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Abator Mental.
Calin Onaca · 21:23 29 Mar 2017
Geniul este acela care nu permite societății să-l transforme într-un robot: aceasta este definiția pe care o dau geniului. – OSHO – Ne naștem inoce… Read More
Why I Choose To Be A Helper?
Michael · 17:41 29 Mar 2017
Why I Choose To Be A Helper?There're many factors and reasons why a person may choose to become a helper, i might want to call it one's chosen profession. We might want to know who is a… Read More
Birthday Celebrations!
Love From, Chloe X · 15:05 29 Mar 2017
Hey guys!  Since I last wrote a post I’ve turned 19! I feel old!I got up to quite a bit over the week with various people, so I thought I would share with you all how I celebrated… Read More
Aspiring Thoughts · 14:34 29 Mar 2017
Waking up  To look  At rays  In the sky.  This beautiful sunrise  Wont pass me by.Filed under: Writing Tagged: adventure, cook, emotion, feelings, happy, laughing, l… Read More
Shaking Off The Rust
Fly On Over | Tales … · 13:15 29 Mar 2017
Last week Trainer set a full course of jumps and left them up all week for lessons to help our barn manager prep for a horse show. Of course, we all eagerly look advantage of having nice jum… Read More
Look Do Dia - Vestido Verão
Nani Dicas · 12:28 29 Mar 2017
Um #look que como já devem ter percebido sou apaixonada, são os que envolvem vestidos ♥Mesmo com o fim do verão, aqui no Brasil sempre fazem alguns dias de s… Read More
O Dojenju
Beauty, Lifestyle, F… · 12:14 29 Mar 2017
Nije retko da su nove mame u dilemi da li treba dojiti. Pored toga, odavno postoje prehrane koje su skoro identične majčinom mleku. Tu su svakako i strepnje od promena izgleda dojk… Read More
Cupcakes // Baking With Joseph
Ts. Joseph · 11:19 29 Mar 2017
CUPCAKE INGREDIENTS: (for about 14-18 cupcakes) 2 eggs 3/4 cup of sugar 3/4 cup milk 1/2 oil (preferably sunflower oil) 1 1/2 cup plain flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 2 teaspoons cinnamon 5 t… Read More
Ecco Le Autentiche  BESTIE
Cristiana2022 · 10:56 29 Mar 2017
      Pompiere salva un cane, intossicato dal fumo di un incendio, facendogli la respirazione bocca-a-boccaPer contro:  Choc al pronto soccorso di Vicenza. Il gioco… Read More
Sandhya's Kitchen · 10:33 29 Mar 2017
Foodie Finds in Sandhya’s Kitchen in March! Very exciting… Champagne De Sousa Cuvée 3A is named as it is a blend of three Grand Cru villages starting with ‘A&r… Read More
Stop The Rumours
Tinii Blog · 10:27 29 Mar 2017
Dear readers,I want to clear this up once and for all. I honestly thought that I was surrounded by adults who'd learned how to respect each other and mind their own business, but apparently… Read More
Suspense Mortal!
Yes,loucas!!! · 09:00 29 Mar 2017
Tum!Ouvi daqui,tum! O coração acelera,há vontade! Sim,a vontade de morrer. Desacelera,mas grito para esse órgão Continuar a bater forte. Isso!Isso!Repito… Read More
Islam, Anjing Dan Saluki
Erhaje 88 · 06:38 29 Mar 2017
Oleh: Sumanto al-Qurtuby Jika sebagian kelompok Islam di Indonesia membenci anjing karena dianggap sebagai hewan kotor dan najis bahkan ada yang memakai hewan ini sebagai umpatan dan makia… Read More
Get Ready To Get In
Orlando Espinosa | K… · 05:00 29 Mar 2017
Don’t miss out on an opportunity because you’re not ready to get in the game! Filed under: Education, Inspiration Tagged: Educational, Emineo Media, Espinosa, Family, Friends, In… Read More