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The Infallible Bro · 18:55 24 Mar 2017
#4 Butler vs #1 North Carolina. Can we expect a follow-up to fellow “mid-major” Xavier from last night? Probably not. Will it be a close one? Probably more than it needs to be. A… Read More
A Strange Family
The Plastic Mancunia… · 17:12 24 Mar 2017
Some people might consider me to be a bit strange but as far as I know my family history is a normal one. Of course, that might not be true and I may uncover some weirdness in my ancestors w… Read More
Golf Jokes
Jokesful · 16:19 24 Mar 2017
The funniest golf jokes so far. As a young man, Norton was an exceptional golfer. At the age of 26, however, he decided to become a priest, and joined a rather peculiar order. He took the u… Read More
Cuidado Com O Seu Gato
Blog Viiish · 14:55 24 Mar 2017
Somente olha pra cara de um GRANDE FDP desse gato! Ele tá muito zoeiro! Ele com certeza fez essa cara porque está avisando para o dono dele: "Fica es… Read More
Send Money
The Daily Droid · 14:10 24 Mar 2017
My husband and I are quite charitable, especially around tax time, but that doesn't stop the seemingly endless requests for a handout from people we have never met. Last night during dinner… Read More
Head Rambles | The R… · 14:00 24 Mar 2017
Things have been rather busy here at the Manor over the last few days. I won’t say I have nothing to write about, rather there is a proliferation of pieces of news that are just so off… Read More
Life ... · 09:32 24 Mar 2017
Hola! 9 years and 9 months old, phew. Been here almost a decade. Thanks for allowing me to thrive and survive, bask in your love and appreciation, dear readers! Love you all.  I've be… Read More
Tom Cruise Mouse
Funny Animal Photos · 13:21 23 Mar 2017
Rodent goes to the movie world to get his dinner humorous tom the cruise fish frog shark owl puma chimpanzee tom dolphin magpie deer beetle humorous or tom on cruise pelican turtle canary… Read More
Cinnamon Kitchen
A Girl Has To Eat – … · 08:08 22 Mar 2017
CINNAMON KITCHEN Cinnamon Kitchen is an upmarket Indian fusion restaurant in the Liverpool Street area. Bearing the word “Cinnamon” in its name, it is part of the Cinnamon Collec… Read More
I’m Looking Through You
A Few Clowns Short · 20:51 21 Mar 2017
I'm looking through you,Where did you go?I thought I knew you,What did I know?You don't look different, but you have changed.I'm looking through you, you're not the same. (Beatles, Rubber So… Read More · 05:12 21 Mar 2017
Could this be true?(a short story) When God created Man he gave him 30 years of life. Then he created an Ox and gave it also 30 years of life. Ox asked God: “What am I going to do for… Read More
Spry! Best Wedding Gift Ever!
Cookbook Love · 17:24 20 Mar 2017
Spry Pure Vegetable Shortening did an amazing job with marketing during the mid 1930s through the mid 1950s. They created a character named Aunt Jenny who appeared in print advertisements an… Read More
The Frictionary · 15:42 19 Mar 2017
Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:6296. The problem with putting off things you've always wanted to do is that eventually, you run out of always. (Robert Brault)6297. The right… Read More
Ms. S · 04:17 19 Mar 2017
Ms.S. comes running into the room and replaces my hand phone with the television remote and coyly hurries away.  I am not sure why she thinks i wont know or it wont make a difference.&n… Read More
Women With Wine · 15:43 18 Mar 2017
Inca de mica, mama m-a invatat sa tin la parul meu. Ce-i drept, am avut si norocul, sa am o gena foarte buna, pe care cred ca am mostenit-o de la bunicul, si sa fiu inzestrata cu o podoapa c… Read More