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Rebecca's Reviews: Scrub Bugs
Princetonkids · 04:00 24 Apr 2017
I recently came across this adorable product! Have your child’s nails ever been so dirty from playing outside that you can’t get the dirt out or you feel like your child didn&rsq… Read More
RIP Erin Moran
I Miss My Childhood · 23:50 23 Apr 2017
October 18, 1960 - April 22, 2017Erin Moran, the actress famous for playing "Joanie Cunningham" on Happy Days, sadly passed away yesterday April 22, 2017 at the age of 56, in Indiana.One of… Read More
Save Ridgewood Reser… · 21:58 23 Apr 2017
Below is the official press release from the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation website:NYC PARKS COMPLETES RIDGEWOOD RESERVIOR DAM HAZARD RECLASSIFICATION, PRESERVING THE DAM… Read More
Flanar · 18:42 23 Apr 2017
Não, não deste último 22 de abril - aniversário do Brasil. Não sei por que, mas fui rebocado à infância, entre rios d… Read More
Yonmen-Club · 02:59 23 Apr 2017
Hi alumni, Saya hanya mau share logo baru kita... Mungkin bisa dipakai untuk pembuatan kaos kegiatan-kegiatan yang melibatkan alumni..  Kalau ada yang mao comment..., monggo ! Black b… Read More
Ecomerge Project - R… · 19:05 22 Apr 2017
Today is Earth Day, a global event recognized by over 192 countries. It marks the anniversary of the birth of the environmental movement in 1970. Earth Day was created to celebrate the plane… Read More
Indio Caricuao · 00:47 22 Apr 2017
Vuelve la oposición venezolana con el ritornelo que mantiene durante dieciocho años: "ahora sí", "ahora si cae esta dictadura", "la calle es nuestra", "este gobierno est… Read More
Exciting Changes Coming!
Fancy That! · 20:50 19 Apr 2017
Do what you do BEST, let the others handle the rest!  That’s our motto! A while back we started asking our customers, especially our regulars – you know who you are, “… Read More
Life Is Never Too Late
Impacting Lives · 18:55 19 Apr 2017
I was going through Facebook news feed when I stumbled on this quote on a friend’s  wall “The greatest investment in life is to spend your youth days productively. If 30year… Read More
Feast Of The Divine Mercy
Courage Philippines · 02:56 19 Apr 2017
From Sr. Faustina's Diary: Jesus' Promise on His Feast of Mercy: "Once, as I was going down the hall to the kitchen, I heard these words in my soul: Say unceasingly the chaplet that I have… Read More
Kpap Utm · 06:46 18 Apr 2017
Pelaksanaan Sistem Pengumpulan Mata MyCPD Staf Pengurusan Profesional Dan Pelaksana (PPP) UTMSukacita dimaklumkan bahawa pihak Universiti telah bersetuju melaksanakan Sistem Pengumpulan… Read More
Terbang Tinggi
Luppi3 D Blogs · 05:06 18 Apr 2017
Manusia itu bermacam-macam dan unik.begitupula saat ku bertemu denganmu dulu.bagai burung pipit lemah yang terkurung dalam sangkarsayap yang patah membuatmu selalu menatap langit.menggambark… Read More