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Step Talk | Where St… · 19:07 19 Feb 2017
It has come to our attention that BM claimed skid on her taxes this season. It's not her turn. Her and DH alternate every other year per the court order and this is his year to claim. read… Read More
I Am Doing The Best … · 05:35 19 Feb 2017
My rabbit died Wednesday night.I held Jackson, first as I tried to warm him and syringe feed him, and later as he had seizures that left him gasping for air in between. His death was far mor… Read More
UNCW 83 Hofstra 76
Bruce's Journal · 01:40 19 Feb 2017
We took a ride over to the Hofstra campus to see the Men's basketball team.  We have been there many times over the years as it is a nice arena with reasonably priced tickets. &nbs… Read More
Woman Of God
Poetic Mommy · 16:52 18 Feb 2017
I stand for good valuesAnd yes, I do mean those!Values bent for convenienceAre no more values but vices;Read more » Read More
Summary Saturday
Never A Dull Moment · 12:52 18 Feb 2017
So, this year I have started a few new habits to give my life rhythm.  In case you are unfamiliar with how my life is right now, let me give you a glimpse:I have two homes, three office… Read More
English Baby Boys Na… · 20:40 17 Feb 2017
Meaning and Origin of the Name Milo The name Milo is a form of the name Miles. Milo is typically used as a male name. Milo has been a very recommended author favourite. This name is often he… Read More
Free Movie!
Poppin' Cents · 15:20 16 Feb 2017
I love love freebies! If you haven’t watched Bunyan and Babe, head over to GooglePlay and watch it for FREE!  GooglePlay has been offering this movie for FREE since last month and… Read More
Duck Duck Moose Apps Review
Momagain@40 · 11:35 16 Feb 2017
Duck Duck Moose - Itsy Bitsy Spider, Math, Reading Little Miss had the opportunity to play and review three apps on video through Xander Apps. At this stage the apps are still free on iOS… Read More
Chocolate Frosting
Bartholomew Buffet · 03:40 15 Feb 2017
I’m not a frosting freak, in fact I often scrape frosting off cake, because I’m just not a fan. However, I baked this chocolate cake because I just love plain cake, but my kids… Read More
A Valentine From 1933
Researching Relative… · 20:00 14 Feb 2017
I hope you're having a great Valentine's Day. Here's another greeting card from my grandmother's collection. She received it from my grandfather in 1933, a year before they married. I love t… Read More
Verliebt In Sticker
Mamas Krümel · 19:47 14 Feb 2017
Kleben hier, kleben da......Zur Zeit ist kein Aufkleber vor unserem Krümel sicher. Mit gerade mal zwei Jahren? Ja! Es ist erstaunlich, wie toll "Sticker-Kleben" die motorischen F&a… Read More