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Free-Spirited Mind -… · 18:15 18 Jan 2017
When a person has his natal Sun in Virgo, it means that he belongs to the zodiac sign of Virgo. Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, and has Mercury as its ruling planet. The period of Gem… Read More
The State Of Being Love
Spiritual Spew · 14:09 18 Jan 2017
The State of Being LoveIt is a state of Being Love, that begins with "Self Love." It guides you through life when you realize that there are only 2 emotions, love and that which is not love… Read More
Then Along Came The Tall Whites
Dk King · 04:36 18 Jan 2017
If you had asked me prior to 2012 and The Galactic Transcripts what I thought about ETs and UFOs, my response would’ve been the equivalent of an “eh” and a shrug because I… Read More
Un Día, Una Reflexió… · 08:08 17 Jan 2017
No hay alivio que apacigüe mis heridas, no hay respuesta a mi desconsuelo, tan solo ausencia de ganas de vivir. Un vacío que llena a rebosar mi corazón. (Anónimo)To… Read More
Horoscopul Chinezesc-2017
Universul Feng Shui · 19:35 16 Jan 2017
Norocul fiecarei zodii si simboluri norocoase pentru 2017 - Anul Cocosului de FocIn mod traditional, fiecare animal are un atribut de baza, astfel:sobolanul este intelept, bivolul este harni… Read More
Dream On . . . – Yo… · 14:24 16 Jan 2017
To sit alone and look without One finds so much to bitch about. To sit alone and look within One finds the pathway to begin. To see that troubles far and wide That always seem to be Have gre… Read More
Crystal Lore 1#: Pearls
All Natural Spirit · 06:51 16 Jan 2017
My first crystal lore flash card! Pearls are natural wonders and it takes many years and mollusc generations to produce a single string. Thus their history is rich with symbology of royalty… Read More
Summer Lawn Care Tips
Ruled Brain · 19:47 13 Jan 2017
Our summer lawn care tips give you the advice you’ll need to adjust to the hot, dry, conditions of summer and how they affect your lawn care maintenance. Having and maintaining the bes… Read More
Blurred Vision
From The Abundance · 23:16 12 Jan 2017
It's 2017 but it still feels like 2016.  Who else is feeling this way?  We're sitting at a very interesting place right now and I'm sure that many of you are feeling as uncomfortab… Read More