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Inghh · 18:58 19 Feb 2017
When I lived in Tainan, Taiwan I took some kung fu classes. Downstairs was a guy who owned a t-shirt shop. He said his kung fu was making t-shirts. That’s actually the real meaning of… Read More
Sad Love Quotes · 15:03 19 Feb 2017
I may not be the perfect one for you. But I will always try to be the right one. Forget the times of your distress, but never forget what they […] Read More
Sobervision · 14:59 19 Feb 2017
… might sound like the title of a Star Wars episode or an intriguing thriller. Sadly its neither. Its just another theoretical stick that governments like to beat us with now and agai… Read More · 13:41 19 Feb 2017
Set your DVR1 or tune in to TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network) all this week at 8p ET! Passion 2017... Please visit the original post if the links and video clips are not visible, or if the com… Read More
This Week I…
Retro Chick | Uk Fas… · 10:00 19 Feb 2017 I was going to give this post a sub-title I would call it “mostly dead” as that is how I seem to have spent most of this week, for a… Read More · 08:00 19 Feb 2017
RT @SaIIyYates: Goals! -> RT @Freeyourmindkid: Can yall imagine the outrage if Obama spent every weekend at "The Chicago White House" where he would party with fri… Read More
Talk Is Cheap!
Mr. Rodge's Neighbor… · 00:34 19 Feb 2017
Talk is cheap!  It really is.  Think about it.  It costs you nothing.  It takes extremely minimal effort to do.  Talk is important for communication, but the commun… Read More
Legion Abstract: Leg… · 23:42 18 Feb 2017
It's been a while since I've posted. How are you?I've been keeping an eye on Legion-related developments, but, uh, I'm not really intrigued yet. Like, here's what we know so far about the po… Read More
Formenseyesonly · 19:07 18 Feb 2017
I have some citrus trees in my backyard, and one in particular has returned an amazing harvest this year. It is an orange tree that has been in that spot for many years, even through a horre… Read More
Smiling Planet · 17:15 18 Feb 2017
Last week I was watching a talk show wherin one of my favorite actors Akshaye Kumar was taking to the audience and said, "It is 30 % hardwork and 60-70%luck or fate that decides success f… Read More
Linkillo (Cosas Mías… · 12:30 18 Feb 2017
por Daniel Link para PerfilEn estos días se estrenó en la Berlinale Cuatreros, el último pensamiento visual de Albertina Carri. Que se trata de un pensamiento y no de un… Read More
Service Unavailable · 11:14 18 Feb 2017
El invierno va pasando rápidamente y estas semanas nos han dejado preciosos viajes y escapadas a Milán, Ámsterdam, Touluse, a la nieve... Hoy mismo comentaba con un amig… Read More
Bit O' Everything · 03:02 18 Feb 2017
You have no idea how many years I’ve been trying to get a photo of all of my children.  Well, one is not able to be here and she is 1/2 way across the world.  But, I still go… Read More
Scary Website | Scar… · 23:21 17 Feb 2017
The Rubber Ball is a scary story about a little Japanese girl who loves to play with her pink rubber ball, bouncing it up and down in the street. When I was a young boy, there was a little g… Read More
Listen Up With Audible
According2Her · 18:24 17 Feb 2017
Kylee & Courtney Kylee has been using audible for 3 months. Courtney has been using Audible for one. So for those of you who may know me well (or are starting to catch on), I’ve… Read More
Elsaniqa – Talk Abou… · 11:02 17 Feb 2017
Below is some of my best fashion images that i have taken. These were taken for GCSE final work and I am happy with them however I feel that my ability to take images and use photography tec… Read More