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Fond Memories
Flowerpot Days · 15:42 18 Jan 2017
Last weekend I took my van over to Flushing where my mate Paul very kindly said he would service my van while his partner and I went off for the day to walk and take pictures for one of my b… Read More
The Plot Thins…
Sobervision · 14:35 18 Jan 2017
…as Theresa May reveals her 12 step programme for Britain’s recovery post Brexit. The plot seems to be this. If we had stayed in the European Union we would have been subjected… Read More
La Diabla
Anécdotas, Historias… · 13:00 18 Jan 2017
Le decían la Diabla porque tenía un tatuaje de un diablito sonriente en la parte baja de la espalda. Trabajaba como independiente en un prostíbulo popular en el que las… Read More
Jersey De Volantes!
Service Unavailable · 07:39 18 Jan 2017
Hace un par de años, era realmente difícil que llevara cualquier tipo de jersey... Son como las camisas de toda la vida, que no me parecen prendas realmente femeninas hasta que… Read More
Life On The Farm....
Northumberland Mam · 07:37 18 Jan 2017
In October I took part in Blogtober16 writing a post every day with a prompt....I wrote a post about My favourite type of animal and it got me thinking about my childhood....I think I had a… Read More
That’S So Jacob | Ra… · 04:48 18 Jan 2017
Zen Out. To me, it means: Being extremely focused and aware, but having a clean and clear mind. Enjoying calmness. Pressing the pause button on relationships and responsibilities. It doesn&r… Read More
Nocturnal Animals
Jeremyochsgonzales · 00:59 18 Jan 2017
Back in Mid-December my husband and I went to see “Nocturnal Animals”. I was very interested for the cast, especially Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams. I was also interested in see… Read More
Foundations On Rotation
Beautifully Glossy · 22:00 17 Jan 2017
This year I'm all about using things up (as usual). I'm particularly concentrating on using up make-up as it's something that I rarely finish now that I'm not going to work every day.In an e… Read More
💖💖💖 · 20:53 17 Jan 2017
23. 20 facts about you Helloooooo✨ I’ve already posted few facts about me but I really enjoy making these. I also enjoy reading these. 1. I already had every hair colour  2… Read More
As Time Flies... Sto… · 07:01 17 Jan 2017
credit - – Anja BührerI could see your silhouette fading away around the corner, how much I wished you would turn back. However, you did not even spare a glance.I regretted m… Read More
Tudo Errado
Depósito Do Wes - Ti… · 02:57 17 Jan 2017
Porque às vezes só dá tudo certo porque deu tudo errado antes. Tem mais tirinhas dos Levados da Breca clicando aqui, ó! The post Tudo errado appeared first… Read More
Prison Blog: Diary O… · 01:07 17 Jan 2017
After the first overly-exciting days, I decided to move my posts from their day-to-day recounts to various themes. Don't worry: I am still counting down in my head and will return to the cou… Read More
Terry Barnes
What I Did / What I … · 21:41 16 Jan 2017
     TERRY BARNES “And the more I looked at it, the more I saw: yes, it is a winner! It’s genius!” I run a RAMS Home Loans franchise. In year 12, I had two d… Read More
Zâmbetul Soarelui | … · 17:04 16 Jan 2017
Ce zici dacă piesa se numeşte Luni Fiindc-au trecut câteva luni de când tu nu mai suni şi-acum Braţele mele-ncep să uite cum Cum te purtau ca pe un fulg… Read More
Mood Board 02
Miss Understood · 11:11 16 Jan 2017
Hello, guys. Guess some of you are too busy to do stuff for your blogs or sites or, idk, pages? Well, lucky for you, you have something to get busy with. This is my fourth month being unempl… Read More