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London-Day 12
Jeremyochsgonzales · 04:08 26 May 2017
Normally when we are on vacation my husband and I like to get fairly early starts but that changed with our last two full days in London. We were both tired and trying to shake off our… Read More
Summer, In Uk!
Kiss Me Always Goodn… · 03:00 26 May 2017
Recently it's been all about food and it kind of keep going with the same subject, because I actually had a picknick in a park. This means that summer arrived even here in London. Out of a s… Read More
Vida Nada Perene · 20:49 25 May 2017
O Paulo conseguiu passagens ida e volta para Roma pela TAP direto de Porto Alegre super em conta. Eu sempre gosto de me organizar mas desta vez, com as passagens compradas e quantidade… Read More
For The Love Of Life · 19:49 25 May 2017
The biggest concern most of my loved ones have about our travels is the fact that we left with no more money than our last paychecks, with the hopes that someone would see our dream and driv… Read More
The Wall Flower Chil… · 16:17 25 May 2017
Last April, I was drafting this post on the things I have done for the first time early this year. It is very surprising that when I look back, my life is eventful and less mundane as how I… Read More
Bayart · 15:28 25 May 2017
“It is better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.” Grace Hopper Often times we use quotes that we think represents what it is we want to convey but there are times when th… Read More
En Cintura
Service Unavailable · 15:13 25 May 2017
Vienen los pantalones atados con una lazada a la cintura, bien altitos y con camisetas o blusas metidas por dentro.... Es una tendencia con reminiscencias militares si el pantalón es… Read More
L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme
Life Et Cetera · 12:56 25 May 2017
First of all I would like to apologize for the photo - definitely not one of my best shot. Anyway, today I will give my review of a fragrance that goes back in the early 2000's it is called… Read More
Jack · 10:08 25 May 2017
It takes one to know one they say and brother I know you you’re the perpetual outsider another square peg stuffed into the wrong shoe you’ve ascertained the facts but still don… Read More
Lately 5/25/2017
Summer Wind · 10:00 25 May 2017
What a week it has been! I've been at the Omni Bedford Springs and it has been nothing short of wonderful! I've been spending the time with my friends Aly (brunette in the photos above) and… Read More · 07:00 25 May 2017
RT @GeorgeTakei: Meanwhile, over on Instagram… @PeteSouza Troll level: Presidential. -> RT @bobbyrobertspdx: Hang it in the Louvre#GeneralLeiaOrgana https:/… Read More
Memorial Day Grillers
According2Her · 00:57 25 May 2017
Courtney & Kylee It’s the end of May and you know what that means? Memorial Day is this weekend! The weather is finally staying warm and the spring showers seem like they are final… Read More
30 Odd Questions #BlogFest
Miss_Teerious · 14:32 24 May 2017
So Debbie, of Doglady's Den (yes, the same one who hosted the A to Z of Me tag last year) came up with another blogfest this summer... the "30 ODD QUESTIONS" blogfest. It is another one in t… Read More
The Wayfarer's Chron… · 14:00 24 May 2017
Today I made some space in my closet Space that had been filled up so long I hadn’t even noticed the cobwebs Beginning to creep up in the corners. Today I made some space in my closet… Read More
Dropping A Jewel · 13:37 24 May 2017
Never would I imagine that I would be where I am today.  Standing here, a single mother of two, alone, afraid, and unknowing.  I’ve cried many tears; tears of sadness, sorrow… Read More
Frugality Is Free | … · 12:31 24 May 2017 is having their biggest sale of the year – 50% off What a great deal it is. Get an entire year of for only $45! Our two youngest children have been using AB… Read More
Flowerpot Days · 10:23 24 May 2017
Above picture of Moll on a swaddle stone near Castle an Dinas.Last year my kitchen flooded in those flash floods we had in September, and a friend suggested I claim off the insurance. So a v… Read More
Ask A Nudist | Nudis… · 22:20 23 May 2017
I have joined i large number of site (a couple of them being nudist sites) with no luck. Whats a guy to do when trying to find true love. I have been hoping to find a nudist woman with good… Read More
Exercise & The City
Afternoons With Appl… · 21:19 23 May 2017
We will start nice and easy tonight. Focusing more on stretching and doing a light workout. I know Robert and I have been biking a lot to the beach these days but I don’t know wha… Read More
Emma Nordström · 17:14 21 May 2017
Hej på er! Hoppas ni haft en jättebra helg! Igår runt halv sex kom Nora till mig, vi åkte sedan runt sju och hämtade upp Filippa och åkte mot Lunger. Vi h&a… Read More