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The Crypto Crew Blog
Research and study of Cryptozoology and the Paranormal. News from around the world about bigfoot,ghost,ufos and odd things. Report a sighting.
Back In The Woods (5/25/23)
2023-05-25 19:27
Back in the Woods (5/25/23)Yahooo! I'm finally back in the woods after having a bout with double pneumonia. While I'm still not 100 percent, I'm doing much better. Today, I went back into on… Read More
Memorial Day Footage - More Details
2023-05-24 18:02
Memorial Day Footage - More DetailsOn May 26, 1996, Owen Pate, his wife, and five friends had a strange encounter while on a camping trip.Actually, the Pate's sighting was not the only repor… Read More
Possible Bigfoot Tongue Clicks?
2023-05-21 14:24
Possible Bigfoot Tongue Clicks?Hello everyone, today I wanted to share a recent email I got from JM. For those who may not know, JM has had some very possible bigfoot activity on his propert… Read More
The Crypto Files - Eerie EVPs
2023-05-02 18:43
The Crypto Files - Errie EVPs (Ep43)For some reason, episode 43 of The Crypto Files Series was lost from our website archive. I'm adding it back.A short investigation by The Crypto Crew's Pa… Read More
Bigfoot Hunted By Helicopter - Breakdown
2023-04-26 18:12
Bigfoot hunted by helicopter - BreakdownThis is an old breakdown/Enhancement I did way back in 2011. For some reason I either never made a post on the website about it or it was posted for s… Read More
NEW Youtube Channel!
2023-04-20 18:43
NEW Youtube Channel!For those who may not know, we lost our Youtube Channel (Cryptowatch) due to a bogus trademark complaint. We were given no warning and no opportunity to change the name o… Read More
Ghost Town Trails Bigfoot Sighting
2023-04-15 23:42
Ghost Town Trails Bigfoot SightingI got an email report recently about a Bigfoot sighting at Ghost Town Trails in Pennsylvania. Just looking at the area on Google Maps, one can see the area… Read More
Exploring For Ginseng And Bigfoot | Day 5
2023-04-11 12:46
Exploring for Ginseng and Bigfoot | Day 5Please be aware this is a repost from 9/22/20. The original post appears to have disappeared for some reason. I have now added it back. Another… Read More
Exploring For Ginseng And Bigfoot - Day 2
2023-04-11 11:58
Exploring for Ginseng and Bigfoot - Day 2Somehow or another an old post from 2020 has disappeared. I'm adding it back and the video that goes with it. I don't understand how it got deleted b… Read More
Faking It With A Gorilla Suit
2023-03-31 17:50
Faking It with a Gorilla SuitThere is a lot of talk in the community about faking videos of bigfoot by renting or buying a gorilla or monkey suit and parading around in front of a camera. We… Read More
Another UFO Report From Harlan County
2023-03-28 16:36
Another UFO Report from Harlan CountyThere seems to be a wave of UFO activity in the southeastern Kentucky area. Yesterday, we reported 2 sightings of UFOs from the area and spoke of a third… Read More
2 UFO Sightings In Harlan County, Kentucky
2023-03-27 00:40
2 UFO Sightings in Harlan County, KentuckyThere seems to be a rash of UFOs sightings taking place in Harlan County Kentucky the last couple of days. I have spoken with two separate witnesses… Read More
Important Update On What Happened
2023-03-24 19:16
Important Update on What HappenedOkay, some of you may have noticed that the videos on this website are no longer working. I want to take some time to fill you in on just what happened and w… Read More
How To Hunt A Yeti
2023-03-10 19:03
How To Hunt a YetiKathmandu regulations on hunting a Yeti. It came up in a discussion. So here is the rest of the story.This appears to have first surfaced with the Tom Slick expedition into… Read More
Redwoods Footage - A Closer Look
2023-03-07 15:34
Redwoods Footage - A closer LookSeveral days ago we posted a story about the famous Redwood Footage/The Playboy Footage and I thought I would take a closer look at the video.I had never real… Read More
Bigfoot Outing After The Rain
2023-03-04 16:43
Bigfoot Outing After The RainI recently took another trip into one of my bigfoot research areas to see what I could find. It had rained really hard the night before, but I still wanted to ve… Read More
Strange Black Figure Spotted
2023-03-01 20:23
Sighting locationStrange Black Figure SpottedThis report comes from the Netherlands. It is not often we get reports from this area of the world, even though they have their fair share of leg… Read More
UFO Seen In Oregon
2023-02-24 17:35
UFO Seen in OregonI got the following message and report from Elleda about her UFO sighting near Astoria, Oregon.She and two other witnesses saw the object. Here is the part of the email fro… Read More
Bright UFO Seen Above Trees
2023-02-22 19:29
Bright UFO Seen Above TreesI got the following UFO report submitted several days ago. I think all the UFO activity and news reports recently are making people more open to talking about the… Read More
Checking Out My Bigfoot Area
2023-02-15 18:38
Checking Out My Bigfoot AreaWe had a very nice warm day with temperatures reaching into the low 70s so I thought I would make a trip out to one of my Bigfoot areas. I had not been in this pa… Read More
Possible Bigfoot Sighting In Harlan County
2023-02-14 16:41
Possible Bigfoot Sighting in Harlan CountyThere was a report of a possible Bigfoot sighting made near the end of January. I was on the scene a few days later to speak to the witness and expl… Read More
Encounter In Alaska
2023-02-13 20:30
Encounter in Alaska1936. Lake Iliamina, Alaska. One little girl. Three large, hairy creatures.An Aleut Tribe couple finishes working on their farm and returns to the cabin. They arrive home… Read More
John Green Revisited
2023-02-09 20:10
John Green RevisitedWhile looking through my piles of notes and books and notebooks full of ideas and all, I ran across this statement by John Green. So today, I turn my post over to Mr. Joh… Read More
Bigfoot In A Tree Video
2023-02-07 16:51
Bigfoot in a Tree VideoThis video has been popular, then it kind of died off but now it seems to have resurfaced again. The majority of people think this is an accidental video capture of a… Read More
Possible Bigfoot Sighting In Missouri
2023-02-05 00:29
Possible Bigfoot Sighting in MissouriOver the past few days, I have been emailing with a woman who wishes to have her information remain private. Her report is very interesting and coul… Read More
Large Bird Sighting In Nebraska
2023-02-01 16:38
Large Bird Sighting in NebraskaI got this report submitted a few days ago and wanted to share it. We know that there have been sporadic sightings of large birds with huge wingspans for many… Read More
Tracking Bigfoot
2023-01-31 18:28
Tracking Bigfoot"Much of what is learned about mammals in the wild comes from the stories that can be read from their tracks and other sign." -- Dr. Jim Halfpenny, renowned wildlife tracker… Read More
Shadow House: 40 Years Of Terror!
2023-01-31 00:58
Shadow House: 40 Years of Terror!Our latest film is now available for rental on ZMPVOD - video on demand.This was a spooky investigation that took months.  This house has a very lo… Read More
Wildman Of The Colville Indians
2023-01-24 19:46
Wildman of the Colville IndiansSasquatch/bigfoot is referred to by several different names among the tribes comprising the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation. But he is always c… Read More
Sasquatch Widow
2023-01-23 23:01
©Thomas MarcumSasquatch WidowToday's post isn't for the bigfoot enthusiast. Instead, it's for the non-believing partner a lot of us have. It's for the Sasquatch Widow.It's for the peopl… Read More
Hair Analysis - Part 1
2023-01-18 17:21
cryptosightings.comHair Analysis - Part 1Hair analysis is a much-debated topic among researchers. A common complaint is that scientists just won't come out and say it's sasquatch hair. They… Read More
Hair Analysis - Part 2
2023-01-18 17:20
Hair Analysis - Part 2Dr. Henner Fahrenbach analyzed over a dozen hair samples that could not be attributed to any commonly known North American animal but shared a common suite of distingui… Read More
Bones In The Road
2023-01-12 15:56
Bones In The RoadIn June of 1971, the Salem, Oregon Capital Journal newspaper carried a story about a local girl and her friend who had found a dead body near Happy Camp, California back in… Read More
What Do I Believe?
2023-01-11 19:37
What Do I Believe?Where do I stand on the subject of Bigfoot / Dogman / Skunk Ape / Government Coverup / Government Conspiracy / Mothman / Loch Ness Monster / ChemTrails / Coffee vs tea / Ch… Read More
Mountain Monsters - Part 2
2023-01-09 20:40
Mountain Monsters - Part 2In season two, episode six, the Mountain Monsters crew went hunting for the legendary Sheepsquatch of Boone County, West Virginia.Sheepsquatch is traditionally desc… Read More
Large Bird Sighting
2023-01-08 14:59
AI Rendered ©2023 The Crypto CrewLarge Bird SightingI got the following report in a few weeks ago. It is a report of a very large bird. I'm not sure if it is something unusual or not bu… Read More
UFO Abductions Photographed?
2023-01-05 19:38
UFO Abductions Photographed?I took this photograph years ago back in 2014, and what it shows is really quite remarkable. I had managed to capture a real abduction taking place. Not only did… Read More
Mountain Monsters - Bigfoot Editions - Pt 1
2023-01-04 16:15
Mountain Monsters - Bigfoot Editions - Pt 1Love 'em or hate 'em, we have all probably heard of the TV show and have probably watched more than a few episodes. Among the creatures they have t… Read More
UFO Report From Kentucky
2023-01-02 23:26
Concept art of sighting©2023 Thomas MarcumUFO Report From KentuckyThis fresh UFO/UAP report comes from us out of Harlan county, Kentucky. It took place on December 27th of 2022.The sigh… Read More
The Many Faces Of The Yeti
2022-12-28 18:47
The Many Faces Of The YetiPart of the confusion that is generated by the Western world in trying to understand the Yeti is the fact that "Yeti" is a catch-all phrase we have been left w… Read More
Kukeri Dancers From Bulgaria
2022-12-27 19:40
Kukeri Dancers From BulgariaMaking the rounds of several bigfoot groups is a video from Bulgaria featuring Kukeri dancers. This troupe of performers are dressed in fur costumes with hair cov… Read More
Ryan Upchurch Shares Kentucky UFO Sighting
2022-12-27 13:07
Ryan Upchurch Shares Kentucky UFO SightingRyan Upchurch made another video detailing a UFO sighting he and a friend had while traveling through Kentucky. The sighting took place in the early… Read More
UFO Report From New Jersey
2022-12-25 16:47
Artist Rendering of report ©Thomas MarcumUFO Report From New JerseyI got the following report several days ago. While the report is older, it is clear the sighting made a lasting impact… Read More
Monster Of Sister Lakes Michigan
2022-12-22 17:35
Monster of Sister Lakes MichiganIn June 1964, reports of a 9-foot-tall monster made the news. The creature made several appearances in the area, resulting in a "carnival atmosphere".At the c… Read More
Why History Is Important
2022-12-21 18:18
A Old Bigfoot ©The Crypto CrewWhy History Is ImportantMy heart always sinks when people in the 'community' have no idea of what's gone before concerning Sasquatch. They don't know the n… Read More
License To Bully
2022-12-20 17:44
License To BullyDietrologia.While reading a book the other day, I ran across this term that caught my attention. Actually it is an Italian word. A term used to cover a great multitude o… Read More
Bigfoot Trackline Found In Oregon!
2022-12-16 17:59
Bigfoot Trackline Found in Oregon!This breaking report comes out of Oregon where around 75-100 possible Bigfoot tracks have been found in a dry lake area. It is not uncommon for lakes to be… Read More
Antelope Mountains Hairy Man
2022-12-15 16:29
©2022 The Crypto CrewAntelope Mountains Hairy ManIn 1879, while out duck hunting, William Shegan and his friend Mr. Gore flushed out more than just flying targets.As evening approached… Read More
Deer Hunting - Bigfoot Style
2022-12-14 16:49
Deer Hunting - Bigfoot StyleSpeculations abound and stories are shared of bigfoot hunting deer. They talk of the hows and the maybe's of hunting those fleet creatures of the woods and fields… Read More
Bigfoot Report From Wisconsin
2022-12-13 17:37
Bigfoot Report From WisconsinI recently got this Bigfoot report from Wisconsin and thought I would share it. Sometimes we do things as a joke or just some kind of natural action and we get… Read More
Ohio Stories From The Early Days
2022-12-09 16:50
Ohio Stories From The Early DaysIn the 1800s, the "Wildman" or "Gorilla" ran wild in the Ohio woods.In late April near Stout, Ohio, a "Wildman" was being seen in the woods. After it allegedl… Read More
Wildmen Of China
2022-12-06 16:51
Wildmen of ChinaWe take another trip today into the wild terrain of China to take a look around for the wildman said to reside there.Reports are rare from China; the political policy of the… Read More
Real Alien Disclosure
2022-12-03 16:19
©202 The Crypto CrewReal Alien DisclosureIs it time for full and real alien disclosure? Most would say it is past time. We know that over the past year or so, the government has trickle… Read More
Wildman In Kentucky
2022-12-02 15:39
©2022 The Crypto CrewWildman In KentuckyBefore we knew them as sasquatch or bigfoot, or even called them gorilla, there were reports of Wildmen in the woods.Deep Creek, Kentucky - May 1… Read More
Oh Wait - There Are More Theories!
2022-11-30 16:55
©2022 TheCryptoCrewOh Wait - There Are More Theories!Although the Bigfoot-Giganto Theory is the most debated and seems to be the most popular, there are other theories out there to whic… Read More
Gigantopithecus Part 2
2022-11-28 16:49
©2022 TheCryptoCrewGigantopithecus Part 2Most of us in the Community are familiar with the Bigfoot-Giganto Theory. It is based on the belief that bigfoot are surviving relatives of the… Read More
Three 1960's
2022-11-27 21:39
Three 1960's "Quickies" From MinnesotaJust for the fun of it: Three short encounters from Minnesota from the 1960s. These appeared as "fillers" in various publications and there are few deta… Read More
Gigantopithecus Part 1
2022-11-25 17:00
©2022TheCryptocrewGigantopithecus Part 1This massive creature existed 9 million years ago to as recent as 100,000 years ago. Teeth and jawbones have been found primarily in China, India… Read More
Woman Frightened By Bigfoot
2022-11-22 15:25
Woman Frightened By BigfootI got the following report a few days ago and wanted to share it. I'm sure there an many more details about this area that the family could tell us. It also remind… Read More
Open Minds Update
2022-11-21 18:55
Open Minds UpdateI saw a couple of things on FB and in groups I belong to this week. One was a very encouraging post from a friend about a Bigfoot meeting held recently. Several area search… Read More
The Yeti
2022-11-19 17:26
 The YetiTaking a little vacation from North America today. We're traveling to the Himalayas. Come with me as we talk "Yeti".Most everyone knows of Eric Shipton who in 1951 returned fro… Read More
Open Minded? Or Stubbornly Closed?
2022-11-18 16:28
Bigfoot Reunion by Sebastien ecosseOpen Minded? Or Stubbornly Closed?I ended a previous post with a suggestion for people to be open-minded. But as I look at the groups I hold membership in… Read More
Mrs. Callie Lund's Bigfoot Story
2022-11-16 15:08
Mrs. Callie Lund's Bigfoot StoryIn 1969, John Green received a letter from Mrs. Callie Lund of Rochester, Washington. And here's the story she had to tell.It was a snowy and wet spring in 19… Read More
Quotes To Ponder
2022-11-15 16:11
Quotes To PonderSometimes the only thing you can do for the day is to look at some things people have said and ponder them."Penetrating so many secrets, we cease to believe in the unknowable… Read More
Mrs. Louise Baxter And The Bigfoot
2022-11-09 15:44
Mrs. Louise Baxter and The BigfootSkamania, Washington has had it's share of Sasquatch experiences. Mrs. Louise Baxter reported two within a year.In November, 1969, around 10 pm, Mrs. Baxter… Read More
An Older Report From Canada
2022-11-04 18:33
An Older Report From CanadaIn the 1960s a letter was sent out from one man who witnessed something strange. He and two other amateur prospectors were near Ribbon Creek Rd., east of Banff, Al… Read More
Thoughts From John Green Still Valid Today
2022-11-03 17:11
Thoughts From John Green Still Valid TodayJohn Green shared many of his thoughts and conclusions throughout his book "Sasquatch the Apes Among Us" while he collected those reports of encount… Read More
Knobby: Legendary Bigfoot
2022-11-02 18:57
Knobby: Legendary BigfootKnobby. He has or had a Facebook page and a website. And is billed as North Carolina's most famous bigfoot. He is said to be 200 lbs., 6 ft. tall, and dark-haired wi… Read More
The Story Of Muchalat Harry
2022-10-31 18:49
The Story of Muchalat HarryIn 1928 a fur trapper and Nootka Native American by the name of Muchalat Harry came paddling home to Vancouver Island in his canoe at around 3:00 am. What was unus… Read More
The Winsted Wildman
2022-10-29 13:01
image by George SheaThe Winsted WildmanThe Winsted Wildman is one name given to the bigfoot population that has been reported in Litchfield County in Northern Connecticut.A general descripti… Read More
Bald Peter Butte Bigfoot
2022-10-27 14:43
 Bald Peter Butte BigfootI love the old stories. You have to keep in mind that this takes place before the coining of the names sasquatch or bigfoot. The gorilla had not yet been discov… Read More
5 Photos Of Shadow People
2022-10-25 15:23
5 Photos of Shadow PeopleShadow People are dark humanoid figures that most people believe to be paranormal or supernatural in origin. They have been seen and reported for hundreds of years… Read More
Sage And Smudging
2022-10-24 17:44
Sage and SmudgingBurning sage is commonly called smudging and it can be used for a variety of purposes depending on the type being used. Smudging is generally used as a spiritual cleansing w… Read More
3 Day Expedition In Kentucky
2022-10-18 16:35
3 Day Expedition in KentuckyJust a little over two weeks ago, I had a friend come to visit from Pontiac Michigan for some Bigfoot research in the wilds of Kentucky. This is our adventure.I h… Read More
Ginseng Hunters Hear Wood Knocks
2022-10-14 13:50
Ginseng Hunters Hear Wood KnocksOn Saturday the 8th of October, my father and I went on a ginseng hunt and experienced some unusual knocking in the forest.I wanted to share this story as I'm… Read More
The Hohenfels Monster
2022-10-11 20:15
The Hohenfels MonsterHohenfels - Hohenfels Training Area (HTA) is a Combat Maneuver Training Center, located in the municipality of Hohenfels in the district of Neumarkt in the region of Upp… Read More
Early Morning Bigfoot Encounter
2022-10-10 21:12
Early Morning Bigfoot EncounterI recently got a first hand story from a witness that falls right in line with what we think we know about Bigfoot behavior.I went to a church function on Satu… Read More
Bigfoot Evidence In Kentucky
2022-10-07 14:41
Not actual photo, used for reference onlyBigfoot Evidence In KentuckyI got the following report submitted a couple of weeks ago. According to the report, there was some good evidence collect… Read More
Fairy Visits Woman
2022-10-06 15:15
Fairy Visits WomanToday we present another fairy sighting that was submitted to us. This one takes place in Pennsylvania and inside of the person's home. We may often think of fairies as onl… Read More
Another Possible Fairy Sighting
2022-10-05 16:48
Another Possible fairy SightingWhile fairies may be considered mythical or just folklore there is a long history of sightings and reports. Even in our modern times, reports of people en… Read More
Skin Color VS. Hair Color
2022-10-01 20:21
Skin Color VS. Hair ColorWhile researching for this series of posts on white and light colored bigfoot and sasquatch, I found the lack of good data collection very interesting.There are many… Read More
White Speeding UFOs Seen In Florida
2022-09-24 16:35
Digital ArtworkWhite Speeding UFOs Seen in FloridaI got the following report of a possible UFO sighting a few weeks ago. This sighting took place in Florida which is home to numerous sightin… Read More
Jumping To Conclusions
2022-09-21 15:55
Jumping To ConclusionsWe all suffer from the tendency to jump to conclusions.This is real. That is fake. Hoaxer. Ghillie suit. Mask. Gorilla suit. Makeup artist. Fake. Fake! FAKE !Aren't we… Read More
Do We Rely On Patty Too Much?
2022-09-17 19:02
Do we rely on Patty too much?If you are involved in the bigfoot phenomena, you would be hard-pressed not to know who "Patty" is. Or Roger Patterson. Or Bob Gimlin. Those three names, that fi… Read More
Supernatural Encounter After Storm?
2022-09-13 19:27
Image courtesy of National Weather ServiceSupernatural Encounter After Storm?I got the following report in a couple of weeks ago. The report was submitted anomalously with no contact informa… Read More
Coast To Coast Am Featuring Michael Cook
2022-09-12 11:55
Coast to Coast Am Featuring Michael CookIn case you missed last night's Coast to Coast Am show, it featured colleague and friend Michael Cook.Michael W. Cook is the founder of Cook Cryptid R… Read More
Bigfoot Activity Near Wildlife Refuge?
2022-09-10 21:56
Bigfoot Activity Near Wildlife Refuge?I got the following report submitted a few days ago. The activity is located within and around the Clark's River National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge is… Read More

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