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Appalachian History · 05:00 21 Apr 2017
West Virginia entrepreneur Donald F. Duncan (1892-1971) had never heard of the yo-yo until 1928, when he encountered Pedro Flores on a business trip to California. Earlier that same decade… Read More
The Kentucky Cave Wars
Appalachian History · 05:00 19 Apr 2017
Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave is not only the largest known cave in the world; it has the distinction of being the oldest touring cave. Formal guided tours were started here in 1816. It rema… Read More
Mansfield Park By Jane Austen
Babbling Books · 14:41 17 Apr 2017
Jane Austen ‘s Mansfield Park is a novel that still drives a lot of differing opinions. Some love the book. Others find it to be disappointing. I found it to be superb. In some ways, i… Read More
Jagodzianka · 09:31 17 Apr 2017
Czasami nocami patrzę w gwiazdy.Szukam w nich Ciebie.Zastanawiam się, czy może Ty robisz to samoI razem spoglądamy w naszą gwiazdę...A potem uświadamiam so… Read More
Who Is Moon Lei?
Moonlei · 16:14 12 Apr 2017
She is an idealogue whose nous is atypical; her shoulder on the wheel, it is art she pushes to delineate with laces and stones, or silk and satin. What she knows of vogue is  the offspr… Read More
Early Modern Whale · 11:06 12 Apr 2017
"An assembly, meeting, or company. Obs.?a1513   W. Dunbar Poems (1998) 196   Lat anis the cop ga round about, And wyn the covanis banesoun.spec. A gathering of witches; a ‘co… Read More