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Art Council Happiness
C. K. Kelly Martin · 16:24 18 Jan 2017
I'm not going to lie, life has been rough on multiple fronts lately. But I'm immensely grateful to have some wonderful writing news to share. Monday afternoon I received notification from th… Read More
Ikaw At Ako
Poetika At Literatur… · 14:31 18 Jan 2017
by Luziel Ann PorazoPainting by Fernando AmorsoloHindi ko tanda kung kelan nagsimulaAng pag-ibig na lumitaw nalang biglaIko't ng aking mundo'y sadyang nag-ibaMas lalong sumigla nang kasama k… Read More
Cuentos Infantiles P… · 12:54 18 Jan 2017
Los tres veleros es uno de los poemas infantiles de barquitos de la escritora Marisa Alonso Santamaria. Poema sugerido para primeros lectores. Por el horizonte van los tres barquitos veleros… Read More
Fome E Sede
Error 404 (Not Found… · 09:23 18 Jan 2017
... Tenho fome da Mátria feita madrasta, da pátria, abusada qual prostituta, do seu povo, tratado como filhos da outra. Tenho sede do suor e sangue da...Antonio Pereira Apon.T… Read More
The Burrowing Puppy!
Baldock Bard | Verse… · 08:17 18 Jan 2017
When you have a puppy in the house you realise that there are over a million ways in which you can be surprised! From chewed shoes to missing clothes and surprises under the table. Our puppy… Read More
The Birthday Party
Shenandoah Breakdown · 07:46 18 Jan 2017
For my birthday this year I will walk twenty miles away from the sunset or until I am too tired to chase the sunlight any longer, whichever comes first. I will tell stories to the devil so… Read More
Readability · 00:00 18 Jan 2017
Top 5: Books it is hard to let go A Suitable Boy, Vikram Seth Poisonwood Bible, Barbara Kingsolver White Teeth, Zadie Smith Brick Lane, Monica Ali Memoirs of a Geisha, Arthur Golden Read More
Bibliophile · 06:24 17 Jan 2017
BLURB:Surrounded by enemies, the once-great nation of Ravka has been torn in two by the Shadow Fold, a swath of near impenetrable darkness crawling with monsters who feast on human flesh. No… Read More
Poems And Poets · 01:30 17 Jan 2017
Crest the shore in sadness,Froth in the purest of all,Behind the movement,A storm awaitsCrack in the dark murk.Rejuvenate in the light,Ahead of the change,A Descent awaitsBlend into one anot… Read More
Nelson Lowhim; Write… · 23:39 16 Jan 2017
I'm proud to say that I managed to contribute to this collection of short stories and essays and poems by a group of veterans called Vet Lit: How We Remember War. It is a title that speaks t… Read More
Zahvalan Njoj
Klasična Romantična · 20:03 16 Jan 2017
Često sam je sanjao. Nekad bi to bio san, nekad košmar. Nestajala bi pa bi dolazila. Gubila se i pronalazila put do mene. Uvek bi je čekao tamo gde sam je čekao i prvi… Read More
The 1st Earl Of Avon
The Diary Review · 16:39 16 Jan 2017
Anthony Eden 1st Earl of Avon, who stood firm with Churchill against appeasement of Hitler and remained the UK’s foreign secretary throughout the war, died 40 years ago today. His poli… Read More
VALLEJO EN LOS INFIERNOS De Eduardo González Viaña
[email protected] · 14:38 16 Jan 2017
—por Luis Fernández-Zavala, Ph.D. (*)—Y Dios sobresaltado nos oprimeel pulso, grave, mudo,y como padre a su pequeña,apenas,pero apenas,entreabre los sangrientos alg… Read More
Fanzine De Terror Me… · 22:50 15 Jan 2017
Contenido:Portada y contraportada, ilustración Ricardo JuradoRelato No salgan, están aquí de Erath Júarez, ilustración Ricardo JuradoRelato El bruxista de… Read More