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Just Out · 14:43 29 Mar 2017
Divorce after 35 years !! - Very nice storyAn elderly man in Mumbai calls his son in New York and says,'I hate to ruin your day son, but I have to tell you that your mother and I are getting… Read More
Capeia Arraiana · 14:00 29 Mar 2017
Subi ao alto das torres de menagem dos nossos castelos, ao cimo das montanhas – assim começa o texto poético de Alcínio, onde se misturam sentimentos de nostalgia… Read More
Luta De Classes
Terapia Da Lógica · 12:31 29 Mar 2017
Trabalhador Empresa Privada X Servidor Público  Atualmente essa é a única “luta de classes” que eu defendo.  Não para destruir o funcionalis… Read More
Nigeria Infopedia · 12:12 29 Mar 2017
  What is Personal Hygiene? Personal hygiene may be described as the principle of maintaining cleanliness and grooming of the external body. People have been aware of the importance of… Read More
No Exit.
The Mex Files | ¡com… · 05:01 29 Mar 2017
Mexfiles has been seeing posts like this one (from an “expat” facebook page) more and more. Once and for all… THERE IS NO EXIT FEE… THERE IS NO EXIT FEE… TH… Read More
The Rationale
Wade On Birmingham · 05:00 29 Mar 2017
The plan is to do whatever I feel at the ongoing moment. • • • Read more haiku. Subscribe via RSS to Wade’s Daily Haiku. Or have it delivered daily by e-mail Read More
Kindergeld: Der Sog Der Solidarität
Ppq · 05:00 29 Mar 2017
Erst gar kein Problem, dann ein ganz kleines, dann eine nationale Frage, die schnellstens beantwortet werden muss. Und kaum vier Monate später, die Schlachtenbummler sind weitergeeilt u… Read More
EM BRASÍLIA: Danilo Apresenta Cinco Emendas Ao Projeto Da Reforma Trabalhista
Mais Casinhas - 6 An… · 19:15 28 Mar 2017
Foto: Divulgação/ReproduçãoDo BLOG DE INALDO [email protected] entender que o projeto de reforma trabalhista encaminhado ao Congresso pelo presi… Read More
Il Blog Di Andrea Sa… · 18:06 28 Mar 2017
Ci fosse una competizione tipo, che ne so?, I cretini dell'anno, questi due avrebbero buone probabilità di arrivare in alto, e magari pure di vincere. Un premio che comunque andrebbe… Read More
History Repeats Itself
The Other Side · 07:29 28 Mar 2017
History Repeats Itself"Maharajah Abhay Singh of Jodhpur required wood for the construction of his new palace. So the king sent his soldiers to cut trees in the nearby region of Khejarli, whe… Read More
How We Got Here - Post 6
The Gadfly Scholar · 04:43 28 Mar 2017
The Progressive Era and the Power of the PeopleExactly when the Gilded Age ended and the Progressive Era began is, as always, a bit of a historical debate. As I discussed in the last post&nb… Read More