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River Teaser Trailer
A Myriad Of Magnific… · 00:47 20 Feb 2017
Thanks to a concerted working/party bee we now have a injury free path down to our river boundary.Think of this as a teaser trailer. Excuse the fingers. I didn't want to break something agai… Read More
My Favourite Podcasts Of 2016 · 19:13 19 Feb 2017
Podcasts are radio programs that appear in your phone and patiently wait for you to listen to them in your own time. I cannot remember how I used to function before them. I listen to podcast… Read More
The Mexile · 12:21 19 Feb 2017
The triggering of Article 50, the mechanism for the UK ‘s departure from the EU, is impending. If things go to plan, or at least to the Tory plan, the document will be signed, sealed a… Read More
Travel Essentials
Where Gabriella Went · 03:59 19 Feb 2017
Traveling is essential, either for the soul or the body. Inversely, there are some essentials needed for traveling. These are my travel essentials.1. Passport (and other important documents)… Read More
Lost In Dreams
Myjourney · 03:18 19 Feb 2017
I continued to pursue what seemed to be so right in these busy weeks, so much so a mushroom talk has become an interlude in these hectic days.What do mushrooms dream, though superficial… Read More
Belize & Communal Eating
Aurai Online · 20:44 18 Feb 2017
Staying at the Thatch Caye resort in Belize was my first experience with communal eating. The meals are fun — with such a small group (there were about 12 of us), and no menu choice (t… Read More
Belize For Couples
The Fighting Couple … · 20:35 18 Feb 2017
The best things in life are the perfect mix of two ingredients:  strawberries and cream, jam and toast, peanut butter and jelly.  We have found the perfect combination of the caref… Read More
Castillo De La Culebra
No Solo Senderismo · 19:01 18 Feb 2017
Castillo de La CulebraAlgunos años después vuelvo a subir al Castillo de la Culebra (en Alange), una ruta cortita pero muy bonita, con unas vistas espectaculares del Embalse de… Read More
Itvara:letters From … · 17:53 18 Feb 2017
My mother was always good with children. She told me that children are the most innocent beings in the world. Somehow, I never warmed up to kids. For the first time in my life, my friend gav… Read More
Blood Test
Juli's Favorite Thin… · 13:55 18 Feb 2017
I don't like a blood test〓It is scary for him to see blood, and my thin blood vessel is not suitable for sampling blood.I endured it.Then, I got the meal tickets(1,000 yen)〓The… Read More
Playlist: Eighties Live
Glitterati Blog · 12:25 18 Feb 2017
Musically speaking, the Eighties don’t have the best reputation. There was Hair Metal, George Michael in different blazers, the electronic drum and MTV pushing music videos.  One… Read More
Sightseeingshoes · 09:30 18 Feb 2017
Pisa is world famous for its Leaning Tower, but this makes up just one quarter of the historic buildings within the city's beautiful central Piazza.Leaning Tower/Campanile: This 56 metr… Read More
The Soul Of Japan · 08:14 18 Feb 2017
Open tundra; neighing horses; warm rocking carriage cars meandering through  bitter cold  hinterlands along miles and miles of steel tracks cutting through vast windswept snow coun… Read More
Lemonpath · 00:06 18 Feb 2017
November’s art swap was to create two pieces of artwork using text pages. I used a page from a 1950’s children’s book for the elephant… The post Art Swap: Using Tex… Read More