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Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts, Insights From Professionals

After the first struggle with writing is over and the post is online and available for the public starts a new challenge - get more and more readers to come and actually read the masterpiece.
What do successive bloggers do to get more views, to get more subscribers for their blog posts?

Claire Abraham, Digital Marketing Specialist took quite a sophisticated way to promote her blog post and used the people of whom was article to promote themselves.
Earlier this year, her content team wrote a stellar piece on the topic of the top women designers working today. The article disclosure the innovation that women have brought to graphic design, branding, illustration, and more.
Claire felt that their appreciation for women designers needed to be shared by everyone.
After collecting dozens of designers in many disciplines, they categorized them and finalized their list. In total, their narrowed the piece down to 26 designers. For each designer,they highlighted what makes them so special, showed off a favorite work of theirs, and included their website / social accounts. While it was a blast to put together, the most rewarding part was how excited the audience was to share, discuss, and debate the piece.
Clair’s content marketing team started the outreach process by contacting each of the women featured in the article. Nearly all of them replied and were very grateful to be included in such an awesome list. Consequently, many of them shared, tweeted, or linked back to the article to show off to their fan base.
Next, they found and contacted each and every women's design organization they could. Several were thrilled to have an opportunity to share this content with their followers. The cherry on the top was when they were featured by AIGA, the professional association for design.
Overall, this article has brought their website thousands of unique visitors, 25 backlinks, and better yet put the spotlight on the amazing work of today's female designers.

Sam Williamson from Glasgow, who writes for his home repair blog for his company says that his most viewed blog post this year was the first one he posted: “I don't think there is any shame in digging up past content and reusing it, so that's exactly what we did last month when we decided to post an article that we wrote at the start of the year to Reddit. The article is about the Golden Temple kitchen in India, which is an incredible place that receives more annual visitors than the Taj Mahal. The interesting facts we discussed in this article clearly resonated with the audience on Reddit, because it generated over 2,000 hits to our blog and was shared across Facebook and Google +.
Most of our articles are informative and we often present our expert opinion on certain topics. But this article was different, as it was about something that we had read about online and were amazed by. Reddit has always been a staple of our promotion, but rather than posting to a subreddit dedicated to home improvement, we posted it to /r/TIL (Today I Learned) which has a far larger audience.
Our blog post landed on the second page of Google for "the best kitchen ever" and continues to bring us in traffic from this ranking.”

Share with us your insights, what do you usually do to promote your blog posts?
Do you use any specific platforms like Reddit or as Sam or do you personally contact another bloggers and professionals with some incentive for them to share the post like Claire?