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Letter 11.
Ms. S · 17:50 23 Apr 2017
Today, u accomplished something big. You fasted for 14 hours. I saw your stamina and will power. Not once did u cry or wail. Not once.  I wonder where u got the strength from. It was a… Read More
The Frictionary · 16:40 23 Apr 2017
Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:6346. It's amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday. (John Guare)6347. Alas! There is no casting anchor in the s… Read More
Learn Me Good · 16:05 22 Apr 2017
Happy Earth Day, everyone!The good folks at Charleston Nissan sent me this great infographic to share with you, so enjoy!Read all about Jack Woodson and his first year as a teacher in Learn… Read More
The Plastic Mancunia… · 14:42 22 Apr 2017
There is a song I by Rush called The Weapon and some of the lyrics are particularly relevant:“And the things that we fear are a weapon to be held against us”The media thrive on i… Read More
The Daily Droid · 13:30 22 Apr 2017
The following list appeared in my Facebook news stream this morning, having been filled in by my friend Rick G. It was accompanied by the cryptic instruction, "Copy and paste if you're not w… Read More
Tediado · 01:38 22 Apr 2017
Esta no ar o seu o meu o nosso T-links, links da semana do Tediado: Como assustar a sua mãe de modo mais divertido possível, Por que os amigos têm que falar esse tipo de… Read More
Thewritingdeputy | A… · 21:40 21 Apr 2017
Announcer (in a deep, manly, announcer voice): Stay tuned at the end of this blog for a chance to win free prizes. Now excuse me while I go smoke a couple more packs of cigarettes so my v… Read More
Matt Tiller | Hello.… · 19:07 21 Apr 2017
Here’s a lovely video from the ace Tom Rosenthal who made these shorts for Comedy Central. I helped a wee bit, but he did pretty much everything on it. They’re great… Read More
Blog Viiish · 14:50 21 Apr 2017
Sempre tem aquela "ovelha 'negra'" na familia Ou deveria dizer "Ovelha branca" AHUUHAUHA tirando essa piada bosta, como será que… Read More
Z – Empezando Por El… · 22:06 20 Apr 2017
¿Nunca te has preguntado dónde está tu límite? No el momento en el que dices que no puedes más sino después, el de verdad, eso que hay más al… Read More
Mynosebleed Dot Com! · 03:31 20 Apr 2017
As a business, you cannot afford to be not found on the internet, it would be a disadvantage on your part. You should realize the need to interact with customers in different digital pl… Read More
Scamming The Scammers
Read N' Butter · 14:45 19 Apr 2017
Totally inspired by James Veitch Hey everyone a while back I started replying to scam emailers in the most hilarious ways I could imagine. Today I received an email from the “Apple Sto… Read More
Keepin’ On · 22:30 18 Apr 2017
I have started collecting wisdom.  I keep it in a folder in a small file cabinet in my office.  The reason I am collecting wisdom is that I plan to live to be very old.  When… Read More
Cali Comfort BBQ
The Kumachan » Leave… · 21:39 18 Apr 2017
This weekend I went to La Mesa to and ate some Cali Comfort BBQ. It was a local joint with a sports bar feel to it. Here in the photos you can see Tri-tip, brisket, pulled pork sandwich, fr… Read More
Drop Dad · 20:49 18 Apr 2017
When I turn 59 and a half I'm going to drain my retirement and get a Porsche. This is my day one plan. I have no thought beyond this. The post The Day I Get A Porsche appeared first on Drop… Read More