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Life ... · 13:02 16 Jan 2017
I find it funny and frustrating when people say they are waiting for the "right" time to do/start something that they call a passion or goal.  We have the proverb " No time like the pr… Read More
Chistes Malos · 12:22 16 Jan 2017
Cierta vez un judío trabajaba en un edificio como portero donde un árabe vivía en el pent-house. El árabe tenía un problema de hemorragias Un día va… Read More
Truly Childhood's End
The Daily Droid · 00:23 16 Jan 2017
Face it: Life is hard. And these days that's true even for the kids, who grow up much faster than they did back in my youth. (I can still hear Lynn Rosenblatt asking in 8th grade Health clas… Read More
Auf Weidersen USA
Erase Boredom For 1 … · 21:24 15 Jan 2017
Tomorrow I’ll be headed to Zurich, Switzerland to begin a European adventure. I feel the same type of anxiety as I have on previous trips which shows the feeling never goes away comple… Read More
The Frictionary · 16:46 15 Jan 2017
Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:6206. The true measure of life is not length, but honesty. (John Lyly)6207. A skeptic is a person who would ask God for his ID card. (Edgar A… Read More
Scourge Of Rome
S.j.a.turney's Books… · 13:38 15 Jan 2017
It took me far too long to find time to catch up with one of the very best historical series in the current world of books. I’ve missed Valerius Verrens. Due to the time I left betwee… Read More
Bye Dad
4Chan's Best Greente… · 07:39 15 Jan 2017
Got some feels for ya >be me few years back, 15 living with my dad ( just got close to him ((he wasn't always there when I was a kid but I moved in with him for about a year and half and… Read More
The Infallible Bro · 06:00 14 Jan 2017
Seattle at Atlanta. Why have so many people already written off the visiting teams in the NFC playoffs? The Falcons were finally able to finish out the season after a promising start. Matt R… Read More
Just A Natural Fact
Pope-Pourri · 00:35 14 Jan 2017
I stared as the goldfish swam weakly around the toilet bowl. Suddenly Husband's words, once dismissed, now surged back into my head.I was brought to the toilet bowl that fateful night becaus… Read More
I'm All Shook Up
A Few Clowns Short · 23:22 13 Jan 2017
That stomach flu monster visited me last night. Feeling a bit better now. I don't need to hang out on the bathroom floor anymore. I just want to share an update text I sent our daughter who… Read More
Pedos De Micro
Mis Puteadas · 16:31 13 Jan 2017
En las horas pico hay manos apoyándose hasta en las ventanas cerradas. Yo no llego al cañito de arriba, asi que cuando viajo en un bondi tan lleno me convierto en contorsionist… Read More
The G4 Summit!
Catachresis · 09:56 13 Jan 2017
The Staff here: A momentous event is taking place as I write! Queen Penelope of Canada, Alaska and The Northern Territories has summoned to her domain, representatives from across the globe… Read More
Pizza Pick Up Lines
Pick Up Lines | Worl… · 18:45 12 Jan 2017
These pizza pick up lines are derived from the famous food pick up lines. They can be said during eating pizza or even just randomly because they have a huge impact of cheesy pick up li… Read More
Dito No Bar · 15:42 12 Jan 2017
Ontem fui ver o urologista, para fazer o controle anual. Para minha surpresa, vi que se tratava de uma lindíssima mulher, ou seja, era uma urologista!! Eu fiquei um pouco nervoso e se… Read More
Mental Poo · 13:28 12 Jan 2017
Thank you for visiting Mental Poo.Feel free to browse around Mental Poo, but PLEASE NOTE that I have moved my Internet residence over to's right, I have a dot-com now… Read More
Amici Miei
A Girl Has To Eat – … · 08:08 12 Jan 2017
AMICI MIEI Amici Miei is a casual Italian restaurant on Kingsland Road serving rustic fare such as wood-fired sourdough pizzas and pastas, along with a range of Italian regional dishes. The… Read More
Winston's Random Mus… · 14:53 10 Jan 2017
The best Year of the Rooster ad campaigns should showcase something more palatable rather than huggable. Instead of cute chick plushies, think roast chicken. Aren't we taught not to play wit… Read More