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All-Seeing Eyes
Ancient Mysteries Bl… · 02:27 30 Apr 2017
A well known phrase, the eyes are windows to the soul, has an origin which remains disputed to this day. One interpretation states the metaphor is derived from Matthew 6:22-23 written around… Read More
Bigfoot Kills Coon Dog
The Crypto Crew · 00:09 30 Apr 2017
Mock up of the event, not actual picture.What a very interesting report that comes from Southern Illinois. The original report and investigation was conducted by KBRO and Don Neal. A ma… Read More
Haunted Universe · 00:24 29 Apr 2017
Dubbed as the Cannibal of Vienna, Robert Ackermann and his heated argument over a sex porn tape led to the murder of his friend and 2-day supply of meat.  While most of the common cases… Read More
Men In Black · 16:35 28 Apr 2017
MEN IN BLACK PROYECT.-  Miles de personas han afirmado haber visto naves extrañas en los cielos, presentando para ello espectaculares videos y fotografías tratando de ava… Read More
Haunted Universe · 01:05 28 Apr 2017
The original name of the Bulgarian vampire is called Opyrb, nowadays they were known as vapir.    During the old days the Bulgaria believed that the vampires originated from a… Read More
The Crypto Crew · 14:48 27 Apr 2017
Thanks to Holly Mullins, I was introduced to a pretty cool new online magazine, called Living Paranormal Magazine. Holly also writes for the publication along with several other folks.Living… Read More
Haunted Universe · 00:57 26 Apr 2017
The incident that happened to the family of Snuffy Stukeley is a part of the New England Vampire.  The New England Vampire era began during the mid-1700s at the time of the Revolutionar… Read More
2017 Paramountain Highlights
The Crypto Crew · 18:37 25 Apr 2017
Just a very short video with some highlights from this past Saturdays event. The short video includes pictures and some short clips from a few presentations.The event was a success and I had… Read More
Haunted Universe · 00:59 25 Apr 2017
The case of Francina Ileus was documented into many works which includes, Les Eglises Protestantes en Haiti by Rev. Fritz Fontus, Ethnobiology of the Haitian Zombi by Wade Davis among others… Read More
Numerologia Astral.
Amarres De Amor · 18:23 24 Apr 2017
El dia de hoy les compartiré un gran secreto que muchos  no conocen, Y se trata de nuestroNumero Astral, es un numero con el que nacemos, este es un regalo divino y nos trae buen… Read More
Haunted Universe · 06:23 24 Apr 2017
The Country of Pomerania is once located between Germany and Poland.  It is where the vampire Murraue originated.  A Murraue is considered a type of Alp which is the vampire creatu… Read More
Haunted Universe · 06:23 23 Apr 2017
Samodiva is a vampiric wood nymph.  They are part of the vampire culture of Bulgaria.  They appear to be young women with long flowing hair and were often sighted with wings. … Read More
Amarres De Amor · 02:59 22 Apr 2017
Este poderoso Amarres De Amor o Hechizo de Amor con orina, nos ayudará para la pareja que se quiere ir de la casa. Si convives con alguien y sientes que tiene ganas de alejarse d… Read More
Why Would You Want T… · 16:00 20 Apr 2017
MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) is holding this year's symposium July 21st-23rd at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Spa. This year's theme is "The Case for a Secret Space Program" and panel t… Read More
Bigfoot Abduction Story
The Crypto Crew · 15:09 20 Apr 2017
In my recent research for a project, I ran across an interesting tale and I thought I would share it here. I know there is sometimes a lot of talk about bigfoot abducting people and this is… Read More
Haunted Universe · 01:09 20 Apr 2017
The account of the werebeast of the swamp Indians was told by Alyne A. Pustanio and was written in the works of Brad Steiger.  The story is about a swamp trapper scaring the people of t… Read More
Il Sito Del Mistero · 07:00 19 Apr 2017
in collaborazione con l'autore Michele Leonetratto da:, Critomanzia e Mantica: una definizioneL’ Alfitomanzia è una delle d… Read More
Hechizo De Protección.
Amarres De Amor · 02:56 19 Apr 2017
Esteefectivo Hechizo casero, nos ayudará a protegernos tanto de las personas físicas como espirituales. Desafortunadamente hay en el mundo mucha maldad y envidia, personas que… Read More
Haunted Universe · 01:02 19 Apr 2017
Based on the previous written article, we all know that Dr. Josef Mengele has been involved in some activities on the Nazi ground such as reviving the dead and gene alteration.  He also… Read More
Men In Black · 15:05 18 Apr 2017
MEN IN BLACK PROYECT.- La foto data del 2012, un año que se distinguiria por la fallida teoría Maya del Fin del MundoLos rumores de un apocalipsis en el mundo cobrarían… Read More
Mediumship Q&A
Angelic Visions Llc · 00:56 18 Apr 2017
Here is our mediumship Q&A session onour Facebook pagefrom last week. We'll be live on Facebook each Friday from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM, so be sure to tune in to get your questions answ… Read More
Haunted Universe · 07:50 17 Apr 2017
Talamaur is a living vampire found in the island of Banks which is located in the country of Vanuatu.  It is said that they have the ability to communicate with the other side or the sp… Read More
Amarres Caseros.
Amarres De Amor · 17:14 16 Apr 2017
Buen día mis queridos lectores, el día de hoy les enseñare un poderosoAMARREcon el que podrás atraer y amarrar a cualquier persona que desees del sexo contrario o… Read More
Haunted Universe · 07:46 16 Apr 2017
Kukudhi is a part of the Albanian culture especially on the mountainous northern area of Albania.  They believe this is a final form to transform into a vampire.  The tribe believe… Read More
Hechizos De Amor Gratis.
Amarres De Amor · 21:24 15 Apr 2017
Los Hechizos de amor son fáciles de realizar, siempre y cuando lo hagas al pie de la letra y sin una mala intención.El dia de hoy les compartiré unHechizoel cual te ayud… Read More
Haunted Universe · 07:44 15 Apr 2017
La Diablesse which is literally translated as the devil woman is a succubus in the legends of Trinidad and Tobago.  It usually appears like a beautiful woman but can easily be distingui… Read More
Haunted Universe · 05:49 15 Apr 2017
Aswang is the Philippine version of the bloodsucking creature. In September 2004, Tata Porras, 16 years old living in Barangay Cabuling located in Tantangan said that his brother Michael, 14… Read More
Haunted Universe · 05:41 14 Apr 2017
Vilkacis is known as a sprit savage who possess an individual and take control of his will afflicting him with his savage nature.  Vilkacis is a werewolf that is a part of the Latvian a… Read More
Haunted Universe · 05:26 13 Apr 2017
Bori is a vampire creature in Nigeria particularly in the legend of the Hausa people.  This vampiric creature is described as a human with hoofed feet and sometimes with no head. … Read More
Amarre De Amor Sencillo.
Amarres De Amor · 04:23 12 Apr 2017
El dia de hoy haremos un muy sencilloAmarre de Amor, el cual nos servirá para esa persona que está indecisa, se quiere alejar de nuestro lado, que un día esta y al… Read More