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Kiko Milano - Brasil
Pérolas De Aninha · 01:48 20 Feb 2017
Oi oi meu povo! Finalmente a marca italiana de maquiagem, Kiko Milano que já apresentei para vocês, chegou ao Brasil. Se você ainda não conhece, clique aqui.A prime… Read More
Famous Clowns – The … · 01:07 20 Feb 2017
Sunnyside (1919) starring Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance Sunnyside is an unusual  Charlie Chaplin short film in several respects.   First, although the main character is clearly C… Read More
My Soul On Canvas, "… · 00:40 20 Feb 2017
Cities with buildings high andclouds stretched over blue skies,the view that everyone seesis not the same for you and me.There is nothing between uslife is bridged by the heartas you have be… Read More
Zé Povinho · 23:01 19 Feb 2017
A poucos dias da inauguração da exposição “ A Cidade Global” no Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, importa saber como é vista pelos estrangeiros a… Read More
Sobre Este Blog.
Glup 2.0 · 23:00 19 Feb 2017
La primera vez que escuché la palabra blog imaginé un objeto cuadrado, blando, blanco, una especie de caja, tres segundos después mi cabeza hizo plof y no volví a… Read More
Sugestão De Leitura
Rara Avis · 22:25 19 Feb 2017
Espera-se que fale do livro, do outro...livro. Só posso recomendar este. O resto é mesmo isso - o resto. Daí a verborreia com o seu carácter prolixo Read More
Okoto Enigmas Blog · 21:20 19 Feb 2017
Been so inactive for some time now; kinda I kind of feel bad because I’m unable to post as often as I’d like but my exam comes first and good grade is everything so I don’t… Read More
Silent Beauties · 20:20 19 Feb 2017
This film was made during the first year of Chaplin in films, which he spent working for Keystone studios. Thus, the style of this comedy short was typical of the output of Keystone films of… Read More
Deborah Ailman | Law… · 19:29 19 Feb 2017
Here it is – a brand new day in a brand new week. But what will this week bring for you? Will it be more of the same- but if things are going well then more of the same is a good thing… Read More
Buena Vista
The Historical Marke… · 17:32 19 Feb 2017
Ione, California.In the mineral rich Ione Valley, between Ione and the southern Mokelumne River, where once mining communities like, Lancha Plana, Camp Opra and Camanche dotted the maps, is… Read More
Grant Osborne · 13:28 19 Feb 2017
hello! I'm looking for a (warm) spicy, aromatic scent. I really enojoy amber, woody, balsamic, vanilla, tobacco and pepper notes, and my beloved scents are: - YSL Opium EDT - YSL Rive Ga… Read More