know that I love the paranormal, horror, Halloween, and all that good stuff. For the past few weeks, I've been working as a freelance copywriter f… Read More
Why Would You Want T… · 18:12 03 Oct 2017
I've been excited about Ghosted, starring Craig Robinson and Adam Scott, since I first heard about it a few months ago. It finally aired on October 1st, and it's everything I hoped it would… Read More
Paranormal Etcetera … · 16:53 02 Oct 2017
If we are living in a holographic universe, are we constructs or real beings in a holodeck type place? If we are living in a physical universe, are we living with creatures that still defy s… Read More
Scarefest 2017
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 04:21 02 Oct 2017
Well, it's Sunday night and I'm still completely exhausted from yesterday's festivities! On Saturday, September 30th, my boyfriend and I drove down to Lexington, KY to attend the area's bigg… Read More
Fallas En La Matrix De Marte
Men In Black · 17:53 01 Oct 2017
imagen original de la NASA cortesia de MEN IN BLACMEN IN BLACK   .- Nuevamente indagando en la pagina oficial de la NASA, encontramos otra inquietante imagen , la misma que puedes… Read More
Blog Misteri Angie G… · 18:14 30 Sep 2017
Il nostro corpo non è un contenitore, ma una energia più densa, Tutto ciò che ci circonda non è fisico come la maggioranza pensa, ma è energia su vari… Read More
Fotografia Un Angel Luminoso
Men In Black · 01:32 28 Sep 2017
MEN IN BLACK   .- Una residente de Chicago clama haber fotografiado UN ANGEL LUMINOSO en el altar de una parroquia...en el video se aprecian varios angulos de la imagen.Los hechos aqui… Read More
Men In Black · 00:02 28 Sep 2017
MEN IN BLACK   .- Nuevamente los objetos olvidados en Marte, tal vez por algunos militares americanos que ya estarian en el planeta rojo o probablemente restos de una guerra entre marc… Read More
Angel By The River
Freak Lore | Ghosts,… · 14:41 26 Sep 2017
Freak LoreFreak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! Sometimes you meet people in life who leave a lasting impression upon you. This time was special, as a ma… Read More