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Paranormal Blogs Directory

Haunted Universe · 00:29 25 Jun 2017
Count de Saint-Germain is the spirit guide of many occult; some of them claimed that the Count continues to walk the land of the living with us. Every description of the Count points to bein… Read More
Amarres De Amor · 02:13 24 Jun 2017
Muchas personas me han dicho que siempre publico amarres de amor, hechizos o conjuros y que nuca he publicado como quitar un amarre de amor. Así que el día de hoy les ense&ntil… Read More
Haunted Universe · 00:27 24 Jun 2017
In the old black Powdermill Cemetery, or it might be Ebenezer Baptist Churchyard and is an unmarked grave. Only the faithful know where to find it for sure. And to those blessed beings that… Read More
Pterodactyl Sightings
The Crypto Crew · 13:18 22 Jun 2017
Over the last few years there seems to be a rise in pterodactyl sighting reports. There are also some older, Civil War era, photographs that float around on the internet of what is perceived… Read More
Haunted Universe · 23:57 21 Jun 2017
The case of the disappearance of Roland Henry Tammen Jr. has got to be one of the most baffling and bizarre cases of disappearance in the history of mankind. A sophomore student of the Miami… Read More
Haunted Universe · 23:54 20 Jun 2017
The fate that happened to the people of Lou Lan continues to be an unsolved puzzle to our scientist for a very long time. The ruins of their inhabited place turns out to be a prosperous and… Read More
Haunted Universe · 00:13 20 Jun 2017
Midnight Washerwoman also known as Les Lavandieres is a part of the Celtic lore. They are three old woman who go to the edge of the river during midnight and wash the shroud of those who are… Read More
Haunted Universe · 00:11 19 Jun 2017
Bouda, aside from being a blood sucking creature, it is also considered as were-hyena since it has the ability to shape shift into a form of a hyena. It is a type of a living vampire found i… Read More
Haunted Universe · 00:19 17 Jun 2017
In 1993, Sipho William Mdletshe met a tragic car accident. He was declared death that instant and was taken into the mortuary. He was then placed in a metal box as any other dead would be. L… Read More
Haunted Universe · 00:15 16 Jun 2017
An American cage fighter ripped out the still beating heart of his training partner fearing that he might be possessed by the evil. Jarrod Wyatt also cut out the tongue of his training partn… Read More
Mortalha · 22:35 15 Jun 2017
Há um certo tempo tenho vontade de trazer esse assunto para vocês, não sou um Thelemita, porém estudo tal filosofia ocultista e busco praticá-la em meu dia… Read More
Haunted Universe · 00:14 15 Jun 2017
Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that is usually found inside cats and most warm blooded species. It was able to penetrate the cats from the rats that are common part of their meal. The paras… Read More
Haunted Universe · 00:10 14 Jun 2017
Police apprehended a man who was suspected of stabbing a 27-year-old woman to death in an apartment in McCully area. The victim was identified as Lyola Mesebeluu. The 26 year old husband and… Read More
Haunted Universe · 00:03 12 Jun 2017
In the town of Jarnitz, there lived a werewolf who was believed to have the ability to transform himself into anything. This werewolf was said to spend the whole evening thieving sheep to th… Read More
Men In Black · 23:01 11 Jun 2017
MEN IN BLACK PROYECT.-  Para celebrar el Día Mundial de los Ovnis en la Ciudad de México, el sábado 24 de junio a las 18:00 horas, se realizará con los yout… Read More
Haunted Universe · 00:00 11 Jun 2017
On March 31, 2010, different press organization from Germany reported about the rise of a vampire Cult said to be inspired by the popular series Vampire Diaries. The group of blood drinkers… Read More
Yo Quiero Creer · 06:13 10 Jun 2017
En el sur de Latinoamérica, sobre todo en Paraguay y en el norte de Argentina existe la leyenda de una especie de duende al que llaman “Pombero” o “Pomberito”… Read More
Haunted Universe · 00:32 10 Jun 2017
Zmeu is a vampire-like creature that can be found in different legends across the globe. One in particular was through the legends of Moldavia. They believe that his creature can assume the… Read More
Haunted Universe · 00:30 09 Jun 2017
1930s and 1940s when T. P. Vukavonic, a researcher studied the belief of the Lesani Gypsies in Serbia regarding on a vampire creature for his work “The Vampire”. Included in the… Read More
Blog Misteri Angie G… · 20:02 08 Jun 2017
Continui a guardare fuori di te...Continui a cercare il mare nella direzione opposta.Il mio richiamo è lieve, mai ti costringerò ad ascoltarmi..Io sono libertà ed amo fi… Read More