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Memories From Books · 01:43 20 Feb 2017
Title:  Juliet's Answer: One Man's Search for Love and the Elusive Cure for HeartbreakAuthor:  Glenn DixonPublication Information:  Gallery Books. 2017. 288 pages.ISBN:&n… Read More
Helen Ingram | Autho… · 00:06 20 Feb 2017
Pride Is a child riding their bike, A step above their once loved trike, Hitting the ball with one strike, Learning crazy yo yo tricks, Whilst they watch the latest chic flick, Dreading the… Read More
Nelson Lowhim; Write… · 23:48 19 Feb 2017
I'm assuming this will make it easier for everyone to donate some $$Enjoyed this? Show some love. Tip Jar: it? Share it via email, facebook, twitter, or… Read More
Catching A Monkey
Writing With Your He… · 16:03 19 Feb 2017
They say that the best way to catch a monkey is to leave a jar of beans out for him. The monkey will stick his hand in the jar and try to pull out the beans. His hand, however, when clenched… Read More
Literary Yard · 15:44 19 Feb 2017
By: Dev Bhatia  “Nobody simply murders the Archduke of Austria, let alone some nineteen year old wishful assassin.” Scorned Salus. “Glory. Revolution. Freedom. Do… Read More
Poemas De Amor- Blog… · 05:22 19 Feb 2017
Camina a paso lento por la coloniadestilando sensualidad en cada miradaviste como bella reina de ceremoniaaunque se percibe un poco apenada. Los caballeros le gritan mamacitaqué rica… Read More
Zoo Jokes
A Space To Celebrate… · 23:54 18 Feb 2017
"A man went to work for a zoo veterinarian. ""Look in the lion's mouth,"" the vet told him. ""How do I do that?"" he asked. ""Carefully,"" replied the vet." The post Zoo Jokes appeared first… Read More
The Magnificent Sahara
The Diary Review · 20:45 18 Feb 2017
‘Now that the torrid heat of summer has suddenly come again, now that Algiers lies in a glaring daze once more by day, the notion that I am back in Africa is slowly sinking in. Soon I… Read More
O Poder Da Natureza
Totalmente Jovem · 19:27 18 Feb 2017
Esse é um poema que eu escrevi lá na viajem para a praia que eu fiz, avisando vocês num post do blog. Pena que foi o único poema/texto que eu escrevi lá, er… Read More
Chez Lo · 19:06 18 Feb 2017
de Jérôme RuillierBande dessinée - 160 pagesEditions L'Agrume - mars 2016Il arrive dans un univers inconnu. Il parle une langue étrange. Autour de lui, tout le mon… Read More
Telaga Intan Reload
Mutiara Pulsa · 17:06 18 Feb 2017
TELAGA INTAN RELOAD DISTRIBUTOR PULSA MURAH NASIONAL atau disebut juga distributor voucher pulsa elektrik Magetan, Jawa Timur yang menyediakan jasa layanan isi ulang pulsa semua operato… Read More
Amor Proibido
Textos E Crônicas Do… · 09:22 18 Feb 2017
Tu apareceste um dia em minha vida, como um vento doce a acariciar tanto a minha face, quanto a minh’alma, esta que estava sedenta por um amor que insistia nunca em visitá-la!… Read More
Flux Capacitor · 08:34 18 Feb 2017
swan song in swampy summer sheetsa curve of neck, a stapled eye, a shutdoor opens, repeats.march forward face forward legs up gooddolly, bleach those feet and bleat, keepthe hardened wood.sw… Read More
The Houdini File · 05:00 18 Feb 2017
Two of Raymond Smullyan's Many Aspects, by VierraeRaymond Merrill Smullyan - polymath, philosopher and jester - began his illustrious career as a magician, with a wonderfully funny act as &l… Read More
Saturday Snapshot-18/02/17
Poems And Poets · 01:30 18 Feb 2017
Hey guys- it's Saturday Snapshot* once again! I'm back with more pictures of my trip to Chiapas, Mexico, but this time the pictures are about some of the churches and cathedrals we visited.H… Read More
Vjchisholmbookblog · 19:23 17 Feb 2017
Hi Everyone, how are you all doing? I’ll be back soon for a longer post at a later date but for right now I wanted to jump on and share with you a great new read I had just come across… Read More
The Foul And The Fai… · 17:16 17 Feb 2017
Greetings! First and foremost, I would like to apologise for the lack of updates, sincerely. Know, that I am still working diligently upon this project, and its abandonment is an inexistant… Read More
Pabralas (VA)
La Karcoma-Relatos · 16:51 17 Feb 2017
Vicente Aparicio Bádenas Ernesto Mate había pasado la mañana en la biblioteca estudiando para su examen de inglés de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas. Sonó la… Read More
Poems By Kristy Rule… · 12:32 17 Feb 2017
I put on a clean shirt I had to stain it I had to leave a symbol of my personalityI had to cry The stain reminded me of the collapse of our love Caring souls surrounded me Told me no… Read More
Spring Seed!
Baldock Bard | Verse… · 08:28 17 Feb 2017
All our spring-sown seed is now in the barn ready for drilling. There is always a fair amount of luck involved when choosing varieties. Despite all the evidence from producer… Read More
The Spiral Of Us
Magnificent Octopus · 04:33 17 Feb 2017
I don't know how I came to have this book. I've had it for some time, and I know I didn't buy it or steal it. Friends deny giving it to me. Having established that it evidently dropped from… Read More
Provo City Library S… · 00:37 17 Feb 2017
Caravalby Stephanie GarberFlatiron Books, 2017.407. YA FictionScarlett and her younger sister live on a remote island with their abusive and controlling father. Now Scarlett’s father h… Read More
Shadow Dragon's Blog · 22:14 16 Feb 2017
  So much has changed over the last twenty years. I know my school exploits weren't really anything to write home about but at least I had fun from time to time. Sure I got into trouble… Read More