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Josh Highcliff Footage
The Crypto Crew · 21:16 22 May 2022
capture courtesy ofbigfootevidence.blogspot.comJosh Highcliff FootageOctober 28, 2013, Josh Highcliff went out to hunt hogs as usual. What he experienced was anything but usual.Highcliff was… Read More
Expedition - Part 6
The Crypto Crew · 12:48 20 May 2022
Expedition - Part 6This was the final day of our expedition, this was day 5. On this day it was raining and the weather forecast was calling for rain most of the day. After 4 days of rough… Read More
A Long Time Ago
Corner Of The Eye | … · 12:06 19 May 2022
A long time ago, I used to write on here. Very few saw my offerings. Then I became ill, needed time to recover, and after recovery the writing habit had faded away like morning fog in the Na… Read More
Expedition - Part 5
The Crypto Crew · 18:37 18 May 2022
Expedition - Part 5Day 4 of our adventure continued with us arriving at our second location of the day. I parked the truck and we put on our gear and headed out to the deep dark mountain. It… Read More
Il Sito Del Mistero · 06:30 18 May 2022
di Cavaliere VermiglioVi racconto un altro episodio di quello che apparentemente potrebbe essere una comunicazione con i morti. Può trattarsi al solito di semplice coincidenza, ma las… Read More
Expedition - Part 4
The Crypto Crew · 15:14 16 May 2022
Expedition - Part 4The 4th day of our adventure started even earlier than the previous days. The plan for the day was to visit 2 different locations. The first locations was Area 1 and the g… Read More
Expedition - Part 3
The Crypto Crew · 22:35 13 May 2022
Expedition - Part 3Day 3 of our expedition took us to a different, but familiar to me, location. While I know the area has had bigfoot activity in the past, our main goal this day was to fin… Read More
Expedition - Part 2
The Crypto Crew · 14:36 11 May 2022
Expedition - Part 2Day two of our exploration, once again, started early in the morning. We had a basic plan to return to the area where we had poured plaster into foot prints and collect th… Read More
Expedition - Part 1
The Crypto Crew · 16:02 10 May 2022
Expedition - Part 1For those who might not know, I just spent the last week exploring the forest here in southeast Kentucky. I know some will tell you that there are no Bigfoot in Kentucky… Read More
Blog Misteri Angie G… · 14:34 06 May 2022
In un giorno di sole bellissimo, di dieci anni fa, su una isola del Pacifico, un bambino di nome Pablito, stava nuotando nel mare trasparente,  si divertiva sempre ad immergersi, per po… Read More
Blog Misteri Angie G… · 11:30 02 May 2022
 No alla guerra,la nostra costituzione è chiara,  limpida, netta, bella e deve essere rispettata.Basta, con la guerra diretta ed indiretta,  aiutiamo chi è in di… Read More
April Wrap Up
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 00:01 01 May 2022
It's April 30th...which means it's the last day of this round of the Ultimate Blog Challenge! I'm super proud to announce that I've completed the challenge...30 days straight of new blog con… Read More
She-Squatchers: Jason Morse
The Crypto Crew · 12:44 29 Apr 2022
She-Squatchers: Jason MorseThe She-Squatchers have TCC's own Jason Morse on The Journey radio show! Jason has been a member of The Crypto Crew for many years now and has been an asset to the… Read More
Monroe County Attack Incident
The Crypto Crew · 23:16 27 Apr 2022
Monroe County Attack IncidentMost of us are aware of the report that came out on Sunday September 2nd (2018) of the animal slayings on Eddie Denton's property in the Bill Butler Spur area.Ed… Read More
Fresno Fashion
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 04:00 22 Apr 2022
I know my last Friday Funny was from the Cryptid Club, but I am seriously addicted to these hilariously adorable depictions of famous cryptids! The Fresno Night Crawlers are one of the newes… Read More
Odd Object Seen Over River
The Crypto Crew · 16:06 21 Apr 2022
Yellow= my path, Orange = 2 other witnesses, Red= ObjectOdd Object Seen Over RiverWell, I have been putting off writing this post as I thought it might be too short and not contain enough in… Read More
Happy Easter 2022!
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 04:00 17 Apr 2022
 Happy Easter from Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State!April is another busy month here at Theresa's Haunted History of the Tri-State and for the Spectral Research and Investigat… Read More
Ghost Over The Trees
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 01:50 13 Apr 2022
Today has been a busy, busy day and I've just been worn out after the past week or so. Therefore, today's blog is gonna be a short one. I didn't feel up to researching and/or writing anythin… Read More
Summer Camp Bigfoot Encounter
The Crypto Crew · 12:35 12 Apr 2022
Summer Camp Bigfoot EncounterI got the following report about a week ago and I'm just not getting the time to post it. What I find really interesting about this report is that there was a la… Read More
Blog Misteri Angie G… · 09:29 11 Apr 2022
 Tutto ciò che sta accadendo mi lascia  "senza parole"non esistono parole adeguate,  non esistono emozioni adeguate, non esistono reazioni adeguate, poichè se es… Read More
An Industrious Spook
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 10:50 09 Apr 2022
Huntersville Confederate CemeteryPhoto by Find-a-Grave user, Dixon in DixieAn Industrious Spook...that was the title bestowed upon this article, found in the January 18, 1894 edition of the… Read More
Three Wishes
Theresa's Haunted Hi… · 04:00 08 Apr 2022
If you know, you know!I've mentioned the Mothman Statue's "Shiny Hiney" a couple of times here at Theresa's Haunted History, and I'm proud to say that over the years, Mothman's muscular, wel… Read More
Canadian Wilderness Bigfoot
The Crypto Crew · 14:53 01 Apr 2022
Canadian Wilderness Bigfoot"Remarkable footage shows a huge Bigfoot walking through the Canadian Wilderness."The video was downloaded to Modern Galaxy on January 5 of 2018 (It is now gone)… Read More
Blog Misteri Angie G… · 10:44 01 Apr 2022
 Attento a ciò che  desideri,  potrebbe avverarsi....Possiamo dire anche, attento a ciò a cui credi,  potrebbe avverarsi?Ecco dunque,  se crediamo nei… Read More
Bigfoot On A Windy Day
The Crypto Crew · 16:04 31 Mar 2022
Bigfoot on a Windy DayYesterday was a very nice, warm day so I did a little fishing and went into one of my bigfoot areas.One of the first things I noticed was how dry the ground was. You co… Read More