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She Loves Vintage
A Clothes Horse · 15:00 23 Jun 2017
One of the most amazing sartorial feelings has to be when you slip into a vintage dress and it fits like a glove. Heck, it's an amazing feeling when you slip into any dress and it fits perfe… Read More
Caro Ness Author | T… · 14:30 23 Jun 2017
A gazebo erected in High Level Drive, Half blew away before the voters arrived. Well, I voted IN, let me make that quite clear,  BREXIT-ers, all voted OUT, ’cause they voted with… Read More
Storytelleren Sporen… · 14:27 23 Jun 2017
Det var i onsdags den 21., at vi havde den længste dag. Sædvanen tro er det i aften-SANKT HANS aften,at vi fejrer sommersolhverv og holder midsommerfest. Vi tænder bå… Read More
Loose Feathers #601
A Dc Birding Blog · 14:00 23 Jun 2017
Yellow-headed Blackbird / Photo by Tom Koerner/USFWSBirds and birding newsA proposed funding formula would direct federal conservation money towards endangered or threatened species with the… Read More
Hello Again
Seek My Scribbles · 11:43 23 Jun 2017
Well, well, well, it's been a long time since I posted on here! I fully expected to be able to blog alongside running the tearoom and 'mumming' (so many others manage it) but until now it's… Read More
Tom Rizzo · 11:40 23 Jun 2017
— JOHN LARN: MORALLY DEAD — Texas cattleman Bill Hayes needed an experienced trail boss in the late summer of 1871 to take his mixed herd of 1,700 cattle from Fort Griffin, Texa… Read More
The Magic Blanket Tr… · 10:51 23 Jun 2017
After a week of superhero training, Kubla is ready to go on patrol. He puts on his costume—mask, cape, super-serious crime-fighting face, Batman onesie. We start walking around the blo… Read More
Sítio Das Ideias · 09:17 23 Jun 2017
Never say there is nothing beautiful in the world anymore. There is always something to make you wonder in the shape of a tree, the trembling of a leaf. Albert SchweitzerUma publica&ccedi… Read More
Our Obsequent Oblectation...
Owsblog... · 07:29 23 Jun 2017
Joy and pleasure at going in the opposite direction. Happy Anniversary! Our Brexit Day. Our Independence Day...we will certainly not be alone in the world; in fact a majority believe we won'… Read More
Trump Equals
Sorry,all The Clever… · 04:59 23 Jun 2017
A month ago, after having read George Orwell's Burmese Days, I added 1984 to the list of books I'd be reading (or re-reading) this year. Even after reading 1984 a few weeks back, I can't r… Read More
Mumbaijamming · 04:30 23 Jun 2017
If one drives on the road to Kargil, from Leh, after 40 odd kilometers there is an inconspicuous right turn that takes one to Basgo. Its a small monastery on a hill top, surrounded by the ru… Read More
Day 2737
Some Assembly Requir… · 03:44 23 Jun 2017
Janet is home again. They definitely don't keep you very long in the hospital anymore. As much as I hate hospitals, I'll have to admit that I was very impressed with the doctors and staff at… Read More
Alienated Me · 02:38 23 Jun 2017
If you are a giver, don’t let anyone tell you that you should think twice before you give or that you should ration your heart’s desire and watch out who you love or how you live… Read More
Beth And Lee's Blog … · 01:07 23 Jun 2017
There is no need to get mad and frustrated with yourself when you forget to stay conscious of where your thought goes.  The moment you remember just begin again.  No need to get ma… Read More
Rainy Day
Life 101 · 00:12 23 Jun 2017
It's been an old rainy day. The outer bands from Tropical Storm Cindy swept north from the southeast drenching everything in its path. It could rain for days.Jilda and I were both off today… Read More
Washington's Nightmare
Serene Musings · 22:14 22 Jun 2017
Focused as I am these days on music, both playing and writing, I don't talk much about my books, but I just got caught up on reading my most recent reviews on Amazon and I came across one fr… Read More
My Bobby Pin Monster
On (Or Close To) Sch… · 13:48 22 Jun 2017
Being hit all the time Have you ever been hit in the solar plexus? When I was a kid, got hit there a buncha times. What happens when you get hit there is that your diaphragm spasms and you… Read More
Party Time
The Blog · 03:40 22 Jun 2017
If I were to throw a virtual party, what would you like to drink?I'll go first... years ago I used to drink beer and my favorites were Bud Light, Heineken, and Moosehead. I gave up drinking… Read More
Living A Dog's Life
My Hometown Usa · 18:07 21 Jun 2017
Published January 19, 2011  The Picayune ItemCody the CavapooI looked around one day for an escape hatch, an exit door, a Calgon bath but as usual,I found no way to relieve myself of a… Read More
Perusahaan Transnational
Eclecticia · 00:21 21 Jun 2017
Bisnis saat ini merupakan hal yang sangat diminati oleh kaum pemuda pada era atau generasi saat ini. Banyak hal yang bisa didapat dari menjalankan sebuah bisnis, tidak terus-meneus tentang p… Read More
Phoenix Aquua · 20:39 20 Jun 2017
I don't want to hold your gaze I'm scared what I might see there Found myself locked in this place I'm a burning fire Peace may come I hope it won't take long Just a fail I cannot… Read More
Blossom From A Rock
Nature Blog · 17:04 20 Jun 2017
I see this every so often, but it still impresses me: a little Opuntia-genus cactus growing out of a crack in a big sandstone boulder. For "planting mix," decomposing pine needles Read More
A Prayer For The Future
Perspectives & P… · 12:20 20 Jun 2017
Title: travels by ley line | Author: yumikrum | Source: Flickr | License: CC BY 2.0Oh Infinite Possibility We give thanks to the spiritual role models of the ancient past: Lao Tsu, Jesus, Bu… Read More
I Grevens Tid · 06:47 20 Jun 2017
Problemet är inte vattenbrist (Öland och Gotland kan emellertid ha problem torrår).Problemet är kommunernas vattenförsörjningssystem. Det handlar oftast om d&a… Read More
Home · 04:56 20 Jun 2017
I've been carrying out a Facebook experiment recently.  I'm trying to gauge how people react to various qualities of post, frequency of post and content of post.  It seems that, if… Read More
The Purity Challenge
Roosh V · 14:00 19 Jun 2017
When people attempt to fix their fatigue or mood problems, they may become dependent on substances or drugs that actually have the opposite intended effect with the added detriment of long-t… Read More
Aprenda A Se Perdoar
Indelével · 12:15 19 Jun 2017
Quantas vezes na vida decepcionamos alguém que amamos e nos sentimos totalmente esmagados pela angústia e, enquanto não nos desculparmos, parece que carregamos um piano… Read More
Kravetz With An
I Am Cam Jr! · 01:18 19 Jun 2017
Sol KravetzIn Ancient Roman religion, Sol, is a solar deity. God of the sun.In Hebrew, it means Peace.The man, SOL KRAVETZ, whom I grew to admire and appreciate, transitioned from this world… Read More
Dreaming Linen Bedding
Blanc Affair · 17:00 18 Jun 2017
Let’s talk about bed sheets. Well, to be more precise, linen bed sheets! We spend 5 to 8 hours between the sheets every day and that is a lot of time. By now most of us are aware how… Read More
;das Denke Ich ... E… · 16:08 18 Jun 2017
Hatte ich eigentlich schon einmal einen Text geschrieben zum Thema Nahtod-Erfahrung? Nein, das sicher nicht, dafür habe ich keinen Grund. In Todesgefahr war ich noch nie. Was ich allerd… Read More