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Mothman In St. Albans
2022-11-16 04:49
When two young couples witnessed a terrifying, red-eyed, winged humanoid just outside of Pt. Pleasant, WV one November evening in 1966, that sleepy little West Virginia town along the Ohio R… Read More
Williamson's Haunted Rail Yard
2022-10-07 13:48
Norfolk and Western Rail Yard (1944)Williamson, WVSource: WV History on ViewIt seems weird to me to write a blog post about Williamson, WV that ISN'T about the haunted and historic Williamso… Read More
Cheech And Chong Meet The Warrens
2022-10-04 00:53
It isn't Friday yet, but I could desperately use a little laugh!  The photo above was all over Facebook the last few months, but was also all over Reddit, and by the caption, appears to… Read More
3rd Quarter Spooky Reading 2022
2022-10-02 23:05
Another three months have passed, which means its time for another quarterly update on my yearly spooky reading! Ya'll know I love to read anything and everything I can in the paranormal non… Read More
Spooky Season 2022 Is Finally Here!
2022-10-01 13:59
From SRI's Fairfield County InfirmaryInvestigation in SeptemberI mean, it's spooky season all year long here at Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State, but as October 1st finally arrives… Read More
Wayne County's Mystery Animal
2022-09-14 21:03
Wayne County News2 January 1936Source: Wayne County News Archives FBMYSTERY ANIMAL KILLED AFTER ALL-DAY CHASEWayne County's mystery animal is dead!The animal which has harassed residents of… Read More
Pigeon 167
2022-09-06 13:04
Myers Hospital in PhilippiSource: WV History on ViewOne of the many strange and fascinating topics I like reading about is how afterlife studies play into the field of parapsychology as a wh… Read More
Hinton Has Saucers, Too
2022-08-30 14:05
The Leader10 July 1947I just love an interesting tidbit of flying saucer lore from the Mountain State! This little article was published in the 10 July 1947 of The Leader, a small newspaper… Read More
Movie Review: American Werewolves
2022-08-06 04:00
Last night, my husband and I decided to have a lil' impromptu home movie night. Being as we're cheap, we popped some popcorn, snuggled into bed, and brought up the Tubi app on my tablet to s… Read More
Cursed Fridge: AFriday Funny
2022-08-05 20:52
My stepmother had a heart attack on our kitchen floor in the middle of an electrical storm, and her soul was transferred into the computer unit of our smart fridge. She has been subtly under… Read More
'Bewitched' Man Adjudged Insane
2022-08-05 02:27
Bluefield Daily Telegraph22 May 1917As someone who started her college career as a psychology major, the line between mental illness and the paranormal has always been a topic that has fasci… Read More
Second Quarter Spooky Reading 2022
2022-07-23 12:54
Another three months have passed, and I've added another eleven paranormal non-fiction books to my completed reading list! I'm pretty proud of that number! Even though I've technically had p… Read More
TALA Tales: The Tragedy Of Karl Kunst
2022-07-10 14:35
Superintendent's OfficeWV Hospital for the InsaneSource: WV History on ViewThe Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. Weston State Hospital. West Virginia Hospital for the Insane. Whatever name you… Read More
Book Review: Appalachian Bigfoot
2022-07-09 21:14
Title: The Appalachian BigfootAuthor: Dr. Russell JonesPublished: December 9, 2021 by Beyond the Fray PublishingAmazon Purchase InformationThe Appalachian Bigfoot is actually the second book… Read More
Friday Night Funny: Hot Bigfoot
2022-07-08 23:51
 You wouldn't think it, but summer here in the Appalachian Mountains can still get pretty dang hot! And, with all that long hair covering their bodies, I can imagine it can get pretty u… Read More
Portsmouth's Haunted House
2022-07-08 01:54
Today's blog is another vintage newspaper article that I've stashed away. It comes from the May 11, 1868 edition of the Wheeling Daily Register, and made the front page of the paper!  I… Read More
The Bewitched Hen Of Roney's Point
2022-07-06 04:00
A Leghorn hen like this one laid a really weird eggin West Virginia! It's Weird Wednesday! It's also Witchy Wednesday! Today's blog is a 2 for 1 in witchy weirdness, with the tale of a… Read More
Ghost Play Causes Death
2022-07-03 04:00
When it comes to the business of ghosts, you'll often hear the old saying that there is far more to fear from the living than there is from the dead...and sometimes, that fear is simply with… Read More
July's Ultimate Blog Challenge!
2022-07-02 00:11
TNT Bunker Selfie!(There's a reason I look, lol)Happy July! Can you believe that 2022 is already half over? It's been a super busy and super productive year for both Theres… Read More
April Wrap Up
2022-05-01 00:01
It's April 30th...which means it's the last day of this round of the Ultimate Blog Challenge! I'm super proud to announce that I've completed the challenge...30 days straight of new blog con… Read More
Early Podcasting: A Friday Funny
2022-04-29 04:00
I've seen this posted around social media a lot over the past week or so, and there is nothing more Appalachian in my opinion! So much of West Virginia's ghost lore has been passed down from… Read More
Collections: Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
2022-04-27 12:42
Today's blog post is a result of a request for information. When a friend contacted me about some information regarding the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV, I decided the easies… Read More
Spirit Trumpets On Summers Street
2022-04-26 12:53
Harry Houdini and Annie Benninghofen1926On August 12, 1920 the Charleston Daily Mail, a local newspaper for the Charleston, WV area, ran a small article announcing the 'considerable attentio… Read More
The Witch Of Hooker Hollow
2022-04-24 21:58
Today, I wanted to share with you a story I found in Fall 1985 edition of Goldenseal Magazine. It was told by Vernon O. Giffin and relates the tale of Mineral County's Witch of Hooker Hollow… Read More
Noiseless Earthquake In Jefferson County?
2022-04-23 19:40
It's a strange, strange Saturday! This historic newspaper article comes from a July 25, 1899 edition of The Wheeling Intelligencer. Just what the heck was going on in West Virginia's eastern… Read More
Fresno Fashion
2022-04-22 04:00
I know my last Friday Funny was from the Cryptid Club, but I am seriously addicted to these hilariously adorable depictions of famous cryptids! The Fresno Night Crawlers are one of the newes… Read More
A Ghost Hunting Tragedy
2022-04-19 18:32
Linda Sue McMillanPhoto by Find-a-Grave user,Peggy RocchioEarlier this month, I shared with you the story of a group of students from Shady Spring High School who spent the night at their sc… Read More
Happy Easter 2022!
2022-04-17 04:00
 Happy Easter from Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State!April is another busy month here at Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State and for the Spectral Research and Investigat… Read More
A Marshall County Poltergeist Tale
2022-04-16 04:00
On the outskirts of Cameron, WV sits the community of Loudensville (Marshall County)Today's vintage ghost tale comes from the 07 December 1891 edition of the Wheeling Daily Intelligence… Read More
Mothman: Harbinger Of Doom?
2022-04-15 04:00
Ever since the fall of the Silver Bridge in December of 1967, Mothman has been associated with being a bad omen. Sightings of him immediately before the events of Chernobyl and 9/11 have cem… Read More
Strange Lights Over Talcott
2022-04-14 16:48
On December 3, 1958 the Beckley Post-Herald ran the following story about two men seeing strange lights over the Talcott area of Summers County. My grandma grew up between Hinton and Talcott… Read More
The Tyler County Witch
2022-04-13 04:00
Sistersville's Oakwood CemeteryFrom Find-a-Grave user, Becky DoanToday's Witchy Wednesday blog comes from the August 10, 1871 edition of the Wheeling Daily Register, and tells a tragic story… Read More
Ghost Over The Trees
2022-04-13 01:50
Today has been a busy, busy day and I've just been worn out after the past week or so. Therefore, today's blog is gonna be a short one. I didn't feel up to researching and/or writing anythin… Read More
Greenbrier County UFO Model (1969)
2022-04-11 02:13
Model by Andre HooperOn the evening February 19, 1969, US Mail Carrier, Mrs. Helen Scott, along with her two children, was traveling between Neola and Alvon, Greenbrier County, WV. As she wa… Read More
An Industrious Spook
2022-04-09 10:50
Huntersville Confederate CemeteryPhoto by Find-a-Grave user, Dixon in DixieAn Industrious Spook...that was the title bestowed upon this article, found in the January 18, 1894 edition of the… Read More
Three Wishes
2022-04-08 04:00
If you know, you know!I've mentioned the Mothman Statue's "Shiny Hiney" a couple of times here at Theresa's Haunted History, and I'm proud to say that over the years, Mothman's muscular, wel… Read More
Witchcraft In Bluefield, West Virginia
2022-04-06 04:00
Bluefield, WV in 1890Source: WV History on ViewBluefield, by West Virginia standards, is a decent-sized city, located in Mercer County. It sits in the southeastern part of the state, borderi… Read More
Skelton UFO Sighting 1967
2022-04-05 04:00
Skelton Company StoreSource: Coal Camp USASkelton, West Virginia is a small, old coal camp community, located just a short drive from Beckley, in Raleigh County. However, there would be quit… Read More
Paranormal With A Purpose
2022-04-04 04:00
On Wednesday, March 30th, Brian and I were honored to take part in a very special paranormal event. We were asked to speak at the first meeting of the Paranormal Discussion Group, created an… Read More
First Quarter Spooky Reading 2022
2022-04-03 04:00
Here at Theresa's Haunted History, I've always advocated a spirit of life-long learning when it comes to the paranormal field. No matter how experienced you may be, no matter how many years… Read More
TALA Tales: Annie All Alone
2022-04-02 04:00
Ladies' Ward atWeston State HospitalThe Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, formerly known as Weston State Hospital, is one of West Virginia's most haunted locations. Each year, hundreds of peop… Read More
School Spirit At Shady Spring
2022-04-01 04:00
Back in December of 1953, the Beckley Post-Herald ran a rather interesting article, written by Bill Childress of the Shady Spring High School newspaper, the Panorama. In what they called a '… Read More
TALA Tales: Sonny's Story
2022-03-16 05:35
Photo by Find-a-Grave Contributor,Mom of 3 BoysThe Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, formerly known as Weston State Hospital, is one of West Virginia's most haunted locations. Each year, hundr… Read More
Top 10 Tuesday: Favorite YouTube Channels
2022-03-08 05:00
It's been a hot minute since I shared a Top 10 Tuesday post, and even longer since I posted some of my recommended YouTube channels! So, for today's blog, I've got for your a list of ten You… Read More
Finding The Facts Among The Folklore
2022-03-03 05:00
Library Research at the Cabell Co. Main BranchNothing in the paranormal research realm frustrates me more than the following scenario: You're researching a haunted location with a complete b… Read More
A Gruesome Grave Robbing In West Virginia
2022-03-02 05:00
Find-a-GraveUploaded by Tammy Parks MarkwoodGhoul: n. An evil spirit or phantom, especially one supposed to rob graves and feed on dead bodies.When I hear the word 'ghoul', that's the defini… Read More
Lviv's Haunted Church
2022-03-01 05:00
Photo by Maksym KozlenkoWikiCommonsThe Dominican Church of Lviv, Ukraine is a massive, but beautiful piece of architecture. Although the Dominican Order came to the Lviv area centuries befor… Read More
Luke's Mothman Sighting
2022-02-28 10:07
Luke and MothmanMy son, Luke, has always had a connection to Pt. Pleasant and the Mothman story. Although I was living in Putnam County, Luke was actually conceived while on a weekend getawa… Read More
Weird Wednesday: Animals Around Charleston
2022-02-23 05:00
Back in the early days of the 20th century, Charleston, WV was kind of a weird place. I mean, it still is...but back then, it was much more common to see such interesting sights as a horse i… Read More
The Ghost Of Gardiner Hall
2022-02-15 05:47
Gardiner Hall-SourceShepherdstown, West Virginia has recently been labeled as one of the most haunted towns in the United States. And while hauntings can be found all over the area, quite a… Read More
Friday Funny: Find The Right One
2022-02-11 13:33
 It's almost Valentine's Day, so I thought this might be a good reminder. If you're feeling alone, don't be! Your demons are always with you! Have a safe and happy Valentine's weekend… Read More
Book Review: The Wild Man Of North America
2022-02-09 07:16
Title: The Wild Man of North America--Historic Newspaper Accounts About Encounters with Wild Men, Feral Humans and Other CuriositiesAuthor: Louis R. PetolicchioPublished: 2021 by Witherspoon… Read More
2022-02-08 21:00
SourceI've got another historic newspaper article to share with you today! Although this clipping can be found in the November 8, 1886 edition of the The Mail--a newspaper out of Stockton, C… Read More
Wild Man Attacks Train Near Morgantown
2022-02-04 20:45
Opekiska Locks and DamSourceLast December,  I had the opportunity to head up to Sutton, WV and attend the Yeti Festival, hosted by the West Virginia Bigfoot Museum! While I was there, I… Read More
Hidden Marietta Paranormal Expo 2022
2022-01-31 13:56
Lafayette HotelMarietta, OHOn Saturday, January 29th, Brian, Kaysee, Dan and myself made the trek to the haunted and historic Lafayette Hotel in Marietta, Ohio to represent Spectral Research… Read More
The Ghost Dog Of Peach Tree
2022-01-30 05:00
Brindle Plott DogPhoto by Mary BloomIn his 1975/2008 book, Witches, Ghosts and Signs, Patrick Gainer shares an interesting story told by 'Uncle' Bud Workman. The story comes from Peach Tree… Read More
Big Announcement: WV Monster Con!
2022-01-29 05:00
Hey, everyone! I just wanted to share with you this upcoming paranormal event that I am honored to be a part of. On March 12th, 2022 I will be speaking at the first annual WV Monster Con!&nb&hell…Read More
Pt. Pleasant's Phantom Airship
2022-01-25 05:00
Photo from the movie, The Dirigible (1931)During the latter part of 1896, into spring of 1897, the United States was experiencing a really weird phenomenon: phantom airships! People from coa… Read More
More Weird UFO Dreams
2022-01-22 05:00
10,000 Volt Ghost fromScooby DooI mentioned it briefly on my Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State Facebook page, but if you don't follow me on there or are new to my spooky gang, then… Read More
Friday Fright Bite: The Grocery Store Ghost
2022-01-21 05:00
Photo by Gordon DixHappy Friday! I thought this week, we'd shake things up a bit: instead of a Friday Funny, we're going to do a Friday Fright Bite! A Fright Bite is just a short lil' blog p… Read More
The Murdered Merchant's Ghost
2022-01-20 05:00
Ruth Ann Musick, Queen of WV FolkloreSource: WV EncyclopediaToday's vintage ghost tale comes from March 12, 1951 edition of the Hinton Daily News, a newspaper based in Hinton (Summers County… Read More
Happy Blog-a-versary!
2022-01-16 05:00
Early Logo forTheresa's Haunted HistoryToday I'm celebrating a very special birthday...the birthday of Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State Blog! On January 16th, 2011, I sat at my com… Read More
Paranormal Fraud
2022-01-15 05:00
Whether your involvement in the paranormal research field involves intense, hands-on field research, armchair detective work, or anything in between, one thing's for sure: You've seen someon… Read More
Tucker County's Headless Apparition
2022-01-13 05:00
Lumber Camp Near Cheat River. Source: WV History on ViewToday's vintage Throwback Thursday ghost story can be found in the January 20, 1887 edition of the West Virginia Argus, which can be a… Read More
UFOs In Gilbert, West Virginia
2022-01-12 05:00
Readers of Theresa's Haunted History know that I can't pass up a good book of paranormal nonfiction. My ever-growing library on subjects such as UFOs, ghosts, cryptozoology, and beyond is on… Read More
Door Dogs
2022-01-09 05:00
SchipperkeSourceI like to keep a running list in one of my many notebooks about topics I want to share here on Theresa's Haunted History blog. Some time last year, I added 'Door Dogs' to the… Read More
The Wild Creek Bigfoot Photo
2022-01-08 05:00
Wild Creek BigfootPhoto Property of Cliff CrookBack in 1995, an off-duty forest ranger allegedly took a series of seven 35mm photos of a Bigfoot-type creature in the Wild Creek area of Washi… Read More
Ghost Photo Bomb
2022-01-07 05:00
 It's Friday, so let's have a funny! Today's cute lil' comic comes from Cryptid Club and was originally published on 7 December 2021. Cryptid Club is created by artist Sarah Andersen, w… Read More

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