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Indian Palm Reading - Hastrekha Vigyan Blog
You can learn secrets of indian palmistry in this palmistry blog and apply them but you need lots of practice. Learn important palmistry combinations here. The secret is in your hand, palmistry and professional palmistry secrets revealed. Free Horoscope Reading. Kundli.
2024-05-23 01:58
 Branches Of The Sun Line - PalmistryIf upon reaching the Sun region, a branch from the Sun line extends towards the Saturn region and another towards the Mercury region, the person pos… Read More
2024-05-20 11:49
महिला के हाथ में विवाह रेखा | महिल… Read More
2024-05-15 15:08
Lines Cutting the Fate Line | PalmistryThe Fate Line, which is a major line on the hand, indicates a person's employment and livelihood. If the Fate Line is clear and strong, the person will… Read More
2024-05-14 02:44
क्या आप अपने करियर/नौकरी से नाखु… Read More
2024-05-11 11:35
 भाग्य रेखा का मस्तक रेखा के ऊपर … Read More
2024-05-07 11:46
PALM READING FUTURE | KNOW YOUR FUTURE THROUGH YOUR HAND LINESBy reading palmistry, we can anticipate future events, but for this, we need a proficient palmistry expert who is experienced an… Read More
2024-04-21 11:29
 How To Remove Karmic Debt ? | Astrology RemedyMany times we face many problems in our life and even after trying hard, we are not able to get rid of some problems. This is due to our k… Read More
2024-04-10 13:49
 5 Signs On Hand Indicates Lady Luck | Success Through Woman, Wife, Girlfriend | Lucky Woman | PalmistryLady Luck Indications On HandLady luck means success in life through lady or thro… Read More
2024-04-05 14:25
 How To Know If Your Girl Is Virgin Or Not Through Hand Lines PalmistryOld Palmists' Thoughts About Virginity If marriage line is long and thin then it indicates that subject will… Read More
2024-04-03 11:33
No Marriage Line On Palm | Palmistry If there is no Marriage Line in both palms this does not mean that the person would not get married. There are other signs those indicate marriage also… Read More
2024-04-02 14:49
No Fate Line Or Missing Fate Line Or Absence Of Fate Line On Hand - Palmistry As you know, fate line is a vertical line on the hand which always ends underneath the middle finger or the Sat… Read More
2024-03-31 03:05
Will Your Marriage Be Lucky Or Unlucky? Marriage LineEverything about marriage can be reveal from the marriage line like at what age the marriage will take place, whether the marriage will b… Read More
2024-03-21 12:08
The male hand in palmistry can provide information about a person's dominant characteristics and possible future. According to tradition, the right hand symbolizes the present and future and… Read More
2024-03-19 11:33
Figure 48 : Money Indication On Hand Money is indicated in three ways on the palm (figure 48). Inherited money is shown by a small line between the third and fourth fingers that curves par… Read More
2024-03-03 10:25
अपनी मस्तिष्क रेखा से जाने की आप… Read More
2024-02-29 11:00
The Medical Line/Medical Stigmata & WealthIf there are five vertical lines below the mount of Mercury in the hand, then the person will acquire wealth through the means of science. Howev… Read More
2024-02-29 10:56
 The Bracelet Line & WealthThe line that meets the arm from the hand above the wrist is called the bracelet line. There are three lines on it. This provides knowledge of wealth, hap… Read More
2024-02-29 10:53
The Lines Of Crime & WealthIf the heart line, headline, and lifeline converge at one point and there are small lines on them, then the tendency towards crime increases. In this, money is… Read More
2024-01-07 14:21
Marriage Line In Female Hand | Love Marriage Line In Female HandIn palmistry marriage lines are very important line to predict future of marriage and relationship. In palm reading marri… Read More
Fate Line Cut By Another Line Palmistry
2023-10-16 11:47
Influence Line Cuts Fate Line PalmistryIf your fate line is cut by an influence line from the little finger side (Mount of Upper Mars), then there are strong chances of money loss through an… Read More

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