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Virgin Mojito
Shweta In The Kitche… · 21:27 17 Jan 2017
Hi Everyone, hope you all are doing great! Sorry about the long absence from this space. Travel and personal commitments took preference and hence couldn't spend much time blogging. Although… Read More
Chili Garlic Chicken Bites
Savory Bites · 16:58 17 Jan 2017
A new post and this time I am sharing a wonderful post which was made so unplanned and turned out to be a hit!..Chili Garlic Chicken Bites! I was craving for some spicy yet tasty and not to… Read More
Murgh Musallam
12Recipe · 04:59 17 Jan 2017
Murgh musallam is a traditional Mughlai Chicken dish in which the whole chicken is stuffed, steam roasted and then cooked in an onion based thick gravy. Its's mainly cooked in the special oc… Read More
Pure Butterfly · 16:00 16 Jan 2017
*This post may contain affiliate links, which cost you nothing, but helps to support this site (for more information click here) I don’t know what it is about being back at college but… Read More
Lubina A La Roteña
Sal Y Aceite @sal_Y_… · 10:10 16 Jan 2017
Gran descubrimiento, sitio diferente, acogedor, con metros de barra que es lo que a muchos nos gusta cuando estamos tapeando. Solo pudimos probar un poco sobre las recomendaciones y la carta… Read More
Tales From The Heart… · 00:00 16 Jan 2017
Kap warned us right after our summer vacay: No travelling until 2018 -his 50th birthday. And this time I was... The post #3-Tai-1-GO! appeared first on Tales from the Heart Read More
Basil Pesto Recipe
Blondelish - A Delic… · 13:16 15 Jan 2017
Basil Pesto Recipe Pesto sauce is one of my greatest pleasures when it comes to food. Why? Well, for one thing it’s really easy to make, but the real reason is the flavour it gives to… Read More
Paneer Burfi
Imperial Inn Food Re… · 10:10 15 Jan 2017
If you are looking for a quick, easy and rich sweet for this #Republic_Day, then this #Paneer_Barfi is one such recipe. Paneer Barfi is a traditional #SweetDishRecipe prepared from freshly m… Read More
Blog | Aladdin · 19:31 13 Jan 2017
The shawarma evokes a visual imagery of slow-grilled meat on a warm bread, a comfort food picked up in a corner deli on a lunch break. While the shawarma has been unjustly categorized by som… Read More