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Necessidade De Amar
Adolescente Demais · 13:23 18 Jan 2017
Aos 13 anos, eu tinha certeza de que precisava de alguém comigo para ser feliz. Essa ideia insistente na cabeça me fazia acabar apaixonada por qualquer um. O garoto mais velho… Read More
Where Are You In Line?
Never A Dull Moment · 11:56 18 Jan 2017
When it comes to a new adventure that requires a lot of faith, where are you in line to get going with that?   If you know me, you probably know that I'm one of those "front of the line… Read More
First Week At A New School
[email protected] · 10:08 18 Jan 2017
Little Miss first week of school, at a new school, has been daunting. We are glad we made the move, and there is a definite positive effect on both Mom and Dad's traffic commutes! The chall… Read More
Ndebele House Art
Super Mommy To The R… · 03:57 18 Jan 2017
In science we have been working on the African Grasslands. We have been learning about the habitat and the different animals. Well I have been wanting to add some art into our curriculum a… Read More
The Better Part Of The Worst
Love That Max · 13:46 17 Jan 2017
Saturday, Dave and I celebrated our 16th anniversary. We went to a friend's party at night, and I got into a conversation with some women there about childcare. I boasted about Dave, who has… Read More
What's It Gonna Take?
Never A Dull Moment · 12:47 17 Jan 2017
There are at least two ways that God tries to get our attention and get us to listen to them.  One is by promising us hope and a future.   Take the Israelites for example in Exodus… Read More
Yorkie Boy Update
[email protected] · 09:31 17 Jan 2017
Our Benji boy is still with us! We got this new addition to the family when he was 7 or 8 years, which means that he is now 14 or 15 years old. That's a lot in dog years! But the vet thi… Read More
Viral Axe · 05:10 17 Jan 2017
You would be amazed at how much you can potentially save if you learn to negotiate when you shop. Negotiation is a powerful buying (and selling) tool. While it may take some practice, it is… Read More
Executive Sweets
Cuzisaidso Weblog | … · 03:39 16 Jan 2017
When I was in college, the first time, I took a very enlightening Advertising class. I loved watching the Cleo awards and seeing all the great ideas and methods the advertising world used t… Read More
Coffee With Mi - Mi,… · 04:01 13 Jan 2017
How crazy is it that I actually ended up making a Thiruvadarai-like kootu and kesari, Mi? I suppose some things just happen because they will and nothing we do can stop them. Bonus? So feel… Read More