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Life 101 · 23:49 28 Apr 2017
The Mandevilla we had for years died this spring. We kept in inside over the winter and took it out when the weather changed. It sprouted a few shoots but then turned tobacco brown. I dumped… Read More
83 Unsung Heroes · 21:46 28 Apr 2017
I guess when people get asked to talk about travel photographs, they likely to look at photos of beautiful landscapes or fun activities. However, there’s one image from my travel that… Read More
Michael Christopher … · 20:25 28 Apr 2017
Hi Everyone, Sorry that I’ve been slacking hen it comes to posts the last week.  It’s been an absolutely crazy week, and I’ll give you a quick catch-up, and then get t… Read More
I Am Cam Jr! · 17:43 28 Apr 2017
Lake Balboa and Woodley Park are my new, favorite getaways.  Honestly, both places are fascinating.Lately I've been really taking in the surroundings at both parks.  Just real… Read More
A Clothes Horse · 17:42 28 Apr 2017
Come spring I'm always a bit too eager to shed my winter layers and revel in bare legs and little sundresses. This day was full of ill-advised fashion choices to the extreme! A fresh strawbe… Read More
Flowers For A Lab Mo… · 15:41 28 Apr 2017
Telling a drunk story entails risk. For those who weren’t there, who weren’t involved, the recounting is never as enjoyable. Their appreciation – if it is to be found &ndas… Read More
A Dc Birding Blog · 14:00 28 Apr 2017
Spotted Sandpiper / NPS PhotoBirds and birding newsTechnology is changing how ecologists study bird migration, from the study of advanced radar systems to the use of miniaturized tracking de… Read More
My Inner Thoughts Ab… · 12:58 28 Apr 2017
Gusto mo matangkad na payatGusto mo pinapatawa kang walang puknatSubalit hindi ako ganunKaya di pumasa sa qualificationHalos magkaheight lang tayoSa tuwing magkikita't kinukumpara koNagtitin… Read More
.square Pegs · 12:06 28 Apr 2017
Nepal? Really? The hardest letter of the A to Z 'X', and I find a heavy metal band in this little Himalayan  nation of just over 20 million people. Well why not? These Kathmandau homies… Read More
Transpontine · 08:58 28 Apr 2017
August this year sees the 40th anniversary of the demonstrations and clashes of the 'Battle of Lewisham' when thousands of people turned out to oppose a racist march from New Cross to Lewish… Read More
Vegan Daemon · 07:00 28 Apr 2017
RT @buffalojenn: RT by midnight 4/28 to win signed copies of The Distance to Home & @kurtisscaletta's ROOTING FOR RAFAEL ROSALES. #baseball… -> RT @GeeksOfColor: New footage fr… Read More
Jed Sundwall · 05:13 28 Apr 2017
Seattle was beautiful today. The sun was out, bright, shining on the city and on tall white sharp clouds. I took this picture for a company photography contest, and it captures the day perfe… Read More
Some Assembly Requir… · 04:35 28 Apr 2017
There's nothing kind or convenient about death. I went to bed last night trying to prepare myself for the inevitable, but Dot woke up this morning with other ideas. She wanted a walk. Dot se… Read More
Dreamingofsquirrels · 00:27 28 Apr 2017
I admit that I have been totally engrossed with first the campaign, then the election and now the first 100 fumbling days of politics south of our border.  You can’t make that st… Read More
Sam's Chronicle · 18:10 27 Apr 2017
Love being sadI love being sad,Cause every time it endsIt turns into happiness..While happiness,Always ends with beginning of sadness Read More
© · 17:17 27 Apr 2017
wat maakt het ook nog uit ? Waarschijnlijk was het wel de beste keuze om "officieel" de deur uit te wandelen.  En eerlijk, het was wel een leuke receptie.  Lieve collega's die… Read More
Santa Maria · 14:37 27 Apr 2017
Porque para bom entendedor, meia palavra basta, aqui fica mais uma prova da minha falta de conhecimento rodoviário bem como no que respeita também ao tratamento das água… Read More
The Blog · 11:22 27 Apr 2017
First thing this morning I went to the Drudge Report and I read this... Chelsea Gets Another Award For Doing Nothing Special then I read this... Artificial Brains Grown In A Dish And I won… Read More
Cachorro Solitário · 11:00 27 Apr 2017
Com muitas variações no título em português, Sob as sombras, Sob a sombra e mesmo À sombra do medo, Under de Shadow chegou ao Brasil em janeiro deste ano pe… Read More
The Far Queue · 07:15 27 Apr 2017
Astronaut ~ ElisanthMy favourite R.E.M. album has always been Life’s Rich Pageant (1986); it spoke to this, then 24-year-old malcontent during the dying years of Apartheid when it seem… Read More
Six Of Clubs · 22:50 26 Apr 2017
Everyone loves a good story. But since moving to this town, I have become a big fan of hearing the “REALLY GREAT” story (that has next to zero facts), and knowing the “real… Read More
Reading Year. Q1
Blanc Affair · 12:00 26 Apr 2017
2579 pages and 90 days later. Back in January, I’ve set a goal to read 22 books in the next 12 months. The first quarter of the reading year is over, the results are out!&n… Read More
As Shot
Pamibe · 10:50 26 Apr 2017
How often can I claim that now? Lightroom is my best friend. Butterfly from 2012 Read More
Confessions Of A Lau… · 06:37 26 Apr 2017
Some things, like baking, require everything to be just so. Exactly one tablespoon of baking powder, exactly three cups of flour, exactly a quarter-cup of butter, oven set to exactly 400 deg… Read More
Promoção De Livros!
Indelével · 22:02 25 Apr 2017
Livro de contos fantásticos Limbo ou Criaturas do Submundo, por apenas R$ 17,00 cada + frete grátis + marcadores! Adquira o seu exemplar comigo através do email ama… Read More
On The Upbeat, Posit… · 18:31 25 Apr 2017
Just received a dire note that begins like this: “Tomorrow, Donald Trump will unveil his tax plan, and it is widely rumored to include the elimination or reduction of FICA contributio… Read More
Sin And Spin
Perspectives & P… · 11:48 25 Apr 2017
There is no greater sin than desire, No greater curse than discontent, No greater misfortune than wanting something for oneself. Therefore he who knows that enough is enough will always hav… Read More
Live From Waterloo · 11:38 25 Apr 2017
(En español más abajo)   Here we are again… this week’s song is a favourite of mine, not because of the song itself but because of how Flor acts it. It’… Read More
While Walking Duncan · 17:43 24 Apr 2017
Last week I was in Buffalo with my cousin. I needed to get away from Denver and clear my head a little and spending time with Sarah and Jon and their daughter Allie was exactly what I was lo… Read More
The Writing Life · 17:42 24 Apr 2017
Expectations may be one of the biggest roots of all suffering. And yet...Is it possible to be human and not have expectations? Can we really move through life without having some subconsciou… Read More