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Everybody Dies At Th… · 19:36 29 Mar 2017
Nobody visits Grandma anymore. Some say a life without the heavenly aroma of freshly baked cinnamon cookies on a chilly Christmas morning just isn’t worth living; in the brick wall of… Read More
Olor A Crisantemos
Clásicos Para Aprend… · 12:53 29 Mar 2017
Olor a crisantemos (Odour of Chrysanthemums) es un cuento de D. H. Lawrence. Fue escrito en el otoño de 1909 y publicado en The English Review en 1911.Elizabeth ve pasar a los mineros… Read More
That Accidental Closeness
Magnificent Octopus · 12:22 29 Mar 2017
I began to sweat. I was squeezed between two old women who stared straight ahead with an unnatural rigidity. One held her purse tight under her arm; the other pressed hers against her stomac… Read More
Patti's Pages · 12:00 29 Mar 2017
Only Ian McEwan could write a novel whose first-person narrator hasn’t been born yet—or named, for that matter.  In fact, I’m not sure that his parents know that their… Read More
Literary Yard · 11:39 29 Mar 2017
By: Mary Bone After cleaning out my ice box, I sailed rock hard tortillas Out of my back door, not Knowing where they would land. I figured a stray dog […] Read More
We Do Need Women's History Month
Brontëblog · 09:34 29 Mar 2017
March, which is Women's History Month, is coming to an end, and this columnist from The Cornell Review has decided to end it controversially claiming that we don't need it.Do you think Susan… Read More
Lemari Bukuku · 09:01 29 Mar 2017
BBW kan udah deket nih, jadi dengan alasan butuh space untuk buku-buku baru nanti, maka, buku-buku berikut gue relakan untuk pindah ke pemilik yang lain ... silahkan diliat-liat, kalo bermin… Read More
March Favourites
Blooming Fiction · 08:58 29 Mar 2017
It's favourites time! March has been an exciting month full of indulgent books, my ongoing pregnancy craving for burgers and gorgeous daffodils springing up everywhere. But what's really cap… Read More
Flux Capacitor · 06:53 29 Mar 2017
When you love someone romantically, and take a vow to love them in sickness and health, and know they are your person, and can love no other more than you love them, and never had a best fri… Read More
Blood On The Ground
Emerald Book Reviews · 04:53 29 Mar 2017
BOOK DESCRIPTION Murder and a dangerous love affair across the Israel-Palestine divide Israel Police investigator Dov Chizzik, a decorated war hero and ‘Super Cop’, is promoted… Read More
Aprender · 04:11 29 Mar 2017
El Vendedor más grande del mundo En la web encuentras mucho material para crecer como personas y en conocimiento y este magnifico libro El Vendedor más grande del mundo en el c… Read More
One Blood Ruby
Provo City Library S… · 17:52 28 Mar 2017
One Blood Ruby by Melissa MarrHarper Collins, 2017. 368 pgs. Young Adult.In this sequel to Seven Black Diamonds, it appears not everyone is happy with Lily Abernathy’s new status… Read More
Aetheria's Daemon
Independent Literatu… · 16:06 28 Mar 2017
By Will WeisserAetheria, where no one ages and a thought can summon any object into existence. Paradise. But for Meli, a crafter of intelligent plants, life in Aetheria means hollow despai… Read More
A Miguel Hernández (vídeo)
Mesa Para Uno · 13:07 28 Mar 2017
Al cumplirse el 75 aniversario del fallecimiento del poeta Miguel Hernández, mi modesto homenaje con su poema TODO ESTÁ LLENO DE TI, del Cancionero y Romancero de Ausencias, re… Read More
Poems And Poets · 12:16 28 Mar 2017
Hey guys, I've only done one Top Ten Tuesday* on my blog before, but I've decided to try and do at least two a month from now on. Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by… Read More
Beasts Of No Nation
Revista Ema · 11:17 28 Mar 2017
De festivais de música a filmes de Hollywood, tanto já se falou sobre os problemas da África que o termo “criancinhas da África” (tragicamente) j&aacu… Read More
Inky Reviews · 11:00 28 Mar 2017
Got a secret? Can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save. Is Pretty Little Liars still a thing? I stopped watching after season 3. I may give it another go someday. Anyway, today I'm going… Read More
The House
Preethi Venugopala- … · 07:19 28 Mar 2017
Nobody understood why he had built a typical Kerala-style house next to his huge palatial mansion in the south of France. He had specially ordered and hand painted several of the furniture… Read More
Kindle Sale
Joan Reeves · 01:15 28 Mar 2017
After 7 years of rigorous use, my Kindle died! I had the one with the keyboard and the free 3G plus the buttons on the side for menu, page forward, page back, etc.I've read hundreds of books… Read More
Visão De Mundo
O Portal · 23:06 27 Mar 2017
Ao contrário do que se pensava, para o bebê o mundo era deveras pequeno: Papai, mamãe, muito carinho e um berço Read More
Memories From Books · 23:03 27 Mar 2017
Title:  Spaceman of BohemiaAuthor:  Jaroslav KalfarPublication Information:  Little, Brown and Company. 2017. 288 pages.ISBN:  0316273430 / 978-0316273435Book S… Read More
The Frugal Chari… · 20:24 27 Mar 2017
It Can't Happen Here  by Sinclair Lewis “The Senator was vulgar, almost illiterate, a public liar easily detected, and in his "ideas" almost idiotic, while his celebrated piety… Read More
Chez Lo · 18:54 27 Mar 2017
d'Evelyne AbondioRoman - 150 pagesEditions Zinedi - mars 2017Dans un pays imaginaire d'Afrique de l'Ouest, le Diamonda, la guerre civile qui fait rage bouscule les vies, les familles, l… Read More
The Mind Of A Teen O… · 18:07 27 Mar 2017
I've stayed with you for far too long,King of Calamity, Duke of Despair.I'd surrendered to you;I'd become your loyal and obedient lover.Every night I'd lay in your armsAt the mercy of your t… Read More
Alexandra Peel · 10:37 27 Mar 2017
‘Good morning, good morning, good morning, it’s another lovely day in the village’ Surrealism was founded by the poet André Breton in Paris in 1924, it was an artist… Read More
Prelude To The Distr… · 05:46 27 Mar 2017
Begin Chapter 12 And there she was at the top of the stairs; a bad brunette with streaks of blonde. She had her jeans spill low so I could see her thong. I turned back to check on Blyde, th… Read More