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Unsealed - World New… · 03:17 26 May 2017
We are 17 weeks (4 months out) until the great sign in the heavens. Reminded that we are to lift up our eyes and be about the work of the harvest.10 weeks (7 x 10) + 7 weeks (7 x 7) = 1… Read More
Help Me Sort Out St … · 20:54 25 May 2017
I've had a very strange week - lots of pain ever since I walked to the village on Saturday and unable to do much as a result.Strangely, I discovered by accident that two people I knew as a k… Read More
CASINHAS: Vereador Desabafa Sobre Polêmica Envolvendo Requerimento De Sua Autoria Em Que Solicita Mais Dois Quebra-molas Na PE-102
Mais Casinhas - 6 An… · 18:37 25 May 2017
    Da REDAÇÃ[email protected] sessão da Câmara de Casinhas desta quarta-feira (24), o vereador Gilberto do Posto (PTB) manifestou sua in… Read More
Repensar La Pornografía
Cambiaelmundo · 17:10 25 May 2017
La pornografía genere 600.000 millones de euros al año en el mundo. Once (11) años es la edad media a la que un niño ve porno por primera vez. El 35% de todas las… Read More
A Wake Up Call - By Anonymous
Prison Widow Uk · 16:54 25 May 2017
Hi Prison Widow UK. I would like to share my story with your readers.My ex partner is a drug user and is currently in prison. I asked him to leave before he was arrested. I didn't want drugs… Read More
Driving And Dating!
Just Out · 15:47 25 May 2017
What do driving and dating have in common?Both end up with you being chased by the police if you go too fast.Today I went to a barber’s shop for a shave. The barber asked me to put a s… Read More
Acerca De Trump
Cuba En Hialeah · 15:00 25 May 2017
Waldo Acebo Meireles La revista ‘Foreign Affairs’ con casi un siglo publicando sesudos análisis sobre política exterior ha dedicado, casi en su totalidad, su edici… Read More
Capeia Arraiana · 14:00 25 May 2017
A mim agradou-me o gesto solidário de Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho para com Bárbara Guimarães. Leia adiante e reflicta, por favor. Solidariedade e Amizade são assim… Read More
Info Dubrovnik · 07:39 25 May 2017
Iz ŽC 112 Dubrovnik javljaju da se jučer u 17 sati dogodila prometna kod Nuncijate u kojoj su se sudarila dva vozila. Vozila su bila dubrovačkih i stranih registracijskih ozna… Read More