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1950 Fairmont UFO
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 02:08 15 Jun 2021
This brief newspaper clipping comes from The Hinton Daily News, and is dated March 17th, 1950. It retells a report from a man known only as 'Watson' that ran a day before in a local Fairmont… Read More
Rhode Island UFO?
The Crypto Crew · 20:55 14 Jun 2021
Original Image by Peter LomasRhode Island UFO?Today I had just a little free time and wanted to search the internet for any interesting UFO reports. I stumbled across a new report from Rhode… Read More
Sweet Tooth
Alternative World Hi… · 05:12 06 Jun 2021
Title: Sweet ToothGenre: Drama, Sci-Fi & FantasyFirst aired: 2021-06-04Creator: Jim MickleCast: Christian Convery, Nonso Anozie, Adeel Akhtar, Aliza Vellani, James Brolin, Will Fo… Read More
Hikers Encounter Bigfoot
The Crypto Crew · 15:34 04 Jun 2021
Hikers Encounter BigfootPlease note this is the video version of a previous post. We are trying to take our written reports and turn them into short youtube videos. We understand sometimes i… Read More
A Different Type Of Bigfoot?
The Crypto Crew · 12:26 01 Jun 2021
 A Different Type of Bigfoot?Since I became friends with Guy Luneau, I've had a renewed interest in the Ivory Billed Woodpecker. You see, the ivory bill woodpecker is very much like our… Read More
Blog Misteri Angie G… · 13:10 29 May 2021
Che senso ha salvarsi ma vedere affogare gli altri?che senso ha? salvarsi ma veder perire chi ami?Se Amore e compassione non abitano il tuo cuore,tu dotto,  colto, potente, pensi davver… Read More
Bigfoot Family Tracks
The Crypto Crew · 18:32 26 May 2021
 Bigfoot Family TracksMore From Our Recent ExpeditionDuring our recent expedition, we made many discoveries that I wanted to share. I have already made two posts about our adventure. Th… Read More
Bigfoot Jumped Into Mud
The Crypto Crew · 20:03 24 May 2021
 Bigfoot Jumped Into Mud More From Our Recent Expedition Once again, this may be a rather short post but I really wanted to share the things we found during our trip. Guy and I spe… Read More
Recent Bigfoot Outing
The Crypto Crew · 14:03 22 May 2021
 Recent Bigfoot OutingThis post will probably be rather short. I recently took a few days to conduct some bigfoot field research. It mostly consisted of one evening outing and two all d… Read More
Tribes Of Europa
Alternative World Hi… · 03:33 19 May 2021
Title: Tribes of EuropaGenre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, DramaFirst aired: 2021-02-19Creator: Philip KochCast: Emilio Sakraya, Henriette Confurius, David Ali Rashed, Oliver Masucci, Melika… Read More
Animating Photos
The Crypto Crew · 14:58 18 May 2021
 Animating PhotosSo, by now I'm sure you have seen those creepy looking old pictures, where the picture is moving. Well, I thought I would mess around with it and see how it works. I wa… Read More
The Crypto Crew · 15:34 16 May 2021
 Large Fireball UFOI got this report in a few weeks ago and have messaged back and forth with the witness to get more details. There have been many reports of these fireball looking UFO… Read More
Large Glowing Eyes
The Crypto Crew · 15:31 15 May 2021
Large Glowing EyesThis is a short report that is from a close family member of mine. It is also an attempt to find out if anyone else, in that particular area, has saw anything.On Saturday M… Read More
Chi Erano Le Ninfe?
Il Sito Del Mistero · 08:56 15 May 2021
in collaborazione con l'autore Michele Leonetratto da: al magico mondo delle Ninfe   E poi la Terra il Cielo generava… Read More
Belgium UFO Report
The Crypto Crew · 19:36 13 May 2021
 Belgium UFO ReportI got this report in several days ago. This comes from Belgium and was taken back in 2018. There are actually two pictures taken on different days. One picture might… Read More
Wild UFO Report From Canada
The Crypto Crew · 19:52 12 May 2021
 Wild UFO Report From CanadaOkay, as stated in the title of the post this is a wild and crazy tale but we still wanted to share it. I was sent this report a few weeks ago and I'm finall… Read More
Is It Always Bigfoot?
The Crypto Crew · 14:49 06 May 2021
Photo by Steve Baxter  Is it always Bigfoot?  I think most are starting to realize that the term " Bigfoot "  doesn't necessarily mean what many used to think it did.Year… Read More
Hornsey Coal Poltergeist
The Crypto Crew · 14:47 04 May 2021
Hornsey Coal PoltergeistToday we take a quick look at a very odd and down right strange story.We probably don't think often about coal being filled with paranormal activity or of it behaving… Read More