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Infomalaya · 15:37 26 Mar 2017
Hari ni ada beberapa insiden yang membuatkan saya sedar yang saya menghidap sejenis penyakit hati; suka membuat andaian secara terbuka tanpa sebarang usul periksa. Saya lupa yang siapalah s… Read More
Powerful Quotes From Powerful Women
Taval · 03:13 25 Mar 2017
In celebration of the National Women’s Month, we have compiled a list powerful quotes from extraordinary women who have influenced the world. From the United Kingdom’s Queen Eliz… Read More
I Miss My Childhood · 21:11 23 Mar 2017
Memphis weather is fickle if not bitchy at times. One day, spring has sprung with all of its warmth, color and glory, and the next day Mother Nature is on her period and brings us a cold sna… Read More
Greater Seattle Care… · 14:00 23 Mar 2017
 By Christy Houghton 8:00 AM"Camp United We Stand, it's 8 AM on Move Day!", someone shouts from the middle of the homeless encampment. "Camp United We Stand, it's 8 AM on Move Day!… Read More
New World Mom ~ We A… · 05:36 23 Mar 2017
The game of slow-pitch as defined by is softball played with ten players on each side and in which each pitch must have an arc 3 to 10 feet high, and base stealing is… Read More
Sports Outdoors
Magda Oltean · 08:02 22 Mar 2017
I am not the biggest sports fan there is, but I used to exercise a lot. Parts of it because I was forced in school while in Romania and partly because I have always wanted to be sl… Read More
That Little Place In… · 18:33 21 Mar 2017
I’ve been reflecting, lately, on the life-changing impact of those seemingly simple choices we all make in our lives. A few members of my husband’s extended family came to visit… Read More
Top Fundraising Plat… · 17:48 21 Mar 2017
World Water Day is on the 22nd March every year throughout the globe. It is about taking action to tackle the water crisis. Did you know; “Today, 1.8 billion people use a source of dri… Read More
Futuribilepassato · 21:41 20 Mar 2017
@ Futuribilepassato | Luca Tittoni. Valanga azzurra sarebbe stata troppo scontata e richiamarebbe gesta inarrivabili per tutti. Ma quanto fatto dalle nostre ragazze, in ordine: Brignone, Gog… Read More